Box and Folder Inventory

Box 59

Box 60: State (1966) - Agriculture (1967).

F 1: State Department (1966). Vietnam: Data.

a. Correspondence: transmittal of University .of Southern California report of Viet Cong; transmittal of poem "Love of the Free World"

b. Report: the "Viet Cong: Politics at Gunpoint"; "A Message to the Churches on Viet-Nam"

c. Other: speech "Vietnam"; poem "Love of the Free World"

F 2: State Department (1966). Vietnam: Oklahoma (A-G).

a. Correspondence: constituent opinions of Vietnam involvement

b. Clipping: editorial condemning U.S. involvement in Vietnam

c. Telegram: Vietnam and the progression of communism

F 3: State Department (1966). Vietnam: Oklahoma (H-M).

a. Correspondence: constituent opinions on Vietnam involvement

b. Clipping: American pilots captured in Hanoi ; U.S. economy and social programs; "What We Should do in Vietnam" (Dan Smoot Report)

c. Telegram: support of President's policy in Vietnam; inflation, Vietnam, George Hamilton's deferment

F 4: State Department (1966). Vietnam: Oklahoma (N-R).

a. Correspondence: constituent opinions on Vietnam conflict; statement of Douglas MacArthur, Asst. Secretary for Congressional Relations, State Department, re: U.S. interests in Vietnam and aid given to foreign countries; statement of Douglas MacArthur concerning land reform in Vietnam

b. Clippings: "U.S. Soldier Wants a Gun"; "At How Much Cost?"; "War Area Soldier Asks Ammunition"; "A Magnificent State of the Union Message" (Albert's Congressional Record speech); "Step in the Right Direction" editorial cartoon; "The Great Debate"

F 5: State Department (1966). Vietnam: Oklahoma (S-Y).

a. Correspondence: constituent opinions on Vietnam involvement; school prayer and bible study

b. Clippings: "Why? Norman Soldier Asks"; "Off-Year Vote for Congress"; "Commie to Write Centennial History"

c. Memo: Lt. Colonel Koenig's departure from Congressional liaison office to be stationed in Vietnam

d. Pamphlet: Mt. McKinley National Park

e. Telegram: Sen. Fulbright's and Sen. Morse's objections to Vietnam policy

f. Resolution: expressing confidence in President's policy in Vietnam by Veterans of WWI of the USA, Inc.

F 6: State Department (1966). Vietnam: Out of State.

a. Memo: info. requested on Mr. Albert's views on Vietnam

b. Clipping: "We Are at War..."; "Vietnam War: Peace Desired"

c. Statement: opposition to Vietnam involvement - Johns Hopkins Univ. graduate students and faculty; opposition to Vietnam involvement - Divinity School, Univ. of Chicago - faculty, staff, and students; "Why Should we Help Communists Kill Americans" the Mother's Crusade for Victory over Communism; "Support our Fighting Men in Vietnam" (bumper sticker included) disabled American Veterans; "Statement on Vietnam Supplemental 1966 Defense Appropriation" "Statement on Vietnam" Americans for Democratic Action

d. Poll: opinions of the students of the University of Connecticut concerning involvement in Vietnam

e. Telegram: support of President's actions on concerning Vietnam from Governor and all members of the 1966 Louisiana Legislature; Mr. Albert's opinion on bombing policy in Vietnam from professors of Haverford College, PA

F 7: State Department (1966). Vietnam: State Department Materials.

a. Correspondence: shipment of personal items to Vietnam; transmittal of State Dept. publications: Vietnam; transmittal of statement by Ambassador Goldberg on attacks on petroleum facilities in North Vietnam; transmittal of report on elections in South Vietnam; transmittal of Foreign Policy Association materials on Vietnam and on racial discrimination

b. Publications: "Vietnam Technical Assistance Programs of U.S. Voluntary Agencies" and "Third Face of War" both issued by State Department; "Vietnam Vital Issues in the Great Debate" and "Report on Convention on Racial Discrimination" both issued by the Foreign Policy Association;

c. Report: "Vietnam Constituent Assembly Elections"- State Department

d. Statement: "Explanation of Operation - Bombing of North Vietnam" Ambassador Goldberg's address to United Nations Security Council

F 8: Supreme Court (1966).

a. Correspondence: picketing of Clinton, LA public library and Supreme Court decision; encouraging resignation of Justice William O. Douglas; refusal by Hon. Warren Olney III, Director of Administrative Office of U.S. Courts, to pay Judge Ross Riley's staff; prayer in public schools

b. Clipping: "Justice Black Assails Sit-Ins"; "State Editors Say - Great Day for Criminals"

c. Memorandum for respondent - Justice Thurgood Marshall`s opinion on Supreme Court Case Chandler vs. Judicial Council of the Tenth Circuit of the United States

d. Petitioner's reply to memorandum for respondent - Thomas J. Kennan, Counsel for Petitioner, reply to Judicial Council's denial of authority to hear cases to Judge Stephen Chandler

F 9: Surplus Property.

