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Box 64

Box 65: National Science Foundation (1967) - State.

F 1: National Science Foundation (1967).

a.  Correspondence: elementary mathematics and science curriculum; transmittal of Education and Science in the Arab World

b.  Release: "Summer Conferences Funded by NSF to Aid Elementary Science and Math Classes"; "National Science Foundation - Grant Awarded June 22, 1967"; "Applications Being Accepted for New Fellowship Program"; "National Science Foundation - Grant Awarded June 16, 1967"; "National Science Foundation - Grant Awarded June 29, 1967";   "National Science Foundation - Grant Awarded August 15, 1967"; "National Science Foundation - Grant Awarded August 29, 1967; "National Science Foundation - Grant Awarded October 6, 1967; "National Science Foundation - Grant Awarded October 19, 1967;  "National Science Foundation - Grant Awarded January 2, 1967;  "NSF Grants Enable 3712 Undergraduates to Engage in Research"

c.  Report:  "American Science Manpower 1964"

F 2: Office of Economic Opportunity (1967).  Appropriation.

a.  Correspondence: Economic Opportunity Act; authorization bill for OEO

b.  Report:  "Economic Opportunity Act-FY 1968 Funding"

F 3: Office of Economic Opportunity (1967).  Colleagues.

Release: OEO grant procedures; "The Republican Opportunity Crusade 'Pure Politics'"; "New Weapons of Public Administration in the War on Poverty - the Miracle of OEO"

F 4: Office of Economic Opportunity (1967).  Data.

Report: "Operation Cooperation"; "The Human Story"

F 5: Office of Economic Opportunity (1967).  Foster Grandparent Program.

a.  Release: Foster Grandparent Program funding for Sallisaw, OK; Foster Grandparent Funding Proposals nationwide 1966

b.  Correspondence:  funding for Five Civilized Tribes' Foster Grandparent Program

F 6: Office of Economic Opportunity (1967).  General Correspondence:  Oklahoma.

Correspondence: newsletter from division of Economic Opportunity, Office of the Governor; Vietnam and the fear of deficit spending; war on poverty; community action program in Hugo; transmittal of article from U.S. News and World Report; poverty programs in OK, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas; riots and protesting:  the war on poverty; large salaries of OEO officials; proposed pay increase and effects on the poverty program

F 7: Office of Economic Opportunity (1967).  General Correspondence:  Out of State.

a. Correspondence: National Advisory Council on Economic Opportunity; grant to Southwestern Alabama Farmers Cooperative Association; National Association for Community Development;   Business Leadership Advisory Council to the Office of Economic Opportunity; programs designated for seasonal farm workers;   transmittal of statement by Lutheran Church in America concerning war on poverty; suggestions for improvement of poverty programs;   testimony and voting record of the Business Leadership Advisory Council to the OEO;   "New Careers" program for Shawnee Co., Kansas; statement of support for OEO by U.S. Conference of Mayors; urging introduction of a family planning program to the War on Poverty; petition protesting reductions in poverty program; urging support of Head Start program; relationship between the Small Business Administration and the Small Business Development Centers; support for Senate version of 1967 amendments to the Economic Opportunity Act;  transmittal of article by William Rasberry "Anacostia Co-Op May Be a Model";  Project ENABLE

b.  Release: appointment of National Advisory Council on Economic Opportunity;   "The Crisis in the House with Regard to the War on Poverty";   "Poverty";   "The Family Aid Program - 1500 Each to Win the War on Poverty";   "Resolution Regarding Poverty Program - Economic Opportunity Act";   "Association of State Colleges and Universities Resolution";   "Resolution Objecting to the Classification of Students According to Ethnic Groups or National Origin";   "Resolutions Adopted at the Annual Conference and Meeting of the National Association for community development april 5, 1967"

c.  Report: "Home Education Livelihood Program";   "Statement on Economic Opportunity Programs before the House Education and Labor Committee for the Chamber of Commerce of the United States by John Burkhart July 28, 1967";   "ENABLE Found the Way" -booklet explaining the effects of project ENABLE

d.  Clipping: "Anacostia Co-Op May Be a Model";   "A Hand Up Not a Hand Out" -ad in Sept. 1967 issue of Nation's Business

F 8: Office of Economic Opportunity (1967).  Community Action:  Oklahoma.

