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Box 107: Defense (1973) - Environmental Quality, Council on (1973).

F 1: Defense, Department of (1973). Base Closing.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Actions to close bases in United States and Puerto Rico.

b. News Release:  Department of Defense:  "Secretary of Defense Elliot L. Richardson Announces 274 Actions Affecting Military Installations."  (April 17, 1973).

F 2: Defense, Department of (1973). Departmental.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Rady Johnson's departure from Defense Department; Kenneth Belieu's departure from Defense Department; appointment of Elliot Richardson as Secretary of Defense.

b. Speech:  James R. Schlesinger, Secretary of Defense.  (July 3, 1973).

F 3: Defense, Department of (1973). General.

Correspondence:  re:  National defense; military commissary store prices; discrimination against military-related personnel by state educational institutions; contract work for private industry at Defense installations; request for security clearance changes. Correspondents include:  F. Edward Hebert (LA).

F 4: Defense, Department of (1973). Marine Corps.

Office note:  re:  schedule of drills at old Marine Barracks.

F 5: Defense, Department of (1973). National Cemetery.

Correspondence:  re:  Proposed establishment of a National Cemetery at Ft. Towson.

F 6: Defense, Department of (1973). National Guard.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Regulatory constraints on nominations of qualified officers for promotion; support of employers relative to employee participation in Guard; possible accelerated training of Oklahoma National Guard; Army Readiness program.

b. Report:  Employer Support of Guard and Reserve:  "July Report."  (1973).

c. Report:  Employer Support of Guard and Reserve:  "Annual Report."  (1973).  Cover letter included, written by Orval Hansen (Idaho).

d. Statement of Support for the Guard and Reserve.

e. Report:  Chief, National Guard Bureau:  "Annual Report - Fiscal Year 1972."  (May 1973).  100 pages.

F 7: Defense, Department of (1973). Navy.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Manufacture of Rockeye II weapons; navy marching band for Durant parade; government and foreign service, conditions at Naval Facilities Engineering Command at Camp Pendleton; naming of nuclear-powered aircraft carrier CVN-70; Sparrow missile..

b. Office Note:  re:  Sparrow Missile Project.

c. Report:  Department of the Navy:  "Digest of Items of Interest - Congressional Record No. 126, Part I and II."  (August 6, 1973).

d. List of NROTC scholarship recipients and alternates.

e. Information:  re:  Navy/Marine Corps House Liaison Office.

F 8: Defense, Department of (1973). Navy:  Naval Ammunition Depot, McAlester.

a. Correspondence:  re:  cut-back in services to military retirees at NAD; assignment of medical officer at NAD; NAD employment reductions.

b. Copies of clippings:  re:  Defense cutbacks.

c. Office notes:  re:  Civilian lay-offs at McAlester NAD.

d. Newsletter:  "The McANAD News."  (August 31, 1973).

F 9: Defense, Department of (1973). Navy:  Naval Ammunition Depot, McAlester:  Modernization Plan.

a. Correspondence:  re:  NAD modernization.

b. Office Notes:  re:  NAD Modernization Plan.

c. House Report 92-1179 (H. R. 15641):  "To authorize certain construction at military installations, and for other purposes."  92nd Congress, 2nd Session (1972).

d. H. R. 156411:  "To authorize certain construction at military installations, and for other purposes."  (Fisher - Texas).  92nd Congress, 2nd Session (1972).  Committee on Armed Services.

e. House Report - (H. R. -):  "Making appropriations for military construction and family housing for the Department of Defense for the Fiscal year ending June 30, 1974."  93rd Congress, 1st Session (1973).  [Full Committee Print].

f. H. R. -:  "Making appropriations for military construction for the Department of Defense for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1974, and for other purposes."  (Sikes - Florida).  93rd Congress, 1st Session (1973).  Committee on Appropriations.  [Full Committee Print].

g. Office note:  re:  termination of temporaries at NAD.

h. Copy of Clipping:  re:  NAD payroll increases.

F 10: Defense, Department of (1973). Rickover.

Correspondence:  re:  Sea trials of USS William H. Bates; launching of L. Mendel Rivers; sea trials of UAA Guitarro; launching of Nimitz; sea trials of USS Tunny; sea trials of USS California.

F 11: Defense, Department of (1973). Pensions.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Recomputation of military retired pay.

b. Report:  Special Subcommittee on Retired-Pay Revisions:  "Recomputation and Other Retirement Legislation."  (December 29, 1972).

F 12: Defense, Department of (1973). Report.

Report:  Secretary of Defense Elliot L. Richardson:  "Annual Defense Department Report - FY 1974."  (April 10, 1973).  125 pages.  Cover letter included.

