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Box 91

Box 92: Interior (1971) - National Aeronautics and Space Administration (1971).

F 1: Interior, Department of the (1971).  Reclamation, Bureau of.

a. Information Packet on Bureau of Reclamation programs in Oklahoma.  Cover letter included.

b. News Release:  Bureau of Reclamation:  "R. W. Radcliffe Named Mt. Park Project Construction Engineer" (April 28, 1971).

c. News Release:  Bureau of Reclamation:  "Environmental Impact Evaluation System Proposed for Water Projects" (July 27, 1971).

d. News Release:  Bureau of Reclamation:  "Reclamation Undertakes Emergency Cloud-Seeding Program for Oklahoma" (August 16, 1971).

e. News Release:  Bureau of Reclamation:  "Reclamation Contract for Relocation of Oklahoma Highway" (August 26, 1971).

f. News Release:  Bureau of Reclamation:  "Environmental Draft Statement on Navajo Project Issued" (October 14, 1971).

g. News Release:  Bureau of Reclamation:  "Summary Report of Bureau of Reclamation Published" (October 29, 1971).

h. Article in Reclamation Era.

i. Kriner Hills project.

F 2: Interior, Department of the (1971).  Reclamation, Bureau of:  Cache Creek.

Report:  Bureau of Reclamation:  "Reconnaissance Report - Cache Creek Project" (1971).  Cover letter included.

F 3: Interior, Department of the (1971).  Southwest Power Administration.

a. Proposed increase in power costs charged by SPA.

b. Office Notes.

F 4: Interior, Department of the (1971).  U. S. Geological Survey.

a. National Atlas.

b. News Release:  Office of the Secretary (Interior):  "Environmental Impact Evaluation Guide Proposed".  (May 21, 1971); Circular:  "A Procedure for Evaluating Environmental Impact" (1971), 13 pages.

c. Office Notes.

d. News Release:  Geological Survey:  "Record High Income from FY 1971 Mineral Operations" (July 13, 1971).

e. News Release:  Geological Survey:  "Geology of Apollo 15 Landing Site Described in New Report" (August 17, 1971).

f. Brief:  Office of Hearings and Appeals - Interior Board of Land Appeals.

g. Report:  Geological Survey:  "Annual Report of the Branch of Mining Operations, Conservation Division" (1970), 87 pages.

F 5: Interior, Department of the (1971).  Wild Horses.

Legislation guarding wild horses.

F 6: Interstate Commerce Commission (1971).  Motor Carriers.

a. Notice to Ryan Freight Lines, Inc., Extension - Dallas, Texas (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma).

b. Report:  Interstate Commerce Commission.  "Consolidated Freightways Corporation of Delaware, et. al., Pooling" (March 8, 1971).

c. Office Notes.

d. Order to United Parcel Service, Inc.  (November 10, 1971).

F 7: Interstate Commerce Commission (1971).  Movers.

a. Order re Weathers Brothers Transfer Co., Inc. - Purchase - Charles F. Johnson and George A. Harris.

b. Decision and order re District Moving and Storage, Inc., Common Carrier Application.

c. Public Advisory No. 3:  Interstate Commerce Commission:  "Questionnaire on Quality of Service Included in Latest Advisory on Household Goods Moves".  Cover letter included.

F 8: Interstate Commerce Commission (1971).  Personnel.

a. Appointment of Tom Massey to Interstate Commerce Commission.

b. Appointment of Gary Spears to Interstate Commerce Commission.  Correspondents include Mike Sullivan (OK).

F 9: Interstate Commerce Commission (1971).  Railroads.

a. Discontinuance of railway service and freight service; Freight shipments of scrap metal; Discriminatory freight rates; Fire hazard caused by railroad sparks.

b. Report:  Interstate Commerce Commission:  "Increased Freight Rates" (1970 and 1971).  186 pages.

c. Proposed rule making and order under Rail Passenger Service Act of 1970.

d. Report:  Interstate Commerce Commission:  "Investigation of Railroad Freight Service" (November 5, 1971).