a.  Correspondence: Pittsburg Co. CAP application ; transmittal of Sequoyah Co. C.A.A. Newsletter;   Urban League of OKC; state technical assistance grant;   community action program funded under Community Action Agency of OKC-county; Community Action Agencies' new processing procedure for Nelson-Scheuer;   Community Action Program of Wilberton; Pittsburg Co. Community Action Program; ARVAC, Inc. and Acadiana Neuf (Arkansas and Louisiana Multi-County Units);10. tourist information book for Broken Bow, OK;  notification of receipt of application; for Latimer Co. Community Action, Inc.;  transmittal of grant announcement for McCurtain Co.;  grant award to Leflore Co. Community Action Foundation, Inc.; KEDDO tours and CAPs for OK;  Haskell Co. Community Action Foundation;  grants to Haskell Co. Community Action Foundation, Inc. and Seminole Economic Development Foundation; refusal to consider grant proposal submitted by Seminole Co. Economic Development Foundation;  grant to Cotton Co. Community Action Foundation

b.  Release: announcement of OEO grants to State of Oklahoma; grant approval for Murray Co. Community Action Foundation; "Latimer Co. Community Action Newsletter"; grant approval for Choctaw Co. Community Action Foundation; funds for Hughes Co. Development Foundation; announcement of OEO grant to McCurtain Co.; announcement of OEO grant to Haskell Co.; announcement of OEO grant to Seminole Co.;   announcement of OEO grant to Marshall Co.

c.  Report: minutes from C.A.P. Director's Association of Southeastern OK meeting;   "Bryan Co.  C.A.A. Report" July 1967;   "Should the War on Poverty Be Continued?"

F 9: Office of Economic Opportunity (1967).  Community Action:  Oklahoma:  Statewide Newsletter/Project Reports.

a.  Correspondence:   applications for CAP grants in 3rd District

b.  Reports: "CAP Grants and/or Contracts with Selected Organizations or Groups";   report of CAP applications for the State of Oklahoma; "Community Action Directory";   "Community Action Comments" Jan. 1967, March 1967, April 1967, May 1967, June-July-August 1967

F 10: Office of Economic Opportunity (1967).  Community Action:  Oklahoma Office Consolidation.

a.  Correspondence: opposition to consolidation of Oklahoma Community Action Agencies;   transmittal of statement:  consolidation; meeting of Board of Directors for the Sequoyah County Development Foundation

b.  Report:  "CAA Consolidations - Oklahoma-OEO Southwest Regional Policy Statement -by Walter Richte

c.  Clipping:  "County CAP says No, No, No"

F 11: Office of Economic Opportunity (1967).  Community Action:  Oklahoma, Johnston County.

a.  Report: "CAP Comments - Johnston Co. Community Action Foundation, Inc."  Jan. 3, 1967; Feb. 3, 1967; April 5, 1967

b.  Correspondence:  consolidation of Johnston, Murray, Marshall Co. Community Action Foundation.

F 12: Office of Economic Opportunity (1967). Community Action: Muskogee Action.

Correspondence re: Community Action Programs in Muskogee-Newsletter included.

F 13: Office of Economic Opportunity (1967). Community Action: Oklahoma: Okmulgee.

Correspondence re: Nelson Amendment Beautification Project in Okmulgee County.; CAP Newsletter-Okmulgee County Community Action Foundation, Inc. May-Sept. 1967.

F 14: Office of Economic Opportunity (1967). Community Action: Out of State.

a. Correspondence re: Transmittal of Brochures re: CAP Projects.; Notice from OEO to Members of Congress re: OEO Purpose; Urging that CAP/Head Start not be changed; Transmittal of CAP activities in New Haven, Connecticut.

b. Report re: Westchester, NY CAP and War on Poverty.

F 15: Office of Economic Opportunity (1967). Head Start.

a. Correspondence re: Durant's Head Start Program; Approval of Head Start Program for LeFlore County; Johnston County Head Start Program; Summer Head Start Program; Grant for Murray County Head Start Program; Atoka County Head Start Program; Summer Head Start Program for Choctaw County in Hugo; Coal County Head Start Program; Training Program at OU for Head Start Administrators and Staff; Head Start Program in Madill; . Head Start Program in Antlers; Training Project at Texas Southern University in Houston for Head Start Program; 13. Periodic announcement of all Head Start grants for members of Congress; Head Start Program in Latimer County; Head Start Program and Family Planning/Adult Education Program in Bryan County; Notification of receipt of application for Kiowa Head Start Program; Head Start Program in Latimer County; Head Start Program for Jefferson and Love County; Enrollment of non-poverty level children in the Head Start Program; Grant Approval for McCurtain County Head Start; Head Start Program in Stillwater; Controversy over assistant director of Leflore County Head Start Program.

b. Report re: Head Start Local Project Approval-Approved Grants for Summer and Spring 1967.

F 16: Office of Economic Opportunity (1967). Indians.

a. Correspondence re: Anti-poverty programs for Indians in Oklahoma; Mrs. Fred Harris' testimony re: Oklahomans for Indian Opportunity; Public Education for Indian Children in Rough Rock, Arizona; Rural poverty demonstration project for eastern Oklahoma.

b . Clipping re: "Innovation at Rough Rock"; "Corporation Planned for Jobless Indians."

