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Box 63

Box 64: Interior (1967) - National Mediation Board (1967).

F 1: Department of the Interior (1967).  Indian Affairs:  Muskogee Office Reports.

Report: "Highlights of Program Activities"; "Muskogee Area Office Semi-Annual Report July 1-Dec. 31, 1967"

F 2: Department of the Interior (1967).  Indian Affairs:  Osage.

Correspondence:  tribal assets and support of H.R. 10560

F 3: Department of the Interior (1967).  Indian Affairs:  Seminole.

Correspondence: relocation of Seminole cemetery;   right of Seminoles to adopt a new constitution

F 4: Department of the Interior (1967).  Land Management, Bureau of.

Correspondence: money orders as payment for rentals for oil and gas simultaneous drawings;   resolutions adopted at Western States Land Commissioners Association convention- copies of resolutions included

F 5: Department of the Interior (1967).  Bureau of Mines.

a.  Correspondence:  transmittal of "Automobile Disposal, A National Problem"

b.  Report:  "Surface Mining and Our Environment"

F 6: Department of the Interior (1967).  National Park Service.

a.  Correspondence: transmittal of publications concerning the National Park Service;   Superintendent Spalding's move from Platt National Park to Oregon; transmittal of booklet:  proposed expansion of Platt National Park and the Arbuckle Recreation Area;   National Park Service contract award to Nelson Construction Co.;   Mr. Albert's acceptance of position on the 1967 Christmas Pageant of Peace

b.  Release: "Increased Oil Recovery through Conservation Practices";   "Oil Import Level Announced for Calendar Year 1967" statistics included; statement by F. Allen Calvert, Jr. Pres. of Independent Petroleum Association of America; "Rubin Moves from OIAB; Johnson Appointed as Successor; statement by E.A. Smith to I.P.A.A. Import Policy Meeting, Washington D.C.

c.  Report: "Distillate Fuel Oil"; proposed bill to amend the Tariff Schedule of the United States to impose duty on natural gas;   "Oil Import Administration - Refinery Crude and Unfinished Oil Import Allocations for the Period Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 1967

d  Clipping:  recent legislation on the oil industry

F 7: Department of the Interior (1967). National Wildlife Federation.

Report re: Conservation Directory 1967

F 8: Department of the Interior (1967). Oil.

a. Correspondence re: Price of gasoline; Rollback in gasoline price increases; Objection to Dept. of Interior's oil import program; Tariff on natural gas imports; Appointment of Glen Johnson as chairman of Oil Import Appeals Board; I.P.A.A. Import Policy Committee, Washington, D. C.; Proposed modifications of Oil Import Program; Other views on oil import situation; Objections to decontrol of heating oil

b. Release re: "Increased Oil Recovery Through Conservation Practices"; "Oil Import Level Announced for Calendar Year 1967"; Statement by F. Allen Calvert Jr., President of Independent Petroleum Assn. of America; "Rubin moves from OIAB; Johnson appointed as successor"; Statement by E. A. Smith to I.P.A.A. Import Policy meeting, Washington, D. C.

c. Report re: Distillate fuel oil; Proposed bill to amend the tariff schedule of the United States to impose duty on natural gas; "Oil Import Administration-Refinery Crude and Unfinished Oil Import Allocations for the Period Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 1967."

d. Clipping re: . Recent legislation on the oil industry.

F 9: Department of the Interior (1967).  Oil:  Middle East Emergency.

A.  Correspondence:  measures taken to deal with oil supply problem caused by the Middle East

B.  Release: "Free World Petroleum Supply and Transportation Adequate for Needs";   "Remarks of Asst. Sec. of Int. J. Cordell Moore before the Emergency Petroleum Supply Committee Meeting;   "Interior Declares Petroleum Emergency, FPSC Activated";   "Oil Plan of Action Approved:  Emergency Supply Committee Appointed"

C.  Report: "Appraisal of Tanker Availability/Utilization 3rd Quarter 1967"; "Appraisal of Foreign Petroleum Supply/Demand 3rd Quarter 1967";   "Chronology of Action in Regard to the Oil Emergency;   summarization of the emergency petroleum supply committee findings

