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Box 46

Box 47:  Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (1964) - Interior (1964).

F 1: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (1964)

a.  Correspondence, re:  opening offices in Atlanta and Dallas.

b.  Pamphlet, re:  facts about Title VII

F 2: Export - Import Bank (1964).

Correspondence, re:  status of a project that Halliburton's Brown & Root Company is interested.

F 3: Farm Credit Administration (1964).

a.  Correspondence, re:  request for a loan from a broiler grower under contract to the Arkansas Valley Industries, and loans to farmers' cooperatives.

b.  Pamphlet, re:  loans to farmers cooperatives.

F 4: Federal Aeronautics Administration (1964)

a.  Correspondence, re:  freight shipments to southeastern points in the U.S., and recommendation of Larry Cates to position of Congressional liaison.

b.  Newsletter, re:  creation of the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission.

c.  Pamphlet, re:  Federal Aid Airport Program.

d.  Telegram, re:  stability and control flight testing, and interest in aviation in Oklahoma.

F 5: Federal Aeronautics Administration (1964).  Oklahoma Airport Projects.

a.  Correspondence, re:  Flight Service Station (FSS) program, city of Hugo's request for an alteration of its airport, City of Wilburton requested federal financial assistance under Federal Aid Airport program, and Atoka airport.

b.  Report, re:  Federal Aid Airport program, and FAA closing of flight service stations.

c.  Telegrams, re:  Mustang Field and El Reno, appointment with Giles Hill, funds allocated for acquiring land and clearing zones for Wilburton's airport, and 1965 allocations Federal Aid Airport program funds - Third District.

F 6: Federal Aeronautics Administration (1964).  Sonic booms.

a.  Correspondence, re:  a protest of the sonic boom study, and support for the sonic boom study.

b.  Pamphlet, re:  the sonic boom, FAA.

c.  Reports, re:  sonic booms and boosters, sonic boom claim procedures, and the court's opinion that "sonic boom" test may be continued.

F 7: Federal Communications Commission (1964).

a.  Correspondence, re:  the fairness doctrine of the FCC, thanks for the passage of H.R. 8316, the KTOW application for FCC approval, applications in the Safety and Special Radio Services Bureau of the FCC, the issuance of licenses for the Wildlife Commission, the application filing fees, bids on the radio, criticism of a TV show, and the location of a radio station in Oklahoma.

b.  re:  the role of government in the field of advertising.

F 8: Federal Communications Commission (1961-1964).  McAlester Television Transmitter.

a.  Correspondence, re:  the translator station built by Bill Hoover, FM stations at Ada, OKC, and Tulsa, a resolution protesting the translator station, approval of the TV translator application, explanation of the translator station's application approval, and the shifting of VHF channels to UHF channels.

b.  Reports, re:  fostering expanded use of UHF television channels, and assignment of an additional VHF channel to OKC.

c.  Map, re:  potential FM coverage on Oklahoma.

d.  Bill, re:  limiting the authority of the FCC.

e.  Clipping, re:  the translator station application.

F 9: Federal Deposit Insurance Commission (1964).

Correspondence, re:  work on federal finance.

F 10: Federal Power Commission (1964).

a.  Correspondence, re:  the natural gas producer problem, and the interstate pipeline problem.

b.  Speeches, re:  interference by the FPC, and the FPC's effects on the stock option plans.

c.  Report, re:  the FPC opinion and order denying authority for issuance of common stock.

F 11:  Federal Power Commission (1964).  Jarman Speech.

a.  Correspondence, re:  the speech for the House of Representatives about the plight of the natural gas producers.

b.  Speech, re:  the plight of natural gas producers.

c.  Statement, re:  soil and water conservation work.

F 12: Federal Power Commission (1964).  OK-Illinois Pipeline Co. Project.

a.  Correspondence, re:  an application to build a pipeline to St. Louis, and an application to build a line from the Latimer - Haskell county areas.

b.  Newsletter, re:  the pipeline to St. Louis, and the St. Louis natural gas market.

c.  Report, re:  applications to provide natural gas to the St. Louis area.

