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Box 53 Interstate Commerce Commission (1965) - Small Business Administration (1965).

F 1: Interstate Commerce Commission (1965). 

a.  Correspondence:  appointment as the Interstate Commerce Commission's legislative counsel; election of chairman of the ICC; Lee Way Motor Freight Inc.; certificate of public convenience for G. L. Lowery

b.  Memo:  application of Red River Trucking Co. for permits

c.  Report:  motor carrier monthly hours of service report

d.  Press release from the Interstate Commerce Commission for 1966

F 2: Interstate Commerce Commission (1965).  Frisco Railroad.

a.  Correspondence:  protesting the proposal of the Frisco Railroad to discontinue passenger service

b.  Press release from the ICC:  its decision to continue operating part of passenger service

F 3: Interstate Commerce Commission (1965).  M.K.T. Railroad.

a.  Correspondence:  M.K. and T's decision to discontinue passenger service; discontinuance of KATY railroad passenger service

b.  Memo:  discontinuance of M K and T passenger service

c.  Order from the ICC:  discontinuance of passenger service for the M K and T railroad

d.  Report from the ICC:  discontinuance of passenger service on the M K and T railroad

F 4: Interstate Commerce Commission (1965).  Wheat Freight Rates.

a.  Correspondence:  freight rates for grain through southern Oklahoma; discrimination in freight rates for wheat shipped to different areas

b.  Transportation legislation policy statement from the Kansas Missouri river mills

c.  Report:  operations of 24 flour mills in Kansas

d.  Report from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture:  production of all wheat in thousands of bushels for 1960-1964

e.  Newspaper articles:  differences in freight rates for wheat shipped to different areas

f.  Bulletin from the Kansas Feed Grain and Feed Dealers Association:  freight rates for wheat

g.  Speeches by various officials:  the discrepancy in freight rates for wheat

F 5: Justice, Department of (1965). 

a.  Correspondence:  proposed legislation to realign countries in the eastern district of Oklahoma to the western district; speaker for the Legal Institute of Ardmore

b.  Memos:  appointment of a U.S. commissioner for Ardmore; investigation of Judge Chandler and a County Commissioner

F 6: Justice, Department of (1965).  All-America Protectorate Lawsuit.

a.  Complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia entitled:  "The All-American Protectorate Incorporated vs. Lyndon B. Johnson, et al.

b.  Order of dismissal by the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia in the action mentioned above

F 7: Justice, Department of (1965).  Civil Rights.

a.  Plan of Desegregation from the Justice Department

b.  Correspondence:  arrest of John Poe Foster; voting rights; Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; poll tax requirement

F 8: Justice, Department of (1965).  Court Clerk.

Correspondence:  appointment to the vacancy in the office of the Federal Court Clerk of Muskogee County

F 9: Justice, Department of (1965).  Immigration/Naturalization Service.

a.  Pamphlet from the I/N Service:  U.S. Immigration Laws-General Information

b. Lists from the I/N Service of names of residents of Oklahoma who were admitted to U.S. citizenship

c.  Newspaper article:  "It`s Our Country; Let's Keep It"

d.  Pamphlet from the American Baptist Convention:  Immigration laws

e.  Bulletin from the U.S. Department of State:  recent amendments to the Immigration and Nationality Act

F 10: Justice, Department of (1965).  Marshal, U.S.

Correspondence:  applications for appointment

F 11: Kennedy Center (1965).

a.  Correspondence:  request for information regarding the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

b.  Legislation:  Copy of S. 3335 and S.J. Res. 136

F 12: Library of Congress (1965).

a.  Correspondence:  request from Rep. Albert to the Legislative Reference Service for help in preparing a report on the legislative accomplishments

b.  Bulletin from the Library of Congress:  upcoming events at the Library of Congress

c.  Report from the Education and Public Welfare Division of the Library of Congress:  correlation between street lighting and crime

d.  Report from the Legislative Reference Service:  "National Proposition for American Colleges and Universities", 1955-6

e.  List from the Legislative Reference Service:  LRS multiple reports

F 13: Labor, Department of (1965).

a.  Correspondence:  dock strike in New Orleans; U.S.  Employment Service Agency; reorganization of training agencies under the U.S. Department of Labor; manpower development and training program and its effect on the campus of Southeastern State College

b.  Resolution from the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission:  reorganization of the Labor Department

c.  Newspaper Article:  Right to Work laws

d.  Pamphlet:  "Job Opportunities and Training through Apprenticeship"

e.  Resolution from the Tulsa Typographical Union No. 403:  expression of gratitude towards Rep. Albert, Rep. Edmondson, Rep. Steed, Rep. Johnson, and Sen. Harris

F 14:  Labor, Department of (1965).  Oklahoma Department of Labor.

Report from the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission:  "Occupational Wage Survey - Southeastern Area"

F 15: Labor, Department of (1965).  Oklahoma Labor Disputes.