Report: "Evaluation of the Donable Surplus Property Program" 44th report by the Committee on Gov. Operations

F 10: Treasury (1966).

a. Memo: information requested by Secretary of the Treasury Bob Wallace: debt limitation

b. Correspondence: disposition of silver dollars that remain in the Treasury; acquisition of Presidential set of medals from Philadelphia Mint; proposed 5% savings bond; charges that U.S. money plates were given to the Soviets

c. Report: "Background Information on Coin Dating" - Treasury Department; "The Balance of International Payments During the Third Quarter"-U.S. Dept. of Commerce

d. Statement: "Authorizing the Sale of Standard Silver Dollars Held by the Treasury"-by Roberta A. Wallace, Secretary of the Treasury (7/27/66); "Announcing the 1966 Balanced Payments Program"- by Hon. Henry Fowler, Secretary of Treasury (12/3/65)

F 11: Treasury Department (1966). Comptroller of the Currency.

a. Correspondence: removal of Comptroller of the Currency from the Board of Directors of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

b. Memo: constituent request to meet with Comptroller of the Currency

F 12: Treasury (1966). Internal Revenue Service.

a. Correspondence: treatment of minister Hargis and McIntire by the IRS; transmittal of news release describing President's recommendations relating to taxes; low morale of IRS workers; tax exempt status for Christian Echoes Ministry, Inc.; April 15th deadline for filing tax returns; income tax rates for the poor; proposed revision of Treasury Dept. circular 230 covering rules of practice; possible suspension or repeal of investment tax credit

b. Telegram: possible suspension or repeal of investment tax credit - to President from Stephen Dunn, President of the National Coal Association

c. Report: "Employee Expense/Educational Expenses" - IRS publication-U.S. Treasury Department

F 13: Treasury Department (1966). Internal Revenue Service: Education Deductions.

a. Correspondence: RS rulings: tax deductions for educational expense for teachers; tax deductions for educational expenses for physicians and other professionals.

b. Telegram: tax deductions for educational expenses for teachers - by Ardmore, Oklahoma classroom teachers

c. Clipping: proposed rule making - "Expenses for Education" Dept. of Treasury (IRS) from Federal Register (10/1/66)

d. Report: "Revised Treasury Proposed Regulations on Deductibility of Educational Expenses of Teachers and Other Taxpayers"

F 14: Treasury Department (1966). Internal Revenue Service: Pensions (66-58).

a. Correspondence: IRS announcement 66-58 concerning changes in rules governing pension plans

b. Clippings: "Private Pension Programs" extension of remarks by Hon. Ray Roberts from Congressional Record (10/7/66); How Much is $112,800,000,000"; "Headed for Disaster"; "Money Gets Votes"

c. Telegram: IRS announcements 66-58: rules governing pension plans

F 15: U.S. Information Agency.

a. Correspondence: transmittal of USIA reports to Congress; closing of USIA exhibit for installation of new materials

b. Reports: USIA 24th Annual Report to Congress; USIA 25th Annual Report to Congress

F 16: Veterans Affairs (1966).

a. Correspondence: nomination of Mike Davis to U.S. Air Force Academy; paraplegic rehabilitation allowance bill; authorization of increase of bed capacity at Muskogee Veterans Administration Hospital; transmittal of photo at Albert and Roy Lee Tate, Commander of Disabled American Veterans-McAlester; transmittal of biographical data on William J. Driver, Administrator of Veteran Affairs; establishment of itinerant service to Lawton and to Personal Affairs Office in Ft. Sill; bills pending before Committee on Veteran Affairs; law changes to benefit veterans; high standard of care received in Veterans Administration hospital in North Little Rock, Arkansas

b. Memo: Mr. Albert's participation in education benefits for veterans after WWII; transportation arrangements for Mr. Driver (Administrator of Veterans Affairs) to Oklahoma; introduction of Mr. Driver for McAlester speech

c. Release: "G.I. Bill Signed by President"; biographical data on William Driver, Administrator of Veterans Affairs

F 17: Veterans Administration (1966). Data.

