Box and Folder Inventory

Box 48

Box 49:  Small Business Administration (1964) - Agriculture (1965).

F 1: Small Business Administration (1964).  Reports.

Reports, re:  credit practices of Oklahoma retailers; economic case studies of community sponsored efforts to develop industry

F 2: Small Business Administration (1964).

Reports, re:  strengthening free enterprise - 1964 annual report; SBA business loan approvals in 1964

F 3: State, Department of (1964). 

a.  Pamphlet, re:  "Blueprint for the Peace Race"; "External Research Staff Purposes Programs and Publications"

b.  Press release, re:  further removal of restrictions on U.S. exports

c. Correspondence, re:  interaction between State Department and Congressional members; nuclear disarmament; aggression by communist-bloc countries; Panama Canal zone; national foreign policy conference for editors and broadcasters; imports of foreign steel; relations with Argentina; visiting foreign dignitaries; speakers for International Relations Council; opposition to the admission of Red China into the United Nations; self-determination for the people of Cyprus; assistance in procuring a visa; reorganization of the Office of Security's domestic field operations

d.  Memo, re:  briefing for House members

F 4: State, Department of (1964).  Agency for International Development

a.  Correspondence, re:  summary of services of the Agency for International Development; proposed reductions and changes in the Agency for International Development's personnel

b.  Article, re:  reduction of personnel in the Agency for International Development

c.  Catalog, re:  "Index to Catalog of Investment Opportunities"

d.  Press release from Agency for International Development

F 5: State, Department of (1964).  Cuba.

a.  Correspondence, re:  hit and run attacks by Cuban refugees

b.  Pamphlet, re:  "U.S. Policy towards Cuba"

c.  Press release, re:  "NATO and World Responsibilities"

F 6: State, Department of (1964).  Intelligence and Research, Bureau of.

External research papers, re:  "Nuclear Research and Technology in Communist China"; "The Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam)"; "International Affairs"; "Relationship of the Government and Private Research Communities in the Field of Foreign Relations"; "Arms Control and Disarmament"

F 7: State, Department of (1964).  Peace Corps.

a.  Booklets, re:  "The Peace Corps"; "Peace Corps:  2nd Annual Report to Congress"

b. Correspondence, re:  honorary degree from University in Bangkok; syllabus for Peace Corps program training at University of Oklahoma, public health project in Bolivia

c. Peace Corps advance information sheet, re:  concerning Peace Corps projects in Rep. Albert's district or his constituents

F 8: State, Department of (1964).  Raupe, Craig.

Correspondence, re:  Mr. Craig Raupe's appointment as Ambassador to Indonesia

F 9: State, Department of (1964).  Southeast Asia.

a.  Correspondence, re:  situation in Vietnam; members of the House visiting South Vietnam; Cambodia situation

b. Press release, re:  "No Apologies to Cambodia"

c.  Newspaper article, re:  "Mike Going to Vietnam"

F 10: State, Department of (1964).  USSR

Report, re:  biographies of Aleksey Nikolayevich Kosygin and Leonid Ilich Brezhnev

F 11: State, Department of (1964).  Vliet, R. Dale

Correspondence, re:  appointment as Ambassador to Finland

F 12: Supreme Court (1964).

a.  Speech, re:  address delivered by Earl Warren at the annual meeting of the American Law Institute

b.  Editorial from Baptist Message re:  Religion in Public Schools

c.  Flyer, re:  Members of the Supreme Court, Oct. 1, 1962

d.  Correspondence, re:  legislation limiting the powers of the Supreme Court

F 13: Surplus Property (1964)

Pamphlet, re:  "Disposal of surplus property" for public use, private use, and how it may be obtained through the General Services Administration

F 14: Tariff Commission (1964).