F 10: Interstate Commerce Commission (1971).  Recycling.

a. Report:  Interstate Commerce Commission:  "Transportation of 'Waste' Product for Reuse and Recycling.

b. Report:  Interstate Commerce Commission:  "General Rules of Practice - Discovery Rules" (December 31, 1970) 50 pages.

F 11: Interstate Commerce Commission (1971).  Report.

a. Information Packet:  Interstate Commerce Commission:  "Summary Statements on Major Problem Areas" (1971).  Cover letter included.

b. Report: "Regulation vs. Deregulation the pros and cons." 16pgs.

F 12: Interstate Commerce Commission (1971).  Roberts Trucking.

a. Report:  Interstate Commerce Commission:  "Roberts Trucking Co., Inc., - Extension - Oklahoma Routes" (1971), 10 pages.

b. Petition for reconsideration on behalf of Roberts Trucking Company, Inc.  (1971), 31 pages.

F 12b: Interstate Commerce Commission (1971). Roberts Trucking.


F 12c: Interstate Commerce Commission (1971) Roberts Trucking, Exhibits.

F 13: Interstate Commerce Commission (1971).  Tucker Trucking.

a. Trucking permit application.

b. Order re James A. Tucker Extension - McCurtain County, Oklahoma.

c. Office Notes.

F 14: Justice, Department of (1971).  Civil Rights.

Puerto Rico's U. S. citizens' rights; Request for FBI investigation of shooting death of Seminole boy; Racial discrimination; correspondents include J. Edgar Hoover.

F 15: Justice, Department of (1971).  Clay, Cassius.

Prosecution of Clay for refusal of military induction.

F 16: Justice, Department of (1971).  Drugs.

Drug-abuse Conference; Registration of prescribing physicians.

F 17: Justice, Department of (1971).  Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Correspondence re: Capitol bombings; FBI agent increases; closing of Norman FBI office; allegations against FBI: Correspondents include Phil Smalley (Oklahoma) and J. Edgar Hoover.

F 18: Justice, Department of (1971).  Federal Bureau of Investigation:  J. Edgar Hoover.

a. Newspaper clippings.

b. News Release:  Statement by Hale Boggs, Majority Leader:  Hoover Resignation (April 22, 1971).

d. Various correspondence for and against Hoover.

F 19: Justice, Department of (1971).  General.

Correspondence re: Legislation dealing with use of incendiary or explosive bombs; Capitol demonstrations; direct buying from steel mills; CSU Criminal Justice program; correctional libraries; H. R. 11441.

F 20: Justice, Department of (1971).  Immigration and Naturalization Service.

a. Correspondence re: Oklahoma residents receiving U. S. citizenship; border patrol.

b. Office Notes.

F 21: Justice, Department of (1971).  Indian Claims Commission Case.

Memorandum in support of Motion to Intervene; Plaintiff's reply to memorandum in support of Motion to Intervene.

F 22: Justice, Department of (1971).  Law Enforcement Assistance Administration.

a. Report:  Law Enforcement Assistance Administration:  "National Jail Census" (1970), 19 pages.

b. LEAA grant; 1971 action grant to Oklahoma; 1971 discretionary grant to Oklahoma; Approval of grant for Oklahoma Law Enforcement Center for Education and Training; 1971 Part E grant to Oklahoma.

c. Prosecutor management application.

F 23: Justice, Department of (1971).  Loftus v. Nixon, et al.

Filing of petition for Writ of Certiorari against Nixon, Agnew, Albert.

F 24: Justice, Department of (1971).  Morasutti, Leda.

Notes and correspondence re H. R. 5780 (private) dealing with immigrant named above.

F 25: Justice, Department of (1971).  Prisons, Bureau of.

Products made by the blind.

F 26: Justice, Department of (1971).  Reservists Committee to Stop the War, et al., v. Melvin Laird, et al.

a. Memorandum opinion and order; cover letter included.

b. Motion for summary judgment; cover letter included.

F 27: Justice, Department of (1971).  Tehan, Robert E.

Judge Tehan's retirement and investigation.