a. Correspondence: administrative changes in Veterans Administration; transmittal of press release: Veterans Readjustment Benefits Act

b. Press release: Veterans Readjustment Benefits Act

c. Analysis: chart showing "Effect of the Veterans Readjustment Act of 1966"; "Benefits in Brief - 1965" VA; "Summary of Veteran's Legislation Reported" Commission on Veterans Affair

d. Copy of law: "Veterans Readjustment Benefits Act of 1966" P.L.89-358

e. Pamphlet: application for disability pension from armed services (VA form 21-526)

f. Clippings: VA Application Day in Muskogee; gubernatorial race 1966; Murray County community action program

F 18: Veterans Administration (1966). "D.A.V. Day on the Hill."

a. Correspondence: transmittal of info. packet on Disabled American Veterans; supporting D.A.V's efforts

b. Information Packet Containing: various speeches of Mr. Albert to various veterans groups; general information on "D.A.V. Day on the Hill"; general info. on Disabled American Veterans

c. Clippings: "Carl Albert Praises DAV" Congressional Record

F 19: Warren Commission (1966).

Correspondence: Justice Warren's report and investigation of Jack Ruby

F 20: Department of Agriculture (1967).

a. Correspondence: transmittal of "Agricultural Statistics-1966"; transmittal of news release: Norman Kraeft; . transmittal of "Guide to Publication Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture"; transmittal of report entitled "A National Program of Research for Agriculture"; transmittal of committee report on agricultural development in Latin America; transmittal of "Natural Food" March issue; transmittal of report: 3rd District's farm export activity; suggestions concerning administration's farm policy; seed branch in Kansas City, MO; recommendation of Mr. Kenneth T. Anderson for Secretary of Agriculture; transmittal of statistics on consumer food programs; 12. transmittal of resolutions from national convention of State Departments of Agriculture; announcement of and agenda for National Agricultural Outlook Conference; H.R.13706 amending Farm Credit Act of 1933 and Federal Farm Loan Act

b. Report: "1964 U.S. Census of Agriculture-Oklahoma 3rd Congressional District"; "Guide to Publications Services of the Office of Information-U.S. Department of Agriculture"; "The Sea Must Surrender its Hidden Riches" from March issue of Natural Food; "Agricultural export Shares by Congressional Districts, 1965/66"; Department of Agriculture's "Consumer Food Programs-Fiscal Year 1966 Summary"; resolutions from National Convention of the Association of State Departments of Agriculture

c. Press release: announcement of weekly radio program "Inside Agriculture"; Undersecretary of Agriculture, John Schnittker's address to National Association of Wheat Growers; "Secretary Freeman Express Concern over Corporate Farming-Orders Special Study"

F 21: Agriculture, Department of (1967). Carl Albert.

Clipping: "Serious Choices that Farmer's Face in 1969"-Mr. Albert's address taken from Congressional record

F 22: Agriculture, Department of (1967). Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (ASC Comm).

a. Correspondence: McCurtain County ASC Committee; minimum wage coverage agriculture; agricultural development programs under Ozarks Regional Commission plan; limiting amount of payment a farmer can receive under agricultural programs; transmittal of report on ASC committee activities in Choctaw county; proposed closing of ASC offices in Albert's district

b. Memo: appointment of replacement on ASC committee; suggested appointees for ASC committee

c. Report: U.S. Department of Labor - Wage and Hour and Public Contracts Division report: sharecropping/ tenant farming agreements; "Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service Annual Report 1966"; "Secretary Freeman Allocates 1968 ACD funds to States"-U.S. Dept. of Agriculture.

F 23: Agriculture, Department of (1967). Agriculture Stabilization and ASC Conservation Service: Agriculture Conservation Program (ACP).

a. Correspondence: transmittal of Oklahoma Agricultural Conservation Program Handbook; transmittal of brochure "ACP Serves Oklahoma"; allocation of agricultural conservation program funds

B. Report: "Oklahoma"; "State Allocations - 1968 ACD"; "ACP Serves Oklahoma"; "U.S. Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service

F 24: Agriculture, Department of (1967). Agricultural Stabilization and (ASC) Conservation Service: Office Closings.

a. Correspondence: closing of Latimer Co. ASC office; closing of Murray Co. ASC office

b. Report: "Low Workload Counties" -U.S. Dept. of Ag.

c. Memo: constituents in Quinton, OK and 1968 campaign

F 25: Agriculture, Department of (1967). "Agriculture/2000" Program.

a. Correspondence: transmittal of "Agriculture/2000 reports

b. Reports: "Income and Abundance"; "Communities of Tomorrow"; "Resources in Action"; "Growing Nations, New Markets"; "Science in Re Service of Man"; "Knowledge for Living"

