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Box 50

Box 51:  Defense (1965) - Health, Education and Welfare (1965).

F 1: Defense, Department of (1965).  Marines.

a.  Report:  "The Economic Impact of Defense and Disarmament"

b. Correspondence:  disarmament of the United States

F 2: Defense, Department of (1965).  Freight Forwarding.

Correspondence:  exemption of freight forwarders of household goods

F 3: Defense, Department of (1965).  Insurance.

Correspondence:  insurance for servicemen in Vietnam

F 4: Defense, Department of (1965).  Marines.

Correspondence:  evening parade ceremonies conducted by the U.S. Marine Corps; civic action program conducted by the Marines among the South Vietnam people

F 5: Defense, Department of (1965).  National Guard/Reserve.

a.  Press release from the Assistant Secretary of Defense:  transfer of federal personnel to the standby Reserve

b.  Newspaper clipping:  "Bellmon Names Weber State Adjutant General"

c.  Press release from Assistant Secretary of Defense:  increased readiness of selected Army Reserve Components

d.  Annual report from the Chief, National Guard Bureau

F 6: Defense, Department of (1965).  National Guard/Reserves:  Reorganization.

a.  Correspondence:  proposed changes in the status of Army Reserve and National Guard

b.  Resolution:  passed by the Oklahoma legislature regarding consolidation of the Army Reserve and the National Guard

c.  Press release from the 45th Infantry Association:  discontinuance of 45th Infantry Division

d.  Report from the National Guard Association of the United States:  reorganization of the National Guard

e.  Newspaper article:  U.S. government's involvement with Col. Nasser

f.  Illustration:  "MacArthur's Meeting the Japanese"

F 7: Defense, Department of (1965).  National Guard/Reserve:  Reorganization:  Massad/Baker Material.

a.  Correspondence from Hon. Mendel Rivers:  merger of the Army Reserve components

b.  Newspaper articles:  merger of the Army Reserve Companies

F 8: Defense, Department of (1965).  Navy.

a.  Booklet:  Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps

b.  Newspaper Article entitled:  "We Treat our Military Shabbily"

c.  Report to the U.S. Congress:  "Unnecessary Procurement of Shipping Containers and Packaging Materials for 2.75-Inch Rockets"

d.  Memo:  current personnel policies of the U.S. Navy

e.  Booklet:  "Military Hospital Rights"

f.  Memo:  proposed submarine cruiser

g.  Correspondence:  sea trials of the USS Benjamin Franklin and the USS Simon Bolivar, (correspondence from Hyman G. Rickover); closing the Brooklyn Navy yard

F 9: Defense, Department of (1965).  Navy:  Naval Ammunition Depot, McAlester.

a.  Correspondence:  offering of depot lands for oil and gas leasing; increase of permanent personnel at U.S.

Naval Ammunition Depot, McAlester; invitation to the change of command ceremony at U.S. Naval Ammunition Depot; wages at the U.S. Ammunition Depot

b.  Memos:  increasing civilian personnel at the depot

c.  Newsletter:  "McANAD News" re:  appointment of a new commanding officer of the Marine barracks at the depot

d.  Press release:  notice of sale of oil and gas leases on Naval Ammunition depot lands

F 10: Defense, Department of (1965).  NATO.

Speech:  copy of speech given by Secretary General of NATO, Marlio Brosio

F 11: Defense, Department of (1965).  Reports.

a.  Pamphlet:  "Employment Opportunities for Educators Overseas 1955-6"

b.  Press release from Assistant Secretary of Defense:  "Department of Defense Cost Reduction Program - Third Annual Progress Report

c.  Booklet:  "The Federal Voting Assistance Program"

d.  Report:  "Department of Defense Cost Reduction Program - third Annual Progress Report"

e.  Booklet from the Defense Contract Administration Services Region:  project 60, consolidation of Defense Contract Administration Services

F 12:  Defense, Department of (1965).  Vietnam.

a.  Correspondence:  U.S. involvement in Vietnam; proposed constitutional amendment regarding reapportionment

b.  Report:  "The Wheel of Fortune - American Policy in Vietnam and Southeast Asia"

c.  Article:  "U.S. Alternatives in Vietnam"

F 13:  Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (1965). 

Data, re:  Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

F 14: Farm Credit Administration (1965).

Pamphlet:  "Farmers Lend Themselves Six Billion Dollars A Year"

F 15: Federal Aviation Agency (1965). 

a.  Memo:  listing of Atoka Airport in the 1964 National Airport Plan book

b.  Correspondence:  landing of jet-powered aircraft at Washington National Airport; federal aid to airport program; loss of Central Airlines service; request for support of $75 million federal aid to airport program; community airport development; Ponca City Airport; unfair labor practices with regard to the FAA; land acquisition for Hominy's airport; national airport plan; airport development planning for the New Jersey - New York metropolitan area

c.  Charts:  airport development planning for the New Jersey - New York area

d.  Newsletters entitled "Aviation Daily"

e.  Press release from the Senate Committee on Commerce

f.  Newspaper article:  Oklahoma Aviation Commission

F 16: Federal Aviation Agency (1965).  Ardmore.

