Box and Folder Inventory

Box 47

Box 48:  Interior (1964) - Small Business Administration (1964).

F 1: Interior, Department of (1964).  Land Management, Bureau of.

a.  Correspondence, re: orders for public sale; construction of a water reservoir in Texas; notice of coal lease

b.  U.S. Department of Interior publication - "Community Recreation and the Public Domain"

F 2: Interior, Department of (1964).  Land Management, Bureau of.

a.  Correspondence, re: Hartshorne's emergency water problem; Haileyville's proposed water system; Lake Dow

b.  Report, re:  Hartshorne's water problem

c.  Petition, re:  Lake Dow

F 3: Interior, Department of (1964).  Legislation.

a.  Correspondence, re: Red River Bill; H.R. 3846

b.  Conservation Report, re:  "House Rules Committee Clears Outdoor Recreation Bill"

c. Conservation Report, re:  "Full Interior Committee Will Consider Amended Wilderness Bill"

d. Sierra Club Outdoor Newsletter, re:  "The Lost Redwoods."

e. Clipping:  "A Few More Acts, and 88th Will Be `The Conservation Congress'"

f. U.S. Department of Interior News Release, re: "Remarks of Edward C. Crafts, Director, Bureau of Outdoor Recreation"

F 4: Interior, Department of (1964).  McBride, Don.

a.  Memo, re:  Don McBride's appointment as Undersecretary of the Interior

b.  Telegram, re:  Endorsement of Don McBride

F 5: Interior, Department of (1964).  Mines, Bureau of

a.  Memo, re:  Robert Cax Donald being considered for Director, Bureau of Mines

b.  U.S. Department of Interior News Release, re:  `Bureau of Mines Publishes Extensive Bibliography on Underground Gasification of Coal'

c.  U.S. Department of Interior News Release, re:  'Mines Bureau Learns Causes of Variations in Bulk Density of Western Coking Coals'

d. Bureau of Mines Press Release, re:  `New Bureau of Mines Report Reviews Recent Research on Oil and Gas Production problems'

e. Bureau of Mines Press Release, re:  `New Natural Gas Analyses Released by Bureau of Mines'

F 6: Interior, Department of (1964).  National Park Service.

a.  National Park Service Pamphlet, re:  "Public Use of the National Parks; a Statistical Report"

b.  National Park Service Pamphlet, re:  "Seasonal Employment in the National Park Service.

c.  U.S.  Department of Interior News Release, re:  "New Travel Record Set for National Park System in 1963"

d.  U.S. Department of Interior News Release, re:  "President Kennedy's Birthplace Heads Latest National Historic Landmark List"

e. Correspondence, re: annual pass to various areas within the Park Service; efforts to establish National Park in Western Oklahoma; Battle of the Washita Site; proposal to convert private ownership of California Redwoods to National Park Preserve

F 7: Interior, Department of (1964).  National Park Service.  Battle of the Washita.

a Correspondence, re: designation of Washita Battlefield as a National Park; restoration of Fort Washita

b.  Director's Daily Report, re:  Fort Washita

F 8: Interior, Department of (1964).  National Park Service:  Platt Park/Arbuckle Areas

a.  Correspondence, re: expansion of Platt National Park; examination to fill caretaker position, Platt National Park; need for additional Rangers at Platt National Park; Arbuckle recreation area

b.  Petition, re:  expansion of Platt National Park

c.  Memo, re:  expansion of Platt National Park

d.  Clipping, re:  "New Platt Park Superintendent"

F 9: Interior, Department of (1964).  Oil and Gas Office Directorship

a.  Correspondence, re:  application of William L. Berry for Director of Office of Oil and Gas, Interior Department.

b. News release, re:  "Joe T. Dickerson Named Director of the Office of Oil and Gas"

c. Memo, re:  selection of new Director of Oil and Gas

d.  Telegram, re:  endorsement of Elmer Hoehn as Director of Oil and Gas

F 10: Interior, Department of (1964).  Petroleum

a.  Correspondence, re:  oil import problem

b.  Clippings, re:  oil import problem; Phillips Oil proposed for a petrochemical complex in Puerto Rico

c. News release, re:  oil import problem

d. Memos, re:  oil import problem

e.  Bulletins, re:  Natural Gas; from Independent Natural Gas Association of America

f. Newsletter, re:  "U.S. Oil Import Policy" from Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association

g. Telegram:  Oil import problem

F 11: Interior, Department of (1964).  Petroleum:  Independent Petroleum Association of America

a  Correspondence, re:  level of oil imports

b.  Statement by the Independent Petroleum Association of America, re:  oil imports

c.  Memo, re:  discussion of oil imports with the president

d. Magazine, re:  "Independent Petroleum Monthly" June 1964

F 12: Interior, Department of (1964).  Petroleum:  Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association

a.  Correspondence, re:  oil import problem

b.  Newsletter, re:  "O.I.P.A. News"

c.  Article, re:  "From Outward Bound in a Hurry" from "the Texaco Star"

