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Box 65

Box 66: State (1967) - U. S. Information Agency (1967).

F 1: State, Department of (1967).  Agency for International Development.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Ad commodity assistance programs in Vietnam; Alliance for Progress; foreign aid.

b. Report:  AID:  "Management of Aid Commodity Programs:  Vietnam 1966."  (January 1967).  27 pages.

c. Report:  AID:  "1966 Year-End Review of the Alliance for Progress."  54 pages.

d. Bulletin:  AID:  "The War on Hunger - A Challenge to Business."

e. Report:  AID:  "Private Resources for Development."  16 pages.

f. Report:  AID - Office of Private Resources:  "Private Enterprise in Developing Countries."  54 pages.

g. Article:  AID:  "Self-Help."  12 pages.

h. Booklet:  AID:  " Summary."  24 copies.

F 2: State, Department of (1967).  Agency for International Development.

a. List:  re:  Participation in Foreign Assistance Sales and Contracts.

b. Report:  AID:  "Facts About the Foreign Aid Program for FY 1967 - New Initiatives in Agriculture, Education, Health."  (September 1966).  13 pages.

c. Booklet:  AID:  "Aids to Business (Overseas Investment)."  (September 1966).  67 pages.

d. Booklet:  AID:  "The Aid Story."  57 pages.

e. Flyer:  AID:  "American's Use of Foreign Aid."  1 page.

f. Flyer:  AID:  "The Foreign AID Program in Vietnam."  9 pages.

g. Flyer:  AID:  "Communist Aid to the Less-Developed Countries."  1 page.

F 3: State, Department of (1967).  Canada.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Canadian Tariff Concessions Schedule; imports and exports.

b. H. R. 10233:  "To amend the Tariff Schedules of the United States to impose a duty on natural gas."  (Tom Steed - Oklahoma).

F 4: State, Department of (1966-1967).  Canada:  Natural Gas.  (John Lyle).

a. Correspondence:  re:  Exports to Canada.

b. Clipping.

c. Legal Brief:  Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company:  "Support of Removal of Canadian Tariff on Imports of Natural Gas."  (January 25, 1964).  23 pages.

d. Report:  Federal Power Commission - Bureau of Natural Gas:  "United States Imports and Exports of Natural Gas 1964."  (February 1966).  13 pages.

e. Appendix to Legal Brief - contains maps and Annual Report for 1962.

f. Report:  "Gatt Trade Negotiations."  (January 31, 1964).  Vol. 30; pages 2602 to 2705.

F 5: State, Department of (1967).  Europe.

Correspondence from German Ambassador Heinrich Knappstein concerning resolution regarding death of Konrad Adenauer.

F 6: State, Department of (1967).  Latin America.

Correspondence:  re:  Confiscation of American owned properties; proposed OECD Action on Preferences; treaty negotiations on Panama Canal.

F 7: State, Department of (1967).  Middle East.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Six Day War in Middle East and attack on U.S.S. Liberty; ban on travel.

b. Brief:  Department of State:  "Opposition to the Egyptian Cotton Bill (H. r. 10915).

c. Map:  re:  "How Free World Depends on Oil Imports from Arab Middle East."

d. Clipping:  "Egypt woos more foreign firms."

e. News Report:  George Putnam:  "The Age of Hypocrisy."  (June 6, 1967).  6 pages.

f. Booklet:  M. R. De Haan, M.D.:  "Who Owns Palestine?"  30 pages.

g. Proceedings:  re:  U.S. Navy Court of Inquiry on Attack on U.S.S. Liberty.  (June 10, 1967).  19 pages.

h. Booklet:  RI hon. Anthony Nutting, P.C.:  "The Tragedy of Palestine from the Balfour declaration to Today."  (November 2, 1967).

F 8: State, Department of (1967).  Peace Corps.

a. Report:  Peace Corps 5th Annual Report to Congress.  (Fiscal year ending June 30, 1966).  85 pages.

b. List of training sites.

F 9: State, Department of (1967).  Philippines.

a. Correspondence and Speech:  Ambassador William McBlair, Jr.  (February 22, 1967).  11 pages.  Re:  Manila Overseas Press Club.

b. Personal information on Philippine Congressman Manuel Enverga (September 11, 1967).