F 13: Federal Trade Commission (1964).

Correspondence, re:  wholesale gasoline pricing practices in and around Antlers, OK.

F 14: General Services Administration (1964).

a.  Correspondence, re:  the design and planning of federal buildings at Hugo and Wilburton, the remodeling of the OKC post office, a pamphlet called "Sites for Federal Buildings," a selective service lease in Idabel, a modern government office building at Waco, TX, the designation of officials, Carl Albert's office space assignment at the Federal Office Building im McAlester, a bid for the McAlester post office , the report on the assassination of President Kennedy, office space for the Pittsburg County Civil Defense in McAlester, Oklahoma, the addition of NASA to the Interagency Procurement Policy Committee, the new administrator of the GSA, Dave Phillips, and the use of Temperature Control panels in the Poteau post office.

b.  Telegram, re: an Ardmore courthouse and federal office building remodeling contract.

F 15: Health, Education and Welfare (1964)

a.  Correspondence, re:  research grant programs.

b.  Newsletter, re:  the governor's committee on employment of the handicapped.

c.  Report, re:  the HEW indicators.

F 16: Health, Education and Welfare (1964).  Education, Office of

a.  Correspondence, re:  lack of assistance for building primary and secondary schools, research grants for Southeastern State College home economic students, a rural school, a lawsuit for the removal of a text book, and financing public school buildings.

b.  Report, re:  the Language Development Program, and a shortage of public school classrooms.

c.  Pamphlet, re:  teacher exchange opportunities, and employment opportunities for educators overseas.

d.  Telegram, re:  appropriations for federally impacted school districts.

F 17: Health, Education and Welfare (1964).  Education, Office of:  Black Colleges.

a.  Correspondence, re:  the conference on programs to assist predominantly black colleges and universities, the dedication of new buildings at Langston University, and the development of new college curricular programs.

b.  Report, re:  the conference on programs to assist predominantly black colleges and universities.

F 18: Health, Education and Welfare (1964).  Education, Office of:  Civil Rights.

Correspondence, re: the "Nebraska Plan" as a step toward a solution of the civil rights problem.

F 19: Health, Education and Welfare (1964).  Education, Office of:  District Grants.

Telegrams, re:  financial assistance for schools.

F 20: Health, Education and Welfare (1964).  Education, Office of:  Dunlap, E.T.

a.  Correspondence, re:  Recommendations for Dr. E.T. Dunlap to be appointed to the advisory committee.

b.  Dr. E.T. Dunlap's biographical information.

F 21: Health, Education and Welfare (1964).  Education, Office of:  Handicapped.

a.  News release, re:  funds to aid handicapped children.

b.  Report, re:  awarding of funds for handicapped children.

F 22: Health, Education and Welfare (1964).  Education, Office of:  Health Professions.

Act:  Health Professions Educational Assistance Act of 1963.

F 23: Health, Education and Welfare (1964).  Education, Office of:  Higher Education.

a.  Memo, re:  tuition tax credit plan.

b.  Poll, re:  bill to provide federal aid to colleges.

F 24: Health, Education and Welfare (1964).  Education, Office of:  Libraries.

Correspondence, re:  Library Service and Construction Act.

F 25: Health, Education and Welfare (1964).  Education, Office of:  NDEA.

a.  re:  the National Defense Student Loan Program.

b.  Reports, re:  National Defense Education Act; language development, re-allotment to states, language development, graduate fellowship program, loans to students in institutions of higher education, and language development.

c.  Correspondence and related telegrams, re:  allotments of NDEA funds.

F 26: Health, Education and Welfare (1964).  Education, Office of:  OSU.

a.  Correspondence, re:  Oklahoma State University's Ethiopian program.

b.  Report, re:  the Agriculture of Ethiopia.

F 27: Health, Education and Welfare (1964).  Education, Office of:  OU.

a.  Correspondence, re:  assistance for teaching deaf.

b.  Application to the program for training teachers of the deaf.

c.  Report, re:  Current Grants-in-Aid Program for Teachers of the Deaf in the Department of Communication Disorders, University of Oklahoma Medical Center.

