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Box 61

Box 62: Defense (1967) - Health, Education and Welfare (1967).

F 1: Department of Defense (1967).  Army:  Corps of Engineers: Camp Gruber

a.  Correspondence:  proposed disposal of a portion of Camp Gruber 

b.  Report:  real estate disposal report no. 257, re:  Camp Gruber

F 2: Department of Defense (1967).  Army:  Corps of Engineers: Lake Texoma.

a.  Correspondence: Lake Texoma Wildlife Refuge; establishment of Oklahoma-Texas boundary on Lake Texoma through use of buoys; study of use of Lake Texoma water for irrigation purposes

b.  Clipping: "New Hunting Areas?"; "It'll Be Big Help"; "Quarter-Million Dollar Development proposed for Areas of Lake Texoma"; "Fun Site Proposed on Government Land"; "Only in Love County"; "Resolution Backs Proposed Program"; "Half of Planned Hunting Area is in This County"; "Texoma Hunting Area Development Proposed"; "Plans Told for Area Fun Site"

c. Report:  establishment of wildlife refuge at Lake Texoma

F 2B: Department of Defense (1967). Army: Corps of Engineers: Central Oklahoma Projects: Deep Fork (1967).

Correspondence re: Project.

F 3: Department of Defense (1967).  Army:  Corps of Engineers: Land Acquisition

a.  Correspondence:  extension of a national forest into Latimer and Pushmataha Counties

b.  Memo: Army-interior land acquisition policy; selling extra land around the reservoirs; Eisenhower policy of land acquisition; acquiring of too much land for reservoir construction by Corps of Engineers

c.  Report: Army-interior reservoir and acquisition policy - 16th report by the Committee on Government Operations; "Unjustifiable Land Acquisition in the State of Oklahoma by the U.S. Government"; government ownership of 1/3 of land area of the United States

d.  Map: Lukfata Reservoir - Glover Creek Oklahoma;   Millwood Reservoir - Little River, Arkansas;   Pine Creek Dam and Reservoir - Little River, OK;   Broken Bow Reservoir - Mountain Fork River, OK; DeQueen Dam and Reservoir - Rolling Fork River, Arkansas; Kierds Dam and Reservoir - Saline River, AR; Gillham Dam and Reservoir - Cossatot River, AR; authorized projects - Tulsa District

e.  Clipping:  joint policies of the Dept. of Interior and Army relative to reservoir project lands

F 4:  Department of Defense (1967).  Army Corps of Engineers:  Poteau River

a.  Correspondence:  findings of survey report on the Poteau River Watershed

b.  Report: notice of survey report on Poteau River Water shed, Oklahoma and Arkansas, in the interest of flood control, water supply, navigation and related water use notice of interested parties who will receive copies of the above survey

F 5: Department of Defense (1967).  Army Corps of Engineers:  User Fees:  Constituents

a.  Correspondence: parking fees at Highway 9 Landing Site on Lake Eufaula;   fees for use of certain facilities on Oklahoma lakes in accordance with the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act of 1965; 9 year old Durant girl who is protesting the user fees charged at Lake Texoma; H.R. 11236 introduced by Rep. Edmondson to eliminate user fees on lakes and reservoirs under Corps administration; Rotary Club of Durant request that user fees be suspended for the night of their annual picnic; letters from:  Eufaula City Council, Lions Club, Chamber of Commerce, and City of Eufaula, all opposing user fees; docking fees in the Ft. Gibson area; Rotary Club and Lions club of Henryetta, Eufaula Business and Professional Women's Club and American Legion of Henryetta, all objecting to user fees; decision by Secretary of the Army to "delay" collection of user fees

b. Release: "Angry Engineers to Change Entrance Fees at 168 Recreational Sites"; "Twenty-five Members of Congress...Joined Today in Introduction of a Bill to Terminate...Entrance and Admission Fees..."

c.  Memo:  charge of parking fees to servicemen; suspension of user fees for Rotary Club picnic;