F 13: Interior, Department of (1964).  Reclamation, Bureau of

a.  Correspondence, re:  Waurika project:  construction of Wynnewood pumping plant; meeting of Oklahoma Reclamation Association

b.  Report, re:  Bureau of Reclamation budget, fiscal year 1965

c.  Newsletter, re:  "Conservation News"

d.  Flyer, re:  "Scholarships and Fellowships in Conservation"

e.  Memo, re:  Wynnewood pumping plant

f.  News release, re:  "Reclamation Planning Specialists to Assist Afghanistan River Development" from Interior Department

F 14: Interior, Department of (1964).  Reclamation, Bureau:  Liberty Bottoms Project

a.  Correspondence, re:  Liberty Bottoms project

b. Report from Interior Department re:  Liberty Bottoms project

c.  News Release form Interior Department:  "Reclamation Reports Favorably on Development of Liberty Bottoms Project"

d. Plan of Development, re:  Liberty Bottoms Project

F 15: Interior, Department of (1964).  Soil/Water Conservation District

Memos from Interior Department re:  "Udall Aeronautics Agreement with Latimer County Soil and Water Conservation District" Same announcement for Gaines Creek, Murray Co. and Valliant

F 16: Interior, Department of (1964).  Southwestern Power Administration.

a.  Correspondence, re:  Southwestern Power Administration rates schedules; problems with Canadian Valley Electric Co-op; recommendation that W. P. Agrick be appointed to Annapolis.

b.  Report of progress, re:  Southwestern Power Administration

F 17: Interior, Department of (1964).  Territories, Office of

a.  Correspondence, re:  trust territory of the Pacific Islands

b.  Article from Saturday Evening Post, re:  "Americas Neglected Colonial Paradise"

F 18: Interior, Department of (1964).  Water Resource

a.  Memo, re:  Garrison Diversion project

b.  Article:  "Water Bill Lag Likely Issue"

c.  Department of Interior news release:  "Udall Announces Proposed Procedures Spending Water Research Grants"

F 19: Interstate Commerce Commission (1964).  Freight Car Supply

a.  Service Order No. 953, re:  "Free Time on Unloading Box Cars at Ports, Background Information"

b. Memo, re:  Availability of Freight Cars in southeastern Oklahoma and Texas

c.  Order of Session of Interstate Commerce Commission, re:  investigation of adequacy of railroad freight car ownership, car utilization, distribution, rules and practices

F 20: Interstate Commerce Commission (1964).  Gordon Transports.

a.  Correspondence, re:  reconsideration of ICC decision to deny extension of service in Oklahoma

b.  Petition before the ICC re:  reconsideration of ICC decision

c.  Memo, re:  application by Gordon Transports for extension of service into Oklahoma

F 21: Interstate Commerce Commission (1964).  Miscellaneous, Permits/Docket

Correspondence, re:  carriage of military mail; support of natural gas producers; request for certificate of insurance for a vehicle; removing the depot at Cove, Arkansas; problems with the ICC's Fort Worth office.

F 22: Interstate Commerce Commission (1964).  Motor Carriers

a.  Correspondence, re:  applications to the ICC for permits to carry certain supplies and materials through Oklahoma

b.  Notice of proposed rule making, re:  "Qualification and maximum hours of service of employees of motor carriers and safety of operation of equipment

F 23: Interstate Commerce Commission (1964).  Rock Island Railroad

a.  Correspondence, re:  Rock Island's discontinuance of service

b.  Order from the ICC, re:  "Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad Co. Discontinuance of Trains Nos. 23 and 24 Between Memphis, Tennessee, and Amarillo, Texas.

c. Brief of protestants before the ICC, re:  discontinuance of trains nos. 23 and 24

d. Correspondence, re:  railroad post office employment

e.  Report from the ICC re:  lack of an adequate supply of freight cars

f.  Report from the ICC, re:  findings of feasibility study of discontinuance of trains nos. 23 and 24

g.  Memo, re:  discontinuance of trains nos. 23 and 24

F 24: Justice (1964).

a.  Correspondence, re:  plywood sales by weight, James Hoffa trial

b.  Memo, re:  Barnett vs. Riggs National Bank

c.  Pamphlet, re:  "Careers for Men and Women as Correctional Officers"

d.  Magazine - The Nation, re:  "The Hoffa Trial"

F 25: Justice (1964).  Civil Rights.

