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Box 76

Box 77: Interstate Commerce Commission (1969) - Office of Economic Opportunity (1969).

F 1: Interstate Commerce Commission (1969). General.

a. Correspondence:  general:  Annual Report; box car shortage.

b. Booklet:  Interstate Commerce Commission:  "Igert Extension - Arkansas River."  (January 10, 1969).

F 2: Interstate Commerce Commission (1969). Kansas City Southern Rail Abandonment.

Correspondence:  re:  Proposed discontinuance. Correspondents include:  James E. Hamilton, Oklahoma State Senator.

F 3: Interstate Commerce Commission (1969). McComas Truck Lines.

Correspondence:  re:  Request for 180 day temporary authority to transport general commodities.

F 4: Interstate Commerce Commission (1969). Railroads.

a. Correspondence:  re:  ICC to reschedule railroad car supply; discontinuance of trains; threat of fires; proposed railroad general rate.

b. Finance Docket No. 25679:  ICC:  "Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company Discontinuance of Trains NOs. 211 and 212 between Kansas City, Mo., and Tulsa Oklahoma.

c. House Concurrent Resolution No. 40:  Forty-first Legislative Assembly, State of North Dakota:  "A Concurrent Resolution requesting the Congress of the United States to direct the Interstate Commerce Commission to investigate the carload freight rates applicable to small grains and to prescribe such rates, charges, rules, and regulations as it shall find reasonable and equitable.

F 5: Interstate Commerce Commission (1969). Trucking.

Correspondence:  re:  Classification ratings on furniture; motor carrier service; consolidated freightways; Texas-Oklahoma Express, Inc., Extension; transport of general commodities.

F 6: Justice, Department of (1969). Conglomerates.

a. Booklet of editorials and commentaries on Conglomerate mergers from James J. Ling.

b. Pamphlet:  "The Conglomerate Craze:  Will Gresham's Law Prevail?"

F 7: Justice, Department of (1969). Federal Bureau of Investigation. 

a. Correspondence:  re:  T.V. show "The F.B.I."' status of university police departments. Correspondents include:  J. Edgar Hoover, F.B.I.

b. Report:  Theo Wayler Williams:  "The F.B.I. Security Affair."

F 8: Justice, Department of (1969). Flag Desecration/Unrest.


F 9: Justice, Department of (1969). General.

a. General Correspondence.

b. Booklet:  "The Courts vs. Crime."

F 10: Justice, Department of (1969). Immigration and Naturalization Services.

Correspondence:  re:  Admission into U.S. citizenship.

F 11: Justice, Department of (1969). Law Enforcement Assistance Administration.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets act of 1968; Law Enforcement Education Program.

b. First Annual Report of the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration FY 1969.  66 pages.

F 12: Justice, Department of (1969).  Prisons, Bureau of.

General Correspondence.

F 13: Labor, Department of (1969). Economic Development Act.

Correspondence:  re:  Waiving of project costs; work and training program.

F 14: Labor, Department of (1969). General.

a. General Correspondence.

b. Booklet; "Farm Labor Developments."  June 1969.

c. Flyer:  "Lawyer's Weekly Report."  February 3, 1969.

F 15: Labor, Department of (1969). Green Thumb.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Grant approved; advisory committee.

b. First Quarterly Summary Report for 1969 of Green Thumb Activities.  2 copies.

F 16: Labor, Department of (1969). Job Corps.

Correspondence:  re:  Objection to closing of centers.

F 17: Labor, Department of (1969). Manpower Development and Training Act.

Correspondence:  re:  Refunding of an Operation Mainstream contract; grants; on-the-job training project approved.

F 18: Labor, Department of (1969). Neighborhood Youth Corps.

Correspondence:  re:  Extension of project at Southeastern State College.

F 19: Labor, Department of (1969). Oil Import Controls Task Force.

Correspondence:  re:  Oil Import Controls.

F 20: Labor, Department of (1969). Oklahoma Employment Security Commission.

a. Booklet:  "LeFlore County - Human Resources."  (1969).  42 pages.

b. Economic Base Report - Johnston County with an Occupational Potential Inventory.  70 pages.

F 21: Labor, Department of (1969). Safety and Health.

Federal Register vol. 34. no. 96.  (May 20, 1969).  Department of Labor:  Safety and Health Standards.

F 22: Library of Congress (1969).  General.