Correspondence, re:  tariffs on flat glass products

F 15:   Treasury, Department of (1964). 

a.  Correspondence, re:  Kennedy half-dollar; resignation of Under Secretary of the Treasury; national economy; Revenue Act of 1962; Federal Use Tax on heavy trucks, Maryland Revenue for fiscal years 1965 and 1966; shortage of silver dollars

b. Press release, re:  "Treasury to Double Coin Production"

c.  Memo, re:  bill affecting the Inter-American Development Bank

d.  Enrolled House Bill No. 902

e.  Report, re:  estimated general fund appropriation account for the state of Maryland

F 16:  Treasury, Department of (1964).  Comptroller of the Currency.

a.  Correspondence, re:  abolition of the Federal Reserve; debt cancellation contracts issued by National Banks; approval of the Oklahoma Airport Trustee Bonds

b. Press release, re:  broadening the authority of national banks

c.  Article, re:  National Banks join in the "war on poverty"

d.  Report from Comptroller of the Currency, re:  National Banks

F 17: Treasury, Department of (1964).  Comptroller of the Currency:  Bank Charters.

a.  Memo, re:  Arbuckle project; citizens of Nicoma Park, applications for National Bank charters in OK

b.  Resolution, re:  requesting a charter for a National Bank in Sallisaw, Oklahoma

c. Correspondence, re:  application for a charter for a bank in McAlester

F 18: Treasury, Department of (1964).  Internal Revenue.

Correspondence, re:  taxation of income earned in foreign countries; appointments to IRS; indictment of Justice Earl Welch for violation of tax laws; Oklahoma City District tax technicians

F 19: Treasury, Department of (1964).  Internal Revenue:  Professional Service Groups.

a.  Correspondence, re:  proposed rule-making of the IRS concerning professional associations and corporations

b.  Technical information release from IRS, re:  tax rules for professional service corporations

F 20: Treasury, Department of (1964).  Narcotics.

Resolution, re:  Narcotic and drug enforcement

F 21: Treasury, Department of (1964).  Tax Court Appointment:  Bruce Johnson to U.S. Tax Court

F 22: United States Information Agency (1964).

Correspondence, re:  appointment of Carl T. Rowan ad Director of United States Information Agency

F 23: Veterans Affairs (1964).

a.  Information sheet from Committee on Veterans Affairs, re:  Non-service connected persons for veterans and their dependents

b.  Correspondence, re:  veterans income reporting; benefits and services to veterans' dependents; direct loan policy

c.  Booklet entitled:  "Veterans Affairs 1963-4 Two Years of Progress"

d.  Clipping, re:  Disabled American Veterans meeting in Idabel

e.  Press release, re:  national service life insurance to disabled veterans

F 24: Veterans Affairs (1964).  Hospitals.

a.  Correspondence, re:  opposition to budget cuts for Oklahoma VA air conditioning contract for VA hospital in Oklahoma City; closing of VA hospitals

b.  Resolution, re:  opposition to budget cuts for Oklahoma VA hospitals

F 25: Veterans Affairs (1964).  Legislation.

Correspondence, re: laws pertaining to WWI veterans; H.R. 8925 P.L. 88-445; request for 100 copies of the summary of the Committee on Veterans' Affairs activities of the 88th Congress.

F 26: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  General Correspondence.

a. Correspondence, re:  request for a copy of the record of the Administration's farm programs; request for information concerning government land acquisition; request for articles concerning agriculture problems

b. Memo, re:  President's farm message

c.  Booklet entitled "Natural Food and Farming"

F 27: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  General Data.

Agriculture data re:  changing of entrance fees to federal reservation area in Oklahoma; agricultural survey; copies of "Crop Production" and "Pig Crop Report"; daily summary from Ag Dept; fact sheet; allotment of farmers bulletins made to Members of Congress

F 28: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Agriculture Conservation Program

a.  Correspondence, re:  Agricultural Conservation Program

b.  Copy of Agricultural Conservation Program

c.  Copy of Enrolled Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 70

F 29: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Agricultural Stabilization/Conservation Service.

a.  Pamphlet entitled "Americas Conservation Districts, 3000 Land Programs for Conservation and Resource Development"

b.  Correspondence, re:  ASC county and community committeemen; Bryan Soil and Water Conservation District

c.  Press release, re:  1965 feed grain program payments to be made

F 30: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service:  Choctaw County.

a.  Correspondence, re:  approval of agricultural conservation program for Choctaw County

b.  Booklet entitled "an Over-all Economic Development Program for Choctaw County Oklahoma"

F 31:  Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Agricultural Stabilization/Conservation Service:  County Reports.

