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Box 92

Box 93: National Credit Union Administration (1971) - Transportation (1971).

F 1: National Credit Union Administration (1971).

a. News Release:  NCUA:  "Credit Unions Now Insured" (October, 1971).

b. Report:  NCUA:  "NCUA Bulletin" (October, 1971), 31 pages.  Cover letter included.

F 2: National Foundation for the Arts/National Foundation for the Humanities (1971).

a. News Release:  National Endowment for the Humanities:  "Experimental Program of Informal Adult Education in the Humanities Begun" (March 15, 1971).

b. Notices of Grants.

F 3: National Labor Relations Board (1971).

NLRB investigation of Congoleum Industries, Inc.

F 4: National Mediation Board (1971).

a. Arbitration appointments.

b. Report:  Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service:  "Twenty-Third Annual Report" (1970), 94 pages.

F 5: National Science Foundation (1971).

a. Grant announcements.

b. National Science Foundation's Student Science Training Program.

c. News Releases:  National Science Foundation:  "1148 Top Students Receive NSF Graduate Fellowships" (March 17, 1971).  "Total R and D Spending in the U. S. to Reach $27.8 Billion During 1971" (March 19, 1971).  "Six Rann Projects Announced by NSF" (May 13, 1971).  "`Annoying' Astronomical Data Will Help Against Air Pollution Under NSF Grant" (May 20, l971).  "Astronomer Makes First Discovery of Interstellar Molecule in Another Galaxy" (July 15, 1971).

F 6: National Science Foundation (1971).  Oklahoma Grants.

a. Report:  Frontiers of Science Foundation of Oklahoma, Inc.:  "The Search Toward Enhancing the Quality of Life in Oklahoma" (1970).  Cover letter included.

b. Proposal to set up a Center for Ethnological Studies at OU.

c. Creating more National Science Foundations in Oklahoma.

d. News Release:  National Science Foundation:  "NSF Awards $12 Million for Science Programs at Colleges and Universities" (December 9, 1971).

e. News Release:  National Science Foundation: "10,000 High School Teachers to Study at NSF Funded Summer Institutes" (December 14, 1971).

F 7: National Transportation Safety Board (1971).

a. News Release:  National Transportation Safety Board:  "Collision of American Airlines Boeing 707-323 and Linden Flight Service Cessna 150" (April 2, 1971).

b. News Release:  National Transportation Safety Board:  "Crash of Trans Caribbean Airways Boeing 727-200" (April, 9 1971).

c. News Release:  National Transportation Safety Board: "Crash of Jetco Aviation Short Skyvan" (March 8, 1971).

d. Adopted Safety Recommendations.  (June 10, 1971).

F 8: National Water Commission (1971).

a. Correspondence re funds provided for legislative assistant to attend Urban Water Policy Conference.

b. News Release:  National Water Commission: "Urban Water Policy" (August 26, 1971).

F 9: Office of Economic Opportunity (1971).  Aging

Directory:  National Council on the Aging:  National Organizations with Programs in the Field of Aging (1971) 95 pages.

F 10: Office of Economic Opportunity (1971).  Community Action.

a. Correspondence re approval of Community Action Program; reduction of Community Action Funds; name of Ki Bois agency; additional slots; notifications of receipt of applications.

b. News Release:  Office of Economic Opportunity:  "Grant Notices" (June 30, 1971).

F 11: Office of Economic Opportunity (1971).  Community Action:  Comanche County.

a. Report:  Comanche County Improvement Foundation, Inc.:  "Annual Report-Program Year `E'".  Cover Letter Included with clipping copies.

b. Correspondence re grant received; Lawton program; Model Cities Neighborhood Center.

F 12: Office of Economic Opportunity (1971).  Community Action Agency Atlas.

Community Action Agency Atlas:  OEO (May 1971) 367 pages.  Cover letter included.

F 13: Office of Economic Opportunity (1971).  Emergency Food and Medical Services. 

Correspondences opposing end to emergency food and medical services program; grant announcements; additional funds thru emergency food medical services program; garden program.