F 28: Labor, Department of (1971).  AFL/CIO.

a. Proposals for apprenticeship quotas.

b. Health insurance proposals.

c. Brochure:  AFL/CIO:  "Q & A on Health Security", 22 pages.

d. Flyer:  AFL/CIO Legislative Department:  "National Health Security - Fact Sheet" (1971).

e. Testimony before House Ways and Means Committee:  AFL/CIO President George Meany, 47 pages.

F 29: Labor, Department of (1971).  Bureau of Employment Security.

Application form for Exemplary Rehabilitation Certificate.

F 30: Labor, Department of (1971).  Emergency Employment Act.

a. Office Notes.

b. News Release:  Manpower Administration:  "Hodgson Sets Guidelines for Public Service Employment Program" (July 23, 1971).

c. Federal Register:  Department of Labor:  "Grants Under the Emergency Employment Act of 1971", (August 14, 1971).

d. Report:  Manpower Administration:  "Emergency Employment Act - Program Guidelines" (August 27, 1971).

e. NECO's Public Service Careers Program; Community Action Agency jobs; Distribution of EEA money; Approval of EEA.

f. News Release:  Manpower Administration:  "Labor Department Issues Emergency Employment Act Guidelines" (August 25, 1971).

g. News Release:  Manpower Administration:  "Hodgson Allocates $200 million for Public Jobs in 6% Unemployment Areas" (September 21, 1971).

h. News Release:  Manpower Administration:  "Indian Reservations to get $8.4 million for Emergency Public Jobs" (September 28, 1971).

F 31: Labor, Department of (1971).  General.

a. Correspondence re: Proposed apprentice regulations; proposal of National Indian Advocacy Center; back salaries owed; approval of Southern Oklahoma Rural Skill Center; sheet metal workers wage increases; Durant Health Cluster Project; waitress wages; decentralization of Woman's Bureau in Labor Department; DECA breakfast; Davis-Bacon wage rates.

b. Office Notes.

c. News Release:  The Speaker's Office:  "Cancellation of Labor's Monthly Briefings on Economic Indicators", (March 19, 1971).

d. Agenda of 2nd Annual Construction Employers' National Legislative Conference.

e. News Release:  Manpower Administration:  "8 Major Labor Areas Added to Substantial Unemployment List, Total is 62" (August 31, 1971).

f. Brochure:  DoAll Company:  "Personal Freedom for Better Living" (1971), 17 pages.  Cover letter included.

g. News Release:  Department of Labor:  "Changes Affecting Eligibility of Areas for Various Types of Federal Assistance" (October 29, 1971).

F 32: Labor, Department of (1971).  Green Thumb.

Correspondence re: Dedication of LeFlore Community Park; announcing Arlo G. Swanson as National Director of Green Thumb, Inc.

F 33: Labor, Department of (1971).  Handicapped.

a. Information on the employment of the handicapped.

b. Brochure:  The President's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped.

F 34: Labor, Department of (1971).  Job Corps.

Disapproval of the Job Corps.

F 35: Labor, Department of (1971).  Job Opportunities in the Business Sector (JOBS).

News Releases:  Department of Labor:  "Employers to Hire, Train Some ( ) Disadvantaged Jobless in Southwest", (January 19; March 5; June 7; October 27; November 27, 1971).

F 36: Labor, Department of (1971).  Manpower Development.

a. News Releases:  Department of Labor:  "Jobless in Southwest to Get Training" (March 5; May 28; June 16; October 22; November 24, 1971).

b. Presidential Council on Youth Opportunity.  Correspondent is David Hall (Oklahoma).

c. Manpower school extension.

F 37: Labor, Department of (1971).  Neighborhood Youth Corps.

a. Correspondence re: NYC cutbacks; Summer Recreation and Transportation Program.

b. News Release:  Department of Labor:  "Summer Work Opportunities for Poverty Level Youth Announced for Louisiana, New Mexico and Oklahoma" (May 21, 1971).

c. News Release:  Department of Labor:  "2438 Slots Allocated Oklahoma for In-School Neighborhood Youth Corps" (September 7, 1971).

