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Box 60

Box 61: Agriculture (1967) - Defense (1967).

F 1: Agriculture, Department of (1967).  Meat Inspection Act of 1967.

a.  Correspondence:  Federal Meat Inspection Act of 1967.

b.  Resolution:  improvement of federal and state meat inspection

F 2: Agriculture, Department of (1967).  Newsletter

Washington farm letter from 1/6/67 to 5/26/67 and 10/27/67 published by farm reports 1967

F 3: Agriculture, Department of (1967).  Peanuts.

a.  Memo: aflatoxin in peanuts; two-price peanut program; price supports on peanuts; peanut advisory committee;   raw peanuts in school lunch program

b.  Correspondence: Southwestern Peanut Shellers Association; price increase for peanut growers - 1967; information on new roasting process; price support levels for 1967 crop peanuts; use of peanut/peanut products in school lunch program; bill to transfer peanut acreage allotments (H.R. 11565); two-price peanut program

c.  Report: "Memo on Peanut Price Support"; "Peanuts-Five Program Projections"

F 4: Department of Transportation (1967).  National Rural Electrification Administration

a.  Correspondence: annual meeting of Rural Electric Systems in Region VIII; overseas electrical aid program; private ownership of electric co-op; cut in funds for electric and telephone co-ops

b.  Report: Resolutions adopted by the National Rural Electric Co-operative Association Region VIII meeting ; "Summary of NRECA/Aid Program"

c.  Bill:  H.R.  1400 - a bill to provide additional sources of financing for the rural electrification and rural telephone programs

d.  Newsletter:  NRECA - Rural Electric Newsletter May 12, 1967; June 9, 1967; Sept. 22, 1967; April 21, 1967

e.  Clipping: "Rural Power Co-Ops Balk at Tighter Rules Put in Electric Bank Bill on 2% REA Loans"; "Farm Where I Sit" an editorial by Clyde Ellis, General Manager NRECA; "Construction in Vietnam" from Electric Co-Ops Overseas

F 5: Agriculture, Department of (1967).  Rural Electrification Grants.

Memo:  REA loan notification for Chickasaw Telephone Co.; REA loan notification for Kiamichi Electric Coop, Inc.; REA loan notification for Cherokee Telephone Co.

F 6: Agriculture, Department of (1967).  School Lunch Program.

a.  Memo:  workshop for luncheon cooks of the McAlester School System

b.  Correspondence: sale of candy and soda pop in public schools; school lunch reimbursement checks to public schools

F 7: Agriculture, Department of (1967).  Soil/Water Conservation District.

a.  Correspondence: Little River soil and water conservation district; upstream flood control and soil conservation

b.  Newsletter:  the National Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts -Tuesday Letter; Jan. 31, 1967, Aug. 1, 1967, and Oct. 31 1967 editions

F 8: Agriculture, Department of (1967).  Soil/Water Conservation Districts:  Hughes Co.

a.  Correspondence:  transmittal of long-range program report

b.  report:  Hughes County soil and water conservation district long range program

F 9: Agriculture, Department of (1967).  Soil and Water Conservation Districts:  Jefferson/Stephen Co.

a.  Correspondence:  inclusion of Jefferson and Stephens Counties in the great plains program

b.  Release:  inclusion of Jefferson and Stephens Counties in the great plains program

c.  Report:  application of Stephens and Jefferson Counties to be admitted to the great plains program

F 10: Agriculture, Department of (1967).  Soil Conservation Service:

a.  Correspondence: transmittal of status report on 3rd district; transmittal of Soil Conservation Feb. 1967 issue;   damage to Coalgate Dam due to flood; transmittal of Oklahoma State Soil Conservation Board report

b.  Memo:  Resource Conservation and Development program in Agriculture Appropriations Bill

c.  Reports: statistics on watersheds in 3rd Congressional District OK (Oct. 1966); statistics on Watersheds in 3rd District OK - P.L. 566 and Washita (March 1967); Soil Conservation Service - What it is and What it Does; status of P.L. 566 Watershed Planning - OK; NACD (National Association of Conservation Districts) 1967 legislative resolutions; comparative table - soil conservation service appropriations; status of watershed work plans; P.L.-566 Watershed Activities in Southeastern Oklahoma map included

d.  Clippings:  "Don't Bow up the Resources House"; "City of Coalgate Got the Short End of the Stick"

e.  Publications: Soil Conservation (Feb.1967); Journal of Soil and Water Conservation (March- April 1967);   Oklahoma...(July 24, 1967) (Sept. 21, 1967)

F 11: Agriculture, Department of (1967).  Soil Conservation Service:  Deep Fork Watershed.

a.  Correspondence:  redistricting to include Deep Fork Watershed in District 3

b.  Clippings:  "Water Transportation Opens Gates"

c.  Newsletter:  Deep Fork Watershed Association monthly newsletter by Carney O. Dean, Secretary/Treasurer of Assoc.

