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Box 45

Box 46: Agriculture (1964) - Defense (1964).

F 1: Agriculture, Department of (1964).  Soil Conservation Service:  Poteau Valley Improvement Authority.

a. Correspondence re application for a loan to build a water system and a feasibility study.

b. Report, re:  Preliminary study of P.V.I.A.

c. Telegram, re:  Congressional Hotel booked.

d. Notes, re:  Farmers Home Administration.

F 2: Agriculture, Department of (1964).  Soil Conservation Service:  Rock Creek Watershed.

a. Correspondence re review and approval of R.C.W.  plan on the federal level.

b. Booklet, re:  Talihina Soil and Water Conservation District long range plan.

F 3: Agriculture, Department of (1964).  Soil Conservation Service:  Soil/Water Conservation District.

a. Correspondence re understanding with the soil and water conservation districts in Oklahoma.

b. Newsletter re coordinating projects in river basin planning and development.

c. Booklet re long range program - Bryan Southwest Conservation District.

F 4: Agriculture, Department of (1964).  Soil Conservation Service:  Upper and Lower Bayou Watershed.

a. Correspondence, including 1962 copy of the Dept of Agriculture yearbook, sponsors of the Upper Bayou Watershed project, approval of the Upper/Lower Bayou Watershed work plans, support for projects, report on status of Bayou Watershed, opposition to Walnut Bayou upstream flood control project.

b. Resolutions re approving the report on Lower Bayou Watershed.

c.  Statement: CA: re support for Upper Bayou Watershed.

d. Newspaper Article re Bayou project given approval.

e. Work plan, re:  Upper/Lower Bayou Watershed. 

F 5: Agriculture, Department of (1964).  Soil Conservation Service:  Blue River Project.

a. Correspondence re SCS response to resolution adopted by Blue Valley Flood Control, Inc., approval of U.B.R.P., Work plan for Upper Blue River, valuing land, and funding of the U.B.R.P.

b.  News article, re:  state group against Conservancy, Americans show passion for conservation, court order threatened Blue River Flood Control project, protests today of flood project, survey on Blue Detention Dams.

c.  Telegram, re:  work plan approved.

d.  Release, re:  President Kennedy submitted to Congress for authorization the Upper Blue River watershed project, House of Rep. approved the Upper Blue River watershed project.

e.  Work plan, re:  Upper Blue River watershed.

f.  Agenda, re:  subcommittee on watershed project.

g.  Dialog, re:  Mr. Albert and Mr. Steed discuss Upper Blue River watershed project.

h.  Resolution, re:  approval of U.B.R. watershed.

i.  Booklet, re:  work plan for Upper Blue River watershed.

F 6: Agriculture, Department of (1964).  Soil Conservation Service:  Valliant District.

a.  Correspondence, re:  cuts in appropriations for S.C.S.

b.  List, re:  Valliant Soil and Water Conservation District governing body.

c.  Newsletter, re:  cut-back in technical assistance to districts.

F 7: Agriculture, Department of (1964).  Soil Conservation Service:  Walnut Creek project.

Correspondence, re:  support for Walnut Creek Bayou upstream flood control projects.

F 8: Agriculture, Department of (1964).  Soil Conservation Service:  Waterfall - Gilford project.

a.  Correspondence, re:  Waterfall - Gilford Creek project could seriously hurt several families in the Polard community.

b.  Map, re:  plan map of Waterfall - Gilford project.

F 9: Agriculture, Department of (1964).  Soil Conservation Service:  Washita Watershed.

a.  Correspondence, re:  funds for the restoration project at Ft. Washita, re-survey Ft. Washita, and Land and Water Conservation Fund Act.

b.  Report, re:  annual report on the Washita River Watershed, and Ft. Washita restoration project.

c.  Newspaper article, re:  Boy Scouts march into Ft. Washita, Fort gives touch of the pioneer West, and Fort Washita tourism.

d.  Bulletin, re:  location of Ft. Washita.

e.  Pamphlet, re:  Ft. Washita, and Parlons Francais.

F 10: Budget (1964). 

State and District budget.

F 11: Civil Aeronautics Board (1964). 

a.  Correspondence, re:  views of the Local Airline Service Action Committee.

b.  Statement, re:  Air Cargo policy praised.

c.  Congressional Record, re:  improved specialized air cargo service.

