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Box 58

Box 59 NASA (1966) - State (1966).

F 1: NASA (1966). 

Correspondence:  a press release about the Gemini 5 experiments; moving the Manned Orbital Laboratory from Cape Kennedy to California; cutbacks in security at the Manned Spacecraft center in Houston, TX

F 2: NASA (1966).  Data.

Magazine:  "Space/Aeronautics" January 1966

F 3: NASA (1966).  Data:  Departmental.

a.  Report:  "Office of Industry Affairs"

b.  Report:  "Review of Provisions contained in Sections I (e)(z), I (f), and I (h) of H.R. 12718"

d.  Report:  "Language Differences between the `NASA Authorization Act, 1967' as submitted to the Congress by NASA and the `NASA Authorization Act of 1966' (P.L.  89-53)"

d.  Report:  "Facility Planning and Design"

e.  Committee print:  "Publications of the Committee on Science and Astronautics, U.S. House of Representatives from 1959-1965"

f.  House Report No. 1220:  "1st Interim Report on Master Planning of NASA Institutions" Committee on Science and Astronautics.  89th Congress, 2nd session 1966

g.  Report:  "Report to the Congress from the President of the United States Aeronautic and Space Activities" National Aeronautics and Space Council 1965

F 4: NASA (1966).  Data-Departmental.

a.  News release:  "Seven Years of Progress - Explorer I toward Apollo"

b.  News release:  "Dr. John Clark Named Director of Geological Center"

c.  News release:  "Lunar Orbiter Completes Picture Taking"

d.  News release: an updated list of NASA astronautics

e.  Report:  "The 210-Foot Diameter Deep Space Network Antenna

f.  Report:  "Administrative Operations Appropriation"

g.  Report:  "Action of Conference Committee on H.R. 14324 NASA Authorization Request for Fiscal Year 1967"

h.  Report:  "Report of the Space Industry Trade Mission on the European Aerospace Industry" U.S. Department of Commerce.  January 1966

F 5: NASA (1966).  Gemini Program.

a.  Sermon:  "How Does God Feel About Gemini 5?" St. Paul Methodist Church, Muskogee

b.  News release:  "Project:  Gemini 8"

c.  News release:  "Project:  Gemini 9"

F 6: Arts/Humanities (1966).

a.  Public law 89-209:  "To provide for the establishment of the National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities to promote progress and scholarship in the humanities and the arts in the United States and for other purposes" 89th Congress 1965

b.  Report:  "Information Regarding Beginning Activities of National Endowment for the Arts"

d.  News release:  "Humanities Endowment Announces First Grants"

c.  Report:  "Status of State Arts Agencies"

e.  Report:  "Purpose and Activities of the National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities as it Pertains to the Arts"

f.  Report:  "A Review of initial Programs and Planning of the National Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts"

g.  Report:  "Creativity in the Arts Stressed by National Council"

h.  News release:  "State Receives Program Grant from National Endowment for the Arts"

i.  Report:  "A Review of Art Activities in Oklahoma"

j.  Report:  "Summary of State Arts Activities"

k.  News release:  "Historical Grant to Yale Announced by National Endowment for the Humanities"

l.  Report:  "The National Endowment for the Humanities - Initial Programs"

m.  Report:  "National Endowment for the Arts Support for Arts Activities in Oklahoma"

F 7: NLRB (1966). 

Correspondence:  possible prejudice toward Unions; problems between the NLRB and General Dynamics

F 8: National Science Foundation (1966).

a.  Correspondence:  a grant for a teacher seminar at Southeastern State

b.  Committee print:  "Report of the Subcommittee on Science, Research and Development" Committee on Science and Astronautics.  89th Congress, 1st session 1966

c.  Memorandum:  "Lecture Describing the Role of Russian Women in the Scientific and Technological Development of the USSR"

d.  News release:  "151 Young Engineering Professors Receive $1,993,100 in Research Initiation Grants"

e.  News release:  "National Science Foundation Helps Teachers at Small Colleges Continue Research"

f.  Report:  "Federal Funds for Research, Development, and other Scientific Activities"

g.  Memorandum:  "National Science Foundation Staff Appointments"

h.  News release:  "Texas U., Indiana U., Duke to receive $11 Million for Science Development"

i.  News release:  "NSF Announces $100,000 in Summer Conference Grants"

F 9: National Science Foundation (1966).  Project Mohole.

a.  Correspondence:  Appropriations for the Mohole Project; confusion between the Deep Sea Sediment Drilling Program and the Mohole Project; disappointment on the demise of the project

b.  Report:  "Project Mohole Fact Sheet"

c.  Report:  "Fact Sheet - Mohole Project"