F 6: Department of Defense (1967).  Army - Corps of Engineers: User Fees:  Department/Data

a.  Correspondence: Changes in the collection of user fees in the Tulsa Engineer District; establishing criteria for determining designated fee areas

b.  Clipping: "Title 43 - Public Lands:  Interior" Federal Register; "Fee Elimination Drive Worthwhile";   "Edmondson Vows Fight Against Mooring Fees"

c.  Release: "Secretary Udall Announces 1967 Fee Schedule for Federal Recreation Areas; Urges Purchase of $7 `Golden Passports' as Contribution to Conservation"; new criteria for establishing fee collection areas; postponement of user fees until completion of Congressional hearings; one year delay for collection of fees

d.  Memo:  consideration of economic conditions of an area in establishing user fees

F 7: Department of Defense (1967).  Civil Defense/Construction.

a.  Release:  "Authorization Sought from Congress for Military Construction Projects"

b.  Transmittal of a bill to allow the Dept. of Defense to authorize needed military construction and secure additional funding for previously authorized projects

c.  Speech: provision of shelters in buildings constructed with federal funds; program for limiting damage form nuclear missiles; defense against nuclear attack

F 8: Department of Defense (1967).  Construction.

a.  Release:  "Authorization Sought from Congress for Military Construction Projects"

b.  Transmittal of a bill to allow the Dept. of Defense to authorize needed military construction and secure additional funding for previously authorized projects

F 9: Department of Defense (1967).  Contracts.

a.  Memo:  Defense Dept. Contractors Locate on Third Congressional District, Oklahoma

b.  Report:  "Dept. of Defense Contractors Located in the Great Southwest"

F 10: Department of Defense (1967).  Draft.

a.  Correspondence: proposed changes in draft laws; transmittal of "The Church and Selective Service"; support of universal military service and utilization of reserve and national guard units

b.  Statement:  "The Church and Selective Service" - 179th General Assembly (1967) of the United Presbyterian Church

F 11: Department of Defense (1967).  National Guard.

Correspondence: deactivation of the 45th Infantry Division; telegram:  proposed realignment of Army Reserve and Army National Guard; article in Life magazine suggesting the 45th Infantry Division is unnecessary and ineffective; cargo transport to Tarrejon, Spain by an Oklahoma Air National Guard

F 12: Department of Defense (1967).  National Guard:  Camp Gruber

a.  Correspondence:  effect of the Oklahoma National Guard to gain use of a portion of Camp Gruber; transmittal of copy of long range plan for Camp Gruber

b.  Report: license of Department of Camp Gruber Military Reservation ; long-range plan Camp Gruber Military Reservation - 1 July, 1967

F 13: Department of Defense (1967).  National Guard:  Civil Disturbance Manual

a.  Correspondence:  use of Oklahoma National Guard in controlling civil disturbances

b.  operation plan track meet 8/4/67

F 14: Department of Defense (1967).  Navy.

a.  Correspondence: completion of sea trial aboard USS Queenfish; transmittal of "Freedom and the Knowledge Gap"; completion of sea trials aboard USS Jack; offer of assistance from Navy Office of Legislative Affairs;  completion of sea trials aboard USS Ray; sentencing of US Marine found guilty of shooting a Vietnamese civilian; launching of Tautog SSN-639 - nuclear submarine; completion of sea trials of the USS Truxton; launching of Gurhard - nuclear submarine; completion of sea trials of USS Greenling;  completion of sea trials of USS Pargo; launching of USS Narwhale; transmittal of information on McAlester, OK to Commander Gamoth of the U.S. Navy; completion of sea trials for the USS Gato and the USS Baddock; launching of the USS Sea Devil;  completion of sea trials for the USS Lapon;  Captain Boyer's visit to McAlester;  launching of ASPRO SSN-648 - nuclear submarine

b.  Release:  "Overseas Shipbuilding Prohibition"; "Freedom and the Knowledge Gap"; "The Polaris Submarine"; "USS Will Rogers"; "Policy of the Chief of Naval Personnel Governing the Separation of Naval Personnel for Reasons of Dependency or Hardship"

c. Memo:  obtaining Will Rogers memorabilia to commemorate the launching of the USS Will Rogers

d.  Clippings:  letters to the editor concerning the sentencing of US Marine for shooting Vietnamese civilian

15: Department of Defense (1967).  Navy:  Naval Ammunition Depot

a.  Correspondence: civilian personnel ceiling for the depot; manufacturing of overalls in the depot; transmittal of Ordnance May-June `67 edition

b.  Memo:  Fred Oliver of NAS, McAlester; increase in Naval wage schedules

c.  Publication: the NcAnad News - McAlester Friday, 5/19/67; Ordnance, May-June 1967 edition

F 16: Department of Defense (1967).  Procurement.