F 28: Health, Education and Welfare (1964).  Education, Office of:  Vocational Ed.

Correspondence and telegrams, re:  Vocational, technical education programs.

F 29: Health, Education and Welfare (1964).  Education, Office of:  Vocational Ed:  OSU Tech.

a.  Correspondence, re:  Oklahoma State Tech at Okmulgee as a pilot vocational training school under the Vocational Education Act of 1963.

b.  Booklet, re:  Careers at Oklahoma State Tech., Catalog, 1964-7.

F 30: Health, Education and Welfare (1964).  Food and Drug Administration.

Booklet and cover letter, re:  FDA catalog of fakes and swindles in the health field.

F 31: Health, Education and Welfare (1964).  Medical Care Program.

a.  Statement, re:  social security amendments and proposed amendments relating to medical care for the aged.

b.  Correspondence, re:  impact of medicare, and health care bill.

F 32: Health, Education and Welfare (1964).  Mental Health. 

Correspondence, re:  HEW assistance for mental health centers.

F 33: Health, Education and Welfare (1964).  Public Health Service.

Correspondence, re:  free health clinic problems, federal budget for health services, Chief for the Bureau of Medical Services, appointing an optometrist to the National Security Council, Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Systems Control Act, Richard D. Vaughan appointment as director of the Public Health Service's lab in Ada, Oklahoma, Holdenville hospital project, application for a joint construction grant for a University Teaching Hospital, and Oklahoma health bulletin.

F 34: Health, Education and Welfare (1964).  Public Health Service:  Grants.

Correspondence, re:  sewer projects.

F 35: Health, Education and Welfare (1964).  Public Health Service:  Hospitals.

Correspondence, re:  various grants for health projects.

F 36: Health, Education and Welfare (1964).  Public Health Service:  Indian Health.

a.  Pamphlet, re:  sanitation facilities for Indians.

b.  Correspondence, re:  medical care for non-Indian widows of Indians, advisory committee on Indian health, and contract awarded for drilling a well.

c.  Report, re:  A Program for the Training of Physicians to Serve the Preventive Health Needs of the American Indian.

F 37: Health, Education and Welfare (1964).  Public Health Service:  Talhina Indian Hospital.

a.  Memo, re:  Talihina hospital administrator.

b.  Manual, re:  Services to Beneficiaries and Others (revised).

c.  Correspondence, re:  hospital care for the area's white population, and benefits for non-Indian widows of Indians.

F 38: Health, Education and Welfare (1964).  Social Security.

a.  Tables and cover letter, re:  Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance figures.

b.  News release, re:  HEW-OASI and Disability Insurance figures.

F 39: Health, Education and Welfare (1964).  Vocational Rehabilitation.

a.  Act, re:  Vocational Education Act of 1963.

b.  Correspondence, re:  Vocational Education Act of 1963, vocational rehabilitation grant, report of courses for the unemployed under the Manpower Development and Training Act, and a proposed Presidential Commission on the Disabled.

F 40: Health, Education and Welfare (1964).  Welfare.

a.  Correspondence, re:  Children's Bureau, implementing Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, and related letter to below report, administration of federal programs.

b.  Report, re:  Excessive Financial Participation in Federally Aided Public Assistance Programs in the States of Louisiana and Oklahoma.

F 41: Housing and Home Finance (1964). 

a.  Pamphlets, re:  Housing and Home Finance Agency. What it is/what it was., Publications of the Housing and Home Finance, and The Workable Program for Community Improvement.

b.  Report, re:  What Federal Housing and Urban Programs Are Doing in Oklahoma and the South.

c.  Correspondence, re:  construction for Ravia and Colbert, Oklahoma, audit of project for the city of Madill, Oklahoma, civil servant award, 1964, and federal assistance for Ardmore, Oklahoma, water project.