Correspondence, re:  admission of blacks into fraternal organizations; assistance to person arrested at a `set in' demonstration

F 26: Justice (1964).  Claims, Court of.

Correspondence, re:  appointment of Maurine Howard Abernathy to the U.S. Court of Claims

F 27: Justice (1964).  Deputy U.S. Marshal

a.  Correspondence, re:  endorsements for deputy U.S. Marshal position

b.  Pamphlet, re:  job description of a deputy U.S. Marshal

F 28: Justice (1964).  Federal Bureau of Investigation.

a.  Pamphlet, re:  "Know Your F.B.I."

b.  Pamphlet, re:  "The Story of the Federal Bureau of Investigation"

c.  Correspondence:  reporting of alleged acts of Communism; endorsement of J. Edgar Hoover as President; letter of commendation for J. Edgar Hoover

F 29: Justice (1964).  Federal Judgeship.

Correspondence, re:  endorsement of Walter Arnote for Federal Judgeship

F 30: Justice (1964).  Immigration/Naturalization Service.

a.  Correspondence, re:  regulation of immigration

b.  Lists from the Immigration/Naturalization Service, re: lists of residents of Oklahoma who became U.S.  citizens during selected months of 1964.

F 31: Labor (1964).

a.  Correspondence, re:  comparison of cost of living between Oklahoma and Alaska; payment of wages; United Mine Workers and the soft coal industry; objection to the `persecution' of James Hoffa; selection to a counselor aid and youth advisor training program; P.L. 88-368.

b.  Pamphlet form Labor Department, re:  "A Quick Look at Hours Worked under the Fair Labor Standards Act"

c.  Booklet from Labor Department entitled "Handy Reference Guide to the Fair Labor Standards Act."

d.  Flyer, re:  H.R. 3935

F 32: Labor (1964).  Area Redevelopment Administration.

a.  Maps from Labor Department, re:  areas of substantial unemployment in Oklahoma and Arkansas

b.  Memo, re:  areas of substantial unemployment

c.  Press release, re:  13 Oklahoma counties designated for Area Redevelopment Assistance

d.  Correspondence, re:  why New Jersey ARA trainees receive more than Oklahoma ARA trainees; classification of Ardmore Labor Market Area

e.  Clipping, re:  New Jersey ARA trainees payment level

F 33: Labor (1964).  Area Redevelopment Administration:  Cooks project.

Correspondence, re:  school lunch workshop put on by ARA

F 34: Labor (1964).  Automobile industry.

a.  Memo, re:  General Motors strike

b.  Press release from GM:  employee benefits

c.  Pamphlet from GM, UAW and AFL-CIO entitled "Sixteen Years of Progress through Free Collective Bargaining"

d. Booklet from UAW entitled "Priorities for People"

F 35: Labor (1964).  Employee's Compensation, Bureau of.

a.  Booklet from Department entitled:  "Work Injury Benefits for Federal Employees"

b. Correspondence, re:  vocational training programs; special youth projects at Durant, Ada, and Tonkawa

c. Map, re:  statewide vocational training program sites

F 36: Labor (1964).  Employment Services.

Correspondence, re:  Veterans of Foreign Wars resolution in favor of programs administered by State Employment Service; Pan American Corporation's views on employment programs; resolution adopted by Third District Convention regarding Veterans Employment Services

F 37: Labor (1964).  Manpower program.

a.  Correspondence, re:  retraining program in McAlester, Miami, Muskogee, Southwestern State College

b.  Report, re:  manpower projects that have been approved

c.  Memo, re:  manpower training bill

F 38: Labor (1964).  Safety/Health Standards.

a.  Correspondence, re:  Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act

b.  Report from Pan-American Petroleum Corporation, re:  Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act

F 39: Labor (1964).  Wage Rates.

Correspondence, re:  establishment of fair wage rates

F 40: Labor (1964).  Women's Bureau.

a.  Program entitled:  exhibition of arts and crafts by the handicapped

b. Pamphlet entitled:  Governor's Commissions on the Status of Women

c. Correspondence, re:  Regional Women's Bureau, Dallas, Texas

F 41: Library of Congress (1964). 

a.  Correspondence, re:  research requests; reference dept., loan division

b.  Article entitled:  "The Luckless Library of Congress"

F 42: NASA (1964).

a.  Correspondence luncheon meeting in Ardmore with Jim Webb director of NASA; astronauts speaking at various luncheons

b. Memo, re:  copy of letter sent to Mr. Webb

c.  Advertisement, re:  Syncom communications satellite

F 43: NASA (1964).  Airtronics.

