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Box 58: Interior (1966) - Library of Congress (1966).

F 1: Interior, Department of (1966).  Indian Affairs, Bureau of:  Cherokee.

Correspondence:  the Choctaw-Shawnee judgement funds; the "Fact Sheet Concerning Authorized Cherokee Programs"

F 2: Interior, Department of (1966).  Indian Affairs, Bureau of:  Cheyenne-Arapaho.

Correspondence:  problems with the Bureau of Indian Affairs

F 3: Interior, Department of (1966).  Indian Affairs, Bureau of:  Cheyenne-Arapaho.

Correspondence:  problem with the Bureau of Indian Affairs

F 4: Interior, Department of (1966).  Indian Affairs, Bureau of:  Choctaw.

Correspondence:  a plan for establishing a state chartered corporation for the management of tribal assets; the Choctaw Termination Act

F 5: Interior, Department of (1966).  Indian Affairs, Bureau of:  Education.

a.  Correspondence:  the extension educational work with Indian people in Oklahoma; the Carter seminary in Ardmore, OK; the needs of the Indians

b.  News release:  "Creek Indian Appointed to Head Haskell Institute"

F 6: Interior, Department of (1966).  Indian Affairs, Bureau of:  Health.

a.  Correspondence:  water wells in McCurtain County to serve Choctaw Indian houses; health education; improvement of the water district system at the Jones Academy at Hartshorne, Oklahoma

b.  Clipping:  "Indian Hospital Has New Doctors" Poteau News July 14, 1966

F 7: Interior, Department of (1966).  Indian Affairs, Bureau of:  Kiowa-Comanche-Apache.

Correspondence:  the restoration of the Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache Constitution

F 8: Interior, Department of (1966).  Indian Affairs, Bureau of:  Muskogee Office Reports.

a.  Correspondence:  a lawsuit; office reports

b.  Report:  "Narrative Report of the Branch of Credit and Financing"

c.  Report:  "Highlights of Soil and Moisture Conservation and Extension Activities - 1965"

F 9: Interior, Department of (1966).  Indian Affairs, Bureau of:  Navajo.

a.  Correspondence:  Navajo information

b.  News release:  "Electronics Industry Expanding on Navajo Reservation"

c.  News release:  "Assistant Area Director Named for Navajo Education"

F 10: Interior, Department of (1966).  Land Management.

Correspondence:  a notice for publication for lands in Coal, Pittsburg, LeFlore, and Haskell counties

F 11: Interior, Department of (1966).  Mines, Bureau of.

Correspondence:  possible movement of the McAlester office, the need for legislative defining and clarifying the tax treatment of materials used as light weight aggregates in concrete; a representative for small operators under the "Small Mines" law; the Zonia mine in Arizona

F 12: Interior, Department of (1966).  National Park Service.

a.  Correspondence:  two new Oklahoma sites as Registered National Historic Landmarks; the Bridge and Marble Canyon dams on the Colorado River; the Official First Day Cover commemorating the 50th anniversary of the National Park Service; the Christmas Pageant of Peace; Correspondents include:  Hon. George B. Hartzog Jr., Director, National Park Service

b.  Report:  "Development Programs as Proposed by the 1967 Fiscal Year Budget"

c.  Folder:  "National Park Service, 50th Anniversary (1916-1966)" includes news releases, booklets and a map

F 13: Interior, Department of (1966).  National Park Service:  Indiana Dunes.

Correspondence:  H.R. 51 (Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore)

F 14: Interior, Department of (1966).  National Park Service:  Platt/Arbuckle Area:  CA Office.

Correspondence:  the Platt National Park expansion; possibly changing the name of Platt National Park to Chickasaw National Park; a change in user fees; drawings for a nature center building and small bridge

F 15: Interior, Department of (1966).  National Park Service:  Platt/Arbuckle Area - Departmental Materials.

a.  Correspondence:  recreational potential; user fees; the Platt National Park recreation complex

b.  Press release:  "Campground Entrance Fees Effective July 1, 1966"

c.  Report:  "Platt National Park, Arbuckle Recreation Area

F 16: Interior, Department of (1966).  National Park Service:  Platt/Arbuckle Recreation Area (A-H).