F 10: Department of the Interior (1967).  Outdoor Recreation.

a.  Correspondence:  project proposed for City of Durant

b.  Release:  "Oklahoma Receives Federal Grant for Development of an Outdoor Recreation Project in Yukon";   "Nationwide System of Trails Recommended to Interior and Agriculture Secretaries";   "12 Organizations Receive Golden Eagle Awards from Secretaries Freeman and Udall";   grant approval for Arrowhead State Park road improvements;   possible grants for recreational area near Davis, OK

c.  Clipping:  "City Asks Fund Help for Park Expansion"

d.  Report: "Outdoor Recreation ACTION -July 1967";   "Outdoor Recreation ACTION -Oct. 1967";   "Trails for America -Report on the Nationwide Trail Study"

F 11: Department of the Interior (1967).  Bureau of Reclamation.

a.  Correspondence: transmittal of info on reclamation to Mr. Albert;   recreational development at Arbuckle Reclamation Project

b.  Release:  "San Luis Joint Use Facilities Nearing Completion at $14 Million Below Estimated Costs"

c.  Report:   "Program Highlights - Projects under Construction";   "Bureau of Reclamation - Planning Program";   "Atmospheric Water Resources Research Program of the Dept. of Interior";   "Job Corps Conservation Center Program";   "Reclamation ERA";   "Water - the Key to Oklahoma's Future"

F 12: Department of the Interior (1967).  Soil/Water Conservation.

a.  Correspondence:  Little River Soil Conservation District

b.  Release:  "Secretary Udall Announces Agreement with 406 Soil and Water Conservation Districts"

F 13: Department of the Interior (1967).  Southwestern Power Administration.

a.  Correspondence:   proposed contract between SPA and 8 utility companies in Southwest; memo:  meeting between representatives of various power companies to discuss proposed power pooling contract with SPA; proposed $400,000 for planning of interconnection of lines for SPA

b.  Report: "Report on Proposed Contract between SPA and Eight Utility Companies";   Memo:  "Review of SPA - Eight Company Contract";   "Statement of H.M. Dillon, Sec.-Tres. of the Advisory Committee on Power for the Southwest before the Subcommittee on Bureau of Reclamation and Interior Power Activities Committee Appropriations"

F 14: Department of the Interior (1967).  Water Pollution.

a.  Correspondence: approval of an outfall sewer line in McAlester;   approval of Ft. Towson's construction grant;   approval of grant to McCurtain County Community Trust

b.  Release: grant award to McAlester municipal improvement authority; outfall sewer line in McAlester ;   grant to Ft. Towson Public Works Authority

c.  Report:   "Water Quality Standards Questions and Answers;   "Statement by Sec. of Interior Stewart Udall on Water Quality Standards"

F 15: Interstate Commerce Commission (1967). 

a.  Correspondence:   selection of William Tucker as Chairman of I.C.C.;   changes in ICC organization under Public Law 89-670;   composition of ICC

b.  Report:   "A 1967 Outlook";   "ICC 81st Annual Report 1967"

c.  Release:  "Appointments to Policy and Planning Committee Announced by Chairman William Tucker"

F 16: Interstate Commerce Commission (1967).  Railroads.

a.  Correspondence:   special rate from Chelsea to Kansas City;   cancellation of freight rate complaint, Docket #34789; railroad management disputes under compulsory arbitration law

b.  Release:   "Investigation of Adequacy of Railroad Freight Car Ownership, Car Utilization, Distribution, Rules and Practices"; extension of transaction time in finance Dockets #23692, #23690, and #23691;   denial of Property Owners Committee appeal;   ICC clears way for Penn-Central merger by directing inclusion of three railroads in Norfolk and Western

c.  Report:  "ICC - Finance Docket #21989 - Pennsylvania Railroad Co. merger-New York Central Railroad Co.;   "The State of OK., et al vs. Alton and Southern Railway Company et al"  statement of complaint;   "American Railroads and Government Regulation"

F 17: Interstate Commerce Commission (1967).  Railroad:  Kansas City Southern Railway.