F 12: Civil Defense (1964).

a.  Correspondence, re: approval of a project application.

b.  Telegram, re:  Pittsburg county to procure rescue equipment, and update national fallout shelter survey in twenty counties in southeast Oklahoma.

F 13: Civil Service Commission (1964).

a.  Correspondence, re:  proposed plan for the solicitation of federal employees, and objection to Civil Service ruling dealing with temporary employment with federal agencies.

b.  Memo, re:  experiments with a combined charity drive in the federal service.

c.  Notice, re:  summer employment in Washington, D.C., and U.S. Civil Service regions.

d.  Newspaper article, re:  treatment of civil servants.

e.  Pamphlet, re:  working for the U.S.A.

F 14: Commerce (1964).

List, re:  approved accelerated public works project, college housing lien approvals, and federal - aid and forest highway projects authorized.

F 15: Commerce (1964).  Area Development Administration:  Sulphur Community Inn.

a.  Correspondence, re:  release of federal funds for the Sulphur Community Inn project.

b.  Telegram, re:  Sulphur Community Inn ARA-SBA loan.

F 16: Commerce (1964).  Census.

a.  Correspondence, re:  temporary personnel for Bureau of Census, obtaining a special census of Wister, Ok., and recruitment of crew leaders.

b.  Release, re:  named field assistant for 1964 census of agriculture.

c.  Application, re:  search of census records.

d.  List, re:  agriculture assignments by Congressional district.

e.  Booklet, re:  business cycle developments.

f.  Pamphlet, re:  taking the 1964 farm count, and supervising the 1964 farm count.

F 17: Commerce (1964).  International Commerce.

a.  Correspondence, re:  plan to develop water resources of Iran.

b.  Telegram, re:  invitation to Shah of Iran to discuss the water development program.

F 18: Commerce (1964).  Patents.

a.  Brochure, re:  obtaining information from patents.

b.  Pamphlet, re:  answers to questions frequently asked about patents, and general information concerning patents.

F 19: Commerce (1964).  Public roads, Bureau of: OK: I-35.

a.  Correspondence, re:  getting approval of the Eastern route for I-35, and routing of I-35 in the vicinity of Davis, OK.

b.  Newspaper article, re:  I-35 routing big headache for governor, Washington talks slated on I-35, cities fight I-35 ruling, Senate highway money bill places limit on I-35 route, Davis group seeks I-35 decision, House Speaker favors longer route for I-35, and Bellmon opposes close-in I-35 route.

c.  Telegram, re:  proposed compromise route which would take the highway about one-half mile closer to Davis on the West side.

d.  Map, re:  alternate line study - I-35.

e.  Facts sheet, re:  costs of I-35.

F 20: Commerce (1963-4).  Public roads, Bureau of:  other projects.

a.  Correspondence, re:  Love County's receiving Federal aid to help construct and maintain its secondary roads, and highway bypassed Newkirk, N. Mexico.

b.  Newspaper article, re:  Newkirk, N. Mexico youth afraid Santa will miss him since town bypassed.

c.  Booklet, re:  deficiencies in the administration of construction contracts and right-of-way activity of the federal-aid highway program in the State of Oklahoma Bureau of Public Roads.

F 21:  Defense, Department of (1964).

a.  Correspondence, re:  reductions in the Atlas missile program at Altus, NAD not adversely affected cutbacks, policy on competitive bidding, development of the H - bomb and the Polaris Weapon System, support for commissary and post exchange privileges for military personnel, Masonic Lodge closed at Brookley Air Force Base, disaster suffered in Alaska by earthquake and tidal waves, securing medical equipment and supplies for Guatemala, and defense fuel supply center.

b.  Newspaper article, re:  father of the H-Bomb fears NATO collapse, and U.S. spends money of radios.

c.  Telegram, re:  molybdenum stock pile bill passed House of Representatives.

d.  Memo, re:  Department of Defense Cost Reduction Program - second annual press report.

e.  Fact sheet, re:  interment in national cemeteries, and Department of Defense employment information.

f.  Report, re:  The structure of alternate security policies and budgets.

g.  Booklet, re:  Extracts from the letters of Captain J. P. Spruill.