Correspondence:  Proposed expansion of Platt National Park

F 17: Interior, Department of (1966).  National Park Service:  Platt/Arbuckle Recreation Area (I-R).

Correspondence:  proposed expansion of Platt National Park

F 18: Interior, Department of (1966).  National Park Service:  Platt/Arbuckle Area (S-W).

Correspondence:  purposed expansion of Platt National Park

F 19: Interior, Department of (1966).  National Park Service:  Platt/Arbuckle Area - Maxwell and Petitions.

a.  Correspondence:  proposed expansion of Platt National Park

b.  Petitions:  proposed expansion of Platt National Park

c.  Clippings:  proposed expansion of Platt National Park

F 20: Interior, Department of (1966).  National Park Service:  Platt/Arbuckle Area:  Petition.

Petitions:  proposed expansion of Platt National Park

F 21: Interior, Department of (1966).  Outdoor Recreation, Bureau of.

a.  Correspondence:  Ernest Allen's appointment as Bureau of Outdoor Recreations Regional Director for the Mid Continent Region; the Land and Water Conservation Fund; Lake Eufaula fees; the Hudson River Basin Compact

b.  Booklet:  "Federal Focal Point in Outdoor Recreation"

c.  Booklet:  "Federal Assistance in Outdoor Recreation"

d.  Press release:  "Oklahoma Receives $15,991 Outdoor Recreation Planning Grant"

e.  Press release: "Oklahoma receives "$90,350 for Development in Eastern Parks"

f.  Press release:  "Oklahoma Received $27,897 Federal Recreation Grant"

g.  News release:  "Secretary Udall Releases Recreation Study of Hudson River"

h.  News release: "Booklet Details Federal Programs to Assist Recreation Projects"

i.  Report:  "Outdoor Recreation Action"

j.  Report:  "Expanding America's Outdoor Recreation Estate"

F 22: Interior, Department of (1966).  Petroleum Natural Gas.

a.  Correspondence:  new natural gas discoveries during early 1966

b.  News release:  "Simmons Promoted to Assistant Directorship of Office of Oil and Gas"

c.  News release:  "Remarks of J. Cordill Moore, Assis tant Secretary of the Interior - Mineral Resources, before the Interstate Oil Compact Commission, Tulsa June 21, 1966"

F 23: Interior, Department of (1966).  Reclamation, Bureau of.

a.  Correspondence:  reclamation repayments; the need for maintaining a permanent pool on Bureau of Reclamation projects; photographs of the Arbuckle Job Corps Conservation Center at Sulphur:  the lower Colorado River Basin Project; a 1966 reprint of Federal Reclamation Laws

b.  Report:  "A Preliminary Study of Weather Modification in the Southern Great Plains" Weather Science, Inc. Feb. 1966

c.  Press release:  "Fiscal Year 1965 Construction Program"

d.  Press release:  "Fiscal Year 1967 Construction Program"

d.  Press release:  "Summary Companion of Appropriations for fiscal year 1966 and appropriations requested in U.S. Budget for fiscal year 1967

F 24: Interior, Department of (1966).  Southwestern Power Administration.

Correspondence:  requested approval and assignment for fee appraisal work; a proposed company pooling contract; possible upgrading of certain top positions in SPA; a copy of the minutes of the Advisory Committee on Power for the Southwest

F 25: Interior, Department of (1966).  Southwestern Power Administration:  OG&E.

Folder:  Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company, includes Correspondence, appropriation information, maps, statements by the president of OG&E and the proposed SPA Companies Pooling Contract

F 26: Interior, Department of (1966).  Sports Fisheries and Wildlife, Bureau of.

a.  Correspondence:  the publication Birds in our Lives

b.  News release:  "Secretary Udall Approves Changes for Predator and Rodent Control Work

c.  Report:  "National Survey of Fishing and Hunting"

F 27: Interior, Department of (1966).  Use Fees.

