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Box 54

Box 55: Agriculture (1966) - Commerce (1966).

F 1: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Farmers Home Administration:  Drought.

a.  Memo:  10 Oklahoma counties eligible to receive emergency loans from Agriculture Department

b.  Correspondence:  emergency loans to 10 Oklahoma counties eligible to receive emergency loans from Agriculture Dept.

F 2: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Farmers Home Administration:  Howe Rural Watershed.

F 3: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Farmers Home Administration Pauls Valley Water Project

F 4: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Farmers Union.

a.  Statement of National Farmers Union executive committee meeting:  farm budget

b.  Correspondence:  opposition to H.R. 14544

F 5: Agriculture, Department of (1966). Food Prices. (1966)

F 6: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Forest Service.

a.  Booklets from Forest Service:  "Superior Trees for Southern National Forests"; "The Permanent Good of the Whole People"

b.  Correspondence:  developments in the Southern Forest Experiment Station

c.  Booklet from the Forest Service:  "Black Walnut Culture"

F 7: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Forest Service:  Skyline Drive.

a.  Correspondence:  additional camping facility at the west end of the Talimena Scenic Drive; construction of visitor information booth

b.  Brochure:  "Talihina, Ok - Kiamichi Wonderland"

F 8: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Fruits.

Correspondence:  development of a procedure to import apple rootstock from certain Canadian nurseries

F 9: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Grain/Grain Storage.

a.  Correspondence:  grain storage in Oklahoma; malting barley exception; offsetting-compliance provision under the deed aid wheat programs

b.  Press releases from the Agriculture Department:  rye terminal and county price support rates for 1966 crop announced; CCC offers modified Uniform Grain Storage Agreement for 1966-7; 1966 crop barley terminal and county support loan rates announced; 1967 voluntary feed grain program announced

F 10: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Grange.

a.  Memo:  Harry Graham, National Grange, desires to speak with Mr. Albert

b.  Address of Herschel D. Newsom, National Grange, 100th annual session

F 11: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Labor.

Correspondence:  request for support in striking agriculture for the minimum wage proposal

F 12: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Land Acquisition.

Resolution from the Oklahoma State Board of Agriculture relating to the acquisition and use of agricultural lands by state and federal agencies

F 13: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Mailing List.

Correspondence:  Congressional mailings in the 3rd District by Rep. Albert's office

F 14: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Meat Inspection.

Correspondence:  Oklahoma Board of Agriculture's opposition to H. R. 11670 and S. 2820

F 15: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  National Agriculture Outlook Conference (1).

a.  Report from the forest service:  "Highlights of the 1966 Demand and Price Situation Report"

b.  Speeches concerning agricultural issues, given at the National Agricultural Outlook Conference

F 16: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  National Agricultural Outlook Conference (2).

Speeches concerning agricultural issues given at the National Agricultural Outlook Conference

F 17: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Newsletters/Journals.

a.  Newsletters:  "Washington Farmletter" re: agricultural issues

b.  News release:  lowering of farm prices by the administration

c.  Booklet from the Farm Journal:  "What's Ahead in Farming, Spring Summer 1966"

d.  Booklet from the Midwest Association of State Departments of Agriculture:  Midwest agribusiness

F 18: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Peanuts.

a.  Press release:  1966 crop peanut minimum national average support price

b.  Correspondence:  price supports for peanuts; allocation of peanut research funds; H.R. 13360

c.  Report:  allocation of peanut research funds in Oklahoma and Texas

F 19: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Pecans.

Correspondence:  Agriculture Department hearings on a proposed marketing agreement and order for pecans

F 20: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Research.

a.  Correspondence:  request for a grant-in-aid from Agriculture Department for a new rabbit research program at OU, production costs for rabbit producers in the Rogers Arkansas area

b.  Petition to the U.S. Congress requesting a grant-in-aid to the University of Arkansas for a domestic rabbit research program

F 21: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Research.