Report:  "Selling to the Military"

F 17: Department of Defense (1967).  S.P.R.E.A.D.

a.  Correspondence: transmittal of American Motorist; transmittal of photographs as per Father Tom Stafford stationed in Guatemala; shipment of medicines and X-ray equipment to Guatemala; use of FAA planes to transport medical supplies to S.P.R.E.A.D.`s Guatemala Mission; use of Air Force planes for shipment of S.P.R.E.A.D. supplies; unavailability of USAF planes for supply trans port; use of American Council of Voluntary Agencies' transport supplies to Guatemala; agreement by Catholic Relief Services to trans port supplies to Guatemala; use of Oklahoma Air National Guard for delivery of supplies to Guatemala;  inventory and supply lists and assorted letters concerning Oklahoma missionary effort in Guatemala; meeting between S.P.R.E.A.D. representative, Rev. Towner, and Bohob Reed concerning Guatemala mission work;  commendation of USAF in efforts to airlift medical supplies to Guatemala; commendation of Mr. Albert's efforts in arranging for the shipment of medical supplies; commendation of Colonel M.D. Casey, Deputy Director Office of Information (USAF) efforts in arranging airlift for supplies; arrangements for second shipment of supplies to Guatemala; materials sent to Guatemala;  inventory of materials sent to mission in Guatemala; various information about the mission to Santiago de Atitlan, Guatemala

b.  Release:  S.P.R.E.A.D. mission to Guatemala; "Airlift Starts to Guatemala";

F 18: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (1967)

Correspondence: new EEOC guidelines on discrimination because of religion; complaint lodged by Otis Abner against the OKC Street Dept.

F 19: Federal Communication Commission (1967)

a.  Correspondence: ABC-ITT merger; lack of nighttime service in Oklahoma from standard broadcast (AM) stations; transmittal of copy of Industrial Communications Weekly Information Service; rules governing citizens band radio; copyright bill; grant of super power to clear channel stations; increased LETS rates; cigarette advertising on radio; interstate rates of Bell Telephone System; FCC and the public interest; broadcasting the radio program "Christian Crusade"; warning of health hazard of cigarette TV commercials; transmittal of FCC report concerning religions broadcasts; transfer of a station license to Boulder, Co.

b. Publication:  "Industrial Communications Weekly Information Service" March 10, 1967 edition

c.  Report: status of proposed changes in private line/telpax rates as they relate to L.E.T.S.; "Broadcast Action FM Table of Assignments Amended"; "Broadcast Bureau Summary of FCC Policies Pertinent to Complaints Involving Matters of Fairness and Related Areas"

d.  Public notice:  distribution of television broadcast signals - Docket #15971

F 20: Farm Credit Administration (1967).  Federal Land Bank.

a.  Correspondence:  50th anniversary of federal land bank system

b.  Release:  federal land banks

F 21: Federal Power Commission (1967).

a.  Correspondence: LP-Gas information kit; Federal Power Commission's report on "Prevention of Power Failures"

b.  Report:  LP-Gas information kit

F 22: Federal Trade Commission (1967).

Correspondence:  complaint filed by Gilt Edge Dairy against Fairmont Foods concerning prices

F 23: Foreign Claims Settlement Commission (1967).

Reports:  Foreign Claims Settlement Commission of the United States-Dec. 31, 1965; June 30 1966; Dec 31, 1966

F 24: General Services Administration (1967).

a.  Correspondence: remodeling of court house at McAlester; disposal of Alcatraz Island; Sing Out America `67; moving of GSA offices to the federal building; sale of cement copper and other commodities

b.  Release:   assignment of land near Wilburton for college use; deputy regional administrator

c.  Resolution:  R.2058 - provides for the erection of a monument on Alcatraz Island

F 25: Health, Education and Welfare (1967). 