Correspondence:  discontinuance of service from New Orleans to Kansas City

F 18: Interstate Commerce Commission (1967).  Trucking Lines.

a. Correspondence: rates for shipment of materials on government bills; securing emergency operating authority into Gulfport, Miss.; application for temporary operating authority by Texas-Arizona, TIME, and LeeWay;   Oklahoma Corp. Committee vs. Texas Oklahoma Express, Inc.;   shipping of merchandise where interlining with another carrier is necessary; dismissal of petition filed by Merchant's Fast Motor Lines, Inc.;   modification of certificates issued to Texas Arizona Motor Freight, Inc.;   denial of petition filed by Aero Mayflower Transit, Allied Van Lines, North American Van Lines, and United Van Lines; approval of public convenience and necessity for Lee Way Motor Freight, Inc.

F 19: Interstate Commerce Commission (1967).  Trucking:  Santa Fe Trail Co.

Correspondence: order issued by the ICC restricting operations of the Sante Fe Trail Co.; order's provision for overnight freight service to Dallas; application of Sante Fe Trail Co. to provide service between Sulphur and Dallas; denial of Sante Fe's petition to provide service on a permanent basis;   re-submission of petition by Sante Fe; 2nd denial of petition to provide freight service to Dallas by Sante Fe; granting of temporary authority to Texas-Oklahoma Express to provide freight service in the Marietta area

F 20: Interstate Commerce Commission (1967).  Trucking:  Sante Fe Trail Co.

Orders: approval of petition by Sante Fe Trail Co. to provide freight service between Marietta and Dallas;   restricting Sante Fe's service to or from Oklahoma City; Braswell Motor Freight Lines, Inc.; Western Gillette, Inc. protest of Sante Fe Trail Co.`s operating authority; Texas-Oklahoma Express, Inc. protest of Santa Fe Trail Co's operating authority

F 21: Justice, Department of (1967). 

Correspondence: transmittal of report by the Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice; publicity given Stokely Carmichael; communist peace marchers; demonstration march by anti-Vietnam war group

F 22: Justice, Department of (1967).  F.B.I.

Program from the Graduation Exercises of the 79th Session FBI National Academy, June 7, 1967

F 23: Justice, Department of (1967).  Immigration/Naturalization.

Correspondence: OK residents who were granted U.S. citizenship in Dec. 1966; OK residents who were granted U.S. citizenship in 1967 (monthly reports)

F 24: Department of Labor (1967).

a.  Correspondence: Taft - Hartley Act; designation of Pittsburg Co. as labor surplus area; national railroad labor dispute; extension of expiration date on wage scale; predetermined wages for river and dated work; Economic Opportunity Act 1964; Community Work and Training Program; equal pay scales for men and women; discontinuance of ambulance service; operation mainstream sponsored by Bryan County Community Action Foundation, Inc.

b.  Release: legislation to postpone railroad strike; Labor Secretary Wirtz Proposed to Update Child Labor Regulations"; 3.  approval of manpower training project for Ardmore Public School; approval of manpower training project for Southeastern State College;   statement on the opening of contract negotiations between General Motors and the United Auto Workers by Louis G. Seaton, Gen. Motors; "McAlester Labor Market Trends"

c. Report: "Fact Sheet on Railroad Shopcrafts' Dispute"; "Statement by Willard Wirtz, Secretary of Labor before Subcommittee on Poverty-House Comm. on Education and Labor"; 3.  "Statement of Willard Wirtz, Secretary of Labor, before Senate Finance Comm. on Community Work and Training Provisions of the Social Security Amendments of 1967"

d.  Clipping: "Right to Strike Backed Overwhelmingly in U.S."; "Big Brother Says No"; "Ambulance Service Being Forced Out by Gov."; "Stopping Ambulance Service is Confirmed"

F 25: Labor, Department of (1967).  Data.

a.  Correspondence:  Fair Labor Standards Amendments of 1966

b.  Report: statistics on "Crop Share - Leasing Arrangements in North Carolina; "Handy Reference Guide to the Fair Labor Standards Act"; "Work Injury Benefits for Federal Employees"; "City Worker's Family Budget"

F 26: Labor, Department of (1967).  Aliens.