Report from the Agriculture Department and Land Grant Colleges:  "A National Program of Research for Agriculture"

F 22: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Rural Areas Developments.

a.  Report:  ways to improve economic growth of rural America

b.  Magazine article from "Nation's Cities"; "The Case for Rural America

c.  Press release from the White House:  President's Message on rural development

d.  Report from the rural community development service:  field operations division of the Rural Community Development service

e.  Correspondence:  performance of Jack M. Cornelius, State Director of Arizona, New Mexico, and Oklahoma of the Rural Community Development Service; applications for water and sewer projects submitted in the 3rd Congressional District of Oklahoma; closing of the Oklahoma Presbyterian Center at Durant, Oklahoma

F 23: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Rural Electrification Administration.

a.  Newspaper article:  "REA's Proposed `Bank'"

b.  Correspondence:  Agriculture Appropriation Bill

c.  Report from Administrator of the Rural Electrification Administration for 1965

d.  Copy of the hearings before the Committee on Commerce of the U.S. Senate on S.457 and S.1459

e.  Legislation:  report to accompany S. 1459

f.  Legislation:  copy of 1459

g.  Report:  uniform financing for rural cooperatives through a cooperative bank

h.  Folder:  dates on bill to create two new loan programs for the REA

F 24: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Rural Electrification Administration.  National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.

a.  Memo:  N.R.E.C.A. support for the administration's supplemental financing bill for REA

b.  Proposed draft of legislation to provide supplemental financing for the rural electric program

c.  Memo:  NRECA wish that REA be excluded from the Participation Sales Act of 1966

F 25: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Rural Electrification Administration:  Oklahoma Co-ops.

a.  Memos:  REA loan to the Cross Telephone Company; loan to Lavasa Telephone Co.; loan to Choctaw Electric Cooperative; loan to Southeastern Electric Cooperative; loan to Rural Electric Cooperative

b.  Resolutions adopted by the Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives:  progress and betterment of the Rural Electric Co-operatives

F 26: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Rural Water District.

Newspaper articles: rural water districts in eastern Ok

F 27: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  School Lunch Program.

a.  Pamphlet from the Agriculture Department:  "National School Lunch Program"

b.  Statement by S.R. Smith:  S.R. Smith, administrator, consumer and marketing service, U.S. Agriculture Department before the Dairy and Poultry subcommittee of the House

c.  Correspondence:  special mild program under the school lunch program

d.  Report:  Child Nutrition Act of 1966

e.  Correspondence:  financial difficulties of the school lunch program

F 28: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Soil/Water Conservation District.

a.  Correspondence:  additional funds for the soil and water conservation program in the 1967 federal budget

b.  Newsletters from the Bryan Soil and Water Conservation District

F 29: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Soil Conservation Service.

a.  Pamphlet from the Soil Conservation Service:  "Activity of the Soil Conservation Service"

b.  Booklet from the Soil Conservation Service:  "Oklahoma Heritage - Ours to Guard and Keep"

c.  Article from Natural Food and Farming:  "Our National Water Tragedy"

d.  Fact sheet:  Soil and Water Conservation Resource Facts for Oklahoma

e.  Newsletter from the State Soil Conservation Board

f.  Report:  watershed projects progress in the 3rd District

g.  Brochure from the Oklahoma State Soil Conservation Board:  "Oklahoma . . . Where the New Look Begins"

h.  Status report from the soil conservation service:  P.L.-566 and Washita River Watershed program

F 30: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Soil Conservation Service.

a.  Whitegrass - Waterhole Creeks.  Speech entitled:  "A Community Moves Ahead in Resource Development" given by Donald A. Williams, administrator, Soil Conservation Service, at dedication of the Whitegrass-Waterhole Creek Watershed Project

b.  Program for dedication ceremonies of the Whitegrass-Waterhole Water and Soil Conservancy District

F 31: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Stillwater Office.

Correspondence:  upgrading of the Stillwater office to regional status

F 32: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Use fees.

a.  Memo:  request that entrance and admission fees be canceled at Cedar Lake

b.  Correspondence:  entrance and admission fees at Cedar Lake

F 33: Agriculture, Department of (1966).  Wheat.

a.  Press release from the Agriculture Department:  state allotments for wheat; price support rates for wheat

b.  Report from the Secretary of Agriculture:  "Review of the U.S. Wheat Situation

c.  Memo:  Wheat Agreement Act

d.  Correspondence:  shortage of freight cars to be used at harvest time; substitution of wheat for barley on an acre by acre basis for fiscal year 1967; opposition to the current progressing certificate of .75 cents a bushel

e.  Statement by President Johnson:  increase of wheat average allotments

f.  Report from the Agriculture Dept.:  increased acreage allotments for wheat

F 34: Appalachian Regional Commission (1966).