F 22: Defense, Department of (1964).  Air Force.

a.  Correspondence, re:  steps required to establish an Air National Guard unit in Poteau, communications service provided to the SAGE system in Montana, proposed U.S.A.F. military contract Lofair Awards, Serv-Air's contract operations at Vance Air Force Base, retraining of personnel at OCAMA, and required auto inspections for servicemen in Greece due to high rate of accidents.

b.  Procedure, re:  humanitarian reassignment procedure.

F 23: Defense, Department of (1964).  Air Force:  Altus AFB.

Correspondence, re:  need for additional on-base housing at the Altus Air Base.

F 24: Defense, Department of (1964).  Air Force:  Davis Field, Muskogee.

a.  Correspondence, re:  planned inactivation of the 929th Troop Carrier Group and the termination of Air Force use of Davis Field, Muskogee, Ok, and proposed merger of the Air Force Reserve with the Air National Guard.

b.  Telegram, re:  Reserve Officers Association of U.S., Department of Oklahoma objecting to a proposed merger of the Air Force Reserve with the Air National Guard.

F 25: Defense, Department of (1964).  Air Force:  Schilling AFB, Kansas.

a.  Correspondence, re:  Defense Department's decision to deactivate Schilling AFB.

b.  Newspaper article, re:  plans to close Schilling AFB, base closings absolutely irrevocable, and Carlson to ask LBJ to save Schilling AFB.

F 26: Defense, Department of (1964).  Air Force:  sonic booms.

a.  Correspondence, re:  sonic boom tests in Oklahoma City, and new supersonic test corridor will be flown by the Strategic Air Command.

b.  Telegram, re:  Air Force changed the route of its supersonic training planes.

c.  News release, re:  SAC announced the opening of a supersonic test corridor - from Jefferson, Texas, to Frederick, OK.

d.  Map, re:  B-58 supersonic corridor.

e.  Pamphlet, re:  sonic boom.

F 27: Defense, Department of (1964).  Air Force:  Tinker AFB.

a.  Correspondence, re:  civilian positions at the BEMO section at Tinker AFB.

b.  Release, re:  delivery of remarks by Major General Melvin F. McNickle.

c.  Brochure, re:  employment opportunities at TAFB for staff nurse.

F 28: Defense, Department of (1964).  Army.

a.  Correspondence, re:  more emphasis in schools to teach U.S. form of government, where recordings are made for the Armed Services for use in recruiting, Cassius Clay not being drafted, Cyprus situation and American evacuation, military tours in Vietnam, and summer reserve training.

b.  Information sheet, re:  Army Reserve program to attend school, Army Officer Candidate Programs, appointment as reserve commission officers and warrant officers of the Army, and Army field ban.

c.  Pamphlet, re:  U.S. Army ROTC.

d.  Telegram, re:  Army Reserve centers in 3rd District constructed during Carl Albert's Congressional service, and promotion of H.K. Johnson to Chief of Staff of the Army.

F 29: Defense, Department of (1964).  Army:  Camp Gruber.

Correspondence, re:  Interest in lands in the Gruber area that are being declared surplus to the U.S. Army, and disposal of the Camp Gruber military reservation.

F 30: Defense, Department of (1964).  Army:  Fort Chaffee.

a.  Correspondence, re:  Fort Chaffee given an excellent rating, retention of Fort Chaffee on active status, and R. McNamara gives his reasons for closing Fort Chaffee to C. Albert.

b.  Speech, re:  Mayor R. Booksher gives speech before 1000 Fort Smith leaders about closing Fort Chaffee.

c.  Newspaper clipping, re:  Crowds greet Kennedy at Fort Smith, and for third year Ft. Chaffee gets excellent rating.

d.  Telegram, re:  Efforts to prevent closing of Fort Chaffee.

F 31:  Defense, Department of (1964).  Army:  Corps of Engineers.

a.  Correspondence, re:  status report on McCurtain county project, landowners interested in building some small lakes, and request latest report on "Water

Resources Development in Oklahoma."

b.  Telegram, re:  congratulations to R.H. Free on his nomination for promotion to Brigadier General, development of Poteau River and its tributaries, and contract to update national fallout shelter survey in 20 counties in southeast Oklahoma.

c.  Recommendation, re:  Army Board for Rivers and Harbors recommends civil works projects.

d.  Report, re:  Corps of Engineers installations and activities.

e.  List, re:  Corps of Engineers installations and activities.

f.  Memo, re:  mission to update the results of the "National Fallout Shelter Survey" in Oklahoma.

g.  Bill, re:  authorization to sell a part of the former Cheli Air Force Station.