F 10: OEO (1966).

a.  Correspondence:  all the programs initiated under the Economic Opportunity Act as of 1/1/66; a summary of the activities of the OEO; the Poverty Program; the Education Program for Seasonably Unemployed Agricultural Workers; the Foster Grandparent Program; a Community Action Directory; Indian programs

b.  News release:  $6.8 million awarded for operation Medicare alert

c.  News release:  "McCurtain County, OK (operation Medicare alert"

d.  Booklet:  "The Unemployment and Community Betterment"

e.  Report:  "Economic Opportunity Programs in the Southwest Region as of December 31, 1966" and "Community Action Programs in the OEO Southwest Region as of December 31, 1966"

f.  Report:  "Weekly National Summary of OEO Programs"

g.  Clipping:  "Beggars Ride"

h.  Clipping:  "Jess Hamilton Named Director of OEO Setup" a Tishomingo paper

i.  Newsletter:  "A News Summary of the War on Poverty"

j.  Report:  "A Report on the Economic Opportunity Program in Oklahoma"

k.  Press release:  a grant for the establishment of an Oklahoma Center for Economic Development

l.  Press release:  a grant to the Oklahoma State Department of Health to train home health aides

F 11: OEO (1966).  Appropriations.

Correspondence : appropriations to continue community programs

F 12: OEO (1966).  Community Action Program:  Correspondence and Data.

a.  Correspondence:  the activities of the McCurtain County Foundation; a Carter county program; the need for these programs in Oklahoma; a Tulsa program; a Creek County program; a credit union for the blind; a Haskell County program; a LeFlore county program; a Spiro program

b. Report:  "McCurtain Community Action Progress Report"

c.  Clipping:  "Bryan County Poverty Plan is Expanded" Durant Democrat September 30, 1966

F 13: OEO (1966).  Community Action Program:  Data

a.  Booklet:  "Oklahoma Community Action Directory" May, 1966

b.  Booklet:  "Oklahoma Community Action Directory" August, 1966

c.  Booklet:  "CAP Grantees Directory"

d.  Report:  "Third District-Community Action Directory"

F 14: OEO (1966).  Community Action Program:  Status Reports/ Releases.

a.  Correspondence:  Community Action Foundations in the following counties:  Choctaw, Love, Bryan, Jefferson, Johnston, McCurtain, LeFlore, Muskogee, Murray, Marshall, Atoka, Pushmataha; CAP status reports

b. Report:  "Types of Grants under OEO's Community Action Program"

c.  Report:  "Proposal Submitted to the Office of Economic Opportunity to Provide a Program of Basic Education Skills for Seasonally Unemployed Adults Functioning Below the Eighth Grade Level" Northeastern State College

d.  News Release:  a conduct and administration grant to Jefferson and Love counties Community Action Foundation, Inc.

F 15: OEO (1966).  Community Action Program:  Water Pollution Report.

"Community Action Program for Water Pollution Control" National Association of Counties/Research Foundation

F 16: OEO (1966).  Head Start.

a.  Correspondence:  grants; local authority being maintained in education programs; the LeFlore County project; President Johnson's War on Poverty; the Kiowa application; the Tushka application; programs in the following counties: Harmon, Jackson, Comanche, Caddo, Pottawatomie, Bryan, Choctaw, McCurtain, LeFlore, Adair, Cherokee, Wagoner, Jefferson, Love, Carter, Pittsburg, Pushmataha, Atoka

b.  Press release:  "University of Oklahoma Receives Grant for Project Pied Piper"

c. Press release:  "187 Additional Summer Head Start Grants Announced"

d.  Press release:  "266 Additional Summer Head Start Grants Announced"

e.  Press release:  "383 Additional Summer Head Start Grants Announced"

f.  Newsletter:  "Head Start Newsletter" October, 1966

g.  Report:  "Head Start Local Project Approval" Summer 1966

F 17: OEO (1966).  Job Corps.

a.  Correspondence:  the possibility of the following as training site:  Lawton, the Wheelock Academy; the number in the Oklahoma Job Corp; the center dedication at Sulphur; the Hodgens center; the anti-poverty program in Creek County; the center in Guthrie; the Arbuckle center and the Hodgens center; women in community service in Hugo; centers in Oklahoma; Oklahoma girls going to the Cleveland (OH) center; the Treasure Lake center

b.  Newsletter:  "The Corpsemen" February 1, 1966

c.  Newsletter:  "The Corpsemen" March 1, 1966

F 18: OEO (1966).  Job Corps:  Hodges Camp.


