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Box 113: Labor (1973) - Transportation (1973).

F 1: Labor, Department of (1973). Neighborhood Youth Corps.

Correspondence:  re:  proposed cutback of NYC program; continued sponsorship of NYC by Southeastern State College; funding of eleven county out-of-school NYC program.

F 2: Labor, Department of (1973). Occupation Safety and Health.

a. Correspondence:  re:  absence of qualification requirements for occupational safety and health personnel.

b. Four OSHA News Releases (March 9 - 14, 1973).

F 3: Labor, Department of (1973). Oklahoma Employment Security Commission.

a. Pamphlet:  OESC:  "Craig County", 8 pages.  Cover letter included.

b. Report:  OESC:  "Economic Base Report - Craig County."  (1973).  24 pages.

F 4: Labor, Department of (1973). Publications.

Report:  Brotherhood of Railway, Airline and Steamship Clerks, Freight Handlers, Express and Station Employees:  "Legislative Report."  (February 26, 1973).  38 pages.

F 5: Labor, Department of (1973). Veterans.

Report:  Manpower Administration:  "Employment Services to Veterans."  (1973).  27 pages.  Cover letter included.

F 6: Labor, Department of (1973). Vocational/Technical.

Correspondence:  re:  funding of Southern Oklahoma Rural Skill Center in Sulphur; funding of Ouachita Vocational - Technical Camp in Hodgens. Correspondents include:  Peter Brennan.

F 7: Library of Congress (1973). 

Correspondence:  re:  Overdue book; removal of nativity scene from White House lawn.

F 8: Library of Congress (1973).  Publications.

a. Copies of Biblical quotations used by Senator Samuel Ervin (North Carolina) in questions and statements relating to Watergate committee.

b. Report:  Legislative Reference Service:  "The Twenty-second Amendment - Its Effect on Eligibility for the Presidency" by Vicent A. Doyle.  (January 21, 1964).  6 pages.

c. Memo:  re:  CRS multilithed reports.

d. Report:  Congressional Research Service:  "The United States Flag" by E. Jeremy Hutton.  (February 3, 1971).  29 pages.

e. Report:  Legislative Reference Service:  "Cuban Independence Day - Background Information Designed for Use in Preparing Statements and Speeches for the Occasion" by Virginia M. Hagen.  (May 6, 1968).  22 pages.

F 9: National Academy of Sciences (1973).

Correspondence:  re:  Robert Ball's term as "scholar in residence" at Institute of Medicine; Emergency Medical Communications Network plan for Oklahoma.

F 9B: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (1973).

Letter from NASA astronaut Harrison H. Schmitt to Carl Albert.

F 10: National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities (1973).

Three Grant Notifications to Oklahoma Arts and Humanities Council.

F 11: National Gallery of Art (1973).

Correspondence:  re:  loan of two paintings for Carl Albert's office.

F 12: National Historical Publications Commission (1973).

a. Correspondence:  re:  Documentary History of the First Federal Congress and The Senate Legislative Journal.

b. Memo:  re:  reception to announce publication of first volume of Documentary History of the First Federal Congress.

F 13: National Science Foundation (1973). 

a. Report:  National Science Foundation:  "Annual Report 1972" (1973) 102 pages.

b. Report:  National Science Foundation:  "Grants and Awards 1972."  (1973) 245 pages.

F 14: National Science Foundation (1973).  General.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Proposed construction of an electric power plant.

b. Memo:  re:  Grants and contracts awarded.

F 15: National Science Foundation (1973).  Langston University.

Correspondence:  re:  Application for research grant.

F 16: National Science Foundation (1973). 

Information Packet:  National Science Foundation:  "Program Packet" (1973).  Cover letter included.

F 17: National Science Foundation (1973).  Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

Correspondence:  re:  application for research grant.

F 18: National Water Commission (1973).

a. Correspondence:  re:  National Water Commission report.

b. Booklet:  National Waterways Conference, Inc."  "A Formula for Dismantling the Nation's Water Resources Program."  48 pages.

c. Booklet:  National Water Commission:  "A Summary - Digest of the Federal Water Laws and Programs."  (1973) 205 pages.  Cover letter included.

d. Report:  James A. Noone:  "Resistance Already Developing to Water Commission Cost-Sharing Plan" (1973).

F 19: Productivity, National Commission on (1973).

a. Correspondence:  re:  support for National Commission on Productivity.

b. Pamphlet:  National Commission on Productivity:  "What is the National Commission on Productivity?"

c. Report:  National Commission on Productivity:  "Second Annual Report."  (March 1973).  99 pages.  Cover letter included.

F 20: Office of Economic Opportunity (1973). Appropriations, etc.:  Oklahoma Correspondence.

Correspondence:  re:  cancellation of funding for Little Dixie Community Action Agency; funding for OEO; increased allocations for educational priorities; support for OEO; support for Head Start; matching funds for social services.

F 21: Office of Economic Opportunity (1973). Appropriations, etc.:  Out-of-State Correspondence.

Correspondence:  re:  funding for OEO; support and opposition to OEO; watching funds for social services.