F 13: Defense, Department of (1973). U. S. Strategic Institute.

a. Pamphlet:  "United States Strategic Institute." 

b. Booklet:  United States Strategic Institute:  "Strategic Review."  (Summer 1973).  76 pages.  Cover letter included.

F 14: Defense, Department of (1973). Vietnam.

a. Correspondence:  re:  statistical discrepancies; use of U.S. assistance by South Vietnam to fund operations in other Southeastern Asian countries.

b. Information:  re:  Precluded and permitted Defense Departmental activities in Laos and Cambodia after August 14,

F 15: Defense, Department of (1973). Vietnam:  Casualty Lists.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Casualty list for Garvin County.

b. List of Casualties incurred by U.S. Military personnel in connection with the conflict in Vietnam - Oklahoma.  31 pages.

F 16: Defense, Department of (1973). Vietnam:  P.O.W.'s/M.I.A's.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Commissioning of three former prisoners of war; officer missing action; accounting for military personnel who are listed as missing in action.

b. Statistic sheet of American POW's and MIA's in Southeast Asia.

c. News Briefing by Jerry Friedheim and Daniel James (January 26, 1973).

d. News Release:  Department of Defense:  "Return of Personnel."  (January 26, 1973).

e. Fourteen Homecoming Information Packets (January 29 - March 29, 1973).

f. Three Memos:  re:  MIA's (February 2, June 7, and October 9, 1973).

F 17: Defense, Department of (1973). Viet Nam:  P.O.W. Oklahoma Welcome.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Oklahoma ceremonies.

b. Program:  "Recognition Ceremonies Honoring Oklahoma Prisoners of War."  (May 18, 1973).

c. Office Notes:  re:  Attendants at Ceremonies.

F 18: Defense, Department of (1973). Volunteer Army.

Report:  Secretary of Defense:  "The All-Volunteer Force and The End of The Draft."  (March 1973).  31 pages.  Cover Letter included.

F 19: Emergency Preparedness, Office of (1973).  General.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Office of Emergency Preparedness report; basic features of proposed disaster legislation.

b. Office Note:  re:  H. R. 1975.

c. News Release:  Office of Emergency Preparedness:  "President's Fuel Board Warns of Possible Spring and Summer Shortages of Fuel and Energy, Urges Conservation of Gasoline."  (April 27, 1973).

F 20: Emergency Preparedness, Office of (1973).  Oklahoma.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Major disaster declaration due to flooding; Haskell county roads' condition due to freezes; unavailability of hay; payments for Haileyville following 1971 flood; disaster declaration; tornado damage in LeFlore County.

b. Disaster assistance announcements.

c. Office Notes:  re:  Disaster declaration.

F 21: Environmental Protection Agency (1973). A & A Materials, Sanitary Landfill.

Correspondence:  re:  A & A Materials Landfill operation.

F 22: Environmental Protection Agency (1973). Air Pollution.

Correspondence:  re:  Proposed EPA regulations to require state review of construction; Two year extension for implementation for control of "complex sources."  Correspondents include:  David Hall (OK).

F 23: Environmental Protection Agency (1973). Asphalt Industry.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Effect of proposed emission standard of asphalt industry; asphalt concrete plants; hot-mix asphalt plants emission standards; new source performance standards. Correspondents include:  James E. Hamilton (OK).

b. Statements:  Bill R. Anthony (September 25, 1973); Harry Vanderlinden; T. Neal Combs; Harry Ratrie; Dr. Bernard Steigerwald (October 1, 1973).

c. News Release:  Select Committee on Small Business:  "Small Business Committee Announces Oversight Hearings on Environmental Protection Agency."

d. Booklet:  Environmental Protection Agency:  "Background Information for Proposed New Source Performance Standards."  (June 1973).  61 pages.

F 24: Environmental Protection Agency (1973). Automobile Emissions/Fuel Economy.

Correspondence:  re:  EPA statements made about Chrysler's compliance with auto regulations; ultra-sonic fuel injection system.

F 25: Environmental Protection Agency (1973). Departmental.

Speech:  President Nixon:  "Environmental Message."  (February 15, 1973).

F 26: Environmental Protection Agency (1973). General.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Herbicide Tordon; Kerr Water Lab; air and water pollution due to hog operation in Heavener; endangerment of American eagles.

b. News Release:  National Coal Association:  "EPA Could Ease Crisis by Allowing Coal Use, Bagge Says."  (February 9, 1973).

c. Leaflet:  EPA:  "United States Environmental Protection Agency."  (January 1973).  Cover Letter included.

d. Telegram:  re:  Nuclear Power generating plant site near Inola.

e. Booklet:  Dr. A. L. Jones:  "A Question of Ecology."  13 pages.  Cover Letter included.

f. Speech:  Paul Muegge:  "Animal Damage Control and the Environment."

g. Draft speech to Southwest Environmental Information Symposium.