Information:  immigration and nationality Act- copy of current regulations, revised forms and instructions

F 27: Labor, Department of (1967).  AFL/CIO.

a.  Correspondence: resolution adopted by AFL-CIO; letter by Judy Armstrong that appeared in the American Federationist

b.  Release:  "Social Progress under the Johnson Administration"

c.  Report:  "Labor Looks at Automation."

F 28: Labor, Department of (1967).  Manpower Training Grants.

a.  Correspondence: approval of Manpower Development and Training Act Project for Ardmore; approval of manpower Development and Training Act Project for Ardmore; manpower projects to train people for mining operations

b.  Report: "Fact Sheet" on Dept. of Labor programs; "Guidelines and Conditions for Grant and Contract Research"; "NYC Sponsors Detailed Statement of Costs

c.  Release: "Secretary Wirtz Announces Approval of Training Programs for Redevelopment Areas"; approval of Manpower Training Project for Southeastern State College; approval of Manpower Training Projects for Poteau Community College

F 29: Labor, Department of (1967).  Neighborhood Youth Corps Projects.

a.  Correspondence: Creek Nation Neighborhood Youth Corps Project; Youth Corps project for Murray State College of Agriculture; multi-county work training program

b.  Report:  "Application Nelson-Sheuer Work Training Project - Atoka Bryan Coal Pontotoc Counties"

F 30: Labor, Department of (1967).  Veterans.

Report:  employment services for veterans

F 31: Library of Congress (1967).

a.  Correspondence: "Digest of Public General Bills and Resolutions"; eminent domain - federal condemnation procedures for land;   transmittal of "Aspects of Intellectual Ferment in the Soviet Union"

b.  Report:   "Competence of Congress to confer power of eminent domain upon a quasi-public agency such as National Capital Planning Committee";   "Message on the Dedication of Statue of the Late John Fitzgerald Kennedy at Big Cedar, OK";   "Aspects of Intellectual Ferment in the Soviet Union";   "LRS Multihead Reports - Jan. 1967"; "LRS Multihead Reports - April 1967"; "LRS Multihead Reports Cumulated Issue with Index for Numbers 1-14 Sept. 1965-Dec. 1966;   "Proposals to Reform our Electrical System"

F 32: NASA (1967). 

a.  Correspondence: Christmas greetings from Wernher Von Braun, Director NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL; 2.  federal program to "get to the moon"; death of three Apollo astronauts;   airlift of outside cargo; Fortune Magazine article - "Earthly Management of Space"

b.  Clipping: "A Better Road"; "Earthly Management of Space"

c.  Report: "The Space Program in the Post-Apollo Period"; "From Runnymede to Ganymede"; modifications of the space program; "Aerospacelines, Inc. -Specializing in Outside Cargo Airlift"

d.  Release: "NASA Research Grants, Contracts Awarded to 19"; "Goddard Contract Awarded"

F 33: National Foundation for Arts and Humanities.

a.  Release: "Announcement of Programs - National Endowment for the Humanities";  Grants to states - OK Arts and Humanities Council; "Strengthening Instruction in the Humanities and the Arts"

B.  Report:  "National Endowment for the Humanities"

F 34: National Labor Relations Board (1967).

a.  Correspondence: investigation of Pipefitters Local Union No. 351 vs. Hill Engineering Inc.; ethics of National Labor Relations Board decisions; results of investigation of Hill Engineering, Inc.

b.  Petition asking for investigation of Hill Engineering Inc. and Pipefitters Local Union No. 351

F 35:  National Mediation Board (1967).

Correspondence: selection of Tom Kenan as neutral arbitrator before the Third Division Supplemental, National Railroad Adjustment Board in Chicago; Braniff International Airways representation dispute; union election for Braniff employees

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