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Box 53

Box 54: Small Business Administration (1965) - Agriculture (1966).

F 1:  Small Business Administration (1965).  Press Release.

Press release from the Small Business Administration:  amount of loans to small business

F 2: Small Business Administration (1965).  Reports.

a.  Pamphlets from the Small Business Administration:  "SBA Disaster Loans; "Displaced Small Businesses"; "Natural Disasters"; "Storms and other Major Disasters"

b.  Booklet from the U.S. Business Administration entitled:  "Loans to State and Local Development Companies"

c. Information kit on the implementation on Title IV of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 by the Small Business Administration

d.  Booklet from the Small Business Administration:  U.S. Government Purchasing and Sales Directory

F 3: Securities and Exchange Commission (1965).

a.  Press release from the SEC:  litigation release

b. Complaint filed by the SEC

F 4: State, Department of (1965). 

a.  List of people invited to National Foreign Policy Conference

b.  Correspondence:  President Johnson's leadership abilities; appointment of a new Deputy Assistant Secretary of State; talks between Averell Harriman

c.  Resolution from the 82nd Airborne Division:  communists in government

F 5: State, Department of (1965).  Agency for International Development.

a.  Correspondence:  appointment of William Gibbons to the position of the director of the Congressional Liaison staff of the Agency for International Development; economic assistance to Ceylon; House passage of the foreign aid conference report

b.  Press release:  program development team which will travel to Mexico

c.  Newspaper article:  "Plan Proposes 2-Way Street on Latin Aid

F 6: State, Department of (1965).  Agency for International Development:  Reports.

a.  Report:  "Oklahoma's Contribution to the Foreign Aid Program"

b.  Catalog from Sears Roebuck used in Latin America

c.  Report of the Advisory Committee on Private Enterprise in Foreign Aid:  "Foreign Aid through Private Initiative"

d.  Comments on Congressman Passman's Letter of July 1, 1965

e.  Booklet:  "The Other War in South Vietnam"

F 7: State, Department of (1965).  Asia.

a.  Report:  meetings between President Johnson and President Chung Hee Park of Korea

b.  Report:  Background of Thailand

c.  Report:  Biography of Thonat Khoman, Foreign Minister of Thailand

F 8: State, Department of (1965).  Europe.

a.  Statement issued by the World Federation of Hungarian Freedom fighters:  American-Hungarian diplomatic relations

b.  Pamphlet from the Assembly of Captive European Nations

c.  Correspondence:  situation between Turkey and Greece

F 9: State, Department of (1965).  Foreign Aid.

a.  Correspondence: American foreign policy in the United Arab Republic

b.  Newspaper article:  "U.S. Seems to be Dagging its Feet in Latin America"

F 10: State, Department of (1965).  Indonesia.

a.  Correspondence:  American foreign policy in Indonesia

b.  Newspaper article:  "How Much Does it Take"

F 11: State, Department of (1965).  Latin America.

a.  Correspondence:  petroleum imports and military purchases from the Caribbean area; political situation in Cuba

b.  Booklet from the State Dept.:  "The Dominican Crisis- the Hemispheric Acts"

F 12: State, Department of (1965).  Middle East.

a.  Correspondence:  Arab-Israel issue; U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East

b.  Newspaper article:  "A Call to the Conscience, Reason and Honor of America

c.  Statement on the Middle East from the American Jewish Committee

F 13: State, Department of (1965).  Peace Corps.

a.  Correspondence:  constituent assignments in the Peace Corps

b.  Magazine:  report of article in National Geographic concerning the Peace Corps

c.  Report:  3rd annual Peace Corps report

d.  Memo to special participants in the Conference on Returning Peace Corps Volunteers

e.  Paper:  "The Returned Volunteer:  Who Is He?"

f.  Magazine article:  "When the Right Hand Wastes the Left"

F 14: State, Department of (1965).  Peace Corps.