F 12: Agriculture, Department of (1967).  Soil Conservation Service - Fourche Maline Watershed.

Correspondence:  protesting of assessment in connection with the Fourche Maline Conservancy District by Latimer Co. residents

F 13: Agriculture, Department of (1967).  Soil Conservancy Service:  Ouachita Mt. Project.

"Application for Assistance in Developing a Resource Conservation and Development Project Plan"

F 14: Agriculture, Department of (1967).  Soil Conservation Service:  Upper Muddy Boggy.

Correspondence, instructions, telegrams:  authorization of Soil Conservation Service to assist Upper Muddy Boggy Creed Watershed organization in preparing a work plan under the authority of Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act

F 15: Agriculture, Department of (1967).  Soybeans.

Statement:  "Reseal Loan Program and Sales Policy Announced for 1966-Crop Soybeans"

F 16: Agriculture, Department of (1967).  Wheat.

a.  Correspondence: proposed changes of the agriculture program; hard winter wheat exports under the P.L. 480 wheat export program; transmittal of speech by President of Great Plains Wheat, Inc.; transmittal of "Building Export Markets for U.S. Farm Products"; opposition to transfer of sale of wheat allotments; support of reduction in railway freight costs; opposition to REH Supplemental Financing Bill and support of wheat export tickets as proposed by the McGovern Bill; transmittal of resolution on cotton program adopted by National Farmers Union; transmittal of "Report from Washington";

b.  Report: "The Nation's Farmers are Ready and Willing to Produce" -Farmer's Union legislative fly-in, Jan. 1967; "Building Export Markets for U.S. Farm Products" -Foreign Agriculture Service, USDA; "Resolution Adopted by Executive Committee -National Farmers Union" Aug. 10, 1967

c.  Speech: Ralph Ball, President Great Plains Wheat, Inc.; Tony Dechant, President of National Farmers Union delivered to meeting of the Farmers Union Wheat Fly-In

F 17: Atomic Energy Commission (1967).

a. Correspondence: limited test ban treaty; transmittal of AEC report; location of atom smasher in a racially discriminating area of Illinois;

b.  Report:  "Fundamental Nuclear Energy Research" (1966) -U.S. Atomic Energy Commission

F 18: Bureau of the Budget (1967).

a.  Correspondence:  budget reductions; transmittal of "Myths of Federal Spending";  relationship between federal expenditures and the national economy; transmittal of resolution concerning President's Commission on budget concepts

b.  Report: 1.  statistics on "Estimated and Actual Deficits"; "Myths of Federal Spending" -U.S. Chamber of Commerce; "Statement on the Report of the President's Commission on Budget Concepts"

c.  Clipping:  "Debt Pyramiding Perilous Venture"

F 19: Central Intelligence Agency.

Correspondence:  CIA funds used to subsidize National Student Association

F 20: Civil Aeronautics Board (1967).

a.  Correspondence: extension of Central Airline's Service to Muskogee and McAlester; price increase for air express shipments of live animals; transpacific route investigation; transpacific air routes to the Far East from Southern states

b.  Release: suspension of proposed increase in changes for carriage of live animals by air express; new route authority awarded to Braniff, Continental, Eastern, Frontier and Trans World Airlines

c.  Report: Docket15459 - Pacific Northwest-Southwest Service investigation; analysis of Civil Aeronautics Board Docket 16242, transpacific route investigation; petition to intervene - Bought Aeronautics Division of the CTV Space Corporation

F 21: Civil Aeronautics Board (1967).  Reports.

a.  Correspondence: transmittal of CAB Chart Book of Airline Economic Trends; transmittal of Public Benefits Provided

b.  Reports: CAB Chart Book of Airline Economic Trends - Civil Aeronautics Board; Public Benefits Provided by the Local Airline Industry -Association of Local Transport Airlines

