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Box 123

Box 124: Labor (1974) - Tennessee Valley Authority (1974).

F 1: Labor, Department of (1974). Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA):  Publications and Lists.

a. Correspondence:  re:  allocations made for Public Service Jobs Under Title II of the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act.

b. Report:  Oklahoma Employment Security Commission:  "Oklahoma Population Estimates."

c. Press Release:  Office of the White House Press Secretary:  "To Congress of United States."  (September 12, 1974).

F 2: Labor, Department of (1974). Departmental.

Correspondence:  re:  Congressional liaison officers in the Department of Labor.

F 3: Labor, Department of (1974). Emergency Employment act.

Correspondence:  re:  Continuance of the Emergency Employment Act programs.

F 4: Labor, Department of (1974). Employee Retirement Benefits Security Act.

Press Release:  U. S. Department of Labor:  "New Pension Benefits Law Provides Many Protections for Workers Covered by Private Plans" (September 2, 1974).

F 5: Labor, Department of (1974). Fair Labor Standards Act.

Correspondence:  re:  minimum wage, and paying college working student 80% of minimum wage per hour.

F 6: Labor, Department of (1974). General.

Correspondence:  re:  Black Lung Benefits Program; application for Curriculum Development grants; proposal to establish a community education/training center in St. Louis Metropolitan area.

F 7: Labor, Department of (1974). Job Corps:  Guthrie.

Correspondence:  re:  Guthrie Job Corps Center.

F 8: Labor, Department of (1974). Juvenile Delinquency.

a. Correspondence:  Deinstitutionalization of mentally retarded juvenile delinquents.

b. Proposal:  "An Overview of the Community Living Program:  A deinstitutionalization project for mentally retarded delinquents."

F 9: Labor, Department of (1974). Manpower.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Organization of office within the Department of Labor.

b. Press Release:  Department of Labor:  "Manpower Planning Grants Offered to 106 counties in 31 states" (January 17, 1974).

c. Press Release:  Department of Labor:  "Brennan Targets $300 Million of Summer Jobs Program" (May 7, 1974).

d. Press Release:  "20 states to plan Occupational Information Service."

F 10: Labor, Department of (1974). Neighborhood Youth Corps.

Correspondence:  re:  Discrimination against the Cherokee National Neighborhood Youth Corps Project.

F 11: Labor, Department of (1974). Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

a. Correspondence:  re; Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970.

b. Booklet:  Department of Labor:  "General Industry:  OSHA Safety and Health Standards Digest."  (June 1074).

c. Booklet:  Department of Labor:  "Construction Industry:  OSHA Safety and Health Standards Digest."  (June 1974).

F 12: Labor, Department of (1974). Personnel.

Correspondence:  re:  Changes in personnel and appointments to higher offices.

F 13: Labor, Department of (1974). Unemployment.

Correspondence:  re:  changes in Department of Labors method of estimating State and Local unemployment.

F 14: Labor, Department of (1974). Unions.

Newsletter:  American Federation of Government Employees:  "The Government Standard" (June 1974).

F 15: Library of Congress (1974). 

a. Report:  Library of Congress:  "IS Education the Business of the Federal Government?"

b. Report:  Select Committee on Equal Educational Opportunity, United States Senate:  "Federal Aid to Public Education:  Who Benefits?"

F 16: Management and Budget, Office of (1974).

Correspondence:  re:  Indian Education Act funding requests.

F 17: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (1974).

a. Report:  Oklahoma foundation for Research and Development:  "Handicapped Assistance Project."  (1974).

b. Report:  Technology Use Studies Center:  "Technology Utilization in a Non Urban Region:  Further Impact and Technique of the Technology Use Studies Center."  (June 1974).

F 18: National Endowment for the Arts/Humanities (1974).  Federal Council.

Minutes of meeting of Federal Council of the arts and the Humanities.

F 19: National Endowment for the Arts/Humanities (1974).  General.

a. Brochure:  National Endowment for the Arts:  "Guide to Programs."

b. Report:  National Endowment for the Humanities:  "Eight Annual Report."

c. Press Release:  National Endowment for the Humanities:  re; grants to colleges and universities.

F 20: National Endowment for the Arts/Humanities (1974).  Oklahoma.

Correspondence:  re:  grants for Oklahoma for the National Endowment for the Humanities.

F 21: National Gallery of Art (1973-1974).