Report:  Peace Corps Fiscal 1966 Congressional Presentation

F 15: State, Department of (1965).  Reports.

a.  Pamphlet:  sample questions from the Foreign Service Officer examination

b.  Booklet from the State Department:  "Profits of Newly Independent States

c.  Bulletin from the State Department:  "United States and Outlying Areas

d.  Application form for position as foreign service officer

F 16: State, Department of (1965).  United Nations.

a.  Press release from the Committee of One Million:  opposition to admission of Communist China to the U.N.

b.  Press release from the U.N.:  press conference by the Secretary General of the U.N.

c. Statement by Ambassador Arthur J. Goldberg. August 16, 1965. Re: United Nations financing.

F 17: State, Department of (1965).  Vietnam Colleagues.

Press release from the Committee of One Million:  opposition to admission of Communist China to the U.N.

F 18: State, Department of (1965).  Vietnam:  Oklahoma.

a.  Correspondence:  American policy in Vietnam

b.  Pamphlet:  "Quicksand in Vietnam"

F 19: State, Department of (1965).  Vietnam:  Departmental.

a.  Press release:  Secretary of State Rusk's press conference on the use of poisonous gas in Vietnam

b.  Pamphlets:  contains speech by Pres. Johnson:  "Patterns for Peace in Southwest Asia"; "Vietnam:  The Third Face of the War"

c.  Press release:  statement by the President concerning conflict in Vietnam

d.  Transcript of interview given by Secretary of State Rusk, and Secretary of Defense Rusk

e.  Report from the State Department:  "Aggression from the North - The Revival of North Vietnam's Campaign to Conquer South Vietnam

f.  Booklet:  "Why Vietnam?"

F 20: State, Department of (1965).  Vietnam:  Out-of-State.

Correspondence:  America's involvement in South Vietnam

F 21: Surplus Property (1965).

a.  Pamphlets from the General Services Administration entitled:  "Sale of Government Personal Property"; Donation of Federal Surplus Personal Property

b.  Memo:  Oklahoma State Agency for Surplus Property

F 22: Supreme Court (1965).

a.  Address delivered by Chief Justice Earl Warren at the Annual Meeting of the American Law Institute

b.  Newspaper article:  "Supreme Court Comforts Reds"

c.  Correspondence:  appointment of Justice Goldberg as Ambassador to the U.N.; decision by the court to make it unconstitutional to require an individual to register if he is a communist.

d.  Impeachment of Justice Earl Warren

F 23: Tariff Commission (1965). 

Correspondence:  escape-clause rates and the effects they would have on the domestic sheet glass industry

F 24: Treasury Department of (1965).  Coast Department.

a.  Correspondence:  nomination of Henry H. Fowler as Secretary of the Treasury

b.  Newspaper article:  "Fiscal Sanity Hard to Find"

c.  Statement of James J. Saxon, Comptroller of the Currency

d.  Press release from the U.S. Treasury Department:  Oklahoma investments in savings bonds

e.  Pamphlet:  "Proceedings of a Symposium on Federal Taxation"

F 25: Treasury Department of (1965).  Coast Guard.

Report:  "Recreational Boating in the United States"

F 26: Treasury Department of (1965).  Coinage Act.

Correspondence:  proposal to mint coins of materials other than silver; H.R. 8746; Coinage Act of 1965

F 27: Treasury Department of (1965).  Comptroller of the Currency. 

a.  Memo:  appointment of a new Comptroller of the Currency; transfer of Mercantile Bank in Tulsa

b. Correspondence:  granting of bank charters

F 28 Treasury Department of (1965).  Internal Revenue Service.

a.  Correspondence:  amendment of the Internal Revenue Code; simplification of form 1040; door to door tax surveys; realignment of field affairs within the Internal Revenue District in Oklahoma; capital tax gains

b.  Press release from the National Farmers Union:  "Pass it on the Public, Boys"

F 29: Treasury Department of (1965).  Internal Revenue Service: Christian Crusade, et al.

a.  Newsletter:  "Kiamichi Mission News"

b.  Correspondence:  tax exempt status of Christian Echoes Ministry, Inc.; tax difficulties of the Christian Crusade

F 30: Treasury, Department of (1965).  Internal Revenue Service:  Report.

