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Box 100

Box 101: Interior (1972) - Office of Economic Opportunity (1972).

F 1: Interior, Department of the (1972).  National Park Service:  Cherokee Strip.

Report: National Park Service:  "Suitability/Feasibility Study- Proposed Cherokee Strip" 33 pages.  Cover letter included.

F 2: Interior, Department of the (1972).  National Park Service:  National Register of Historic Places.

a. Correspondences re grant awards.

b. Announcements of entries in the National Register from Oklahoma.

c. Pamphlets:  "The National Register of Historic Places" (1971).

F 3: Interior, Department of the (1972).  National Park Service:  Wheelock Academy.

Correspondence re preservation of Wheelock Academy.

F 4: Interior, Department of the (1972).  Oil and Gas.

a. Pamphlet:  Independent Petroleum Association of America:  "United States Petroleum Statistics - 1972".  Cover letter included.

b. Correspondence re Mills-Mansfield Tax Reform Bill.

c. Information on Independent Petroleum Association of America.

d. Report:  Independent Petroleum Association of America:  "The Oil Producing Industry in Your State" (1972) 108 pages.

F 5: Interior, Department of the (1972). Oil and Gas.

Book:  Scientific American:  Energy and Power (September 1971):  W.H. Freeman & Co. 144 pages.  Cover letter included.

F 6: Interior, Department of the (1972).  Outdoor Recreation, Bureau of.

a. Grant announcements.

b. Correspondence re Bugaboo Canyon area study; Bureau of Outdoor Recreation regional boundaries; Maurice Arnold's appointment as NE Regional Director.

c. News Release:  Bureau of Outdoor Recreation:  "Douglas Baldwin Named Information Chief of Interior's Bureau of Outdoor Recreation" (August 29, 1972).

F 7: Interior, Department of the (1972).  Personnel.

a. News Release:  Office of the Secretary:  "New Deputy Assistant Secretary for Management and Budget to Help Coordinate Interior Field Activities" (February 6, 1972).

b. News Release:  Fish and Wildlife Service:  "Langenbach to Head Fish and Wildlife Service Federal Aid Programs" (February 10, 1972).

F 8: Interior, Department of the (1972).  Reclamation, Bureau of.

a. Correspondence re Criner Hills reconnaissance investigation; Reclamation studies done near Red Rock; Reclamation's involvement in OK State Water Plan; proposed transmission line in Mad Creek - Hot Springs area of Colorado; cancellation of proposed Watchorn Project..

b. News Release:  Bureau of Reclamation:  "James A Bradley Named Director of Reclamation's Region 5" (April 10, 1972).

c. Flyer:  Bureau of Reclamation:  "Water and The West".

d. Draft legislation re feasibility studies of water resource developments.

F 9: Interior, Department of the (1972).  Reclamation, Bureau of: Black Bear Creek.

Correspondence re opposition to proposed Black Bear Creek Dam & Reservoir.

F 10: Interior, Department of the (1972).  Reclamation, Bureau of: Cookietown Reservoir.

a. Statement:  John N. Happy Camp (OK):  In Support of H.R. 16554 authorizing Interior to engage in feasibility studies of water resource developments.

b. Copies of clippings re Cookietown Reservoir.

F 11: Interior, Department of the (1972).  Reclamation, Bureau of:  Courtney Reservoir. 

Correspondence re proposed Courtney Reservoir.

F 12: Interior, Department of the (1972).  Reclamation, Bureau of: Seward reservoir.

a. Correspondence re feasibility study for Seward Lake Project; feasibility study for reservoir; Seward Reservoir funding..  Correspondents include David Hall and Ed Edmondson (OK), Julia Hansen (WA), Don Coffin (OK) and Joe Evins (TN).

b. ACOG Resolution re feasibility of Seward Reservoir.

F 13: Interior, Department of the (1972).  Reclamation, Bureau of:  Weather Modification.

a. Copy of clipping.

b. Office note re cloud seeding.

c. Correspondence re proposed Weather Modification Committee; three-year cloud seeding program.

d. Newsletter:  Bureau of Reclamation:  "Project Skywater" (April 27, 1972).

F 14: Interior, Department of the (1972).  Southwestern Power Administration.

Correspondence re increase in electrical power rates.

F 15: Interior, Department of the (1972).  Water Resources.

News Release:  Office of the Secretary:  "Office of Water Resources Research Issues Seventh Annual Report" (February 10, 1972).