Correspondence:  opposition to the charging of fees for the use of public recreational areas

F 28: Interior, Department of (1966).  Water Pollution.

Correspondence:  grants for the construction of oxidation ponds and outfall sewers for:  Mill Creek, Cameron, Bokoshe, LeFlore County, and Oakland, OK

F 29: Interstate Commerce Commission (1966).  Freight Car Supply.

a.  Correspondence:  expediting movement of freight cars to alleviate the freight car shortage

b.  Press release:  "Movement of Southwest's Grain Harvest to be aided by Car Service Orders"

F 30: Interstate Commerce Commission (1966).  Great Northern Merger.

Report:  "Great Northern Pacific and Burlington Lines Inc. - Merger - Etc. - Great Northern Railway Company, et. al."  March 31, 1966

F 31: Interstate Commerce Commission (1966).  Motor Carriers.

a.  Correspondence:  an emergency motor transport program; a certificate of public convenience and necessity issued to Louis Paris; ICC authority for Roberts Trucking to serve as a common carrier between Wilburton and McAlester; the granting of authority for the transportation of household goods

b.  Press release:  "Routed of the District, Inc.  Bladensburg, Maryland"

c.  Press release:  "Qualifications and Maximum Hours of Service of Employees of Motor Carriers and Safety of Operation and Equipment

d.  Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity For: Lee Way Motor Freight, Inc., OKC; Texas-Arizona Motor Freight, Inc., St. Louis, MO; Roberts Trucking Co., Poteau, OK

F 32: Interstate Commerce Commission (1966).  Pennsylvania/New York Central Merger.

a.  Report:  "New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad Co., Trustees, Discontinuance of All Interstate Passenger Trains"

b.  Report:  "Pennsylvania Railroad Company - Merger - New York Central Railroad Company"

c.  Press release:  "Pennsylvania-New York Decision Issued

d.  Press release:  "ICC Decision Continues Bulk of New Haven Passenger Service

e.  Press release:  "Merger Application of Penn-Central Approved; Northern Lines' merger denial with finding that Hearing was fair; New Haven ordered to continue committee service and half of long-haul passenger operations"

f.  Press release:  "Commission Denies Merger Application of Northern Lines as not Consistent with Public Interest; value of Preserving competition Found to Outweigh Merger Benefits"

g.  Press release:  "Commission Rules on Petitions in Penn-Central Merger Case"

F 33: Interstate Commerce Commission (1966).  Railroads.

a.  Correspondence:  approval granted to a short line railroad in Orange County, TX

b.  Press release:  "Sabine River and National Railroad Co.--Construction and operation between Bessmay and Echo, TX; Sabine River and Northern Railroads Co.--Trackage rights in Mauriceville, TX.-Missouri Pacific Railroad Co.; Sabine River and Northern Railroad Co. - Securities."

c.  Press release:  "Recommended report Served in N and W Inclusive Case."

F 34: Interstate Commerce Commission (1966).  Santa Fe Trail Transportation Co.


F 35: Justice, Department of (1966).

A.  Correspondence:  the Commission of Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice; a Judicial Conference; McAlester inmates wanting to serve in Vietnam; an FCC investigation of AT&T

b.  Court case:  "Thomas T. Swisher vs. USA"

c. Court case:  "Stephen S. Chandler, United States District Judge of the Western District of Oklahoma vs. Judicial Council of the Tenth Circuit of the United States

d.  Blank form:  petitions for pardon

F 36:  Justice Department of (1966).  Attorney, U.S.

Correspondence:  the Eastern District of OK

F 37: Justice Department of (1966).  Civil Rights.

Correspondence:  hospital segregation; the registration of Negro voters in Alabama; the Civil Rights Act of 1966

F 38: Justice Department of (1966).  Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Correspondence:  lists of residents of OK admitted to U.S. citizenship for:  December 1965, February 1966, March 1966, May 1966, June 1966, July 1966, August 1966, September 1966, November 1966.