Correspondence:  re:  Availability of Services.

F 23: Library of Congress (1969).  Reports.

a. Information packet:  "Lowering the Minimum voting age to 18 years - Pro and Con Arguments.

b. Information Packet:  "Proposed Constitutional Amendments Introduced in the 89th, 90th, and 91st Congress to Lower the Voting Age."  (March 28, 1969).  24 pages.

c. Information Circular 1:  Library of Congress:  "Ulster County Gazette - January 4, 1800."

d. Information Circular 12:  "The Library of Congress:  "The New York Herald - April 15, 1865."

e. Report:  Johnny H. Killiam:  "Congressional Districting the Constitutional Standard."  May 8, 1969.

f. Committee Print:  "Communist Party, U.S.A. - Soviet Pawn."  90th Congress, 1st Session.

g. Information Packet:  "Dialectical Materialism."

h. Information Packet:  "US vs. Robel."

i. Information Packet:  "A Selected Bibliography on Communism in America."

j. Information Packet:  "Crime and Subversion in the USA."

k. Letter:  re:  "Voluntary School Prayers."

F 24: Library of Congress (1969).  Reports.

a. Legislative Status Checklist.

b. LRS Multilithed Reports.  No. 1969-2, February 1969.

c. LRS Multilithed Reports:  Cumulated Issue #3 with Index September 1965 - December 1968.  103 pages.

d. LRS Multilithed Reports No. 1969-9, October 1969.

e. Report:  Congressional Files.

F 25: Mental Retardation, President's Commission on (1969).

Report:  MR 69:  Toward Progress:  The Story of A Decade."  32 pages.

F 25B: National Academy of Sciences (1969).

Booklet: "Seismology." Part I.

F 26: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (1969).

a. Correspondence:  re:  Apollo Space Program.

b. Booklet:  "The Post-Apollo Space Program:  Directions for the Future."  September 1969.  29 pages.

c. Summary of NASA Reports:  "America's Next Decades in Space."  September 1969.  11 pages.

d. Summary of President's Science Advisory Committee Report.  "The Next Decade in Space."  September 1969.  6 pages.

e. H. Con. Res. 436:  Lukens:  "Whereas there has been worldwide interest in the space program and extensive coverage of space projects by the mass media..."  91st Congress, 1st Session (November 5, 1969).

f. Record:  "Voices From the Moon."

g. Record:  "There's An American Flag on The Moon."

F 26B: National Commission on Product Safety (1969).

F 27: National Endowment For the Arts and Humanities.

Correspondence:  re:  appropriations; list of projects.

F 28: National Mediation Board (1969).

General Correspondence.

F 29: National Science Foundation (1969).

a. Booklet:  "Federal Support to Universities and Colleges.  FY 1967.  86 pages.

b. List of Grant Recipients.

c. Newsletter:  News Report:  June - July 1969.  XIX No. 6.  16 pages.

F 30: Obscenity and Pornography, Commission on (1969).

Progress Report.  July 1969.  26 pages.

F 31: Office of Economic Opportunity (1969). Community Action Program.

a. Booklet:  "Special Technical Assistance Program."

b. Economic Development Plan.

c. Magazine:  Communities in Action.  31 pages.

F 32: Office of Economic Opportunity (1969). Community Action Program:  Bryan/Carter/Coal/Hughes Counties.

a. Bryan Co. CAA reports.

b. Correspondence:  re:  grants.

F 33: Office of Economic Opportunity (1969). Community Action Program:  Johnston et al.  Counties.

Correspondence:  re:  Various projects; grants.

F 34: Office of Economic Opportunity (1969). Emergency Food and Medical Services.

Correspondence:  re:  Grants.

F 35: Office of Economic Opportunity (1969). Family Planning Program.

Report:  "Need for Subsidized Family Planning Services:  United States, Each State and County, 1968.  255 pages.

F 36: Office of Economic Opportunity (1969). General.

a. Resolution No. 43:  "Poverty and Civil Disorder:  Root Causes and the Future." 

b. Release:  "OEO Statement on the Presidents Budget for FY 1970."  (January 15, 1969).

c. Correspondence:  re:  Poverty programs; day care centers; grants.

d. Report of National Workshop on the Effects of Discrimination Upon Children and Youth."  April 13-17, 1969.

F 37: Office of Economic Opportunity (1969). Head Start.

Correspondence:  re:  Grants and start up of programs.

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