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Box 96

Box 97: Environmental Protection Agency (1972) - Health, Education, and Welfare (1972).

F 1: Environmental Protection Agency (1972).  Air Pollution.

a. Six News Releases (January 26 - May 31, 1972).

b. Correspondence re charcoal plant smoke in Heavener; air pollution devices on autos; Clean Air Act of 1970.

c. Grant award notification.

F 2: Environmental Protection Agency (1972).  Air Pollution:  Oklahoma Plan.

a. Information on Ada EPA facility.

b. Correspondence re OK Implementation Plan, Regulation 14; changes in OK Air Pollution Program..

c.  Office Note.

F 3: Environmental Protection Agency (1972).  Asbestos.

Report:  United States Mineral Products Company:  "Fireproofing Without Asbestos with Cafco" (1972).  Cover letter included.

F 4: Environmental Protection Agency (1972). Asphalt.

Correspondence re emission rate for Hot Mix Asphalt Industry; regulations on new hot-mix plants; response to EPA asphalt regulations.

F 5: Environmental Protection Agency (1972).  Blackwell, Oklahoma. 

Correspondence re zinc company's troubles meeting pollution control requirements.  Petition included.

F 6: Environmental Protection Agency (1972).  Departmental. 

a. Correspondence re Gary Baise's appointment as EPA Director of Office of Legislation; appointment of Steven Stockmeyer as Assistant Director of Congressional Affairs; new Office of Legislation.

b. Report:  Environmental Protection Agency:  "Grant Assistance Programs of the Environmental Protection Agency" (November 1971) 26 pages.  Cover letter included.

c. EPA Telephone Directory (January 1972).

d. Booklet:  Environmental Protection Agency: "Environmental Protection - 1971" 16 pages.

e. Booklet:  Environmental Protection Agency: "Toward a New Environmental Ethic" (September 1971) 24 pages.

F 7: Environmental Protection Agency (1972).  East Central Oklahoma University.

a. Leaflet:  Oklahoma Environmental Information and Media Center:  "The Official State Depository for Environmental Information and Data".

b. Report:  School of Environmental Sciences - East Central State College:  "Oklahoma Environmental Control Action Plan" (July 1971) 52 pages.

c. Report:  "Proposed East Central Environmental Information and Media Center".

d. Newsletter:  Oklahoma East Central Alumni (November 1970).

e. Correspondence re Environmental Studies Section of the Research and Monitoring Division of the EPA; work of Environmental Studies Division; "An Environmental Information Center Model" for East Central.  Grant notification included; East Central Environmental Information and Media Center.  Correspondents include David Hall (OK).  Hall speech included.

f. Journals:  Eco Systems (5):  Oklahoma Environmental Information and Media Center (February - May 1972).

F 8: Environmental Protection Agency (1972).  Gasoline.

a. News Release:  Environmental Protection Agency:  "Regulations Proposed for Lead and Phosphorus Additives in Gasoline" (February 23, 1972).

b. Federal Register:  Environmental Protection Agency:  "Regulation of Fuels and Fuel Additives" (February 23, 1972).

Report:  National Academy of Sciences:  "Health Hazards of Lead" (January 1972) 17 pages.

c. Correspondences re proposed regulations affecting lead and phosphorus additives to gasoline; timetable for removal of lead in gas; childhood lead poisoning; proposed gasoline regulations.

d. Testimony before EPA on "Health Hazards of Lead" in support of EPA's proposed regulation of fuel and fuel additives.  (April 12, 1972) 6 pages.

e. Statement before EPA on regulation of lead additives in motor gasoline.  (April 27, 1972) 17 pages.

f. Statement on Fuel Additives of the American Petroleum Institute before EPA.  (April 11, 1972) 10 pages.

g. Assessment of Maximum Safe Level for Airborne Lead.  21 pages.

F 9: Environmental Protection Agency (1972).  General.

a. Speech:  William D. Ruckelshaus, Administrator EPA:  "The Environmental Revolution" (January 29, 1972) 10 pages.

b. Report:  Office of Water Programs:  "Fish Kills Caused by Pollution in 1970" (1972) 21 pages.

c. News Release:  Environmental Protection Agency:  "EPA Establishes Office of Civil Rights, Urban Affairs" (January 28, 1972).

d. News Release:  Environmental Protection Agency:  "Wastes to be Used to Generate Electricity" (February 10, 1972).

e.  Office Notes.

f. Correspondence re S.1113 - bill re environmental centers; President's Environmental Merit Awards Program; article in Sports Illustrated - April issue, "Gospel of False Prophets"; motor vehicle pollution.

g. News Release:  Environmental Protection Agency:  "EPA Names First Director of the Division of Urban Affairs" (August 9, 1972).