F 22: Civil Service Commission (1967). 

a.  Correspondence: disability retirement practices in federal government; executive assignment system;   transmittal of Coordinator's Scoreboard; announcing conference for the House Committee on Post office and Civil Service

b.  Report:  disability retirement based on agency-filed claim;   executive assignment system - prepared by Civil Service Commission

c. Release: U.S. Civil Service Examiners announcement of position - heavy duty equipment mechanic W-11; U.S. Civil Service Examiners announcement of post - cement finisher W-10; 3. U.S. Civil Service Examiners announcement of position - engineer - civil and agricultural GS-5 and GS-7; U.S. Civil Service Commission - OKC office announcement of position - resident youth worker GS-2; U.S. Civil Service Commission - Arkansas office announcement of position - Job Corp Work Super visor GS-5; U.S. Civil Service Examiners announcement of examination dates; U.S. Civil Service Commission announcement of positions for rural carrier examinations

F 23: Department of Commerce (1967).

a.  Correspondence: transmittal of "Do You Know Your Economic ABC's?"; S.1314 pending before Senate Commerce Committee

b.  Release:  "Hardwood Conservation Hearing Scheduled"

c.  Report: "Do You Know Your Economic ABC's?"; "Report to the president of the special committee on U.S. trade relations with East European countries and the Soviet Union

d.  Publication:  directory to liaison sources U.S. Dept. of Commerce

F 24: Department of Commerce (1967).  Census.

a.  Correspondence: population projection for OKC, The Village, Warr Acres;   protests against attempt by OKC to take lands and coal in surrounding counties for its water supply

b.  Clipping:  "Okie City Asks 300,000 Acre Feet of Water"

c.  Protest and request for continuance of hearing before the Oklahoma Water Resources Board:  OKC water request

d.  Reports: 1960 Census of Population - supplementary reports (12/30/66); geographic reports - Congressional District Identification of Counties and Selected Places; Congressional District Atlas

F 25: Department of Commerce (1967).  Economic Development Administration

a.  Memo:  statement of Ed Edmondson before Jones Subcommittee of Committee on Public (statement attached)

b.  Correspondence:  federal assistance to companies participating in the President's pilot program of job development

c.  Report:  EDA:  "Directory of Approved Projects"; EDA:  "Qualified and Terminated Areas"; "Description of Federal Assistance Available to Companies Participating in Test Program of Job Development"

d.  Statement: Ed Edmondson's statement before Subcommittee of Committee of Public Works; proposed statement on Economic Development Administration programs in Oklahoma

e.  Copy of Public Law 89-136

F 26: Department of Commerce (1967).  E.D.A. Center for Economic Development:  Motivation Training

a.  Prospectus:  "A Proposal to Study the Economic Effectiveness of Achievement Motivation Training"

b.  Report:  Preliminary Review:  "Community Selection Data Achievement Motivation Training"

F 27: Department of Commerce (1967).  E.D.A. Center for Economic Development.

Monthly reports:  Jan., Feb., April., May., August.,

F 28: Department of Commerce (1967).  E.D.A. Monthly Status Report.

Monthly reports:  3/8/67; 3/3/67; 4/7/67; 6/28/67; 7/18/67; 9/22/67; 11/9/67

F 29: Department of Commerce (1967).  EDA:  Oklahoma Project.

a.  Correspondence: transmittal of "Quarterly Progress Report"; high demand for EDA projects in Oklahoma; urging of action on E.D.A. project request; Red River Research, Inc. operating capitol guaranty application; Haskell County/Stigler request for multipurpose center in Stigler; proposed integrated broiler complex in LaFlore Co.; Heavner Chamber of Commerce E.D.A. loan application; annual review of areas eligible for E.D.A. assistance; selection of McAlester for inclusion in E.D.A.'s management assistant pilot program; much needed sewer system in Clayton, OK; Pittsburg program for business leaders;  motivation classes in business leadership

b.  Release: "Federal Funds Approved to Help Plan Economic Growth in Multi-County Oklahoma Area" -EDA; E.D.A. notifies 7 OK counties of grant approval, 1/10/67; "E.D.A. Approves Funds for Study of Industrial Warehouse Complex in South central Oklahoma" -EDA; "E.D.A Approves Funds for Oklahoma Economic Development Center" -EDA; "E.D.A. Approves Funds for Oklahoma Development District for Southeastern Oklahoma; "E.D.A. Approves Pilot Project for Training Businessmen" -EDA; grant approved for OK Center for Economic Development at Norman

c.  Report:  summary of the primary function of a multi-purpose center as proposed in Haskell, County

d.  Clippings: "Course Attended by Several Businessmen"; "Motivation Classes Create Jobs?"