Personnel list, re:  GSFC Division of Airtronics

F 44: NASA (1964).  Durant Lab

a.  Correspondence, re: NASA project for Southeastern State College, Durant, OK

b.  Article, re:  Technology Use Studies Center at Southeastern State College

c. Pamphlet from Aerospace Research Applications Center, re:  Scientific and Technical Information Service

d. Newsletter from Technology Use Studies Center, re: the visit of James E. Webb, Administrator of NASA

e. Newsletter from Technology Use Studies Center, re:  conference held at Lake Texoma

f.  Manual from Aerospace Research Applications Center entitled:  "ARAC Operating Manual Describing ARAC Services to Member Companies"

g.  Memo, re:  visit of James E. Webb, Administrator of NASA

F 45: NASA (1964).  Project Reports/Press Releases

a.  Press Release, re:  "Breene M. Kerr Joins NASA" son of Robert S. Kerr

b. Report from Goddard Space Flight Center, re:  `Satellite Situation Report'

c. NASA News Releases Nov. 1 - Dec. 28, re:  various aspects of NASA operations

d. NASA Tech Briefs, re:  technical innovations from NASA April - May, 1964

F 46: National Labor Relations Board (1964).

a.  Correspondence, re:  case of Oklahoma Scientific Co. Division of Radiophone Co.

b.  Article, re:  Oklahoma Scientific Company case

c. Memo, re:  Oklahoma Scientific Company case

F 47: National Mediation Board (1964)

Correspondence, re:  acknowledgment to Rep. Albert from Leverett Edwards for letter to President

F 48: National Scientific Foundation (1964).  Awards

a.  Correspondence, re:  awards from National Scientific Foundation

b.  Daily notification of awards from National Science Foundation for certain days

F 49: National Scientific Foundation (1964).  Releases/Report

Press releases from National Scientific Foundation, re:  awards and grants

F 50: Office of Economic Opportunity (1964). 

Correspondence, re:  conference on "poverty;" establishment of a federal plant nursery; work experience program; "war on poverty"

F 51: Office of Economic Opportunity (1964).  Carl Albert Office Memos.

a.  Memos, re:  poverty programs

b.  Article entitled:  "Bellmon Sends Hot Letter to Shriver"

F 52: Office of Economic Opportunity (1964).  Data.

a.  Television script prepared by Democratic National Committee

b. Office of Economic Opportunity Telephone Directory

c.  Release, re:  Economic Opportunity Act of 1964

d. Newspaper article entitled "Poverty in America"

e. Copy of Economic Opportunity Act of 1964

f. Articles, re:  poverty in Appalachia; Job Corps program in Oklahoma; war on poverty

g. Copy of P.L. 88-452

F 53: Office of Economic Opportunity (1964).  Job Corps.

a.  Memo, re:  IBM training center, Wheelock Academy

b.  Correspondence, re:  Job Corps training camp, Beavers Bend area; Job Corps training camp , Marshall Co.; Job Corps training camp, LeFlore Co.; Job Corps training camp in Wilburton.

c. Article from Readers Digest, re:  war on poverty

F 54: Office of Economic Opportunity (1964).  Job Corps:  Ft. Chaffee.

a. Correspondence, re:  inactivation of Ft. Chaffee as an Army training center; selection of Ft. Chaffee as a Job Corps training camp

b. Article from Army times, re:  training programs

F 55: Office of Economic Opportunity (1964).  Job Corps - Hodgen Camp

a.  Memo, re:  selection of sites for Youth Conservation Corps camps

b.  Correspondence, re:  improvement of access road in connecting with Job Corps camp at Hodgen

F 56:  Office of Economic Opportunity (1964).  Job Corps:  Sulphur.

Correspondence, re:  poverty program - Sulphur camp

F 57: Post Office (1964).

Correspondence, re:  discontinuance of mail service on MKT trains 1, 2, 5, and 6 between Dallas and San Antonio.

F 58: Securities and Exchange Commission (1964).  Owens nomination.

Correspondence, re:  Hugh F. Owens appointment as member of Securities and Exchange Commission

F 59:  Selective Service System (1964).

Correspondence, re:  Selective Service laws and procedures

F 60: Small Business Administration (1964).

Pamphlets from Small Business Administration entitled "Selling to the U.S. Government; Small Business Administration, What it Does What it Is"

F 61: Small Business Administration (1964). Press releases.

Press releases, re:  amount loans approved by Small Business Administration

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