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Box 125: Transportation (1974) - White House (1974).

F 1: Transportation, Department of (1974). Automobiles.

a. Report:  Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association of the United States:  "Washington Mandates and Effects on the Automobile Industry."  (November 19, 1973).

b. Press Release:  Department of Transportation:  re:  Putting a maximum speed on motor vehicle speedometers.

F 2: Transportation, Department of (1974). Coast Guard.

Correspondence:  re:  Sanitation devices on boats.

F 3: Transportation, Department of (1974). Federal Aviation Administration.

Correspondence:  re:  inability to obtain general aviation parking privileges at an international airport; Federal Aviation regulations; grant assistance by FAA, and which types of aircraft can use a particular airport.

F 4: Transportation, Department of (1974). Federal Aviation Administration:  Recordkeeping.

Correspondence:  re:  Problems with communications from the Record Center of the Federal Aviation Administration.

F 5: Transportation, Department of (1974). Federal Highway Administration.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Release of impounded highway funds, proposed deferral of highway funds.

b. Press Release:  Federal Highway Administration:  re:  increase of highway construction costs.

F 6: Transportation, Department of (1974). Highway Projects.

Correspondence:  re:  Development of a Federal aid Urban System for Wewoka, Ok and upgrading of state highways.

F 7: Transportation, Department of (1974). Mass Transit.

Correspondence:  re:  Federal programs to help finance a public transportation system in Ada, Ok.

F 8: Transportation, Department of (1974). National Transportation.

Correspondence:  re:  Announcing appointment of Legislative Affairs Officers for the National Transportation Safety Board.

F 9: Transportation, Department of (1974). Pipelines.

Correspondence:  re:  Town of Wister, Ok.

F 10: Transportation, Department of (1974). Railroads.

Press Release:  United States Railway Association:  re:  Problems with rail transportation systems.

F 11: Transportation, Department of (1974). Railroads:  Amtrak.

Correspondence:  re:  experimental rail passenger route between Oklahoma City and St. Louis and request to U. S. Railway Association for monies to build new tracks.

F 12: Transportation, Department of (1974). Railroads:  Amtrak:  McAlester.

Correspondence:  re:  Amtrak service for McAlester and financial problems of Amtrak.

F 13: Transportation, Department of (1974). Railroads:  Amtrak.

Report:  Interstate Commerce Commission:  "Amtrak:  Effectiveness of the Act."  2 volumes (1974).  296 pages.

F 14: Transportation, Department of (1974).

Report:  Transportation Systems Center:  "Summary of National Transportation Statistics" (1973).

F 15: Transportation, Department of (1974). Safe-T-Onics.

Correspondence:  re:  Driver - alert system device.

F 16: Transportation, Department of (1974). Trucking.

Correspondence:  re:  Proposals to increase the weight of trucks.

F 17: Transportation, Department of (1974). Youth Problem Drivers.

Correspondence:  re:  grant for an education program for problem drivers.

F 18: Treasury, Department of (1974). Alcohol/Tobacco/Firearms.

Correspondence:  re:  Problem of handguns used in crime.

F 19: Treasury, Department of (1974). Comptroller of the Currency.

Correspondence:  re:  problems with Franklin National Bank of Brooklyn New York and an interview with Comptroller of the Currency.

F 20: Treasury, Department of (1974). Departmental.

Correspondence:  re:  Changes in personnel in the Department of the Treasury and increase of debt ceiling.

F 21: Treasury, Department of (1974). General.

Correspondence:  re:  Finding of counterfeit pennies, and the Federal Reserve.

F 22: Treasury, Department of (1974). Internal Revenue Service.

Correspondence:  re:  Federal income tax treatment of political candidates and political committees.

F 23: Treasury, Department of (1974). Internal Revenue Service:  Oklahoma Ordinance.

Correspondence:  re:  issuance of dept obligations and tax exempt industrial revenue bonds.

F 24: Treasury, Department of (1974). Revenue Sharing.

Correspondence:  re:  revenue sharing in various Oklahoma Cities.

F 25: Treasury, Department of (1974). Revenue Sharing:  Reports/Publications.

a. Report:  Office of Revenue Sharing:  "General Revenue Sharing - The First Actual Use Reports" (1974).

b. Report:  Office of Revenue Sharing:  "Annual Report of the Office of Revenue Sharing" (1974).

c. Report:  Office of Revenue Sharing:  "8th Payment 4th Quarter/Entitlement Period 4."  (1974).

d. Report:  Office of Community Affairs and Planning:  "Revenue Sharing Report for Oklahoma" (1972-1973).

F 26: Treasury, Department of (1974). Secret Service.

Correspondence:  re:  Secret Service Protection.

F 27: Treasury, Department of (1974). Tax Policy.

a. Book:  Joseph A. Pechman and Benjamin A. Okner:  "Who Bears the Tax Burden?" (1974).

b. Report:  "Perspectives on Federal Taxation The Need For Tax Reform" (1974).

F 28: Veterans Administration (1974). Cemeteries.