Correspondence:  flight service station at Ardmore; control tower at Ardmore's airport

F 17: Federal Aviation Agency (1965).  Broken Bow.

a.  Correspondence:  1966 fiscal year federal aid airport program; Broken Bow airport project

b.  Memo:  Broken Bow airport

F 18: Federal Aviation Agency (1965).  Hugo.

Correspondence:  payments due Hugo Airport under the Grant Agreement

F 19: Federal Aviation Agency (1965).  McAlester.

a.  Correspondence:  Federal Matching funds for McAlester Airport

b.  Booklet:  "FAA Information"

F 20: Federal Aviation Agency (1965).  Ponca City.

Correspondence:  objection to the removal of the FAA`s weather station and the reduction of its services at the Ponca City Airport

F 21: Federal Aviation Agency (1965).  Tulsa.

Correspondence:  reopening of an FAA general aviation district office in Tulsa

F 22: Federal Communications Commission (1965). 

a.  Correspondence:  community antenna television; coverage of elections by the major television networks; AT&T

b.  List:  list of broadcasters attending the 43rd annual convention of National Association of Broadcasters

c.  Article from the Wall Street Journal regarding AT&T

F 23: Federal Communications Commission (1965). "Local Inspection "Rules.

a.  Rules:  copy of the local inspection rules for broadcasters

b.  Memo:  availability of broadcast files for local inspection

F 24: Federal Communications Commission (1965).  Radio.

a.  List of radio stations who were granted license renewals

b.  Memorandum opinion and order:  applications of certain radio stations for licenses

c.  Report:  amendments of amateur radio station service rules

F 25: Federal Communications Commission (1965).  Religion.

a.  Article:  "Religion and the FCC"

b.  Speech:  "Religious Liberty and Broadcasting" by Lee Loevinger, Commissioner of FCC

F 26: Federal Communications Commission (1965).  Television.

a.  Article from Television Digest:  "CATV - Past, Present, Future"

b.  Correspondence:  FCC regulations of the CATV indus try; program rules being considered by the FCC; complaint filed against television station DTAL-TV, Texarkana, Texas

F 27: Federal Communications Commission (1965).  Television:  KTEN.

a.  Memo:  translator station for KTEN television station

b.  Correspondence:  construction permit to change the location of television broadcast translator; com plaints about interference caused by the use of a translator station installed by KTEN; scheduling of KTEN's programming in the Tulsa edition of the TV Guide.

c.  Application:  copy of application for renewal of license from Mesa Microwave, Inc.

d.  Newspaper article:  McAlester City Council protests against interference from TV station

F 28: FDIC (1965). 

Correspondence:  Brochure entitled "Your Insured Deposit"

F 29: Federal Power Commission (1965).

a.  Resolutions adopted by the Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives

b.  Reports from the Federal Power Commission:  the lower Red River Basin

c.  Pamphlet:  "Empire Trust Letter" re:  federal regulation of natural gas producers

d.  Press release from the Federal Power Commission:  appointment of Lundy R. Wright as Chief, Area Rade Division

F 30: Federal Power Commission (1965).  Natural Gas Pipeline Co. of America.

a.  Memo:  pipeline certificate controversy

b.  Transcript:  oral agreement of Farrell Rogers before the Federal Power Commission

c.  Applications of Oklahoma Illinois Pipeline Co. and Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company for certificate of public convenience

d.  Correspondence:  applications from Oklahoma Illinois Pipeline Co. and Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company for certificates of public convenience

e.  Press release from the Federal Power Commission:  denial of Oklahoma Illinois Gas Pipeline's proposal to serve St. Louis.

f.  Opinion:  copy of Opinion No. 474 from the Federal Power Commission regarding the denial of certificate applications

g.  Table:  Oklahoma Illinois Gas Pipeline Company operations in the State of Oklahoma

h.  Newspaper article:  Oklahoma Illinois Gas Pipeline denial of application to build a new pipeline

F 31: Federal Power Commission (1965).  Permian Basin Area Rate Proceedings.

a. Press release from the Federal Power Commission:  Permian Basin case

b.  Order:  order to show cause for area rate proceedings for the Permian Basin; order issuing certificates for the Permian Basin

c.  Opinion from the Federal Power Commission:  determination of just and reasonable rates for natural gas producers in the Permian Basin

F 32: Federal Reserve Board (1965). 

Correspondence:  policies of the Federal Reserve Board

F 33: Federal Trade Commission (1965).

Booklet from Mid-Continent Independent Retirees Association entitled:  "Gasoline Marketing Conditions in the U.S.A."

F 34: General Accounting Office (1965).

Report from the Comptroller General of the U.S. to the Congress:  inadequate management of special purpose ammunition pallets resulted in unnecessary procurement actions

F 35: General Service Administration (1965).

a.  Memo: spare layouts for Mr. Albert's new office

b.  Correspondence:  Construction of new Post Office and Federal Building in Elk City; construction contracts for Madill Post Office; addition of air conditioning and highway to the U.S. Post Office in Idabel

F 36: Health, Education, and Welfare (1965). 

a.  Press release from the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare:  development of comprehensive programs for older people under the Older Americans Act

b.  Correspondence:  request for information on the work experience program under the Economic Opportunity Act

c.  Memo:  construction work for the Robert S. Kerr Research Center

F 37: Health, Education, and Welfare (1965).  Cuban Refugees.