Correspondence:  re:  Loan of two paintings from the National Gallery of Art for Carl Albert Office.

F 22: National Labor Relations Board (1974).  Tulsa Office.

Correspondence:  re:  establishment of a regional office in Tulsa, Ok for National Labor Relations Board.

F 23: National Science Foundation (1974).  General.

Correspondence:  re:  Proposal of Claremore Junior College to the National Science Foundation for improvements in their Department of Biology.

F 24: National Science Foundation (1974).  Oklahoma State University.

a. Correspondence:  re:  proceeding of the Energy Forum.

b. Proposal:  Oklahoma State University:  "To Demonstrate the Capability of the Cooperative Extension Service System in Oklahoma to Effect the Transfer of Environmental Technology to Local Governments and Community Leaders."  (February 27, 1974).

c. Proposal:  Oklahoma State University:  "Utilizing Extension Service in Land Grant University as a Technology Transfer System for Environmental Affairs" (April 1973).

F 25: Office of Economic Opportunity (1974). Community Action.

Correspondence:  re:  appreciation of Green Thumb Program and announcement of grants.

F 26: Office of Economic Opportunity (1974). Federal Outlays.

Report:  Office of Economic Opportunity:  "Federal Outlays in Fiscal Year 1974."

F 27: Office of Economic Opportunity (1974). Foster Grandparents.

Report:  Foster Grandparents Program:  Sequoyah Foster Grandparent Program Report (1973-1974).

F 28: Office of Economic Opportunity (1974). General.

Correspondence:  re:  grant application submitted by Oklahoma Housing Development Corporation and changes in Office of Economic Opportunity programs.

F 29: Office of Economic Opportunity (1974). Oklahoma Division of Economic Opportunity.

Newsletter:  Oklahoma Division of Economic Opportunity:  "Opportunity" (1974).

F 30: Office of Economic Opportunity (1974). Omni Northeast, Inc.

Proposal:  Omni-Northeast Counseling Service:  "Proposal for Research and Demonstration Grant" (1974-1975).

F 31: Office of Economic Opportunity (1974). Poverty in Oklahoma.

Report:  Oklahoma Division of Economic Opportunity:  "Poverty in Oklahoma" (1974).

F 32: Office of Economic Opportunity (1974). Project Mainstream.

Correspondence and report:  Project Mainstream:  re:  "Project Mainstream Six Month Report" (January 25, 1974).

F 33: Securities and Exchange Commission (1974).

Memorandum:  re:  Securities and Exchange Commission seeking of restraining order against National Farm Organization.

F 34: Small Business Administration (1974).  Boswell Charcoal.

Correspondence:  re:  Small Business Administration assisting with financing of Boswell Charcoal.

F 35: Small Business Administration (1974).  General.

Correspondence:  re:  Small Business Week, and loan interest rates of SBA.

F 36: Small Business Administration (1974).  Lee Fac.

Correspondence:  re:  Financial situation of Lee Fac, Inc.

F 37: State, Department of (1974). Bahrain.

Correspondence:  re:  thank you to Carl Albert for a copy of Robert's Rules of Order from Hasan J. Al Jishi, Speaker of Bahrain National Assembly.

F 38: State, Department of (1974). Britain.

Memorandum:  re:  A dinner and Carl Albert's toast to Queen Elizabeth II.

F 39: State, Department of (1974). Bulgaria.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Speech from Vladimir Bonev, President of the National Assembly of the People's Republic of Bulgaria.

b. Speech of the National Assembly of People's Republic of Bulgaria to the Parliaments of the Countries, Participants in the All-European Security and Cooperation Conference.

F 40: State, Department of (1974). Ceylon (Sri Lanka).

a. Telegram from Carl Albert to Speaker of the National Assembly of Sri Lanka welcoming him to a visit in the United States.

b. Background notes:  Department of State:  "Sri Lanka (Ceylon)" (1974). 

F 41: State, Department of (1974). Chile.

a. Correspondence:  re:  conditions in Chile.

b. Speech:  Dr. Ernest W. Lefever:  "Hearings on Prospects for United States - Chile Relations."

c. Report:  "The Trials of Banking Officials of Salvador Allende's Communist Government."

F 42: State, Department of (1974). China/Taiwan.

Correspondence:  re:  appreciation for support of a bill authorizing State Department to conclude an agreement of indemnification with the People's Republic of China in connection with a PRC Archeological Exhibition.