Correspondence, re:  Agricultural Conservation Program accomplishments in various Oklahoma counties

F 32: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Beekeeping.

Correspondence, re:  Resolutions adopted by Oklahoma Beekeepers Association

F 33: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Cattle.

a.  Correspondence, re:  proposed changes in Soil Conservation Service; continuation of the Fort Reno livestock research station; appropriations for the screw fly worm eradication program appropriations

b.  Press release, re:  brucellosis eradication areas; government actions designed to help out cattle industry

F 34: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Cattle:  Beef Imports.

Correspondence, re:  Canadian beef imports; importation of beef into State of Hawaii.

F 35: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Cattle:  Meat Inspection/Grading.

Correspondence, re:  proposed changes for grading of beef

F 36: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Cattle:  Screw Worm Eradication.

a.  Correspondence, re:  conferees for the Screw worm Eradication Program Bill

b.  Memos, re:  screw worm eradication program

c.  Newspaper article, re:  screw worm eradication programs

F 37: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Commodity Credit Corp

Correspondence, re:  minimum statutory price at which Commodity Credit Corporation owned grain can be sold

F 38: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Cooperatives.

a.  Correspondence, re:  increased use of Cooperatives by farmers

b.  Magazine entitled:  Cooperative Digest

F 39: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Corn.

a.  Correspondence, re:  enactment of the farm bill and its impact on corn; wheat starch exemption

b. Memo, re:  effect the Farm Bill will have on the corn industry

c.  Statement, re:  section 104(b) of H.R. 7097 and section 397 d (d)

F 40: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Cotton:  Correspondence.

a.  Memo, re:  cotton allotments

b.  Correspondence, re:  difficulties in the cotton industry; price support loans; failure of cotton mills to pass on benefits of Cotton Bill to retailers and consumers; National Cotton Ginner of the Year; proposed rule changes in skip-row planting of cotton

c.  Advertisement entitled:  "What's the Trouble with Cotton"

F 41: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Cotton:  Data.

a.  Procedures program, re:  recommendations concerning cotton policies

b.  Booklet entitled:  "A `Without Recourse' Guess on Future Farm Programs

c.  Newsletter entitled Washington Farm letter, re:  cotton regulations

d.  Reports, re:  explanation of H.R. 9414

e.  Correspondence from Honorable Orville Freeman (Sec. of Agriculture), re:  H.R. 9414

f.  Press release, re:  expanding cotton legislation

g.  Report, re:  cotton cooperative's suggestions regarding cotton price supports

F 42: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Cotton:  Office Memos, re:  cotton legislation

F 43: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Cotton:  Testimony.

Testimony by various officials, re:  cotton legislation

F 44: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Dairy.

a.  Correspondence, re:  securing loan to supplement dairy industry; dairy legislation

b.  Memo, re:  Kansas City Meeting of Associated Dairymen

F 45: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Experiment Station.

a.  Correspondence, re:  Agriculture laboratory in Durant; financing for experiment stations

b.  Newspaper articles re:  visit of a group from Nepal and Pakistan to federal agricultural agencies

c.  Memo, re:  tick eradication laboratory in Atoka

F 46: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Farmers Home Administration.

a.  Report, re:  Farmers Home Administration Loan Agency in the 3rd Congressional District.

b.  Correspondence, re:  emergency loans in Oklahoma pursuant to Section 321 of Public Law 87-128; expansion of Farmers Home Administration; appointment of Clark T. McWhorter as Oklahoma State Director of Farmers Home Administration; photographs depicting homes farmers bought with their loan money

F 47: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Farmers Home Administration:  Rural Water Loan Program.

a.  Press Release, re:  benefitting rural people through water legislation; rural water loans

b.  Booklet entitled:  30,000 communities without water

c. Correspondence, re:  water program activity in Oklahoma, financing rural water systems; passage of the rural water and sanitary facilities bill

d.  Memo, re:  H.R. 10232 authorizing FHA to make loans for waste disposal systems

e.  Copies of H.R. 10232 and S. 1766

F 48: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Farmers Home Administration:  Rural Water Loan Projects

a.  Correspondence, re:  Rural Water District No. 1; application by various Oklahoma cities to obtain loans for a water system

b. Memo, re:  applications by towns for water system loans

F 49: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Farmers Union.