F 16: Interior, Department of the (1972).  Youth Conservation Corps.

a. News Release:  Department of the Interior:  "Second Agriculture-Interior YCC Pilot Program to Open 95 Youth Camps in June" (February 16, 1972).

b. Directory of U.S. Youth Conservation Corps Projects.

F 17: Interstate Commerce Commission (1972).  Damage Claims.

a. Report:  Interstate Commerce Commission:  "Rules, Regulations and Practices of Regulated Carriers with respect to the Processing of Loss and Damage Claims" (February 3, 1972) 221 pages.  Cover letter.

b. News Release:  Interstate Commerce Commission:  "New Rules Adopted for Loss and Damage; Commission Requests Stronger Authority" (February 24, 1972).

F 18: Interstate Commerce Commission (1972).  Motor Carriers.

a. Statement before ICC by Department of Defense re American Farm Lines petition for reconsideration of common carrier application.

b. Office notes re Lee Way Motor Freight's purchase of Theater Services Company; Joe Brown Co., Inc. emergency temporary permit..

c. Correspondence re OK base trucking companies without ICC permits to haul steel out of Port of Muskogee.  Correspondents include John W. Young (OK).

F 19: Interstate Commerce Commission (1972).  Railroads.

a. Correspondence re privately owned railroad passenger cars; increase in rail charges..

b. Order re Increased Freight Rates and Changes.

F 20: Interstate Commerce Commission (1972).  Railroads:  Abandonment.

a. Order re Santa Fe Abandonment between Ada & Tupelo.

b. Copy of clipping.

c. Correspondence re railroad abandonment between Ada & Tupelo.

F 21: Justice, Department of (1972).  Anti-trust.

Articles re civil anti-trust suit again national TV networks.

F 22: Justice, Department of (1972).  Drugs.

Correspondence re national heroine hot line; marijuana growth in Nebraska.

F 23: Justice, Department of (1972).  Federal Bureau of Investigation.

a. Statement by CA on J. Edgar Hoover's death.

b. Correspondence re reorganization of FBI.; stolen equipment.

F 24: Justice, Department of (1972).  Hillary V. Albert.

Correspondence re motion to dismiss above case, involving CA and "Seniority System Rules Customs and Conventions" in House.

F 25: Justice, Department of (1972).  Immigration and Naturalization Service.

a. List of OK residents admitted to U.S. citizenship.

b. Correspondence re working visas for Mexican circus performers.

F 26: Justice, Department of (1972).  Law Enforcement Assistance Administration. 

a. Correspondence re development of Criminal Justice Program at Central State College; law enforcement funds.

b. Grant awards.

c. Booklet:  LEAA:  "LEEP - An Opportunity to Move Ahead" (1970).

F 27: Labor, Department of (1972).  Affirmative Action.

a. Correspondence re Oklahoma Highway - Heavy Affirmative Action Plan.

b. Report:  "EEO Training Program" (1972).

F 28: Labor, Department of (1972).  Alien Employment.

Correspondence re length of stay for Mexican laborers.  Correspondents include Bob Wilson (OK).

F 29: Labor, Department of (1972). Appropriations.

Statement by CA re Labor-HEW Appropriations bill.

F 30: Labor, Department of (1972).  Emergency Employment Funds.

Correspondences re distribution of Emergency Employment Act funds.  Correspondents include James E. Hamilton (OK).

F 31: Labor, Department of (1972).  Employment Standards Administration. 

Correspondence re prevailing wage rate dispute.

F 32: Labor, Department of (1972).  Foster Grandparents.

Newsletter:  Sequoyah Foster Grandparent Project News (1972).

F 33: Labor, Department of (1972).  General.

a. Office note re Herbert Doyle, Jr.'s appointment as acting director of Bureau of Employees Compensation.

b. Correspondence re employment at McDonnell-Douglas Tulsa Division; 4-day work week; training requirements for contractors working on federally funded and assisted construction; Senior Citizen's Center in Checotah; Green Thumb program.

F 34: Labor, Department of (1972).  Job Opportunities in the Business Sector (JOBS).

a. News Release:  Department of Labor:  "32 Employers in Five Southwestern States to Hire, Train 277 Disadvantaged" (January 24, 1972).

b. News Release:  Department of Labor: "16 Employers to Hire, Train 223 Disadvantaged Jobless in 5 Southwest States" (January 31, 1972).

c. News Release:  Department of Labor: "29 Employers in 5 Southwestern States to Hire, Train 604 Disadvantaged" (February 25, 1972).

d. News Release:  Department of Labor:  "58 Employers in 5 Southwestern States to Hire, Train 672 Disadvantaged" (April 17, 1972).