F 19: OEO (1966).  Job Corps:  Sulphur Camp (Arbuckle).

a.  Correspondence

b.  Suggested Speech.  2 copies

F 20: OEO (1966).  Legal Service Program.

a.  Correspondence

b.  Report:  "Legal Services - Guidelines"

F 21: OEO (1966).  Neighborhood Youth Corps.

a.  Correspondence:  shutting down the regional office in Dallas; the Watts (OK) program; proposed outbacks; problems the sponsors face; a grant to Tatums (OK); interest in the program for Southeastern Oklahoma; a grant to the Ardmore school system; the McAlester project; the Coleman (OK) project; the Dunbar High (Okmulgee) project

b.  Speech:  "Suggested opening remarks for a NYC delegation meeting"

F 22: OEO (1966).  Neighborhood Youth Corps:  Altus.


F 23: OEO (1966).  Neighborhood Youth Corps:  Creek Nation.

a.  Correspondence: Creek Nation neighborhood Youth Corps monthly reports;   Oliver Lusk resignation from Dean of Student Affairs, Connors State Junior College and new position as Director of Muskogee County Community Action Program

b.  Connors State Agriculture College - Creek Nation Neighborhood Youth Corps monthly reports (Jan-Dec 1966)

F 24: OEO (1966).  Neighborhood Youth Corps:  Data.

a.  News article: state's Neighborhood Youth Corps Program ordered cutback; Youth Corps cutback may be modified; cut in Youth Corps possible; county is one of five to continue Youth Corps

b. Report: America's Youth at Work - Neighborhood Youth Corps 1966

F 25: OEO (1966).  Releases.

a.  Release: Poverty Program extended; weekly national summary of OEO programs; Oklahoma State Department of Health - Home Health Aides-demonstration and training; OEO announces $991,777 for home health aid projects in nine states; National Teacher Corps-supplementary information sheet; "War on Poverty" employment opportunities; quick facts on the programs of the OEO; Economic Development Administration technical assistance - what it is, how to apply; Oklahoma (state technical assistance)

b.  Poster:  National Teacher Corps

F 26: OEO (1966).  Rent Supplements.

Correspondence:  poverty and rent subsidy program

F 27: OEO (1966).  Third District Program.

a.  Correspondence:  Community action funds for Oklahoma

b.  Report: summary of funding for Oklahoma and the 3rd district; OEO programs in Oklahoma - District 3 with map showing % of district covered by OEO programs, OEO programs funded in 1964 and 1965, 1966 CAP programs (as of Feb. 10, 1966), pending CAP programs (as of Feb. 10. 1966)

F 28: OEO (1966).  Upward Bound.

a.  Release: twenty upward bound grants announced; 78 upward bound grants announced in OEO's war on talent waste; prospectus:  upward bound project through Northeastern State College

b.  Correspondence:  prospectus on Northeastern State College-upward bound project

F 29: OEO (1966).  Vista.

Release:  64 Vista volunteers to fight poverty in Northeastern Oklahoma

F 30: Securities Exchange Commission (1966).

a.  Correspondence:  transmitting address of Commissioner Hugh Owens (SEC)

b.  Address:  the SEC and the securities markets--some current developments

c.  News article:  antitrust challenge renewed - SEC study of NYSE bar on trading confirmed

F 31: Selective Service System (1966).

Correspondence: draft for selective service system from McCurtain County; effects of draft on collegiate athletics and higher education; agricultural deferments for the draft; draft deferments for those employed in the steel industry;   opinion on draft among Oklahoma teenagers

F 32: Small Business Administration.

Correspondence:  McCurtain County community action program; depleted S.B.A. funds; transmittal of report on McCurtain County Small Business Development Center;   development company loan for Heavener Industrial Development Association, Inc.; extension of small business development center in McCurtain County into Choctaw and Pushmataha Counties; economic opportunity loan program for small business development; small business investment companies; section 502 results in Purcell; transmittal of report on aid to small business; names of McAlester area businessmen; shortage of copper wire; loan approval for Ardmore Industrial Development Corporation

B.  Release: approval of loan for Ardmore Industrial Development Corporation; General Services Administration plans to expand domestic copper production; McCurtain County SBDC; Heavener Industrial Development Association, Inc. SBA loan;   SBA extension of aid to small business

c.  Memo:  Bob West resignation from Dallas regional office of SBA

e.  Telegram:  merger of SBA with Department of Commerce

F 33: Small Business Administration (1966):  Departmental Correspondence/Data.