F 43: State, Department of (1974). Cuba.

Correspondence:  re:  Opposition of any efforts to resume diplomatic relations with Cuba.

F 44: State, Department of (1974). Cyprus.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Problems at the American Embassy in Greece during Greco-Turkish Incident.

b. Press Releases:  Embassy of Cyprus:  re:  Greco-Turkish incident.

F 45: State, Department of (1974). Department.

a. Correspondence:  re:  appointment of Henry Kissinger as Secretary of State.

b. Press Conference:  Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

F 46: State, Department of (1974). Disclosure Statement.

Memorandum:  concerning report of all political contributions made by Ambassador - elects.

F 47: State, Department of (1974). Egypt.

a. Report:  "Background on US Cooperation in Nuclear Energy with Egypt and Israel."  (1974).

b. Press Release:  Office of White House Press Secretary:  re:  nuclear energy and relations with Egypt.

F 48: State, Department of (1974). Foreign Aid.

Correspondence:  re:  Information on amount of foreign aid supplied to various countries by the United States.

F 49: State, Department of (1974). General.

Correspondence:  re:  support for public financing and campaign contribution limitation.

F 50: State, Department of (1974). Germany.

Correspondence:  re:  problems brought about by company takeover in West Germany.

F 51: State, Department of (1974). Greece.

Correspondence:  re:  release of Greek party leader from prison.

F 52: State, Department of (1974). Irish Republican Army.

Correspondence:  re:  Irish Republican Army fund-raising activities in the United States and possible use for buying weapons in Northern Ireland.

F 53: State, Department of (1974). Israel.

Correspondence:  re:  Strong condemnation of the brutal massacre of Israeli school children by Arab terrorists and complaints filed on the treatment of Israeli Prisoners of War by Syria and Egypt.

F 54: State, Department of (1974). Korea.

Telegram:  re:  sympathy for death of wife of worker at American Embassy in Korea.

F 55: State, Department of (1974). Latin America.

Correspondence:  re:  American Understanding of Latin American customs and needs U. S. relations with Latin American countries.

F 56: State, Department of (1974). New Zealand.

Correspondence:  re:  death of Prime Minister of New Zealand.

F 57: State, Department of (1974). Oman.

Newsletter:  Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman:  "Oman News" (1974).

F 58: State, Department of (1974). Panama.

Correspondence:  re:  Panama treaty negotiations.

F 59: State, Department of (1974). Passport.

Correspondence:  re:  development of a new Passport making them more efficient and economical.

F 60: State, Department of (1974). Romania.

Press Release:  Department of State:  "Harry G. Barnes, Jr. Sworn in as United States Ambassador to Romania."  (January 4, 1974). 

F 61: State, Department of (1974). South America.

Newspaper article:  The New York Times:  "South Africa's Objectives" by C. P. Mulder (May 14, 1974).

F 62: State, Department of (1974). Spain.

Agreement:  Joint Declaration of Principles Between The United States of America and Spain."

F 63: State, Department of (1974). Turkey.

Correspondence:  re:  Poppy cultivation in Turkey.

F 64: State, Department of (1974). U.S.S.R.

a. Correspondence:  re:  immigration of Soviet Jews.

b. Press Release:  Soviet Embassy Information Department:  various press releases:  re:  Soviet Affairs.

F 65: State, Department of (1974). Vietnam.

Press Release:  Embassy of Vietnam:  various press releases:  re:  Freedom Tree Dedication Ceremony.

F 66: State, Department of (1974). Zambia.

Correspondence:  re:  excellent relations existing between the United States and Zambia.

F 67: Tariff Commission (1974).

Report:  United States Tariff Commission:  "Tariff Schedules of the United States Annotated" (1972).

F 68: Tennessee Valley Authority (1974).

a. Correspondence:  re:  financial assistance from Tennessee Valley Authority to help with mining coal.

b. Report:  Tennessee Valley Authority:  "TVA Annual Report, 1974."

c. Brochure:  Tennessee Valley Authority:  "TVA Today" (1974).

d. Brochure:  Tennessee Valley Authority:  "A Quality Environment in the Tennessee Valley."

e. Report:  Oak Ridge National Laboratory:  "NSF-RANN Energy Abstracts:  "A Monthly Abstract Journal of Energy Research" (1974).

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