F 9b: Environmental Protection Agency (1972).

Grants to Oklahoma.

F 10: Environmental Protection Agency (1972).  Kerr Lab.

Office notes re new EPA appointments and effects on Kerr Laboratory.

F 10b: Environmental Protection Agency (1972). Midcontinent Environmental Center Association.

F 11: Environmental Protection Agency (1972).  Pesticides.

a. News Release:  Environmental Protection Agency:  "Environmentalist to Get New Right to Challenge Pesticide Decisions" (January 27, 1972).

b. Correspondence re label registration on Sevin for pecans; DDT and 1972 model cars.

F 12: Environmental Protection Agency (1972).  Predator Control.

Correspondence re halt to interstate shipment of pesticides; registration of cyanide guns; "poison bait" for predator control.

F 13: Environmental Protection Agency (1972).  Schoolchildren letters.

Correspondence re pollution problems.

F 14: Environmental Protection Agency (1972).  Solid Waste Control, Tulsa.

a. Correspondence re Tulsa resource recovery demonstration grant application under Solid Waste Disposal Act.  Correspondents include Page Belcher (OK).

b. Application for Federal Assistance.  Cover letter included.

c. Report:  Rollins Environmental Services:  "Rollins/Aerobic Resource Conversion System" (May 5, 1972).  Preapplication included.

d. Report:  Rollins Environmental Services:  "Rollins/Aerobic Resource Conversion System" (July 15, 1972).

F 15: Environmental Protection Agency (1972).  Wastewater Treatment.

a. Correspondence re proposed "turn-key" procedure to design and construct waste treatment works; Coalgate grant application; engineer advertisements for bids on sewer system project; Poteau water project.

b. Grant Notifications.

F 16: Environmental Protection Agency (1972).  Water Pollution.

a. Correspondence re salt water pollution research; water quality control; State Water Pollution Control Plan.

b. News Release:  Environmental Protection Agency:  "EPA Takes Action to Stop Pollution by Seven Industries" (February 1, 1972).

c. Two Grant Notifications.

d. Office memo re Water Pollution Control Act.

e. Clipping copy.

F 17: Farm Credit Administration (1972).

a. Brochure:  Farm Credit Service:  ~The Farm Credit Act of 1971".  Cover letter included.

b. Office notes re Mullendore Ranch loan application.

c. Correspondence re progress make under Farm Credit Act.

F 18: Federal Communications Commission (1972).  Cable Television.

a. Report:  National Cable Television Association, Inc.:  "The Congress and Cable Television" (1972).  Cover letter included.

b. Correspondence re FCC proposed rules on sports blackouts; need for microwave relay stations.. 

c. News Release:  Federal Communications Commission:  "Oral Argument on Sports Rule Making" (June 22, 1972). 

F 19: Federal Communications Commission (1972).  Cable Television:  American Broadcasting.

a. Report:  American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.:  "Comments of American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. before Federal Communications Commission" (November 1, 1972).  Cover letter included.

b. Report:  American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.:  "Reply Comments of American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. before Federal Communications Commission" (November 29, 1972).  Cover letter included.

F 20: Federal Communications Commission (1972).  "Counter" Commercials.

Correspondence re FCC controls on radio and TV industries; fairness doctrine and counter commercials.

F 21: Federal Communications Commission (1972).  General.

Correspondence re KLCO coverage of dedication of part at Keota; station ordered off the air.

F 22: Federal Communications Commission (1972).  Public Broadcasting.

Correspondence re President's veto of Public Broadcasting Bill.

F 23: Federal Communications Commission (1972).  Radio.

Correspondence re Forestry Conservation frequencies.

F 24: Federal Communications Commission (1972).  Telephone.

Correspondence re telephone service; AT&T Long Lines.

F 25: Federal Communications Commission (1972).  Television.

a. Report: WBEN AM-FM Television:  "Community Report II" (1972) 72 pages. Cover letter included.

b. Correspondence re Talkback TV; television rerun policy; KTEN's application for CBS affiliation; COD charge owed on FCC file; profanity, sex and violence on TV programs..

c. Office note.

F 26: Federal Communications Commission (1972).  Western Union, Lawton.

a. Correspondence re proposed closing of Lawton Western Union office.

b. Application for discontinuance of Lawton office.

c. Western Union Telegraph Co. Agency Agreement for Lawton.

d. Report: Federal Communications Commission:  "Domestic Telegraph Service" (March 3, 1971) 57 pages.

F 27: Federal Home Loan Bank Board (1972).