a.  Newsletter entitled "National Farmers Union Washington Newsletter

b.  Newspaper article, re:  "Farm Unions backing of a modified version of population formula in reapportioning state legislatures

F 50: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Federal Grain Program.

a.  Memo, re:  USDA wheat allotments; Food and Agriculture Act of 1965; exemption of malting barley in feed grains program for 1966

b.  Correspondence, re:  malting barley exemption

F 51: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Forest Service.

a.  Correspondence, re:  proposed removal of land from a wilderness area; report entitled "Timber Trends in the U.S."; Job Corps conservation centers in North Carolina

b. Report entitled:  "Annual Report of the National Forest Reservation Commission"

c.  Legislation entitled:  House Joint Memorial No. 4 and House Memorial No. 6 from the 27th Legislature of New Mexico

d.  List, re:  1964 publications of the Southern Forest Experiment Station

e.  Article entitled:  "Smokey the Bear and His Friends"

f.  Booklet entitled:  "Outdoor Recreation in the National Forests"

F 52:  Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Forest Service:  Oklahoma.

a.  Correspondence, re:  hog control program; grazing programs acquisition of the privately owned commercial timber land, "Ten Year Upland Game Management Plan"; skyline drive project.

b.  Newspaper article, re:  acquisition of privately owned timberland

c.  Speed, re:  acquisition of privately owned timberland

d.  Booklet entitled:  "Government Land Acquisition - Oklahoma Edition"

d.  Correspondence, re:  saddle trails within the Ouachita National Forest; donation of 120 acres in the Kiamichi Mountains to the U.S. Forest Service; loblolly pine sawfly outbreak in the Talihina Soil and Water Conservation District; condemnation of timberlands for the skyline drive

f.  Forest Service manual, re:  landownership adjustments

F 53: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Hops.

Correspondence, re:  proposed hop marketing order

F 54: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Labor.

a.  Correspondence, re:  supplemental farm labor; resumption of the foreign farm labor importation programs

b.  Pamphlet entitled "Lean Harvest" re:  seasonal farm workers

F 55: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Legislation.

a.  Newletter entitled "Washington Farmletter" re:  the 1965 Farm Bill

b.  Report, re:  The Food and Agriculture Act of 1965

c.  Table, re:  analysis of vote of House of Representatives on H.R. 6196 and H.R. 4997

F 56: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Peanuts.

a.  Correspondence, re:  developing foreign markets for peanuts; KATY Railroad withdrawal of its request for the abandonment of its line serving Dublin and Gorman; proposals concerning the transfer of peanut acreage allotment; economic development study in the Nation of Malawn; price supports on peanuts

b.  Program entitled "Salute to Agriculture"

c.  Press release from Agriculture Department, re:  peanut price supports

d.  Memo, re:  Agriculture Department's peanut programs

e.  Press release from Agriculture Department, re: marketing agreements for regulating quality of peanuts

F 57: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Pecans.

Correspondence, re:  Agriculture Department's policy of buying pecans

F 58: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Predator/Rodent/Pest Control.

Correspondence, re:  Ozark ticks; predator and rodent control program; gopher problems in Oklahoma; use of Job Corps personnel for control of gophers

F 59: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Rural Electrification Administration.

a.  Correspondence, re:  release of $57 million in contingency reserve for the REA; essays written for Rural Electric Cooperatives contests; rural electrification loan practices

b.  Press release from Agriculture Department, re:  strengthening rural electric and telephone systems

c. Report entitled:  "Report of the Administrator of the Rural Electrification Administration"

d.  Memo, re:  Monroney-Harris Bill

e.  Newspaper article re:  Rural Electrification loan to Pre Telephone Company

F 60: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Rural Electrification Administration:  National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.

a.  Newsletter entitled: "The Rural Electric Minuteman"

b.  Correspondence, re:  release of contingency funds needed for Rural Electrification loan applications; resolutions dealing wit rural electrification legislation

F 61: Agriculture, Department of (1965).  Rural Electrification Administration Oklahoma Grants

Correspondence, re:  Rural Electrification loans; construction of permanent site for office building for Oklahoma Western Telephone

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