Correspondence:  strike at Vance AFB by Serv-Air workers; labor dispute between the United Steelworkers of America and the George Failing Manufacturing Company; dispute between the Federal Aviation Agency and local Lodge 960, International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers

F 16: Labor, Department of (1965).  Reports.

a.  Bulletin from the U.S. Department of Labor:  "Brief History of the American Labor Movement"

b.  Pamphlet from the U.S. Department of Labor:  youth opportunity centers

c.  News releases from the U.S. Department of Labor:  summary.  Employment and unemployment estimates; the employment situation

d.  Report from the U.S. Dept. of Labor:  monthly report on the labor force

e.  Legislation:  report on use of contractor personnel in Department of Defense

f.  Report:  status report listing manpower training courses and locations

g.  Report from the Office of Legislative Liaison, U.S. Department of Labor:  labor area classifications

h.  Report from the Manpower Administration:  "Area Trends in Employment and Unemployment, Oct-Nov 1965

i.  Packet:  "An Introduction to the United States Department of Labor"

F 17: Labor, Department of (1965).  Wage/Hour:  Broken Bow Reservoir.

a.  Correspondence:  wage rates at Broken Bow Reservoir

b.  Report from the Department of the Army:  listing of all wage rates at Broken Bow Reservoir

F 18: NASA (1965). 

a.  Correspondence:  Goddard commemorative stamp; continuation of certain projects in the space dept.; testimony regarding certain space programs; fiscal year 1966 NASA Authorization Bill; Atlas/Centaur space vehicle development program; site for future aerospace industries

b.  Bulletin from NASA

c.  Article from Forest Industries: government land acquisition

d.  Magazine from Bell Aerosystems Company:  "Rendezvous"

F 19: NASA (1965).  Committee on Science and Aeronautics.

a.  List of subcommittees of the Committee on Science and Astronautics and their members

b.  Press release from the Committee on Science and Astronautics

c.  Reports from NASA:  future programs task group; master planning of NASA installations; the National Science Foundation - Its Present and Future

F 20: NASA (1965).  Electronics Research Center, Cambridge Massachusetts.

a.  Correspondence:  NASA's decision to locate the Electronics Research Center in Cambridge Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts

b.  Newspaper article; NASA's decision to locate the Electronic Research Center in Cambridge, Mass.

c.  Stenographic record of the Cambridge City Council hearing on Kendall Square project

F 21: NASA (1965).  Press Release.

a.  List:  NASA grantee recipients and amounts received

b.  Press releases from NASA:  appointment of a consultant; speech by James E. Webb, Administrator of NASA; rocket engine testing; astronomical observatory; Univac data processors for moon project; seagoing expedition launched by NASA; fifth peaceful uses of space conference; selection of six astronauts for Apollo program; presentation of NASA research grants; Gemini-6 press kits

F 22: NASA (1965).  Reports.

a.  Report:  NASA Geographic Distribution of Prime Contract Bidders

b.  Reports:  NASA annual procurement reports for fiscal years 1964-5

F 23: NASA, (1965).  Technology Use Studies Center, Durant.

a.  Pamphlet from the Technology Use Studies Center:  "Importance of the Space Effort for Science Tech nology"

b.  Correspondence:  manufacturing of a model inter planetary trajectory simulator

c.  Memo:  Technology Use Studies Center

d.  Newsletter from Technology Use Studies Center

F 24: National Labor Relations Board (1965)

a.  Correspondence:  strike against the Shamrock Oil and Gas Corp.; problems with a trade union at Ozark-Mahoning Co.

b.  Report from the American Enterprise Institute:  "Special Analysis - History and Role of the National Labor Relations Board

c.  Newspaper clipping:  "GE Workers Kill Union"

F 24b: National Science Foundation

a.  Report:  A general review of it firs fifteen years

b.  List:  notification of National Science Foundation grants

c.  Project from the National Science Foundation:  "Project Molehole"

d.  Press releases:  penguins arrive in U.S.; list of summer science opportunities for college faculty and graduate student; prehistoric Mexican metropolis; international cooperation in Antarctica; science faculty fellowship awards

e.  Program for the anniversary of the National Science Foundation's 100th meeting

F 25: Office of Economic Opportunity (1965). 

a.  Correspondence:  wages for trainees in the work-training program; war on poverty program; Oklahoma Economic Conference; establishment of Montessori centers for under-privileged children; establishment of a highschool cosmetology program at Kiowa High School; trends toward socialistic government; Gateway Foundation Inc.; economic growth and progress of Pushmataha County; federal funding for a racist theater group; office of Economic Opportunity grant for a drama project; Black Arts Theater

b. Briefings from the Office of Economic Opportunity concerning various topics

c.  Memo:  Job Corps Camps

d.  Newspaper article:  "Lavish Wage Setup Raises Eyebrows"

F 26: Office of Economic Opportunity (1965).  Data.