F 39: Justice, Department of (1966).  Judgeship.

Correspondence:  recommendations for judgeships

F 40: Justice, Department of (1966).  Marshal, U.S.

Correspondence:  recommendations

F 41: Labor, Department of (1966). 

a.  Correspondence:  the "Dictionary of Occupational Titles; regulations applying to aliens seeking to immigrate to this country to work on a permanent basis; Bethlehem Steel price increase and the demands of the Transport Worker's Union; regulations proposed in the use of radiation sources; the "Health Careers Guidebook"; a bill to increase unemployment compensation benefits; the pamphlet "Job Opportunities and Training through Apprenticeship"; the 28th Annual Convention of the Communications Workers of America; the Department of Labor and ambulance service; the "tight money" policy

b.  Booklet:  "Labor Looks at Congress 1965 - An AFL-CIO Legislative Report" AFL-CIO Department of Legislation 11-65

F 42: Labor, Department of (1966).  Airline Strike.


F 43: Labor, Department of (1966).  Neighborhood Youth Corps.

a.  "Neighborhood Youth Enrolles Aid Conservation Districts" Nebraska Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts Newsletter, N.Y.C. Issued July 18, 1966

b.  "Neighborhood Youth Corps First National Conference Report 1966"

F 44: Labor, Department of (1966).  Nurses.

Correspondence:  the immigration of foreign nurses

F 45: Labor, Department of (1966).  Oklahoma Projects.

a.  Correspondence:  the following projects:  Stephens County Area Vocational Technical School manpower project; Eastern Oklahoma A&M Junior College manpower project; Southeastern State College manpower project; Will Rogers Airport Terminal Apron; O.S.U. manpower project; McAlester post office project; Pittsburg County manpower project; Choctaw County public works project; LeFlore County manpower project; Choctaw County manpower project; the following is the list of "areas of substantial unemployment"; Hugo, Choctaw County, Idabel, Madill, Marietta

b.  Report:  Tishomingo waterwork system improvement project

F 46: Labor, Department of (1966).  Poverty Programs.

Correspondence:  the anti-pornography program in Tulsa

F 47: Labor, Department of (1966).  Women.

a.  Newsletter:  "Progress Report on the Status of Women for 1965"

b.  Report:  "Report on Progress in 1965 on the Status of Women" Interdepartmental Committee and Citizens Advisory on the Status of Women Dec. 31, 1965

c.  Report:  "Progress and Prospects" Governors' Commissions on the Status of Women July 28-30, 1965

F 48: Library of Congress (1966).

a.  Reports:  "The Impact of Street Lighting on Crime and Traffic Accidents" 2 copies

b.  Joint Committee print:  "The Present Law Governing Designated Depository Libraries" 89th Congress, 2nd Session. Jan. 1966

c.  Leaflet:  "The Library of Congress, Reference Department, Loan Division, Interlibrary Loan"

d.  LRS multilithed reports:  Jan 1966, March 1966, April 1966, June 1966, Sept 1966

F 49: Library of Congress (1966).  Libraries.

a.  Newsletter:  "President Johnson Calls Libraries Bedrock of Education "

b.  Report:  "Oklahoma, Library Services and Construction Act Plan Summary, Fiscal 1965"

c.  H.R. 14050:  "To Extend and Amend the Library Services and Construction Act" Committee on Education and Labor.  89th Congress 2nd Session 1966 Congressional Record included

d.  Report:  Library Services Construction Act Amendments of 1966 (H.R. 14050)

e.  Report:  "Fact Sheet for LSCA Extension and Amendment of 1966"

f.  Leaflet:  "State Plans for Library Services to the Physically Handicapped"

g.  Statement:  "Statement of Germaine Kretlek, Associate Executive Director, American Library Association for the Subcommittee on Library and Memorials of the Committee on House Administration: March 29, 1966"

h.  Leaflet:  "Where the Action Starts"

i.  Booklet:  "The National Library Work Program, Progress and Potentials"

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