F 42: Housing and Home Finance (1964).  Community, Facilities Administration.

a.  Correspondence, re:  available programs through the Housing and Home Finance Agency, housing for Eastern Oklahoma A&M College, and assistance to construct a public swimming pool, Pushmataha County, Oklahoma.

b.  Fact sheet, re:  public facility loans, and advances for public works planning.

F 43: Housing and Home Finance (1964).  Federal Housing Administration.

a.  Newsletters, re:  federal assistance for earthquake damage in Alaska.

b.  Correspondence, re:  FHA appraisals and returns, and FHA personnel policies.

c.  Pamphlets, re:  Nursing Home Mortgage Insurance, FHA Home Mortgage Insurance, Digest of Insurable Loans, FHA Financing for Home Purchases and Home Improvements, FHA Forbearance Provisions, FHA Mortgage Insurance for Urban Renewal, Cooperative Housing, FHA Experimental Housing Program, A Comparison of FHA Home Insurance Programs, FHA and the Home Buying Serviceman, and FHA's Rental Housing Program.

F 44: Housing and Home Finance (1964).  Urban Renewal Administration.

a.  Correspondence, re:  urban renewal programs, and Heavener, Oklahoma's urban planning project.

b.  Press releases, re:  aid for Heavener and Sallisaw, Oklahoma, aid for Muskogee, Oklahoma, and approval of a project in McAlester, Oklahoma.

c.  Message, re:  approval of the urban renewal in McAlester, Oklahoma.

d.  Pamphlets, re:  20 Questions and Answers on Urban Renewal, the Urban Renewal Program, the Open-Space Land Program, Preserving Urban Open Space, and Open-Space Land Program Guide.

F 45: Indian Claims Commission (1964).

Correspondence, re:  Cherokee Indian Claim, thank you note, Choctaw vs. United States of America, and Indian Claims Commissioner.

F 46: Indian Claims Commission (1964).  Cherokee.

Legal papers, re:  the Cherokee Nation vs. The United States of America. 

F 47: Interior (1964).

a.  Phone message, re:  contract for removal of electric lines.

b.  Report, re:  Stewart L. Udall, Secretary of the Interior.

c.  Phone message, re:  regional coordinator for the Interior at Muskogee.

d.  Bulletin, re:  work of the Izaak Walton League of America, Inc.

e.  Fact sheet, re:  U.S. Department of the Interior.

f.  Resolutions, re: nineteen various resolutions from the Western States Land Commissioners Association.

g.  Phone message, re:  regional solicitor at Tulsa, Job Corps camp at Sulphur, and getting letters to Secretary Udall's.

h.  Correspondence, re:  Waterfowl Tomorrow books.

i.  Magazine, Listen, re:  article on Secretary Stewart L. Udall.

F 48: Interior (1964). Coal.

a.  Correspondence, re:  Office of Coal Research.

b.  Telegram, re:  contract for development of western coal reserves.

c.  Office of Coal Research news releases, re:  OCR Program Has Initial Successes, Report on Ultrafine Coal Pulverization, Interior Contract Awarded to Survey Markets for Western Coal, and Processing of Western Coal.

d.  Papers from the National Coal Policy Conference, Inc., re:  cover letter, letter urging investigation for a west coast nuclear reactor, news letter, Atomic Industrial Forum, news release, removal of controls on imports of residual fuel oil, news release, railroads save electric utilities, and Coal`s Position on Subsidized Civilian Nuclear Power.

e.  Mining Congress Journal, re:  The Coal Industry Focuses on Cleveland.

f.  Correspondence, re:  marketing coal in the western states.

F 49: Interior (1964). Fish and Wildlife Service.

a.  Fish and Wildlife Service news release, re:  Hunting and Fishing License Sales Increase, Changes in Migratory Bird Hunting Regulations, and Surplus Big-Game Sales.

b.  Correspondence, re:  beaver relocation, Tishomingo National Wildlife Refuge, and speakers for the Quail Hunters Association.

c.  Conservation News paper, re:  Conservation and the 88th Congress and others.

d.  Conservation Report, re:  Second Session, 88th Congress.

F 50: Interior (1964). Geological Survey.