F 10: State, Department of (1967).  U.S.S.R.

a. Correspondence:  re:  U.S. - U.S.S.R. Consular Convention; U.S. - U.S.S.R. trade; Grand Coulee Dam.

b. Clippings.

F 11: State, Department of (1967).  Vietnam:  Correspondence:  Oklahoma (A - F). 

Correspondence:  re:  Opposition; Draft card burners; support of war; and general.

F 12: State, Department of (1967).  Vietnam:  Correspondence:  Oklahoma (G - L).

a. Correspondence:  re:  U.S. policy; anti-war demonstrations; petition; general.

b. Brochure:  "The End of The World."

c. Newsletter:  Richard Cotten's Conservative Viewpoint:  "Abraham Lincoln."  (August 31, 1967).  4 pages.  and "Network Newsletter" (September 25, 1967).  4 pages.

d. Article:  "Must Home Front Be Weak?"

F 13: State, Department of (1967).  Vietnam:  Correspondence:  Oklahoma (M - R).

a. Correspondence:  Vietnam War.

b. Flyer:  "A Petition to the Congress of the United States."  4 pages.

F 14: State, Department of (1967).  Vietnam:  Correspondence:  Oklahoma (S - Y and multiple signatures).

Correspondence:  Vietnam War.

F 15: State, Department of (1967).  Vietnam:  Correspondence; Out-of-State (A - E).

a. Correspondence:  Vietnam War.

b. Booklet:  "Resolutions Adopted by the American Baptist Convention."  (May 17-21, 1967).  16 pages.

F 16: State, Department of (1967).  Vietnam:  Correspondence:  Out-of-State (F - M).

a. Correspondence:  Vietnam War.

b. Newsletter:  Leo Cherne:  "Responsibility and the Critic."  (January 16, 1967).  5 pages.

c. Newsletter:  Freedom House:  "Leaders Warn That Extremists Could Delay Vietnam Negotiations."  2 pages.

F 17: State, Department of (1967).  Vietnam:  Correspondence:  Out-of-State (N - Y and multiple signatures).

a. Correspondence:  Vietnam War.

b. Newsletter:  Charles F. Duchein:  "The Way to Victory in Vietnam."

c. Pamphlet:  Robert E. Webb:  "The Vietnam War the Responsibilities of Congress A Second Appeal." (October 13, 1967).  11 pages.

d. Brochure:  "One Nation Under God."

F 18: State, Department of (1967).  Vietnam.  CA and Colleagues.

a. Correspondence:  Vietnam War.  Correspondents include:  F. Bradford Morse (Massachusetts).

b. Speech:  Robert F. Kennedy:  "Vietnam" (March 2, 1967).

c. Press Release:  Office of the White House Press Secretary:  "Remarks by the President."  (March 15, 1967).

d. Report:  Ben R. Ferguson and Edgar Owens:  "Revolutionary Development in South Vietnam:  The Next Step."  (January 2, 1967).  20 pages.

e. Various Articles:  re:  Vietnam.

F 19: State, Department of (1967).  Vietnam.  Data.

a. Press Release:  Department of State:  "Vietnam Committee."

b. Newspaper:  "Free Enterprise."  Phoenix, Arizona, May 1967.

c. report:  "Alternative Perspectives on Vietnam - Report on an International."  82 pages.

d. Clipping.

F 20: State, Department of (1967).  Vietnam.  Data.  Departmental Materials.

a. Flyer:  Department of State:  "Viet-Nam in Brief."  21 pages.

b. Press Release:  Dept. of State - Secretary Rusk:  re:  Vietnam.  (October 12, 1967).  37 pages.

c. Booklet:  Dept. of State:  "Dar Student Leaders."  17 pages.

d. Various press releases.

e. Bulletin:  Office of Media Services - Dept. of State:  "Communist - Directed Forced in South Viet-Nam."  (February 1967).  8 pages.

f. Bulletin:  Office of Media Service - Dept. of State:  "Free World Assistance for South Viet-Nam."  (April 1967).  7 pages.

g. Bulletin:  Dept. of State:  "The Legality of U. S. Participation in the Defense of Viet-Nam."  (March 4, 1966).  16 pages.

h. Report:  Dept. of State:  "Negotiation Attempts on Vietnam."  (January 6, 1967).

i. Correspondence:  Copy of letter to Ho Chi Minh from President Lyndon B. Johnson.

j. Appendix I:  "Agreements of the Geneva Conference of Indo-China."  (July 1954).

k. Set of 27 Press releases by Dept. of State regarding the conflict in Vietnam.  (February 13, 1967 and undated).

l. Report:  Dept. of State:  "The Other War in Vietnam - A Progress Report."  29 pages.