a.  Memo:  Urban Training Center; Rural Center Staff - qualification for director position

b.  Article:  "The Welfare Market"

c.  Report:  "Communities in Action"

d.  Press release from the Office of Economic Opportunity:  Oklahoma State Technical Assistance

e.  Report concerning the Office of Economic Opportunity

f.  Report from the Office of Economic Opportunity:  Poverty Program Information

F 27: Office of Economic Opportunity (1965).  Head Start.

a.  Newsletter from the Office of Economic Opportunity:  "Head Start Commands Nation's Enthusiasm"

b.  Correspondence:  poverty and its effect on children; conference on Project Head Start; Wister Head Start program; Broken Bow Head Start program

c.  Newspaper article:  Head Start program

F 28: Office of Economic Opportunity (1965).  Head Start.

a.  Magazine article:  Project Head Start

b.  Booklet:  "An Invitation to Help - Head Start Child Development Programs"

c.  Booklet:  "How to Apply for Head Start Child Development Programs"

F 29: Office of Economic Opportunity (1965).  Job Corps.

a.  Correspondence:  forest service employees in the job corps conservation centers; job corps training for women; fob corps center at Lake Eufaula; job corps urban training center for men; job corps enrollees at Arkoma

b.  Newsletter:  "The Corpsman"

c.  Memo:  Treasure Lake Job Corps Center; job corps camp in Guthrie

d.  List of 38 corpsmen

F 30: Office of Economic Opportunity (1965).  Job Corps:  Sulphur Camp.

a.  Correspondence:  job corps camp for Sulphur

b.  Report:  job corps camp at Sulphur and Platt National Park

c.  Memo:  Sulphur Job Corps Camp

d.  Newspaper clippings:  job corps camp in Sulphur

F 31: Office of Economic Opportunity (1965).  Job Corps Hodgens Camp

a.  Memo:  awarding of construction contract to Magnolia Homes, Inc. for job corps camp at Hodgens, Ok.

b.  Correspondence:  job corps camp for Hodgens

c.  Pages from the Congressional Record:  job corps projects around the nation

d.  Speech:  copies of speech by CA regarding Hodgens

e.  Pamphlet from the Office of Economic Opportunity:  Hodgens job corps conservation center

f.  Newsletter entitled:  "The Corpsman"

g.  Newspaper articles:  Hodgens job corps

F 32: Office of Economic Opportunity (1965).  Neighborhood Youth Corps.

a.  Memos:  North American project and the Wilburton Neighborhood Youth Corps Project; Lear Siegler Urban Training Center Proposal

b.  Fact Sheet:  Rural School Advisory Council Economic Opportunity Program

c.  Correspondence:  neighborhood youth corps

F 33: Office of Economic Opportunity (1965).  Neighborhood Youth Corps:  Creek Nation NYC.

a.  Correspondence:  Creek Nation Neighborhood Youth Corps; application of the Creek Nation Neighborhood Youth Corps for the fall program

b.  Report:  Creek Nation Neighborhood Youth Corps

c.  Report from the U.S. Department of Labor, Manpower Administration:  project proposals

F 34: Office of Economic Opportunity (1965).  Oklahoma Indian Council.

a.  Proposal:  Personal Communications and Referrals project from the Oklahoma Indian Council

b.  Report from the Oklahoma Indian Council:  American Indian Diet Habits, Prejudices and Preferences

F 35: Office of Economic Opportunity (1965).  Puterbaugh, J. G.

a.  Correspondence from J.G. Puterbaugh:  life insurance and the poverty program

b.  Article:  "Why the Dole Doesn't Work"

c.  Article:  "Problems of Aging Call for Solution"

d.  Booklet:  "The problem of Life and Philosophy of Poverty"

e.  Newspaper articles:  insurance problems

F 36: Office of Economic Opportunity (1965).  VISTA.

Booklet entitled:  "VISTA Volunteer"

F 37: Public Works Acceleration (1965).

Correspondence: water works and gas improvements for Wister, Ok.

F 38: Railroad Retirement Board (1965). 

Correspondence:  pension benefits from the Railroad Retirement Board

F 39: Small Business Administration (1965). 

a.  Newspaper clipping:  small business in Oklahoma

b.  Correspondence:  small business loans; biographies of three of the top people in the Small Business Administration; seminar on economic development in McAlester; organizational changes within the Small Business Administration

c.  List:  August 1965 Loan listings

d.  Legislation:  copy of a bill amending the Small Business Act

e.  Magazine Article:  "Cities Can Help Small Businessmen Combat Poverty"

F39b Small Business Administration. Oklahoma Aerotronics, Inc. (1965).

F 40:  Small Business Administration (1965).  Small Business Development Centers.

a.  Memo:  Organization of a Small Business Administration Center in Hugo

b. Correspondence:  Economic Opportunity Act of 1964; Ardmore industrial development corporation; eligibility requirements for Small Business Loans

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