F 26: Agriculture, Department of (1967).

a. Correspondence: dinner w/ Southwestern Animal Health Research Foundation; transmittal of news clipping: brucellosis; transmittal of article: cattle hide price situation

b. Clipping: "New Crackdown in Brucellosis"; "Foot and Mouth Disease" -statement read by Mr. Albert for Congressional Record

c. Statement: "CCC Export Credit Sales Program Initiated for Beef Breeding Cattle" -U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

F 27: Agriculture, Department of (1967). Cattle: Beef Imports.

a. Clippings: agriculture and rural concerns taken from Congressional Record; Earl Q. Gray's charter membership in Ardmore Rotary Club

b. Correspondence: shoe import statistics; American National Cattlemen's Association; Beef Import Law of 1964; restricting beef imports; Deep Fork Navigation Project; Pittsburg Co. Water Project

c. Report: "Farm Credit in Oklahoma - 1967"

d. Statement: restrictions on beef imports -Mr. Albert before Senate Committee on Finance

F 28: Agriculture, Department of (1967). Commodity Credit Corporation.

a. Memo: donations from Commodity Credit Corporation to Defense Department

b. Publication: speech materials from Chamber of Commerce of U.S.

c. Publication: "The Commodity Credit Corporation- its Costs, Confusion, and Cures" -U.S. Chamber of Commerce

F 29: Agriculture, Department of (1967). Corn.

Correspondence: luncheon held by American Corn Millers Federation

F 30: Agriculture, Department of (1967). Cotton.

a. Correspondence: referendum on cotton research and promotion program; cotton program 1968; price differentials on various cotton qualities; cotton warehouse situation and the Commodity Credit Corporation; import quotas on cotton; skip-row planting for 1968 cotton crop

b. Report: "Cotton Fly-In" - National Farmers Union; "Impartial Survey Shows Cotton Warehouse Industry is Doomed Unless Revenue is Increased" -Memphis State Univ.; "A Fundamental Problem for U.S. Cotton" -National Cotton Council of America

c. Statement: "14 Meetings Scheduled in Cotton States" -U.S. Department of Agriculture; "Details of the 1968 Upland Cotton Program Announced" -U.S. Department of Agriculture

d. Clippings: "This is More Like It" (re: cotton imports); "Details of the 1968 Upland Cotton Program E. Memo: constituent concerns over skip-row planting

F 31: Agriculture, Department of (1967). Cotton: Data.

a. Statement: cotton imports by Woodrow Hart, Pres. of American Cotton Producer Associates; skip-row planting -Charles Stenholm, Rolling Plains Cotton Growers, Inc.; "Dumping of CCC Stocks of Cotton Upon the Market -Peary Wileman of Farmer and Ginner; "U.S.O.A. Certifies Cotton Board Nominating Organizations, Issues Regulations" U.S. Dept. of Agriculture; "Details of 1968 Upland Cotton Program Announced" U.S. Department of Agriculture

b. Report: "Costs of Storing and Handling Cotton at Public Storage Facilities, 1964-5"; "Observations on Five Specific Issues Related to the Administration of the Cotton Section of the Agriculture Act of 1965" -Donald Johnson, Plains Cotton Growers, Inc.; "Cotton Storage: Recent History Costs and Net Returns"

F 32: Agriculture, Department of (1967). Textiles/Imports.

a. Correspondence: textile imports

b. Statement: "Definition of the Man-Made Fiber Textile Import Problem"; textile tariff reductions -William Erwin, Pres. of American Textile Manufacturers Institute

c. Report: the apparel import threat

F 33: Agriculture, Department of (1967). Dairy.

a. Clipping: "Dairy Import Act of 1967 -"Congressional Record (1/24/67); "Restive Farmers to Renew Protests over Falling Prices"

b. Correspondence: limiting milk imports; strengthening dairy income; consumer facts concerning margarine; changes in federal milk order regulations

c. Statement: "Freeman Announces Dairy Purchases and Sales Prices for 1967-8" -U.S. Dept. of Agriculture; "Freeman Acts to Reduce Dairy Imports"; "Production and Consumption 1965-5"; "Sec.Freeman Said Today...Dairy Income... `Disgracefully Low...Must Be Improved'"; "Action Proposed to Forestall Dairy Industry Distress"

d. Report: "The Truth About the Dairy Crisis"; "Basis for Granting Proposal for Hearing to Consider Class I Price Increase"

F 34: Agriculture, Department of (1967). Data Book.