F 14: Office of Economic Opportunity (1971).  General.

a. Grant Announcement.

b. EOHDC Newsletter - "People in Action" (April, 1971).

c. Correspondence re info on federal outlays; application for Housing Information Center; open director position; funding for Urban Technical Assistance Program; refunding for Economic Development Division.

d. Report:  Urban Research Group.

F 15: Office of Economic Opportunity (1971).  General.

a. Report:  Committee for Economic Development:  "Education for the Urban Disadvantaged from Preschool to Employment" (March 1971) 26 pages.

b. Correspondence re funded programs in OK; 1971 California Rural Legal Assistance Program; federal outlays for 1970; Legal Services Corporation Act.

c. Report:  Havg Associates, Inc.:  "Awareness of and Attitudes toward the Oakland Economic Development Council, Inc."  (March 19, 1971).  Cover letter included.

F 16: Office of Economic Opportunity (1971).  Head Start. 

a. Grant Announcement.

b. Report:  Oklahoma Head Start Regional Training Office:  "A Guide to Head Start Administrative Personnel in Oklahoma" (1971) 30 pages.

c. Correspondence re Lane Head Start Center.

d. Report:  State Economic Opportunity Office:  "The Number and Locations of Head Start Centers in Oklahoma with Numbers of Classes and Children Enrolled" (December 1970) 50 pages.  Cover letter included.

F 17: Office of Economic Opportunity (1971).  Head Start, Support for.

Correspondences re approval for Head Start.

F 18: Office of Economic Opportunity (1971).  Indians.

Correspondence re grant for Indian Nation Community Action, Inc.

F 18b: OEO (1971).  McAlester.  Correspondence re funding & Voluntary Action Center.

F 19: Office of Economic Opportunity (1971).  Oklahoma (State).

a. Correspondence re groundbreaking of first OK facility under anti-poverty program; new OEO address in OK; new anti-poverty program.

b. Grant Notification.

F 20: Office of Economic Opportunity (1971).  Oklahomans for Indian Opportunity.

a. Correspondences re funding for OIO; Approval for OIO program; Support for Foster Grandparent program.

b. Report:  Oklahomans for Indian Opportunity, Inc.:  "Proposal for Refunding Grant" (July 1, 1971-June 30, 1972) 50 pages.

c. OIO Newsletter:  August, 1971.

F 21: Office of Economic Opportunity (1971).  Pharmacies.

a. Correspondence in opposition to OEO established pharmacies in SE Oklahoma; Agreement between pharmacist and OEO.

b. Clippings.

F 22: Office of Economic Opportunity (1971).  Southern Methodist University. 

Correspondence re funding for SMU-OEO contract for research of Mexican-American workers.

F 23: Office of Economic Opportunity (1971).  Upward Bound.

Statistical Information on Oklahoma Upward Bound Projects.

F 24: Office of Economic Opportunity (1971).  VISTA. 

Correspondence re removal of VISTA volunteers from Idabel.

F 25: Postal Service (1971).

News Release:  United States Postal Service:  "Postmaster General to Participate in Opening Day Ceremonies at Budapest 71" (September 2, 1971).

F 26: Securities and Exchange Commission (1971).

a. Report; Securities and Exchange Commission:  "36th Annual Report" (1970).  227 pages.  Cover letter included.

b. Office Notes.

c. Correspondence re SEC issues of Taking Stock.

F 27: Selective Service System (1971).

a. Report: Selective Service System:  "Semiannual Report of the Director of Selective Service" (January 1, 1971 - June 30, 1771) 62 pages.

b. Office Notes.

c. Correspondence re draft extension legislation; funds for Local Board offices; H.R. 6531:  "To amend Military Selective Service Act of 1967; to increase military pay; to authorize military active duty strengths for fiscal year 1972; and for other purposes."  Ninety - Second Congress; First Session (1971) .

d. House Report 92-433 (H.R. 6531):  Ninety - Second Congress; First Session (1971).

e. News Release:  Selective Service System:  "Change in Draft Regulations" (November 2, 1971).