e.  Memo: OKC drainboard feasibility study; City of Bokoshe request for sewer denied; City of Poteau application for funds to build auditorium;

F 30: Department of Commerce (1967).  E.D.A.:  Reports

Report: "State Participation and Planning"; EDA, Public Works, Technical Assistance, and Planning Grant; Mineral producers in Oklahoma 1967 - by OU, Oklahoma Geological Survey

F 31: Department of Commerce (1967).  Ozarka Regional Development Association

a.  Correspondence: administration of some government programs; Ozarka Regional Development Association Meeting; support for the Appalachian Bill, S.602; copy of resolution adopted by the Ozarka Regional Development Association

b.  Memo:  representation of Carl Albert at the Ozarka Regional Development Association meeting of 6/23/67

c.  Release:  "EDA Approves Funds for Road Study in Ozarks Region" -EDA

d.  Clipping: "Ozarka Compact is Hailed by Connors"; "37 Counties Due Ozark Aid"; "Ozarka Projects Cost:  $200 Million"; "Ozarka Convention June 23"

F 32: Department of Commerce (1967).  Pollution

Report:  "The Automobile and Air Pollution:  A Program for Progress"

F 33: Department of Commerce (1967).  Bureau of Public Roads.

Correspondence:  rewriting of Oklahoma Highway Code; resolution to designate H.E. Bailey Turnpike and Red River Expressway as Interstate 44; proposed improvement of U.S. 259 in Oklahoma

F 34: Department of Commerce (1967).  Weather Bureau.

a.  Correspondence: Weather Bureau's unlisted number for use by Congress and cabinet members; transmittal of booklet from National Agriculture Weather Service

b.  Report:  Federal Plan for a National Agriculture Weather Service

F 35: Department of Defense (1967). 

a.  Correspondence: resolution adopted by Colorado House of Representatives concerning U.S. policy in Southeast Asia and Vietnam; transmittal of Seafarer's Log (1/6/67); nuclear weapons; test flights to be conducted in OK and Ark; U.N. calling armed services to Rhodesia of South Africa; granting of D.O.D. grants, contracts and agreements to universities; D.O.D.`s policy on armaments; defense surplus sales office in Ft. Worth, TX; transmittal of report concerning Navy Enlisted Scientific Education Program; transmittal of "The Changing Strategic Military Balance:  U.S.A. vs. U.S.S.R."; D.O.D. planning and policies; arms race and Vietnam War; training of military personnel from Middle East; Army's retraining programs for those who do not meet service requirements; Sec. McNamara's performance as Secretary of Defense;

b.  Clipping: "Achievement Report" in the Seafarer's Log 1/67; "California's People Problem"; "Retraining the Rejects - An Army Success Story"

c.  Release: "Joint Task Force Two...Plans Low Altitude Flying Test Over Parts of Oklahoma and Arkansas"; "American Security Council Study...`The Changing Strategic Military Balance'"

d.  Report:  "The Changing Strategic Military Balance:  U.S.A. vs. U.S.S.R."

F 36: Department of Defense (1967).  Air Force

a.  Correspondence: B-58 supersonic training flights; proposed Tinker AFB hospital expansion program; shortage of skilled personnel in Tinker AFB area; pix of Carl Albert and Maj. Bernard Fisher, recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor; relations between Midwest City and Tinker AFB; Additional on-base housing at Tinker; new crew training program for Altus AFB; proposed Aerospace Logistics Center at Tinker; wage-change survey - Oklahoma City Locality; insertion of remarks made by General McConell and Harold Brown, Secretary of the Air Force; comments by Lockheed Aircraft Corp. on developing a new commercial transport aircraft; preservation of the Clinton-Sherman AFB; the need for a new manned bomber

b.  Release:  supersonic training flights by Strategic Air Command

c.  Resolution: efforts to retain the proposed Tinker AFB hospital expansion program in the FY 68 federal budget

d.  Report: Maj. Bernard Fisher, recipient Congressional Medal of Honor; need for additional on-base housing for Tinker - letter from OKC Chamber of Commerce; 50th Anniversary of Langley AFB, Virginia

F 37: Department of Defense (1967).  Air Force National Guard.