Book: agriculture-speeches, statistics, and reports

F 35: Agriculture, Department of (1967). Drought.

Memo: disaster relief for 70 Oklahoma counties suffering from severe drought

F 36: Agriculture, Department of (1967). Farm/Food Prices.

a. Correspondence: transmittal of booklet: food prices; farm/cattle prices;

b. Report: "Food Prices in an Expanding Economy: Outlook for the Late 1960's"; "Background on Farm and Food Prices" U.S. Dept. of Agriculture.

c. Statement: "Chairman Langen Says Farmers Protest Low Prices Caused by Agriculture Dept. and Administration Actions

F 37: Agriculture, Department of (1967). FHA.

a. Memo: status of Sanbois Nursing Home project; Latimer Co. FHA office; Mannsville peanut processing plant; grant for Choctaw County Planning Co.

b. Correspondence: establishment of Latimer County FHA office; Marshall Co. Recreation Assoc. loan application; general correspondence between Mr. Albert's office and attorney Sidney D. Williams of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture concerning various water projects in Mr. Albert's district

c. Report: water projects in Oklahoma, March 31, 1967

d. Brochure: Poteau River Watershed Council of Soil Conservation Districts in Arkansas and Oklahoma

F 38: Agriculture, Department of (1967). FHA: Water and Sewer Grants.

a. Memo: Atoka County Planning Commission grant for water/sewer plan; Cotton Co. loan for exploratory drilling and testing of water wells; release announcing preliminary approval of Atoka County loan for Wardville community; release announcing approval of McCurtain County loan to build water system; proposal to build rural water system south of McAlester; final approval on a loan to the Temple Utilities Authority; Hartshorne and Haileyville water crisis; Housing and Urban Development grant and FHA loan for various water projects from Rex Collins; grants to Hughes and Carter Co. planning commissions

b. Release: Love County FHA loan; Atoka County FHA loan; Johnston County FHA loan; Atoka County Planning Commission FHA loan; Pittsburg Co. FHA loan; Pontotoc Co.FHA loan; stop on approval and consideration of FHA loan requests

c. Correspondence: authorization of funds for FHA projects; construction of water system in Indianola; dedication of Rural Water District at Haworth; transmittal of information of McCurtain Water District; Pittsburg Co. Water Authority; rural water district no.8

d. Telegrams: Bryan Co. water and sewer system; Johnson Co. water system; Love County water system; Carter County Planning Commission; Hughes County Planning Commission; Garvin Co. loan and grant

F 39: Agriculture, Department of (1967). FHA: Report.

a. Correspondence: transmittal of report "Build Rural Oklahoma"; authorization of emergency loans to various counties; community service projects in various counties

b. Reports: community service projects in 3rd district (10/2/67); community service projects in Coal, Haskell, Hughes, Pittsburg, Pontotoc, Pushmataha, Seminole counties; update of community service projects in 3rd district; summary of FHA funds awarded to Oklahoma-1967

F 40: Agriculture, Department of (1967). FHA: McCurtain Co. Repay.

a. Correspondence: transmittal of McCurtain Co. planning report

b. report: "McCurtain County Planning Report - Water Resources and Waste Disposal Report -1967"

F 41: Agriculture, Department of (1967). Farmer's Union.

Statement: National Farmers Union 65th annual convention; visit of young Oklahomans and their membership in various farm organizations

F 42: Agriculture, Department of (1967). Food Stamps.

a. Correspondence: Food Stamp Bill

b. Report: Food Stamp Program and projections for FY 1970

F 43: Agriculture, Department of (1967). Forest Service.

a. Correspondence: first general report to the southern station; transmittal of publication entitled "More Timber - More Jobs 1967"; transmittal of "Statistical Report on the Pulp and Paper Industry in the South"; fees for use of state parks and lakes

b. Publication: guide to 1966 Publications of the Southern Forest Experiment Station; "More Timber - More Jobs 1967"; "Economic Analysis - A Statistical Report on the pulp and Paper Industry in the South"

c. Report: "Status Report - Development of the Ouachita National Forest in Oklahoma"

F 44: Agriculture, Department of (1967). Grains.

a. Release: "Freeman Urges Purcell Bill Enactment"; "1968 Voluntary Feed Grain Program Announced by Freeman" ; "Commercial and Farm Resale Loan Program Announced for 1967 Crops"

F 45: Agriculture, Department of (1967). Grange.

a. Correspondence: transmittal of "Summary of Legislative Policies and Programs for 1967"

b. Publication: "Summary of Legislative Policies and Programs for 1967" -National Grange

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