F 32: Defense, Department of (1964).  Army:  Corps of Engineers:  Appropriations.

a.  Correspondence, re:  Congressman Albert's before the Public Works Subcommittee on Appropriations, requests for $40,000 for advanced planning on the Lukfata Reservoir, Glover River, McCurtain County, Oklahoma, and Sherwood project upstream from the Broken Bow Reservoir on Mountain Fork River.

b. Report, re:  Arkansas River Multiple Purpose project, and Corps of Engineers - 1964 fiscal year appropriations.

c. Statement, re:  Senator A.S. Mike Monroney before the House Committee on Appropriations, Senator A.S. Mike Monroney before the Corps of Engineers at a public hearing on the Water Supply Section of the Central Oklahoma Project, and Representative Carl Albert before the Senate Committee on Appropriations for the Arkansas River Basin Appropriations and the Red River Valley Projects.

F 33: Defense, Department of (1964).  Army:  Corps of Engineers:  Arkansas River.

a.  Correspondence, re:  proposals to reduce the natural salt pollution in the Arkansas River and tributaries in Oklahoma, contract to Poteau Tracking Co., for work on Keystone Reservoir, acquisition of land for Lock and Dam No. 16, Webbers Falls, and bank stabilization on Arkansas River.

b.  Memo, re:  contract awarded for construction of the Robert S. Kerr Lock and Dam.

F 34: Defense, Department of (1964).  Army:  Corps of Engineers:  Boswell Reservoir.

Correspondence, re:  public notice o findings of the survey report on the Boswell Reservoir, and Boggy Creek, Oklahoma.

F 35: Defense, Department of (1964).  Army:  Corps of Engineers:  Broken Bow Reservoir, Mountain Fork River.

a.  Correspondence, re:  getting information on the Sherwood project, construction of Sherwood Reservoir and plans to erect a church is Smithville, and authorization of Mountain Fork Dam in McCurtain County, Oklahoma, and the Pine Creek Dam.

b.  Telegram, re:  project constructed above Broken Bow might adversely affect Smithville.

c.  Newspaper clipping, re:  200 new families due in Hugo after Hugo Reservoir begins.

F 36: Defense, Department of (1964).  Army:  Corps of Engineers:  Central OK Project.

a.  Correspondence, re:  gratitude for approval of the central Oklahoma Water System and Navigation Project.

b.  Notice, re:  extension of time.

F 37: Defense, Department of (1964).  Army:  Corp of Engineers:  Clayton Reservoir.

a.  Correspondence, re:  objection to construction of Clayton Reservoir, and district engineer responds to requests to halt construction of the Clayton Reservoir.

b.  Petition, re:  requesting a hearing before a Congressional Committee concerning the Clayton Dam on Jack Fork Creek.

F 38: Defense, Department of (1964).  Army:  Corps of Engineers:  Eufaula Reservoir.

a.  Correspondence, re:  request to review navigation route into Eufaula Reservoir via Poteau and Fourche Mauline Rivers and Gaines Creek, investigation of the area downstream from Indianola for development of the site, full-time protection for a cemetery from grazing cattle, inquiries concerning access to the Ash Creek Sunday School and Church, inquiries concerning the engineers leaving the Rock Creek bridge as it is, access road to the town of Crowder from U.S. Highway 69 in the Eufala Reservoir area, access road to the Little Onion community, employment of an architect - engineer firm at Oklahoma City, and effects of Eufaula Reservoir on the water supply facilities of McAlester, Oklahoma.

b.  Telegram, re:  turfing of relocated U.S. Highway 69.

c.  Map, re:  Eufala Reservoir.

F 39: Defense, Department of (1964).  Army:  Corps of Engineers:  Lake Texoma.

a.  Correspondence, re:  roads in the Enos area of Lake Texoma, picnic shelter and rest rooms at the old consolidated school ground at Aylesworth, low level of water in Lake Texoma, and grazing leases covering Government-owned lands in the Dension Dam Area.

b.  Telegram, re:  low water level in Texoma.

c.  Map, re:  Lake Texoma.

F 40: Defense, Department of (1964).  Army:  Corps of Engineers:  Lake Texoma:  Cumberland Cut.

a.  Correspondence, re:  silt problem in Lake Texoma, and small 15-foot dam be erected across the Cumberland Cut.

b.  Petition, re:  Have a 15-foot dam built across the Cumberland cut.