F 22: Office of Economic Opportunity (1973). Community Action.

Correspondence:  re:  re-allocation of Community Action funds; continuation of Community Action Agency in Pushmataha County; Cotton County Community Action Agency; support for legislation dealing with anti-poverty programs.

F 23: Office of Economic Opportunity (1973). General.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Migrant Legal Action Program; Bryan County Child Development and Research Center; Jacob Civis' promotion to director of Delta Community Action Foundation.

b. Eight Grant notifications (March 22 - December 17, 1973).

c. Statement:  Robert P. White (May 18, 1973).

d. Copies of clippings:  re:  funding for Tenkiller School.

e. Resignation of Howard Phillips.

F 24: Office of Economic Opportunity (1973). Head Start.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Self-assessment of Head Start Center.

b. Two Grant Notifications (January 4 and December 21, 1973).

F 25: Office of Economic Opportunity (1973). Health Sciences Center.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Funding of Health Science Center grant; Community Health Project, Inc. application.

b. Report:  Areawide Health Planning Organization:  "Review and Comment on Community Health Project, Inc."  (March 1973) 5 pages.  Cover Letter included.

F 26: Office of Economic Opportunity (1973). Indian Programs.

Correspondence:  re:  Indian Nation Community Action Program; "rent-a-cow" program.

F 27: Office of Economic Opportunity (1973). Jaycees.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Jaycee grant.

b. Copies of clippings:  re:  Federal Jaycee grant.

F 28: Office of Economic Opportunity (1973). Legal Services Program.

Report:  Comptroller General:  "The Legal Services Program - Accomplishments of and Problems Faced by Its Grantees."  (March 21, 1973).  63 pages.

F 29: Office of Economic Opportunity (1973). Oklahoma Housing Development Corporation.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Low-income housing project.

b. Information packet:  re:  Proposed low-income housing project.

F 30: Office of Economic Opportunity (1973). Oklahoma State Plan.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Refunding of "The Oklahoma Plan" dealing with government decentralization; anti-poverty programs funding needed for Oklahoma.

b. Memo:  re:  SEEO By 1972 Funding.

c. Grant Notification for drug rehabilitation.

d. Interview:  Howard J. Phillips (February 22, 1973).

F 31: Office of Economic Opportunity (1973).

Report:  Office of Economic Opportunity.

F 32: Office of Economic Opportunity (1973). Senior Citizens.

Correspondence:  re:  Funding for senior citizens' program at Park Estate Community Center.

F 33: Railroad Retirement Board (1973).

Book:  Commission Railroad Retirement:  The Railroad Retirement System (August 1972).  583 pages.

F 34: Selective Service System (1973).

a. Correspondence:  re:  Plans for Selective Service System; proposed Selective Service Board in Antlers.

b. Report:  Director of Selective Service:  "Semiannual Report" (1973).  67 pages.

F 35: Small Business Administration (1973).  General.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Small Business Administration report; environmental problems affecting small business.

b. Two loan approvals.

c. Congressional Record (February 6, 1973).

F 36: Small Business Administration (1973).  Personnel.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Truman Branscum's recommendation for appointment. Correspondents include:  Pete Domenici (NM).

b. Office notes:  re:  Bruce Cafky's retirement; appointment of Truman Branscum as Regional Director of Small Business Administration office on Oklahoma City.

F 37: Small Business Administration (1973). 

a. Report:  Office of Planning, Research and Analysis:  "SBA Economic Review" (Fall 1972) 97 pages.

b. Report:  Small Business Administration:  "The SBA Story - Volume I" (1973) 40 pages.

c. Report:  Small Business Administration:  "The SBA Story - Volume II" (1973) 204 pages.

F 38: Small Business Administration (1973).  Technology Utilization Program.

a. Correspondence:  re:  support for retention of Technology Utilization Program; efficiency of Dallas Technology Utilization Division.

b. News Release:  House Small Business Committee:  "House Unit Questions SBA's Move to End Technology Utilization Program" (May 24, 1973).

c. Six Brochures:  "Current Index of Technical Briefs."  (June - November 1972).

d. Memo:  re: summary of Technology Utilization Program.

e. Report:  Committee on Scientific and Technical Information:  "Progress in Scientific and Technical Communications - Annual Report."  (1971).

f. Pamphlet:  Small Business Administration:  "Technology:  $100,000,000 worth."

F 39: State, Department of (1973). Africa.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Organization of African Unity.

b. Resolutions of African Methodist Episcopal Church:  re:  African foreign policy.

c. Three Press Releases from Portuguese Embassy:  re:  Portuguese forces in Mozambique (July 11-19, 1973).

F 40: State, Department of (1973). Agency for International Development.

Correspondence:  re:  affirmative action program.

F 41: State, Department of (1973). Andreotti Visit.

a. Memo:  re:  Visit of Prime Minister Andreotti of Italy.

b. Itinerary and other documents:  re:  visit of Prime Minister Giulo Andreotti of Italy.

F 42: State, Department of (1973). Asia.

Correspondence:  re:  India and Bangladesh offer to Pakistan to solve humanitarian problems in Subcontinent; Bangladesh's holding of Pakistani POW's (Petition).