F 27: Environmental Protection Agency (1973). Kentucky.

Correspondence:  re:  water pollution discussion with EPA.

F 28: Environmental Protection Agency (1973). McCurtain County.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Idabel sewer project.

a. Grant announcements to McCurtain County for wastewater treatment.

F 29: Environmental Protection Agency (1973). Midcontinent Environmental Center Association.

Correspondence:  re:  H. R. 35 and H. R. 36, State Environmental Centers Acts; National Forum on Growth with Environmental Quality.

F 30: Environmental Protection Agency (1973). Needs Survey.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Consideration of Needs Survey.

b. Office notes:  re:  sewer projects in Third District.

c. Bulletin:  National Governor's Conference:  "Governors' Bulletin."  (October 19, 1973).

d. Report:  EPA:  "Costs of Construction of Publicly-Owned Wastewater Treatment Works - 1973 `Needs' Survey."  Cover Letter included.

F 31: Environmental Protection Agency (1973). Oil.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Proposed rules and standards for oil-related companies; Oklahoma Consumer Protection Agency hearing denied; regulations for unleaded gasoline.

b. Notice of application for water discharge by Apco Oil Corporation.

c. Notice of application for water discharge by Cities Service Oil Company.

F 32: Environmental Protection Agency (1973). Oil.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Regulations for gasoline additives and emission standards; motor fuel specifications.

b. Booklet:  American Petroleum Institute:  "Statement of Policy - Energy."  (November 13, 1972).

c. Report:  Du Pont:  "The Feasibility and Costs of Using Lead Traps As An Alternative to Removing Lead from Gasoline."  (November 30, 1973).

F 33: Environmental Protection Agency (1973). Oklahoma Projects (Miscellaneous).

a. Correspondence:  re:  Sewer project in Durant; construction bid requirements; Achille sewer project funding; Hartshorne sewer project; funding for east Central State College environmental education project; designation of ACOG as areawide waste treatment management planning agency.  Correspondents include:  David Hall (OK).

b. Sixteen grant award notifications to Oklahoma Projects.

F 34: Environmental Protection Agency (1973). Press Releases.

Seven Press Releases (January 10, 1973 - January 9, 1974).

F 35: Environmental Protection Agency (1973). Publications.

Booklet:  Citizens Advisory Committee on Environmental Quality:  "Citizens Make the Difference:  Case Studies of Environmental Action."  (January 1973).  71 pages.

F 36: Environmental Protection Agency (1973). Recycling.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Solid waste management and citizens run recycling stations.

b. Booklet:  National Association of Secondary Material Industries:  "Recycling Resources - A Guide to Effective Solid Waste Utilization."  (1972).  24 pages.  Cover letter included.

F 37: Environmental Protection Agency (1973). Region VI.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Environmental briefing; feedback on above briefing; Region VI hearings on regulations for control of air pollution for indirect sources. Correspondents include:  Omar Burleson (TX), John Paul Hammerschmidt (AR), and Henry B. Gonzalez (TX).

b. Report:  EPA:  "Region VI Overview."  (October 1973).

F 38: Environmental Protection Agency (1973). Schoolchildren Letters.

a. Correspondence:  re:  General pollution.

b. Pamphlet:  EPA:  "Citizen Role in Implementation of Clean Air Standards."  (October 1971).

c. Booklet:  EPA:  "Health Effects of Environmental Pollution."  (May 1973).  20 pages.

F 39: Environmental Protection Agency (1973). Solid Wastes.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Solid Waste Management.

b. Report:  National league of Cities and United States Conference of Mayors:  "Cities and the Nation's Disposal Crisis."  (March 1973).  46 pages.  Cover Letter included.

F 40: Environmental Protection Agency (1973). Water.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Clean Water Act; veto on Rural Water and Sewer Grant program; "Needs" survey affecting water resources.

b. Notice of application for water discharge by Weyerhauser Company.

c. Notice of application for water discharge by Swift Dairy and Poultry Company.

d. Report:  EPA:  "Clean Water."  (May 1973).

F 41: Environmental Protection Agency (1973).

a. Report:  Council on Environmental Quality:  "The Federal Environmental Monitoring Directory."  (May 1973).  105 pages.  Cover Letter included.

b. Report:  Council on Environmental Quality:  "Energy and the Environment - Electric."  (August 1973).  58 pages.  Cover Letter included.

F 41B: Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (1973).

Press Release.

F 42: Executive Office of the President (1973).

Correspondence re Price Commission.

F 42B: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (1973). News Release.

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