Correspondence: air pollution standards; proceedings of Nov. 1965 White House Conference on Health

F 26: Health, Education and Welfare (1967).  Alcoholism.

Correspondence:  H.E.W.'s new program on alcoholism; government study called "Alcohol Problems:  A Report to the Nation"

F 27: Health, Education and Welfare (1967).  Education.

Correspondence: LeFlore County's Head Start program; transmittal of Oklahoma Educational Directory for 1966-7;   transmittal of Fact Book, Office of Education Programs; Title VI (Public Law 89-750) concerning education and training of handicapped children; reactions to National Education Association twelve point program; experiment at University of Maryland using rats; adult education programs

F 28: Health, Education and Welfare (1967).  Education: Data.

Report: staff progress evaluation - Kingfisher Co. Special Education Services Program, Summer 1967; H.R. 7819 and school district groupings; continuing education programs for women;   National Council of Teachers of English-1968 students recommended for college scholarships; "Education is Good Business"; "Fact Book:  Office of Education Programs" Jan. 1967

F 29: Health, Education and Welfare (1967).  Education: Adult Basic Education.

a.  Correspondence: shortage of funds for State Adult Basic Education programs; results of Pauls Valley Adult Basic Education program; support for H.R. 4779, H.R. 7754, H.R. 8191 concerning supplemental funding for adult basic education program; "Adult Basic Education:  Program Summary"

b.  Clipping:  "Mrs. Johnson is Gone Memory Lingers"

F 30: Health, Education and Welfare (1967).  Education:  Board for Fundamental Education.

a.  Correspondence:  presentation of the BFE story for Members of Congress

b.  Report:  "A Positive Program of Uplift for the Disadvantaged People of the United States"

F 31: Health, Education and Welfare (1967).  Education:  Civil Rights.

a.  Correspondence: Civil Rights Act applications for public school;   abolition of HEW guidelines requested by teachers of Centerville High School, St. Mary Parish, Louisiana

b.  Release:  termination of eligibility of 21 school districts and one college for failure to comply with non-discrimination provisions of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

F 32: Health, Education and Welfare (1967).  Education:  Elementary and Secondary Education.

Correspondence: notification of projects to be funded under Title III of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965; education of military dependent children by Waynesville, Mo. school district; information on the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965; opposition to amendments to Title III of Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965; Housing and Urban Development Bill creating the Model Cities Program; ESEA bill; rural school closings and the technical panel of Cimarron County's opposition; desegregation process of Fox Public Schools; seminar held by National School Public Relations Association; Title III program in Flathead, Co. Montana

F 33:  Health, Education and Welfare (1967).  Education:  Elementary/Secondary:  Data.

a.  Release: "...approval of 173 project stimulate innovation and experimentation in the schools" -HEW; "Congressional Notification of Grant Award"

b.  Report:  "Comparison of Authorizations under Committee Bill (H.R. 7819) and Quie Substitute"; state by state list of local educational agencies whose proposals had been approved for support; "PACE (Projects to Advance Creativity in Education) ESFA/Title III; "Stepping up with PACE"

F 34: Health, Education and Welfare (1967).  Education:  Elementary/Secretary:  District Grant Awards.

Correspondence: federal funds for Idabel Independent School District #5; Tishomingo Independent School District #5; Valiant school district; Mannsville Independent School District #7; Connerville Independent School District #40; Quinton Independent School District #40; Mead Independent School District #7; Gowen Dependent School District #4; Kiowa Independent School District #4;  Pittsburg Independent School District #63; Talihina Independent School District #52; Krebs Dependent School District #9; Stringtown Independent School District #7; North Bethel Dependent School District #15;  Savanna Independent School District #30; Buffalo Valley Independent School District #30; McAlester Independent School District #80; Indianola Independent School District #25; Haileyville Independent School District #11; Atoka Independent School District #15; Davis Independent School District #10; Caddo Independent School District #5; Ardmore Independent School District #19; Wilburton Independent School District #1; Wister Independent School District #49; Pontotoc Dependent School District #43; Calera Independent School District #48; Fanshawe Independent School District #39; Honobia Dependent School District #53; LeFlore County Independent School District #16; Smithville Independent School District #14; Sulphur Independent School District #1; Eagletown Independent School District #13

F 35: Health, Education and Welfare (1967).  Education:  Elementary/Secondary:  District Grant Awards.