F 28: Small Business Administration (1971).

a. Correspondence re application for SBA loan under 502 Local Development Company program; Bruce Cafky luncheon; contract awarded.

b. Report:  Small Business Administration:  "Annual Report" (1970) 229 pages.

F 28b: State, Department of (1971). Agency for International Development.

Briefing Papers for Congressional Presentation, 1972.

F 28c: State, Department of (1971). Agency for International Development. China, Philippines, Korea.

Department of State Background Notes

F 29: State, Department of (1971).  Arms Control.

a. Correspondence re SALT talks.

b. Report:  The United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency:  "Tenth Annual Report to Congress" (January 1 - December 31, 1970) 50 pages.  Cover letter included.

F 30: State, Department of (1971).  Bahrain.

Correspondence congratulating Sheik Isa of Bahrain on tenth anniversary of his ascension.

F 31: State, Department of (1971).  Canada.

Canadian Legislation:  The House of Commons of Canada:  Bill C - "An Act to provide for the review and assessment of acquisitions of control of Canadian business enterprises by certain persons."  Fourth Session, Twenty-Eight Parliament; (Elizabeth II 21, 1972).

F 32: State, Department of (1971).  China, People's Republic of.

a. Correspondence re exchange program for Kung Fu team to China.

b. Report:  American Friends Service Committee:  "U.S. China Policy:  A Fresh Start" 33 pages.  Cover letter included.

F 33: State, Department of (1971).  China, Republic of.

Correspondence re Free China.  Speech by Chiang Kai-Shek.

F 34: State, Department of (1971).  Cuba.

Correspondence re Soviet nuclear threat by way of Cuba.

F 35: State, Department of (1971).  Departmental.

a. Report:  Department of State:  "The Foreign Service of the Seventies" (July 1970).  Cover letter included.

b. Report:  Department of State:  "1971 Examination for Foreign Services Officer Careers" (1971).

c. Correspondence re State Department Briefing on recent developments in East Asia.

F 36: State, Department of (1971).  Drug Control.

Correspondence re drug control proposal.

F 37: State, Department of (1971).  General.

a. Report:  Department of State:  "List of VISA Issuing Posts".

b. Office Notes.

c. Correspondence re presidential campaign; Pan American Day remarks; visa; job policies.

F 38: State, Department of (1971).  Immigrants, Illegal.

Correspondence re illegal immigration problems.

F 39: State, Department of (1971).  India.

Correspondence re possibility of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi addressing Congress.  Correspondents include James C. Corman (CA).

F 40: State, Department of (1971).  Israel.

Correspondence re Middle East peace and aid to Israel.

F 41: State, Department of (1971).  Japan.

Correspondence re U.S.-Japanese economic relations.

F 42: State, Department of (1971).  Korea.

a. Correspondence re military permissiveness.

b. Office memo.

F 43: State, Department of (1971).  Latin America.

Correspondence re kidnapping of Dr. Claude Fly in Uruguay; closing of consulate at Maracaibo, Venezuela; military permissiveness; foreign aid to Chile; request from President of the Chilean Chamber of Deputies for release of Angela Davis

F 44: State, Department of (1971).  Middle East.

a. Correspondence re Secretary of State Rogers' Middle East trip.

b. Press Release: Secretary of State Roger's News Conference (March 16, 1971).

F 45: State, Department of (1971).  Pakistan.

a. Magazine:  Time - "Pakistan's Agony" (August 2, 1971).

b. Magazine:  Newsweek - "Bengal:  The Murder of a People" (August 2, 1971).

c. Statement:  Mennonite Central Committee:  "The Refugee Crisis in East Pakistan and India" (July 27, 1971).  113 pages.

F 46: State, Department of (1971).  Panama.

Correspondence re political relations.  (Written in Spanish); Panama Canal Treaty.

F 47: State, Department of (1971).  Philippines.

Correspondences re Philippine statehood, Philippine elections; and foreign aid to Philippines.

F 48: State, Department of (1971).  Romania.

Correspondence on Rumanian national holiday.