F 38: Labor, Department of (1971).  Occupational Safety.

a. News Release:  Department of Labor:  "$50,185 Grant Awarded Oklahoma for State Occupational Safety and Health Program."

b. News Release:  Department of Labor:  "Labor Department Awards $434,636 to States for Safety and Health Planning"

c. Disapproval of State Occupational Health and Safety plans.

F 39: Labor, Department of (1971).  Operation Mainstream.

a. Correspondence re: Expansion of Mainstream programs; unemployment situation; additional funds.

b. News Release:  Manpower Administration:  "Labor Department Announces Funds to Localities and States for Public Jobs" (August 12, 1971).

c. News Release:  Department of Labor:  "5 `Operation Mainstream' Projects Set for Southwest" (November 12, 1971).

F 40: Labor, Department of (1971).  Opportunities Industrialization Center.

Expansion of Opportunities Industrialization Centers.

F 41: Labor, Department of (1971).  Personnel.

Retirement of Bill Bailey as Regional Manpower Administrator.

F 42: Labor, Department of (1971).  Personnel:  Nash, Donald.

Proposed resignation/dismissal of Nash from Manpower Administration.

F 43: Labor, Department of (1971).  Publications.

a. Federal Register, Vol. 36, No. 20:  Department of Labor:  "Proposed Rule Making" (January 29, 1971), 7 pages.

b. Brochure:  Department of Labor:  "It's Easy to Hire Teenagers".

c. News Release:  Department of Labor:  "New Chartbook on Black Americans Issued by BLS" (July 22, 1971).

d. Report:  Department of Labor:  "Black Americans - A Chartbook" (1971), 141 pages.

e. Report:  Department of Labor:  "Area Trends in Employment and Unemployment" (September, 1971), 36 pages.

F 44: Labor, Department of (1971).  Railroads.

a. Draft Legislation - Averting Rail Strike.

b. Brochure:  National Railway Labor Conference,  8 pages.

F 45: Labor, Department of (1971).  Supplemental Training and Employment Program (STEP).

Additional STEP slots; STEP problems; Continuance of STEP.

F 46: Labor, Department of (1971).  Veterans.

Correspondence re: Unemployment compensation for servicemen; veteran employment projects; opposition to proposed rules in Federal Register.

c. Federal Register, Vol. 36, No. 143:  Department of Labor:  "Proposed Rule Making", page 13789.

F 47: Library of Congress (1971).

a. Correspondence re: Copyright extension; staff members eligible to borrow books from Library of Congress; 25th Anniversary of the Civilian Conservation Corps; resolution adopted by National Federation of the Blind; new Reference Information Center in Rayburn House Office Building.

b. Office Notes.

c. Report:  Oklahoma Legislative Council:  "Supplemental Executive Agency Reports" (1971).

F 48: Library of Congress (1971).  Congressional Research Service Reports.

a. Telephone Directory:  Library of Congress:  Congressional Research Service (January, 1971), 26 pages.

b. Services to Congress:  Library of Congress:  Congressional Research Service (January, 1971).

c. Congressional Research Service:  Library of Congress:  "Congressional Hearing, Reports, Documents and Committee Prints" (January 29 - February 25, 1971); (February 25 - March 25, 1971); (March 26 - April 22, 1971).

F 49: Library of Congress (1971).  Madison Building.

Concerns over annexation of private property for Madison Building proposal.

F 50: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (1971).

Correspondence re: Aldrin or Armstrong accompanying moon landing display to Oklahoma Capitol grounds; copies of photos taken on lunar surface; cover letter included with Apollo II slide set; NASA exhibit for McCurtain County Fair; Earth Observations Program; spacecraft designed for study of celestial bodies; proposals for satellite experiments over Eastern Oklahoma.

b. News Release:  "NASA Expanding Airborne Research Program", (April 2, 1971).

F 51: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (1971).  Space Shuttle.

a. Correspondence re: White Sands, New Mexico as proposed shuttle launch site; Space shuttle main engine approval levels; Mill Creek as site for space shuttle project; Oklahoma shuttle sites; opposition to Kennedy Space Center as shuttle launch site. Correspondents include Dewey F. Bartlett (OK).

b. Magazine:  American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics:  Astronautics and Aeronautics (August, 1971), 80 pages.  Cover letter included.

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