Correspondence: grant to Durant Public Schools for contribution of TV pilot programs; federal funds for Dacola Independent School District #7; Heavener Independent School District; delay in payment of funds to Valliant Public Schools; Whitesboro Independent School District #62; Valliant Independent School District #11; Heavener Independent School District #3; Broken Bow Independent School District #74; Battiest Independent School District #71; Haywood Independent School District # 88; Colbert Independent School District # 4; Lukfata Dependent School District #9; Lark Dependent School District #19; Panola Independent School District #4; Crowder Independent School District #28; Southeastern State College Indian Youth Development Program; Woodland Dependent School District #4; delay in payment of funds to Canadian Public Schools; Nida Dependent School District #2; Madill Independent School District #2; Poteau Independent School District #2; Ravia Independent School District #10; Woodville Dependent School District #4; Dow Dependent School District #19; Canadian Independent School District #2; construction at Valliant School; Hodgen Dependent School District #14; Caney Independent School District #26; Cobb Independent School District #1

F 36: Health, Education and Welfare (1967).  Education:  Elementary/Secondary:  District Project.

a.  Correspondence: neglected and delinquent children amendment; application for federal grant by Idabel School District #5; proposal for a cooperative diagnostic and remedial services center; appropriation of funds for Atoka County; continuation grant for the cultural awareness program; grant for Murray State Agricultural College; Sallisaw building project application; transmittal of "Special Report:  Summer Projects"

b.  Report:  "Special Reports:  Summer Projects"; application for pre-first grade program for unprepared children - attachment is "Elementary Word Power"

c.  Release:  awards for Third District OK to continue college work/study program

F 37: Health, Education and Welfare (1967).  Education:  Elementary/Secondary:  Sequoyah County.

a.  Correspondence:  application for Sequoyah County Remedial Services Center

b.  Report:  proposed for a cooperative diagnostic and clinical remedial services center

F 38: Health, Education and Welfare (1967).  Education:  Higher Education.

a.  Correspondence: Institute of Aerospace Law at Southern Methodist University; Elementary and Secondary Education Act; Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education proposal for "Project Help"; approval of work/study funds for OBU, OSU and East Central; International Education Act; establishing a junior college program in Ardmore; proposed Institute for Advanced Study at Southeastern; award of work/study funds to Murray State College; racial integration and Langston University; proposed study of various problems of the public schools of Oklahoma; approval of funds for construction of academic buildings on seven Oklahoma University and College campuses

b.  Clipping:  "Civil Rights Push May Aim at Langston"

c.  Report:  "Student Educational Assistance Fund Administrative Procedures

F 39: Health, Education and Welfare (1967).  Education:  Higher Education:  Data.

a.  Report: experience teacher fellowship programs; Policies and Procedures Manual for acquisition of library materials; faculty development programs; loans to Cuban Students in Institutions of Higher Education; Title III of Higher Education Act of 1965, strengthening developing institutions; Educational Opportunity Grants Program; chart of institutions in Oklahoma; institutions of higher education receiving grants under Title III, the Higher Education Act of 1965

F 40: Health, Education and Welfare (1967).  Education:  Higher Education:  Cuban Students Loan Fund.

Report:  approval of allocations to institutions participating in the U.S. Loan Program for Cuban Students:  Feb. 27, 1967; Mar. 20, 1967; Sept. 1967; Dec. 1967; Dec. 1967

F 41: Health, Education and Welfare (1967).  Education:  Higher Education:  Northeastern State College.

a.  Correspondence:  Youth Opportunities Unlimited program

b.  Report:  progress report - youth Opportunities Unlimited;   a proposal submitted to the U.S. Commissioner of Education for support through contracts to encourage the full utilization of educational talent - Mar. 15, 1967 submitted; Dec. 7, 1967 submitted.

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