Report from the IRS:  "Tax Guide For Small Business"

F 31: Treasury Department of (1965).  Petroleum.

a.  Memo:  custom duties called `drawback'

b.  Table:  difference between liquidation method under proposed rule making and that contemplated by section 313(b) of the Tariff Act

c.  Report from the Bureau of Customs:  duties paid and/or substituted crude petroleum

F 32: United States Information Agency (1965). 

Reports:  22nd and 23rd report to Congress from the United States Information Agency

F 33: Veterans Administration (1965). 

a.  Newspaper clippings:  redistricting of Congressional districts

b.  Booklet from the Veterans Administration:  "Benefits in Brief - 1964"

c.  Correspondence:  conditions at the Veterans Administration Hospital at Muskogee

d.  Legislation:  copy of Enrolled Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 17

e.  Report Veterans Administration Office of Dentistry

F 34: Veterans Administration (1965).  Closing of Facilities:  CA Materials.

a.  Memos:  copies of form letters to be sent out by Rep. Albert`s office concerning closing of veterans facilities

b.  Correspondence:  streamlining operations in the Veterans Administration

F 35: Veterans Administration (1965).  Closing of Facilities:  McKinney, Texas.

a.  Correspondence:  closing of McKinney Veterans Hospital

b.  Resolution from the Council of Veterans Organizations of Greater Dallas opposing the closing of the McKinney Veterans Hospital

F 36: Veterans Administration (1965).  Closing of Facilities:  Muskogee.

a.  Correspondence:  closing of veterans facilities in Muskogee, Oklahoma

b.  Newspaper article:  closing of Muskogee veterans facilities

F 37: Veterans Administration (1965).  Closing of Facilities:  Wilkes Barre, PA.

a.  Correspondence:  closing of Veterans Administration facilities

b.  Copy of testimony of Mayor Frank Slattery before the Veterans Affairs Committee

F 38: Veterans Administration (1965).  Closing of Facilities:  Oklahoma (A-G).

a.  Correspondence:  opposition to the closing of veterans facilities

b.  Resolutions adopted by the 3rd District Convention of the American Legion requesting adequate funding for Veterans facilities

c.  Resolution adopted by Platt National Park post 148 opposing closing of veterans facilities

F 39: Veterans Administration (1965).  Closing of Facilities:  Oklahoma (H-W and Mult.).

a.  Correspondence:  closing of veterans facilities

b.  Resolution adopted by National Association of State Directors of Veterans Affairs opposing the closing of certain veterans facilities

c.  Pamphlet:  "Facing the Future Unafraid"

d.  Enrolled House Concurrent Resolution No. 506:  opposition to the closing of veterans facilities

F 40: Veterans Administration (1965).  Closing of Facilities - Out of State.

a.  Memo to Members of Congress from the American Legion regarding the closing of veterans facilities

b.  Correspondence:  closing of veterans facilities

F 41: Veterans Administration (1965).  Disabled American Veterans.

Correspondence:  appointment of State Director of Education and Research for the Department of Oklahoma Disabled American Veterans:  request for certificate from Capitol Architect

F 42: Veterans Administration (1965).  Legislation.

a.  Memo:  House Bills dealing with veterans matters

b.  Report from the Committee on Veterans Affairs:  H.R.  168

c.  Newsletter entitled "Veterans Newsletter" relief for pensioned vets

d.  Correspondence:  support of veterans legislation; H.R. 3225; Cold War G.I. Bill; veterans preference

F 43: Veterans Administration (1965).  Regional Office Manager: Misc. Candidate.

Correspondence:  assistant manager position in the Veterans Administration; manager position in Oklahoma Regional Office of the Veterans Administration

F 44: Veterans Administration (1965).    Regional Office Manager:  Walter Thornton.