a. Release: disaster loans for small businesses; small business franchises

b.  report: "manufacturers' agent" small business bibliography; "Improving Communities through Self-Help and SBA's `502' Program"; "Small Business Investment Companies"; increase of small business loan limits; "Management Assistance Available to Small Business Administration; "Small Business Administration Business Loans"; "SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives) Volunteers Help Businessmen in Trouble; SBA economic opportunity loan program; Small Business Advisory Council;  economic opportunity loans;  announcement of Robert C. Moot as Deputy Administrator of SBA;  re-opening of SBA 7(a) business program

c.  Clipping:  small business franchise size - notice of proposed rule making (federal registrar 12/15/65)

d.  Correspondence:  regulations on small business franchises; transmittal of press release from SBA; House Resolution 13:  creation of select committee to study problems of small business (12/30/64)

F 34: State Department (1966).

a.  Correspondence: Carl Albert's memorial address to Churchill; security risks in the State Dept.; Federal Communications Commission restrictions on community antenna service (CATV); hosting foreign scientist/involvement in Vietnam; transmittal of invitation list for the foreign policy conference for editors and broadcasters; FFA visit to Soviet Embassy; transmittal of report - "World strength of the Communist Party Organizations"; thanks for comments in support of state department; remarks in favor of Dean Rusk;  Canadian tariffs on natural gas; transmittal of State Dept. release;  U.N. declaration on the elimination of racial discrimination; United States-Mexico Standard Band Radio Broadcasting Agreement

b.  Clipping:  gas import ban denied; lax security still a problem;

c. Release: statement on Congressional travel;   invitation list for foreign policy conference for editors and broadcasters; W. Averell Harriman sworn in as Ambassador at Large

F 35: State Department (1966).  Africa.

a.  Correspondence: transmittal of statement by Southern States Industrial Council; transmittal of statement by National Association of Pro America

b.  Statement: "A Socialist Obsession" by Southern State Industrial Council;   "Resolution on Rhodesia" National Association of Pro America

F 36: State Department (1966).  Agency for International Development (Aid).

a.  Correspondence: requests for debate packets from high schools and colleges; appointment of Alex Dickie to Deputy Director of Congressional Liaison at AID; AID's recruitment program; negotiated settlement in South Vietnam; thanks for comments on Alliance for Progress; AID regulations concerning U.S. exports

b.  Release:  creation of binational educational foundation in India

c.  Agency for International Development press release: "AID Helps U.S. Rubber Co. Expand Turkish Plant"; "AID Graduates Nine for Work in Vietnam"; "Guarantees for Fertilizer Plants Aim to Boost Korea Food Supply"; "Algeria - U.S. Sign Agreement"; "$500,000 AID Loan to Finance Honduras Project Studies"; "Kugel Heads Vietnam Office in Washington"; "Food for Peace proceeds Aid Greek Helped by Aid Funds"; "Chile Inaugurates Projects Helped by Aid Funds"; "Stanley J. Siegel becomes AID Deputy General Counsel"; "Students in Gabon Bush to Receive Food";  "Food for Peace Approved by AID for Drought Emergency in Senegal"

d. Report:  "The Role of Technical Assistance in Foreign Aid"

F 37: State Department (1966).  Asia.

a.  Correspondence: transmittal of newsletter by Norman Endicott;   transmittal of clipping about scholarships for anti-communist students

b.  Clippings: "Sudamo Relinquishes Powers to Anti-Communist General";   "A Chinese View of Revolution and Response"

c.  Release:  "Talking Points - Programs for India and Pakistan" (limited official use)

F 38: State Department (1966).  Cuba.

a.  Correspondence:  status of Cuban citizens under Fidel Castro

b.  Press release:  admission of Cuban refugees to U.S.

F 39: State Department (1966).  Europe.

a.  Correspondence:   Franco-American relations;   U.S. gold policy and the French debt

b.  report: French debt and gold purchases (state dept.);   "Support of National Independence in East-Central Europe" (Assembly of Captive European Nations)

F 40: State Department (1966).  Passports/Visas

a.  Correspondence:    transmittal of annual report on visa issuance;   number of passports issued for the year 1966

b.  Report: annual report of the visa office; information for passport applicants

c.  Application for passport

d.  Press release:  expedited visas for visiting dignitaries

F 41: State Department (1966).  Peace Corps

a.  Correspondence: training of volunteers and purported involvement in civil rights activities; Peace Corps briefings for interested constituents; transmittal of Peace Corp Fourth Annual Report; closing of Peace Corps Hostels in hosting countries

b.  Report:  overseas assignments of Peace Corps volunteers

F 42: State Department (1966).  Vietnam:  Carl Albert/Colleagues.

a.  Memo:  resumption of bombing in North Vietnam

b.  Correspondence: Young Democrats for Freedom rally supporting President's stand in Vietnam; support for President's actions:  Vietnam; transmittal of report on Vietnam

c.  Report:  Herbert Roback, Staff Administrator for Commission of Government Operations, trip to Vietnam

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