Correspondence: missions to Madrid, Spain; Bangkok, Thailand; Cam Rank Bay, Vietnam; Tachikawa, Japan; Oslo, Norway; Saigon; Kimpo, Korea; Rio De Janeiro; Johannesburg, South Africa; Santiago, Chile; Atlinai, Greece; Torrejon, Spain; Antigua, British West Indies; Udorn, Thailand; DaNang, Vietnam; Richmond, Australia; Howard AFB; Seoul, Korea; Frankfurt, Germany; Panama Canal Zone; Ascension Island; Sidney, Australia; Naples, Italy

F 38: Department of Defense (1967).  Army.

a.  Correspondence: transmittal of booklet containing resolutions adopted by Association of the U.S. Army; establishment of a national cemetery at Fort Reno

b.  Release: retention of reserve officers on active duty without their consent; resolutions adopted by Association of the U.S. Army at their October 12th 1966 meeting; Army four-year ROTC scholarships; future of the national cemetery system; exhibit schedules for September 1967; Stanley Risor, Secretary of the Army; "Sooner Heads Corps" referring to Army's Medical Corps in Vietnam; "An Investment for Your Future - Army ROTC Scholarship Program; List of National Cemetery Installations Having Available Grave Space

c.  House Resolution 7287 to provide for the establishment of a national cemetery in the State of Oklahoma

d.  Court Cases: U.S. Court of Military Appeals, Case #19,942, U.S. vs. Thomas L. Abbott July 14, 1967; Appellate Court Third District Ottawa Case # 66-38, People of the State of Illinois vs. James F. Helm

e.  Clipping: "Why the Dole Doesn't Work"; "Paupers in Uniform"; Pride in Oklahoma Week, Nov. 12-18 1967

f.  Publication:  the Officer -Dec. 1967

F 39: Department of Defense (1967).  Army:  National Guard.

a.  Correspondence: Reserve and National Guard forces; maintaining the 45th Division's designation; transmittal of resolutions adopted by 45th Infantry Division Association; realignment of the Oklahoma National Guard troop structure

b.  Release: excerpt from Secretary McNamara`s for Network Film Cameras; "Realignment of Army Reserve and National Guard Approved by Secretaries McNamara and Vance"

c.  Report: Army National Guard - various statistics on present structure and proposed reorganization

d.  Resolution:  passed by 45th Infantry Division Association; resolution #1 - opposing Secretary of Defense proposal to eliminate the 45th infantry division; resolution #2 - commending Sen. Monroney and Rep. Edmundson success in having Camp Gruber included in 45th Infantry training; resolution #3 - expressing gratitude and appreciation to Msgt. Jack Clapp for loyalty and service to the 45th Division; resolution #4 - expressing appreciation to Colonel John Coffey, Jr. for his service as President of the 45th Infantry Division Association

F 40: Department of Defense (1967).  Army National Guard - Ardmore.

a.  Correspondence: reorganization of Army Reserve Components; support for retaining the 4003rd U.S. Army Garrison Unit

b.  Release:  information for Members of Congress "concerning reorganization plans for Army Reserve Components

F 41: Department of Defense (1967).  Army:  Corps of Engineers.

a.  Correspondence: transmittal of "Water Resources Development by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Oklahoma" Jan. 1967 edition; transmittal of minutes from Mid-Arkansas Valley Development Association; telex:  Webbers Falls Lock and Dam and proposed contract awards;  institution of fee for use of water areas; telex:  contract for construction of roads and parking for the Robert S. Kerr Lock and Dam; transmittal of brochure featuring Tulsa District Corps of Engineers; transmittal of brochure:  Southwestern Regional Conference of the Society of American Military Engineers; policy of the National Rivers and Harbors Congress

b.  Reports: "Status Report for Pending Corps Projects in Tour Area"; "Robert S. Kerr Lock and Dam 15"; "Minutes of the Mid-Arkansas Development Association, Inc. Annual Membership Meeting"; "Southwest Regional Conference of the Society of American Military Engineers"

c.  Release:  "Texas Eyes Kiamichi Water"; "Army Engineers Initiate Graduate Fellowship Program"; "Fees for Floating Facilities to be Charged"

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