F 17: Office of Economic Opportunity (1967). Job Corps: Correspondence.

a. Correspondence re: Job Corps camp in the Catoctin Mountains; Franking privileges for women in community service office; Hodgen Job Corps Center; Anniversary of Job Corps Center at Sulphur; Ft. Simcoe Job Corps Conservation Center; Cleveland Job Corps Center; Misuse of government property at Arbuckle Job Corps Center.

b. Clipping re: "105 Job Corpsmen Refurbish Park in Catoctin Mountains; "Congressman Bolton Lauds Girls Center Here"; "Contemporary Contrasts"; "Job Corps Comes Up to a Test";

F 18. Office of Economic Opportunity (1967). Job Corps: Data.

a. Release re: "Walter Richter Appointed OEO Southwest Regional Director"; Statement re: Draft report on Parks Job Corps Center.

b . Report re: "Youth and The War on Poverty"; "Review Team Visits to Women's Residential Centers"; "Job Corps Evaluation, Research and Program Projects."

c. Clipping re: Job Corps in Clinton, Iowa.

F 19. Office of Economic Opportunity (1967). Job Corps: Guthrie.

a. Correspondence re: Support of Guthrie Job Corps;

b. Memorandum re: Investigation of Women's Job Corps Center at Guthrie, OK.

F 20. Office of Economic Opportunity (1967). Legislation: Economic Opportunity Amendments of 1967.

Report re: "Summary of the Basis and General Content of the Economic Opportunity Amendments of 1967"; . "Comparative Chart-Economic Opportunity Act at Present and as it would be modified by the Economic Opportunity Amendments of 1967"; "Caption Index to Economic Opportunity Amendments of 1967"; "Economic Opportunity Act of 1967." (Copy of Bill); "Section by Section Analysis-Economic Opportunity Amendments of 1967."

F 21. Office of Economic Opportunity (1967). Neighborhood Health Center.

a. Correspondence re: OEO's Neighborhood Health Services Centers.

b. Report re: "The Neighborhood Health Center"; "A New Kind of Care-Better Health for the Poor"; "Summary of Funding: OEO Neighborhood Health Centers."

F 22. Office of Economic Opportunity (1967). Neighborhood Youth Corps.

a. Correspondence re: Job Corps earnings of Jackie Bigelow; Monthly Activity reports at Creek Nation Neighborhood Youth Corps; Youth Corps Project at Southeastern State College in Durant.

b. Release re: Announcement of Youth Corp Project at Southeastern State College; List of Youth Corp Superintendents in Southeastern Oklahoma.

F 23. Office of Economic Opportunity (1967). Correspondence/Data.

a. Publications: Readers' Digest article "Laredo Learns About the War on Poverty"; Home Missions article "Shriver Interview: The Church and the War on Poverty"; OEO publication "The Church and the War on Poverty."

b. Correspondence re: War on Poverty; Shriver, Sargent.

F 24. Office of Economic Opportunity (1967). OEO Data.

a. Correspondence re: War on Poverty; Anti-Poverty Programs; Economic Opportunity Act of 1967; Riots; Vista Projects, Job Corps Program and Community Action Programs in Oklahoma; Shriver, Sargent.

F 25. Office of Economic Opportunity (1967). Oklahoma Economic Development Foundation.

Report: "Center for Economic Development-State of Oklahoma Quarterly Progress Report." (Mar., 1967).

F 26. Office of Economic Opportunity (1967). Third District Poverty Program Book.

Summary: Poverty Programs in 3rd District (Oklahoma) for 1965, 1966, and 1967.

F 27. Office of Economic Opportunity (1967). Upward Bound.

Correspondence re: Upward Bound grant for Southeastern State College (Oklahoma).

F 28. Office of Economic Opportunity (1967). VISTA.

a. Correspondence re: Vista program, Vista volunteers, War on Poverty.

b. Article: "The Ripples Reach All Shores." (Vista Volunteer).

F 29. Office of Economic Opportunity (1967). Ozarks Regional Commission (1967).

a. Speech: William M. McCandless "Remarks Before the Economic Development Seminar, Oklahoma State University, Feb. 24, 1967."

b. Booklet: Ozarks Region: An Opportunity for Growth."

c. Statement of U. S. Senator Fred R. Harris (D-Okla) before the Senate Public Works Committee Hearings on the Ozarks Region, Oklahoma City, Wednesday, August 16, 1967.

d. Correspondence re: Ozarka region, Ozarks Regional Development Commission.

F 30. President's Committee on Mental Retardation (1967). General Correspondence.

F 31. Small Business Administration (1967). Reports.

a. Press Release: Listing of approved SBA loans.

b. Publication: Small Business Administration and Small Business...A Partnership.

F 31B. Small Business Administration (1967). General Correspondence.

F 32. Securities Exchange Commission (1967). General Correspondence.

F 33. Selective Service (1967). General Correspondence.

F 34. State Department (1967). General Correspondence.

F 35. State Department (1967). Africa. General Correspondence.

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