F 41: Defense, Department of (1964).  Army:  Corps of Engineers:  Lake Texoma:  Sand Point Homesites.

a.  Correspondence, re:  sale of lots in the Second Sand Point Supplemental Homesite Area, and building cottages at Second Sand Point.

b.  Telegram, re:  meeting with Colonel Morris about Sand Point.

c.  Petition, re:  the opening and sale of lots in Sand Point.

F 42: Defense, Department of (1964).  Army:  Corps of Engineers:  Little River.

a.  Correspondence, re:  development of the water resources of the Little River Basin.

b.  Information sheet, re:  estimated annual flows in average feet at dam site.

F 43: Defense, Department of (1964).  Army:  Corps of Engineers:  Pine Creek Reservoir.

Correspondence, re: Valliant School land matter.

F 44: Defense, Department of (1964).  Army:  Corps of Engineers:  Red River.

a.  Correspondence, re:  river channel downstream from Denison Dam, and repairs needed in the area below Denison Dam.

b.  Map, re:  Denison dam site area.

c.  News article, re:  road work due for Texoma.

F 45: Defense, Department of (1964).  Army:  Corps of Engineers:  Waurika.

Telegram, re:  Waurika reservoir considered a tip priority project by Carl Albert.

F 46: Defense, Department of (1964).  Army:  Civil Defense/Surplus Property.

a.  Correspondence, re:  Surplus goods available for disposal, sales catalogs which list surplus property for sale, interest in buying tarpaulin material, and Ardmore's application for communications equipment.

b.  Telegram, re:  Ardmore's application for communications equipment, and surplus property request.

F 47: Defense, Department of (1964).  Construction.

a.  News release, re:  authorization sought from Congress for military construction projects.

b.  Bill, re:  authorization for construction at military installations.

F 48: Defense, Department of (1964).  Insurance.

Correspondence, re:  comments on Department of Defense Directive 1344.6.

F 49: Defense, Department of (1964).  National Guard/Reserves.

a.  Correspondence, re:  report to the Governor's conference on the National Guard, and FY 1963 Annual Report.

b.  Report, re:  1964 National Guard report, and annual report/chief, National Guard Bureau.

c.  Telegram, re:  construction of National Guard Armories in Third District under PL703, 81st Congress, 1950, and request for Air National Guard.

F 50: Defense, Department of (1964). National Guard/Reserves. Reorganization.

a. Correspondence re: proposed changes in National Guard and reorganization of the National Guard.

F 51: Defense, Department of (1964).  Navy.

a.  Correspondence, re:  U.S. Naval Aviation Cadet program training students from Vietnam and Indonesia, design criteria for U.S. atomic submarines and U. S. Polaris Weapon System, Flight Deck Hazardous Duty Pay Bill, report on the 62nd Navy League Convention, chuting stars, and statistics about U. S. submarine losses due to reasons other than enemy action.

b.  Memo, re:  alleged waste of the tax dollar and improper use on manpower at U.S. Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C.

c.  Report, re:  Navy League National Convention, and uneconomical procurement of motor vehicle parts and accessories.

d.  Newspaper article, re:  Vice Admiral Hyman G. Rickover was selected as recipient of the 1964 Enrico Fermi Award for his contributions to the development of nuclear power for submarines and power-generating plants.

e.  Pamphlet, re:  scholarships granted by the Society of Sponsors of the United States Navy.

F 52: Defense, Department of (1964).  Navy:  Naval Ammunition Depot, McAlester.

a.  Correspondence, re:  Electricians employed at the NAD who were working after hours in competition with local electricians.

b.  New schedule of wages in McAlester area.

c.  Announcement, re:  NAD examination for appointment to the position of Carpenter - W-10.

F 53: Defense, Department of (1964).  Navy:  Sea Trials (H.G. Rickover).

a.  Correspondence, re:  successful sea trials.

b.  Photograph, re:  U.S.S. Enterprise, U.S.S. Long Beach, and U.S.S. Bainbridge.

F 54: Defense, Department of (1964).  Vietnam.

Correspondence, re:  U.S. policy concerning Vietnam, and supply of equipment and aircraft for U.S. Forces in South Vietnam.

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