Correspondence:  appointment of Walter Thornton as manager of the regional office of Veterans Administration in Muskogee, Oklahoma

F 45: Agriculture, Department of (1966). 

a.  Press releases from the Agriculture Department:  various agricultural matters

b.  Correspondence:  progress made by the Agricultural Department in 1965; Congressional Liaison Office of the Agriculture Department; 1967 fiscal year budget proposals; request for farmers bulletins and year books

c.  Memo:  list of Congressmen interested in "Special Orders on Agriculture"

d.  Editorial from the Farm Journal:  "A Chance to Clean House"

F 46: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service.

a.  Oklahoma Agricultural Conservation Program Handbook for 1966

b.  Report:  Oklahoma counties participation and size of payments made under the wheat feed grain and cotton programs during 1965

c.  Report:  Agricultural Conservation Program for fiscal year 1965

d.  Report:  "Multiple Purpose Planning in the Upstream Watershed Program"

e.  Petition:  request for investigation at the Atoka Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service

f.  Public notice of 1966 Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Community Committee Election to be held by mail

g.  Report of the activities of the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service in Choctaw County for 1965

F 47: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  CA Remarks.

a.  Memo:  telegram sent by the Secretary of Agriculture

b.  News release:  minority task force to introduce farm price resolutions

F 48: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Beekeeping.

Memo:  request for information on Beekeeping

F 49: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Cattle.

a.  Correspondence:  drop in beef sales; position with the Agriculture Dept; cattle hide exports to foreign countries

b.  Draft of press release from Rep. Albert's office:  program to assist Mexico in the eradication in screw worms

F 50: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Census.

Report:  3rd Congressional District of Oklahoma 1964:  Agricultural Census Report.

F 51: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Commodity Credit Corporation.

a.  Correspondence:  H.R. 12322; sales price of commodity credit corporation cotton.

b. Report from Agriculture Department:  summary of CCC price support activity and program results

c.  Report from the Commodity Credit Corporation:  report of financial condition and operations as of March 31, 1966

F 52: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Corn.

a.  Article:  "U.S. Will Sell Surplus Corn"

b.  Report from the Board of Trade of Kansas City:  corn selling policy of the Agriculture Department

F 53: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Cotton.

a.  Testimony from various officials before the House Committee on Agriculture and the National Cotton Council

b.  Speech:  Human Needs, Cotton and the Agricultural Acts of 1956 and 1965

c.  Correspondence:  H.R. 12322 Cotton Research and Promotion Bill

d.  Resolution from the Oklahoma Cotton Ginners Association, re:  H.R.12322

e.  List:  Groups interested in special orders on agriculture

f.  Press release:  cotton production

g.  Press release from the National Cotton Council:  cotton productions

F 54: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Dairy.

a.  Correspondence:  school lunch program

b.  Memo:  fluid mild arrangements; increased production of dairy products

c.  Press release from the U.S. Department of Agriculture seasonal price declines suspended in milk market orders

d.  Report:  dairy cattle numbers

F 55: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Drought.

a.  Press release:  grazing and haying privileges

b.  Correspondence:  public law 87-128

c.  Memo:  federal drought relief for selected Oklahoma counties

F 56: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Durant Lab.

a.  Memo:  new facilities for the Water Pollution Laboratories for the Agricultural Department

b.  Memo:  positions to be filled at the Durant facility

c.  Pamphlet from the Civil Service Commission entitled:  open door to opportunities for agricultural research scientists

d.  Pamphlet from the Civil Service Commission:  "Open Door to Opportunities for Agricultural Research Scientists

e.  Pamphlet from the U.S. Civil Service Commission:  engineer position in the federal government

F 57: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Farmers Home Administration.

a.  Correspondence:  FHA loans; loans for construction of a water and sewer system in Mannsville, Oklahoma; 1967 appropriations requests for the FHA; applications for waterworks and sanitary sewer systems

b.  Memo:  approval of rural water loans

c. Material on Rural Water District No. 1, McCurtain County, Oklahoma.

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