F 49: State, Department of (1971).  Samoa.

Correspondence re skipjack tuna resource of the Pacific.

F 50: State, Department of (1971).  U.S.S.R.

a. Correspondence re resolution expressing condolence upon deaths of 3 cosmonauts; Soviet missile and naval forces; site for Russian Embassy.

b. Press release re Speech by Andrei A. Gromyko, Foreign Minister of the USSR at the 24th CPSU Congress

F 51: State, Department of (1971).  United Nations. 

Correspondences re expulsion on Nationalist China and admission of Red China to U.N.

F 52: State, Department of (1971).  Vietnam.

a. Office Notes.

b. Correspondence re "Vietnam Disengagement Act of 1971"; staff briefing on Vietnam; draft extension; concluding war.

c. Copies of floor remarks - Carl Albert.

d. Inaugural Address by President Nguyen Van Thieu:  Vietnam (October 31, 1971).

F 53: State, Department of (1971).  Vietnam:  Prisoners of War.

a. Correspondence re end to war and recovery of POW's. 

b. Office Notes.

F 54: State, Department of (1971).  Yugoslavia.

Various information (e.g. itineraries, history, and list of official party) re the state visit of Josip Broz Tito, Pres. of the Social Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

F 55: Supreme Court (1971).

Correspondence re new appointment, nomination of Fred Daugherty, and C.A. signing applications to practice before Supreme Court. Correspondents include E. Robert Seaver.

F 56: Tariff Commission (1971).

Correspondence re improved system for adjusting monetary exchange rates.

F 57: Tennessee Valley Authority (1971).

a. Draft statement for submission in connection with public hearings on Central OK Project.

b. Report:  Tennessee Valley Authority:  "Supplement to `Navigation and Economic Growth, Tennessee River Experience'" (March 1971) 12 pages.  Cover letter included.

c. Correspondence re OK-TX controversy over Red River water rights; 38th Anniversary of TVA; OK Steam coal; regarding speech at Water Institute; regarding speech at OK Water, Inc; announcement of TVA contract.

d. Speech made before Association of Western State Engineers, September 13, 1971.  (Don McBride-TVA)

e. Report: "Industrial development in the TVA Area During 1970." (Feb 1971) 33p.

f. Annual Report of the TVA (1970). 73p.

F 58: Transportation, Department of (1971).  Aviation.

a. Announcement of Transportation Department allocation to Sulphur for airport.

b. Correspondence re negotiations about 747 follow-on subcontract between Rockwell & Boeing; increase in obligational level for airport development grant program; H.R. 9667, Transportation Department bill; national transportation policy.

c. News Release; Department of Transportation:  "Violations of Federal Aviation Act" (August 5, 1971).

F 59: Transportation, Department of (1971).  Boating.

News Release:  Department of Transportation:  "Statement by Secretary of Transportation, John A. Volpe, on Signing of Boat Safety Act" (August 11, 1971).

F 60: Transportation, Department of (1971).  Farm Vehicles.

a. Correspondence re proposed rules relating to operators of farm trucks engaged in interstate commerce; truck driving regulations; opposition of new truck driver qualifications; rules applicable to operations of farm vehicles. Correspondents include Lewis M. Karmas (OK)

b. News Release:  Department of Transportation:  "Revision of Commercial Vehicle Driver Qualification Regulations" (June 9, 1971).

c. Oklahoma House Resolutions No. 1025:  "A resolution relating to the new driver regulations of the Department of Transportation."  33rd Legislative:  First Session (1971).

d. News Release:  Department of Transportation:  "Expiration date of exemption from certain driver qualification rules for lightweight farm vehicle drivers extended until January 1, 1972."  (June 12, 1971).

e. News Release:  Department of Transportation:  "Drivers of farm-related trucks exempted from certain portions of revised Driver Qualification Regulations" (December 22, 1971).

F 61: Transportation, Department of (1971).  Federal Aid Highway Program.

Report:  OK Good Roads and Streets Association:  "The Federal-Aid Highway Program" (September 1970).  Cover letter included.

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