Correspondence:  selection of Steubenville College, Steubenville, Ohio, to receive funds under the Appalachian Regional Development Act

F 35: Atomic Energy Commission (1966). 

a.  Press release from the Atomic Energy Commission:  six cites recommended to Atomic Energy Commission for 200 BEV Accelerator Facility

b.  Schedule:  list of schools where "This Atomic World" lecture demonstration unit will visit

c.  Pamphlet from the Atomic Energy Commission:  "This Atomic World"

d.  News release from the Atomic Energy Committee:  selection of a site for the 200 BEV Accelerator facility

e.  Report from the Atomic Energy Commission to Congress: "Fundamental Nuclear Energy Research"

F 36: Budget, Bureau of the (1966).

a.  Report:  1967 federal budget

b.  Resolution from the McAlester Chamber of Commerce:  new policy on evaluation of navigation projects

c.  Correspondence:  proposed federal budget for fiscal year 1967; reimbursement to educational institutions for indirect costs on government grants

d.  Cartoons:  political cartoons dealing with criminal rights and the federal budget

e.  Newspaper articles:  1967 federal budget

F 37: Central Intelligence Agency (1966). 

Correspondence from the director thanking Rep. Albert for a copy of the Congressional Directory

F 38: Civil Aeronautics Board (1966).

Magazine:  Astronautics and Aeronautics.

F 39: Civil Service Commission (1966).

a.  Newspaper article:  appointment of Tom Waters as special assistant for legislation to the president of the American Federation of Government Employees

b.  Correspondence:  establishment of a federal executive board in Oklahoma City; legislation for the benefit of federal civil service employees; restructuring of the federal civil service program; inequality of pay at El Reno Federal Reformatory

c.  Flyer:  employment opportunities for professional librarians

F 40: Commerce, Department of (1966). 

Correspondence:  exporting of cowhides to the Philippines; voluntary standard for softwood lumber; re-establishment of a U.S. Dept. of Commerce field office in OKC

F 41: Commerce, Department of (1966).  Census, Bureau of the.

a.  Reports from the Bureau of the Census:  "Census Tracts Tulsa, OK; Census Tracts OKC, OK

b.  Photostatic copies of 1960 census of population and housing

F 42: Commerce, Department of (1966).  Economic Development Administration.

a.  Program for meeting of the Ozarks Economic Development Region

b.  Press release from the Commerce Department:  remarks by Secretary of Commerce John T. Connor at the ceremony designating the Ozarks Economic Development Region

c. List from Commerce Dept.:  sites designated as redevelopment areas

d.  Press release from the Commerce Department:  statement by Eugene P. Foley, Asst. Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development

e.  Form:  application form EDA-102 for public works and development facilities

f.  Booklets from the Commerce Department:  "EDA Directory of Approved projects; Building Communities with New Fobs, first annual report; Handbook of Federal Aids to Communities

F 43: Commerce, Department of (1966).  E.D.A. Center for Economic Development.

Report:  Center for Economic Development - Oklahoma quarterly progress report

F 44: Commerce, Department of (1966).  Economic Development Administration, City of Davis

Correspondence: proposed water system project for the City of Davis

F 45: Commerce, Department of (1966).  Economic Development Administration:  Oklahoma Aeronautics.

a.  Correspondence:  application for a business loan from the Economic Development Administration

b.  Report:  accountant's report and financial statements from the Oklahoma Aeronautics, Inc.

c.  Data:  Oklahoma Aeronautics, Inc. request for Economic Development Assistance

F 46: Commerce, Department of (1966).  Economic Development Administration:  OK Field Report.

a.  Statistics:  projects submitted to the Southwestern Area of the Economic Development Administration

b.  Reports:  reports showing the status of Economic Development Administration projects in OK

F 47: Commerce, Department of (1966).  Economic Development Administration OK Projects (Jan.-May). 