Questionnaire:  job opportunity questionnaire for Cuban refugees in the United States

F 38: Health, Education, and Welfare (1965).  Education, Office of.

Correspondence:  President Johnson's recommendations for education teacher interchange program; United States National Student Association; application from the frontiers of science foundation to the U.S. Office of Education for a regional educational laboratories; Public Laws 815 and 874

F 39: Health, Education, and Welfare (1965).  Education, Office of: Broken Bow Desegregation.

Correspondence:  desegregation plan for Broken Bow schools

F 40: Health, Education, and Welfare (1965).  Education, Office of:  Civil Rights.

a.  Report:  Oklahoma school districts that have been reviewed and accepted by the State Department of Education

b.  Press release from the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare:  Civil Rights Act compliance statements

c.  Bulletin from the National School Boards Association entitled:  information service bulletin

d.  Legislation:  copy of Public Law 88-352, H.R. 7152

e.  Data:  various forms from the Education Office of the Department of Health Education and Welfare pertaining to civil rights

f.  Memo:  funds for Oklahoma schools

g.  Newspaper article:  "Delays in Federal School Aid in Oklahoma"

h.  Correspondence:  funds due Eufaula school system, desegregation plans; school districts which have not yet filed complaint documents; interpretation of Article 6 of the Civil Rights Act

F 41: Health, Education, and Welfare (1965).  Education, Office of:  Cuban Student Loan Program

Report from U.S. Department of Education:  assistance to refugees in the U.S. Cuban Student Loan program

F 42: Health, Education, and Welfare (1965).  Education, Office of:  Data.

a.  Report from the HEW, re:  funds for supervision of elementary and secondary education

b.  Legislation:  Public Law 87-447, S. 205

c.  Pamphlet:  "Borrowing for College - A Guide for Students and Parents"

d.  List:  "Major Fellowship Opportunities and Aids to Advanced Education"

e.  Chart showing hierarchy of the Office of Education

f.  Newsletter from the UAW entitled "Washington Report"

g.  Newspaper article:  funding for OKC schools

h. Pamphlet:  "JFK - A Review in Education"

i.  Report:  "Education Training Market Report"

j. Newsletter: "Education U.S.A."

k.  Report from the National Center for Education in Politics:  undergraduate internships

F 43: Health, Education, and Welfare (1965).  Education, Office of:  District Grants

Correspondence: funds available under Public Law 874; funds available under Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965

F 44: Health, Education, and Welfare (1965).  Education, Office of:  Eagletown Desegregation

a.  Correspondence:  approval of the Eagletown desegregation plan

b.  Memo:  Eagletown desegregation plan

F 45: Health, Education, and Welfare (1965).  Education, Office of Economic Opportunity Act of 1964.

a.  Correspondence:  approval of work-study grants for various Oklahoma colleges

b.  Memo:  grants for college work study programs

c.  Notifications from the office of Education to Congressmen regarding the availability of work-study grants

F 46: Health, Education, and Welfare (1965).  Education, Office of:  Elementary/Secondary Education Act of 1965.

a.  Newspaper article:  "Albert Cleans up Education Bill Provisions"

b.  Press release from Carl Albert:  Elementary and Secondary Education Bill passed by U.S. House of Representatives

c.  Newspaper article:  Carl Albert's keynote speech before the council of North Central Junior Colleges

d.  Pamphlet:  "School Programs for Educationally Deprived Children"

e.  Correspondence: H. R. 2362

f.  Notification from the Office of Education to Congressmen regarding Public Law 89-10

g.  Table: distribution of funds to counties for school under Title I of H.R. 2362 - S. 370

h.  Booklet from office of Education:  "Guidelines - Special Programs for Educationally Deprived Children"

i.  Legislation:  copy of H.R. 2362; report to accompany H. R. 2362

j.  Report:  Education Act of 1965

F 47: Health, Education, and Welfare (1965).  Education, Office of Higher Education.

a.  Report:  Higher Education Act of 1965

b.  Legislation:  report to accompany H.R. 9567; copy of H.R. 3220

c.  Newsletter from HEW:  "Legislative Notes" re:  Passage of the Higher Education Bill by the Senate

d.  Newsletter: "Higher Education and National Affairs" from the American Council on Education

e.  Booklet from the Southern Regional Education Board:  "Fact Book on Higher Education in the South 1965"

f.  Report from the Office of Education:  "Higher Education Act of 1965 - Section by Section Analysis"

g.  "Directory of American Institutions of Higher Education Indicating Capacities and Enrollments in June 1964"

F 48: Health, Education, and Welfare (1965).  Education, Office of:  Higher Education: Oklahoma

Reports from the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education:  "Faculty Teaching Loads and Student Credit Hour Costs" and "Higher Education Opportunities and Needs in Oklahoma"

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