F 35: Labor, Department of (1972).  Mainstream.

Correspondences re jobs with OK Mainstream Program.

F 36: Labor, Department of (1972).  Manpower Development and Training Act (MDTA).

a. Correspondence re sponsorship of Manpower programs; jobs for Vietnam veterans; MDTA training projects in SE OK; training programs in cable TV industry; permanent occupational skill codes.

b. News Release:  Department of Labor:  "887 Jobless in Four Southwestern States to Receive Training Under MDTA" (March 10, 1972).

c. News Release:  Department of Labor:  "739 Disadvantaged in 3 States to Get Training" (April 17, 1972).

d. Office notes re Vo-tech funds.

e. Title 1B program statistics.

F 37: Labor, Department of (1972).  Manpower Development and Training Act (MDTA):  Publications.

a. Report:  Manpower Administration:  "Area Trends in Employment and Unemployment" (July 1972) 73 pages.

b. Report:  Manpower Administration:  "...Recovering Human Bankruptcies".

c. Report:  Manpower Administration:  "Special Transition Project" (July 1, 1972).  Cover letter included.

d. Report:  Manpower Development and Training:  "Southern Oklahoma Rural Skills Center" (1972).

e. Report:  Manpower Development and Training Division:  "The Breath of Life" (January 1, 1971).

f. Report:  Manpower Development and Training Division:  "Bull Hollow to Beavers Bend" (December 1, 1971).

F 38: Labor, Department of (1972).  Minimum Wage.

Correspondence re retention of $1.60 minimum wage.

F 39: Labor, Department of (1972).  National Association of Internal Revenue Employees.

Correspondence re complaints of violations of standards of conduct for Employee organizations.

F 40: Labor, Department of (1972).  Neighbor Youth Corps.

a. News Release:  Department of Labor:  "Disadvantaged Youth to be Given Vocational Training in NYC Program" (June 6, 1972).

b. Correspondence re Duncan Neighborhood Youth Corps Program; summer "in-school" program for Stringtown..

c. Newsletter:  Durant Chamber of Commerce:  "Chamber Communique" (June 20, 1972).

F 41: Labor, Department of (1972).  Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Correspondence re possible closing of Johns-Manville plant in Denison due to asbestos control regulations.

F 42: Labor, Department of (1972).  Oklahoma: Miscellaneous.

a. Office notes re Chickasaw Housing project; Hugo Choctaw Housing Authority projects.

b. Correspondence re wage determination for Creek nation; employment for welfare recipients.

c. Report:  Oklahoma Employment Security Commission: "Oklahoma Population Estimates" (June 1972).

F 43: Labor, Department of (1972).  Older Workers.

a. News Release:  Office of the White House Press Secretary:  "Remarks of the President to White House Conference on Aging" (December 2, 1971).

b. Correspondence re funding for job programs for older persons.

c. News Release:  Manpower Administration:  "Hodgson Allocates $13 Million for Jobs and Training for 5000 Older Workers" (April 19, 1972).

F 44: Labor, Department of (1972). Personnel.

Correspondence re Walter Papp's recommendation for Director of Labor Department at Dallas; Brad Reardon's transfer from Department of Labor office.

F 45: Labor, Department of (1972).  Strikes.

Office note re U.S. dock strikes.

F 46: Labor, Department of (1972).  Vocational and Technical Training.

Correspondence re Practical Nursing Program at Kiamichi Area Vo-Tech.

F 47: Labor, Department of (1972).  Williams-Steiger Act.

a. Correspondence re information on Williams-Steiger Act.

b. Report:  Occupational Safety and Health Administration:  "Implementation of the Williams-Steiger Act" (November 1971).

c. Manual:  Occupational Safety and Health Administration:  "Compliance Operations Manual" (January 1972).

d. Magazine:  Occupational Safety and Health Administration:  Safety Standards (March-April 1972) 32 pages.

e. P.L. 91-596 (S.2193):  "To assure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women..."  Ninety-first Congress (December 29, 1970).

f. Federal Register Reprint:  Occupational Safety and Health Administration:  "State Plans for the Development and Enforcement of State Standards" (October 29, 1971).

F 48: Labor, Department of (1972).  Workmen's Compensation.

Report:  "The Report of The National Commission on State Workmen's Compensation Laws" (July 1972) 151 pages.