a.  List of percentage rates for maximum Economic Development Administration Grants

b.  Memos:  Ardmore Airpark annexation; Ozarks Development Association

c.  Program for meeting to discuss the Economic Development Act of 1965

d.  Correspondence:  poultry processing plant near Broken Bow; bid by company for Von Canon furniture plant; need for industry in Caddo, OK; progress reports on the formation of EDA projects for Southwestern OK; water problems in Purcell, OK; formation of the Kiamichi Economic Development District; Economic Development grant for Poteau, Oklahoma.

e.  Memo:  grant for the establishment of an Oklahoma center for Economic Development

F 48: Commerce, Department of (1966).  Economic Development Administration:  Oklahoma Projects (June-Dec.)

a.  Press release from Commerce Dept.:  EDA approval of grants and loans for water production system in Leflore County, Oklahoma

b.  Memo:  EDA grant to Oklahoma to study organized multi-county economic planning districts

c.  Press release from the Commerce Dept.:  EDA approval of multi-county planning grant for state of OK

d.  Correspondence:  termination of qualified areas in OK; applications for the funding of proposed economic development districts in Oklahoma; water problem in Harrah, Oklahoma

e.  Newspaper articles:  award for Holdenville Post Office; confirmation of appointment as Holdenville postmaster

f.  Program from awards ceremony at Holdenville post office

g.  Press releases from the Commerce Dept.:  grant for machine shop in Ardmore, OK; construction of waste treatment plant in Sulphur, OK

h.  Memo:  status of Economic Development Administration project

F 49: Commerce, Department of (1966).  Economic Development Administration, Southern Oklahoma Development Association

Correspondence:  assurances of compliance with the Dept. of Commerce regulations under the 1964 Court Rights Act; development of a firewood marketing cooperative in southern OK

F 50: Commerce, Department of (1966).  Economic Development Administration, University of Oklahoma.

Report from OU requesting funds for the establishment of a center for economic development

F 51: Commerce, Department of (1966).  Environmental Sciences Services Administration.

a.  Pamphlet from Commerce Department:  "Navigate Safely"

b. Press releases from the Commerce Dept.:  Environ mental Science Services Administration's first year marketed by scientific progress

c.  Environmental Science Services Administration

F 52: Commerce, Department of (1966).  Hide Exports: CA Materials.

a.  Memos:  export quotas for cattle hides; cattlemen's concern about imposition of export controls on the exportation of leather hides

b.  Correspondence:  controls over the export of cattle hides and skins

c.  Statement of CA before the U.S. Dept. of Commerce Panel on Export Controls of Cattle Hides and Leathers

F 53: Commerce, Department of (1966).  Hide Exports.

a.  Newspaper article:  "New Skin Game Domestic Shoe Makers Should Stick to their Last"

b.  Statement of Alex P. Davies Vice President, American Meat Institute at Hearing on Hide Export Controls before the Secretary of Commerce

c.  Correspondence:  cattle hide exports; quotas on hide exports

d.  Newspaper articles:  "Quotas Set on Hide Exports even as Firms Begin Fight Against Prior License Ruling"; "Brown Shoe Expects Fiscal 66 Results to Rise 15%"; "Hide Ruling Dealt Cattle Industry Hard Blow, Hitch"

e.  Statement of Paul Blackman, Chairman, Hide Committee Western States Meat Packers Association at public hearings regarding hide exports

F 54: Commerce, Department of (1966).  Hide Exports: Data.

a.  Resolution from the Committee on Agriculture, U.S. House of Representatives:  reconsideration of Export Control Act of 1949

b.  Resolution from Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association:  Hide Control

c.  Press releases from the Commerce Department:  public hearings on the control of exports of hides; government retains hide controls but increases quotas for exports

d.  Statement by the under Secretary of Commerce before the subcommittee on Livestock and Feed Grains of the House on export controls of cattle hides

e.  Report of proceedings of hearings held before the Subcommittee on Livestock and Feed Grains of the Committee on Agriculture:  hide exports

f.  Schedule:  schedule of appearances before the public hearings on exportation of cattle hides

g.  Newspaper articles:  quota on hides

F 55: Commerce, Department of (1966).  National Highway Safety

Correspondence:  request for information on the National Highway Safety Agency

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