Correspondence, re:  Sidney Powers survey near Marietta, Oklahoma, topographical maps, Mr. Hart to appear in district court at Ardmore, Oklahoma.

F 51: Interior (1964). Indian Affairs, Bureau of.

a.  Newsletter, re:  1964:  Indian Health Year.

b.  Correspondence, re:  appointment with President Johnson concerning Indian needs, accomplishments of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, payments of delayed tribal judgements, Interior Department`s Indian Art Exhibit, conference on Indian Affairs, grievance hearing in Anadarko, Oklahoma, Accelerated Public Works Projects, press release and report attached, Indian Reorganization Act, area office of Indian Affairs, certificates of eligibility to Indians so they may file on the public domain, delegation for the 5th Quadrennial Conference in Quito, Ecuador, tribal officials and leaders, girls dorm at Fort Sill Indian School, speech by Philleo Nash, Will Rogers memorial celebration, and proposed transfer of Indian Land title records.

c.  New release, re: Indian Art Exhibit and Sale to Open November 24, 1969.

d.  Inter-office transmittal, re:  Sale of Oil and Gas Mining Leases-Restricted Indian Lands.

e.  Road improvement, Kemp to Colbert, Oklahoma.

F 52: Interior (1964). Indian Affairs, Bureau of:  Arapaho.

Correspondence, re:  oil and gas lease contract and money.

F 53: Interior (1964). Indian Affairs, Bureau of:  Choctaw.

Correspondence, re:  reinstating Choctaw tribal members to the loan program, per capita payments, restoring certain Indians to the rolls, settlement for the Choctaw Indians, and proposed bylaws of the Choctaw Corporation.

F 54: Interior (1964). Indian Affairs, Bureau of:  Education.

Correspondence, re:  Indian school admittance policy, grievances with Riverside School, Anadarko, Oklahoma, funds for a new school, Hartshorne, Oklahoma, and girs dorm at the Fort Sill Indian School.

F 55: Interior (1964). Indian Affairs, Bureau of:  Health Care.

a.  Press release, re:  medical services for non-Indian widows of enrolled Indians.

b.  Correspondence, re:  location of a new Indian Hospital, medical doctor for Choctaw county Indians, training physicians to treat Indians, and advisory committee on Indian Health.

c.  Press release, re:  planning health activities.

d.  Report, re:  A Program for the Training of Physicians to Serve the Preventive Health Needs of the American Indian.

F 56: Interior (1964). Indian Affairs, Bureau of:  Housing.

Correspondence and attachments, re:  low-rent housing program.

F 57: Interior (1964). Indian Affairs, Bureau of:  Industries.

a.  Correspondence, re:  contract with Mitchell Furniture Industries, Inc.

b.  Press release, re:  another industry to increase Indian employment; Strombecker plant in Durant, Oklahoma.

c.  Memo, re:  installment of well and water treatment plant.

F 58: Interior (1964). Indian Affairs, Bureau of:  Jones Academy. 

Correspondence, re:  Lewis Whitten for Principle of Jones Academy.

F 59: Interior (1964). Indian Affairs, Bureau of:  Osage.

Correspondence, re:  Osage Mineral Trust.

F 60: Interior (1964). Indian Affairs, Bureau of:  Pawnee.

Correspondence, re:  distribution of the Pawnee judgement fund.

F 61: Interior (1964). Indian Affairs, Bureau of:  Sand Creek Massacre.

Correspondence with attachments, re: payment of indemnities to descendants from those suffering the Sand Creek Massacre.

F 62: Interior (1964). Indian Affairs, Bureau of:  Seminole.

Correspondence, re:  amending the U.S. Housing Act of 1937 to allow Indians low rent housing, tribal operation - constitutional committee, investment in Wewoka Plastics, Inc. at Wewoka, Oklahoma, and tribal operation.

F 63: Interior (1964). Indian Affairs, Bureau of:  Seneca.

Correspondence, re:  competition for land.

F 64: Interior (1964). Indian Affairs, Bureau of:  Wheelock Academy.

Correspondence, re:  preservation of Wheelock Academy.

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