F 21: State, Department of (1967).  Vietnam:  Data:  Departmental Materials.

a. Press Releases:  Office of Assistant Secretary of Defense:  re:  "Vietnam."  (January 17, 1967); (April 28, 1967).

b. Booklet:  Prepared by MACV Headquarters Saigon:  "Statistics on the War in Vietnam."  (December 1967).

F 22: State, Department of (1967).  Vietnam:  Data:  C.P. Lewis.

Correspondence:  re:  Sermon by C.P. Lewis.

F 23: State, Department of (1967).  Voice of America.

Booklet:  Henry V. Besso:  "Ladino Literature."  Universidad de Granada 1963-1964.

F 24: Supreme Court (1967).

a. Correspondence:  re:  Court Decisions by the Supreme Court.

b. Article:  Eugene H. Methvin:  "Let's Have Justice for Non-Criminals, Too!"  8 pages.

F 25: Tennessee Valley Authority (1967).

a. Correspondence:  re:  TVA Power Programs.

b. Booklet:  "TVA Power" (1967).  28 pages.  2 copies.

F 26: Transportation, Department of (1967). 

a. Report:  Department of Transportation:  "A Program for Merchant Marine Renewal."  (May 1967).  15 pages.

b. Press Release:  Dept. of Transportation:  "Establishment of field coordinating unites to coordinate departmental activities in 30 of the nation's principal transportation hubs."  (June 21, 1967).  2 pages.

c. Booklet:  Dept. of Transportation:  "The United States Department of Transportation It's Organization and Functions."

F 27: Transportation, Department of (1967).  Highways.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Highway construction; road signs.

b. Pamphlet:  Dept. of Transportation:  "The Federal Highway Administration."

F 28: Transportation, Department of (1967).  Railroads.

Booklet:  Association of American Railroads:  "Railroads Unlimited!"

F 29: Transportation, Department of (1967).  Federal Aviation Administration.

Correspondence:  re:  Grants; filing of flight plans; research projects; improvement funds; activity fees; toll free weather phone.  Correspondents include:  Dewey F. Bartlett, Governor.

F 30: Transportation, Department of (1967).  Federal Aviation Administration:  Reports.

a. Report:  FAA:  "1965 National Airport Plan."  244 pages.

b. Report: FAA:  "Twenty-First Annual Report of Operations Under the Federal Airport Act."  (1966).  53 pages.

F 31: Transportation, Department of (1967).  Federal Aviation Administration:  Report.

Report:  FAA:  "1966-1967 National Airport Plan."  (1967).  218 pages.

F 32: Treasury, Department of (1967).

a. Correspondence:  re:  Payment of taxes; deductions; FHA Loans.  Correspondents include:  Tom Steed (OK); Olin Teague (TX).

b. Press Release:  Department of Treasury:  "Bob Harper Heads Savings Bonds Public Affairs/Communications."  (October 6, 1967).

F 33: Treasury, Department of (1967).  Coast Guard. 

U.S. Coast Guard Liaison Information.

F 34: Treasury, Department of (1967).  Comptroller of the Currency.

Correspondence:  re:  New Bank in McAlester.

F 35: Treasury, Department of (1967).  Internal Revenue Service.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Tax Form Improvement; Social Security Amendments of 1965; distilled spirits; tax-exempt publications; filing date; financial statement for churches.

b. Booklet:  "The Layman's Guide to Preparing Financial Statements for Churches.

F 36: United States Information Agency (1967).

Congressional Record:  Milward Simpson:  "The Freedom Studies Center."  (October 20, 1966).  12 pages.

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