F 49: Library of Congress (1972).

a. Authorization of ones that may borrow books from CA's staff.

b. Pamphlet:  Library of Congress:  "Congressional Research Service-Services to Congress" (January 1972).

c. Directory:  Library of Congress:  "Congressional Research Service - Telephone Directory" (January 1972).

F 50: Management and Budget, Office of (1972). 

Correspondence re release of REA funds; catalog.

F 51: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (1972).  Correspondence.

a. Correspondence re Colonel Pogue's attendance at dedication of Choctaw Tribe Community Center; use of NASA names for cottages in Lloyd E. Rader Children's Diagnostic an Evaluation Center; major project vehicle being named for Wiley Post; NASA computer procurement; East Central's proposal to participate in NASA's Earth Resources Survey program.

b. Article re Rocketdyne contract for shuttle engine (June 2, 1972).

F 52: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (1972).  Publications.

a. Report:  National Aeronautics and Space Council:  "Aeronautics and Space Report of the President - 1971 Activities" (March 1972) 125 pages.

b. Report:  Technology Use Studies Center:  "Technology Utilization in a Non-Urban Region:  Further Impact and Technique of the Technology Use Studies Center" (May 1972). 69 pages.

F 52b: National Commission on Productivity (1972).

First Annual Report (March 1972). 29 p.

F 53: National Endowment for the Humanities (1972).

a. Correspondence re review of Tulsa Symphony. 

b. News Release:  National Endowment for the Humanities:  "The National Endowment for the Humanities Announces Experimental Adult Education Grants to Five More States:  Alaska, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana and Nevada:  (June 26, 1972).

c. News Release:  National Endowment for the Humanities:  "NEH Funds 1110 Grants Totaling $31.6 Million During 1972" (September 18, 1972).

d. Booklet:  National Endowment for the Humanities (News):  "List of Awards by State, Fiscal Year 1972".

F 54: National Historical Publications Commission (1972).

Correspondence re First Federal Congressional papers.

F 55: National Labor Relations Board (1972).

Case for review before National Labor Relations Board between Elsing Manufacturing Company and International Ladies' Garment Worker's Union, AFL- CIO.

F 56: National Mediation Board (1972).

Correspondence re cases for Robert Franden.

F 57: National Science Foundation (1972).

a. News release: NSF: "Science Instruction to be Upgraded at 242 Two-Year Colleges." (Feb. 16, 1973).

b. Grant announcements.

c. Correspondence re information on College Science Improvement program; research proposal for pilot study for Southern Cheyenne Action Anthology.

F 58: National Science Foundation (1972). East Central University.

Correspondence re proposal for two year municipal technician program.

F 59: National Science Foundation (1972). Publications.

Report: Vannevar Bush, NSF: "Science-The Endless Frontier." (Reprinted July 1960). 220 p.

F 60: Office of Economic Opportunity (1972). Comanche County.

a. Correspondence re Comanche County Improvement Foundation plans; workshop of community services held at Fort Sill.

b. Report: Comanche County Improvement Foundation, Inc.

c. "Annual Self-Evaluation." (FY 1971-1972).

F 61: Office of Economic Opportunity (1972). Community Action.

a. Correspondence re plan for coordinating Manpower Programs in District 3; operation of Community Action programs.

b. Nine community grant announcements.

F 62: Office of Economic Opportunity (1972). Community Development.

a. Two administration grant announcements.

b. Correspondence re pilot grant for child development program.

F 63: Office of Economic Opportunity (1972). Economic Opportunity Act Amendments.

a. House report 92-815 (H.R.12350): "Economic Opportunity Act Amendments of 1972." 92nd Congress, 2nd session (1972).

b. H.R. 12350: "To provide for the continuation of programs authorized under the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, and for other purposes." (Perkins- Kentucky). 92nd Congress, 2nd session (1972). Committee on Education and Labor.

F 64: Office of Economic Opportunity (1972). General.

a. Report: Department of the Treasury: "Federal Aid to States--F.Y. 1971." 20 p. Includes correspondence.

b. Correspondence re earned homesteads for poor families; "Oklahoma Plan"; against Grape Orchard Project in Atoka County; La Causa Comun program for Puerto Rican community.

c. Copies of articles re Atoka Grape project.

F 65: Office of Economic Opportunity (1972). Grants, Miscellaneous.

a. Correspondence re Southeastern Oklahoma OEO project; Allen Senior Citizens Center. Correspondents include George A. Miller (OK)..

b. Three grant announcements; notification of grant application receipt.

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