Correspondence:  re:  Possibility of establishing a National Cemetery in central or western Oklahoma.

F 29: Veterans Administration (1974). Cemeteries:  Fort Towson:  CA/Departmental.

Correspondence:  re:  possibility of a National Cemetery being established at Fort Towson, Ok.

F 30: Veterans Administration (1974). Cemeteries:  Fort Towson:  Local Correspondence.

Correspondence:  re:  possibly of establishing a National Cemetery at Fort Towson, Ok.

F 31: Veterans Administration (1974). Educational Benefits.

Correspondence:  re:  an increase in veteran's educational benefits.

F 32: Veterans Administration (1974). General.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Vietnam Veterans Week; assistance for Vietnam Veterans.

b. Press Release:  Office of the White House Press Secretary:  re:  Veterans in today's society."  (January 28, 1974).

F 33: Veterans Administration (1974). Hospitals.

Correspondence:  re:  development of the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine in Tulsa, Ok, treatment at Veterans Administration Hospital in Oklahoma City.

F 34: Veterans Administration (1974). Lawton Office.

Correspondence:  re:  Additional Veterans Administration service to Comanche, Stephens, and Cotton counties.

F 35: Veterans Administration (1974). Pensions.

Correspondence:  re:  Effect of Social Security increases on VA pensions and income limitation for recipients of non-service connected veteran's benefits.

F 36: Veterans Administration (1974). Personnel.

Correspondence:  re:  changes in personnel in the Veterans Administration.

F 37: Veterans Administration (1974). Report.

Report:  Veterans Administration:  "Administrator of Veterans Affairs Annual Report."  (1973).

F 38: White House (1974).  CA.

Transcript from the television show "Issues and Answers" with guest Carl Albert (August 18, 1974).

F 39: White House (1974).  Cost of Living Council:  General.

a. Report:  Cost of Living Council:  "Control of Hospital Costs Under the Economic Stabilization Program."

b. Press Release:  Cost of Living Council:  "Unconcentrated Machinery Industries Exemptions" (March 20, 1974).

c. Press Release:  Cost of Living Council:  "Jewelry and Silverware Industry Exemption" (March 5, 1974).

F 40: White House (1974).  Cost of Living Council:  Health Care.

Report:  Cost of Living Council:  "Economic Stabilization" concerning Health Regulations.

F 41: White House (1974). Cost of Living Council: Hospitals.

a. Correspondence:  re:  wage and price controls in the health care industry.

b. Magazine:  Federation of American Hospitals:  "The Investor-Owned Hospital Review."

F 42: White House (1974). Cost of Living Council: Hospitals:  Cushing.

Correspondence:  re:  Continuation of wage and price controls in the health care industry.  Letters written by Cushing, Ok. residents.

F 43: White House (1974). Cost of Living Council: Hospitals:  McCurtain County.

Memorandum:  re:  McCurtain Memorial Hospital.

F 44: White House (1974). Cost of Living Council: Hospitals:  rural.

Correspondence:  re:  economic conditions of rural hospitals in Oklahoma.

F 45: White House (1974). Cost of Living Council: Nursing Homes.

Correspondence:  re:  regulations published by the Cost of Living Council for the Health care industry, price controls on nursing homes and the economic situation of the nursing home industry.

F 46: White House (1974). Cost of Living Council: Oil/Steel.

Correspondence:  re:  shortage of steel tubing for energy and agricultural uses under the Economic Stabilization Program.

F 47: White House (1974). General.

Correspondence:  re:  a book being sent to Mrs. Gerald R. Ford from some of Carl Alberts' constituents in Oklahoma.  Correspondents include:  Betty Ford.

F 48: White House (1974). Impeachment:  CA.

Transcripts from interview with Carl Albert regarding possible impeachment of Richard M. Nixon.

F 49: White House (1974). Impeachment:  Miscellaneous.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Richard M. Nixon and possible impeachment.

b. Report:  Utah Law Review:  "The Law of Presidential Impeachment" (1973).

F 50: White House (1974). Invitations.

Memorandum:  re:  invitations to a White House Conference on Drug Abuse wanted by Carl Albert constituents.

F 51: White House (1974). Legislation.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Drug Abuse Prevention and health insurance legislation.

b. "Resolution on the Economy of the House Democratic Caucus" (July 24, 1974).

F 52: White House (1974). Oklahoma matters.

Correspondence to President:  re:  designation of certain Oklahoma Counties as a disaster area because of flooding and the closing of a Henryetta, Ok glass company.

F 53: White House (1974). Press Releases.

Press Release:  Office of the White House Press Secretary:  various press releases from the President (1974).

F 54: White House (1974). Requests:  Miscellaneous.

Correspondence:  re:  requests for photographs, autographs, etc. from the President.

F 55: White House (1974). Requests:  Photographs.

Correspondence:  re: requests for autographed photos of the President.

F 56: White House (1974). Tours.

Memorandum:  re:  tickets for White House Tours.

F 57: White House (1974). Vietnam.

Correspondence:  re:  amnesty.

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