F 43: State, Department of (1973). China's, People Republic of.

a. Correspondence:  re:  diplomatic relations with Red China; importation of drugs from Red China; publicity Watergate is getting Red China.

b. Information for Americans Wishing to Travel to Communist China.

c. Office note:  re:  funds for translators.

F 44: State, Department of (1973). China, Republic of.

Correspondence:  re:  relation between U.S. and Republic of China.

F 45: State, Department of (1973). Cuba.

News Release:  Department of State:  "Memorandum of Understanding on Hijacking of Aircraft and Vessels and other Offenses."  (February 15, 1973).  Cover letter included.

F 46: State, Department of (1973). Europe.

a. Report:  European Community Information Service:  "European Community Background Information" (February 14, 1973).  5 pages.

b. Memoranda:  re:  Election of new president of European Parliament; State Department briefing on U.A./European Relations.

c. Interview:  Federal Foreign Minister Walter School - Germany:  "Atlantic Alliance after the Brezhnev - Nixon Agreement."  (August 6, 1973).

d. Booklet:  NATO Information Service:  "Aspects of NATO - The Eurogroup."  (November 1972).  42 pages.

F 47: State, Department of (1973). General.

a. Correspondence:  re:  luncheon to discuss U. S. efforts to combat international terrorism.

b. Leaflet:  Washington Visa Expediters (August 1973).

c. Two Memos:  re:  Availability of Immigrant Visa Numbers (July 8 - November 1973).

d. Grant announcements.

e. Booklet:  Office of External Research:  "Paper Available."  (February 1973).  16 pages.

F 48: State, Department of (1973). Japan.

Correspondence:  reductions in Japanese tariffs.

F 49: State, Department of (1973). Latin America.

Correspondence:  re:  recognition of Chilean government.

F 50: State, Department of (1973). Middle East.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Israeli destruction of civilian Libyan aircraft; treatment of Jews in Iraq and Syria; treatment of Israeli POW's; "detente".

b. Booklet:  Zionist Organization of American:  "Accessories to Terror" (October 1972) 47pages. 

c. Interview:  Abdul Rahman S. Al-Ateeqi (May 26, 1973).

d. Interview:  Walter Scheel (October 28, 1973).

F 51: State, Department of (1973). Personnel.

a. Correspondence:  re:  revaluation of yen and effects on former Japan American Embassy workers' pensions retirement of Secretary of State Bill Rogers; nomination of Henry Kissinger for Secretary of State; Curtis Tarr leaving State Department; resignation of David Abshire. Correspondents include:  Bill Rogers.

b. Memo:  re:  introductions of Dean Rusk and Bill Rogers.

F 52: State, Department of (1973). U.S.S.R.

a. Correspondence:  re; cultural exchange of Leningrad-Kirov Ballet Company.

b. Copy of USSR Radio broadcast:  re:  statements of Carl Albert.

c. Speech:  General Secretary Leonid I. Brezhnev to American People.

F 53: State, Department of (1973). Vietnam.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Cessation of bombing of Cambodia; attack against Kien-Cuc by North Vietnamese.

b. Bulletin:  re; Supreme Court order to halt Cambodia bombing.

c. Statement:  Carl Albert and Mike Mansfield (May 7, 1973).

d. Office notes:  re:  bombing.

F 54: Supreme Court of the United States (1973). 

Report:  Administrative Office of the United States Courts:  "Report of the Proceedings of the Judicial Conference of the United States."  (1973).  86 pages.  Cover letter signed by Chief Justice Warren E. Burger.

F 54B: Tariff Commission. (1973).

F 55: Tennessee Valley Authority (1973). 

a. Booklet:  Tennessee Valley Authority:  "A Quality Environment in the Tennessee Valley" (December 1972).  29 pages.  Cover letter included.

b. Booklet:  Tennessee Valley Authority:  "TVA Today 1973" (March 1973) 45 pages.

c. Speech:  Don McBride:  "History Does Repeat Itself."  (August 28, 1973).

F 56: Transportation, Department of (1973). Aviation.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Study for aviation cost allocation.

b. Report:  Department of Transportation:  "Airport and Airway Cost Allocation Study."  (June 1973) 3 pages.  Cover letter included.

F 57: Transportation, Department of (1973). Department.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Carl Albert's re-election as Speaker. Correspondents include:  John A. Volpe.

b. Memo:  re:  Changes in phone numbers of the Office of Congressional Affairs.

F 58: Transportation, Department of (1973). Federal Aviation Administration.

a. Correspondence:  re:  affinity regulations for organizations on charter flights; air flight safety systems; support for general aviation; FAA expenditures; Loraine Patterson's retirement from FAA.

b. Memo:  re:  Notice of apportionment to States and Airport Sponsors under Airport and Airway Development Act of 1970.

F 59: Transportation, Department of (1973). Federal Aviation Administration:  National Airport Plan.

a. Report:  Federal Aviation Administration:  "1972 National Airport System Plan - Southwest Region:  Volume ASW" (1973) 175 pages.  Cover letter included.

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