Correspondence re procedure for organization of Federal savings and loan association; Ada application for savings and loan association.

F 28: Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (1972).

a. Office Note.

b. Report:  Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service:  "Twenty-Fourth Annual Report" (1971) 92 pages.  Cover letter included.

F 29: Federal Power Commission (1972).

a. News Release:  Federal Power Commission:  "FRC Approves Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company Project to Connect Additional Gas Reserves" (February 18, 1972).

b. Opinion No. 612: Federal Power Commission (February 18, 1972).

c. H.R. 2513: "To amend the natural Gas Act" (Murphy-New York).  Ninety-Second Congress; First Session (1971).

d. Correspondence re proposal of gas transmission pipeline across Oklahoma; energy shortage; royalty interests in lands in Stephens Co.

F 30: Federal Reserve System (1972).

a. Office Note.

b. Correspondence re proposed amendment requiring lenders to make home loans or home financing disclosures ten days prior to day costumer executes note.

F 31: Federal Trade Commission (1972).

a. Correspondence re franchise agreements; effect of trade and investment on U.S. jobs; clothing labeling act; Flammable Fabrics Act; counter-advertising proposal; automobile warranties.

b. Article, "Outlook for U.S. Businesses Abroad":  Reprinted from U.S. News & World Report.  (January 31, 1972). 

c.  Report: American Advertising Federation:  "Washington Report" (May 12, 1972) 10 pages.

d. Speech: Yale Brozen, Professor of Business Economics: (May 16, 1972) 16 pages.

F 32: General Accounting Office (1972).

a. Report:  General Accounting Office:  (January 1972) 13 pages.  Cover letter included.

b. Report:  Comptroller General:  "Budgetary and Fiscal Information Needs of the Congress" (February 17, 1972) 49 pages. Cover letter included.

c. Report:  Comptroller General:  "Review of the Administration of a Special Provision Contained in the Appropriation Act, 1972, P.L. 92-78, for the Veterans Administration" (March 16, 1972) 13 pages.

d. Report:  General Accounting Office:  (March 1972) 17 pages.  Cover letter included.

e. Report:  General Accounting Office:  (June 1972) 14 pages.  Cover letter included.

f. Report: General Accounting Office: (July 1972). Cover letter included. 10 p.

F 33: General Services Administration (1972).  General.

a. Booklet:  General Services Administration:  "Consumer Product Information" (1972) 15 pages.

b. New Release:  General Services Administration:  "GSA Issues Summer 1972 Index of Consumer Product Information" (June 15, 1972).

c. News Release:  General Services Administration:  "GSA Modernizes Government-Wide Computer Operation" (July 3, 1972).

d. Office Note.

e. Correspondence re surplus property; pricing policies on multiple-award contracts; purchasing program.

F 34: General Services Administration (1972).  National Archives.

a. Census Data, 1790-1890.

b. Order for Copies of Census Data, Veterans Records, and Passengers Lists..

c. Application for Search of Census Records

F 35: General Services Administration (1972).  Personnel.

Correspondence re resignation of Thomas Gherardi as Director of Congressional Affairs at GSA.

F 36: General Services Administration (1972).  Projects.

a. Correspondence re extension of sewer system, fire-fighting equipment and surplus property.

b. Prospectus for Proposed Purchase Contract Under the Public Building Act of 1558 as Amended.

c. Office Notes.

F 37: General Services Administration (1972).  Surplus Property.

Correspondences re availability of excess property to grantees; surplus property; proposed amendment of Property Management Regulations.  Correspondents include David Hall (OK).

F 38: Government Printing Office (1972).

a. Booklet:  Agriculture Research Service:  "Home Planting by Design" (March 1969) 21 pages.

b. Joint Committee Print:  "Government Depository Libraries" Ninety-Second Congress; Second Session (April 1972).

F 39: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1972).  Aging. 

Subscription renewal of Aging.

F 40: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1972).  Alcoholism.

a. Correspondence re HEW report on alcoholism; Five-County Committee on Alcoholism..

b. Alcoholism Grants and Contracts in Oklahoma.

c. Office Notes.

F 41: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1972).  American Medical Association.

a. Booklet:  California Medical Association:  "Newsweek - California Doctors Speak Out" (1972).

b. Report: AMA House of Delegates:  "Medical Backgrounder - Summary of Actions" (November 1971) 5 pages.  Cover letter included.

c. Two Medical Backgrounds.  Cover letter included.

d. Report:  American Medical Association:  "Federal Medical - Health Appropriations" (1972) 56 pages.

e. Federal Bulletin:  The Federation of State Medical Boards:  "Unscientific Cultism: `Dangerous to Your Health!'"  (April 1972).

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