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Box 129: Environmental Protection Agency - General Services Administration

F 1: Environmental Protection Agency (1975). LeFlore County.

a. Report: EPA: "Model Community Noise Control Ordinance" (September 1975).

b. Correspondence re: Eight year court battle with Department of Airports over impact of aircraft noise.

F 2: Environmental Protection Agency (1975). Oklahoma: Miscellaneous Projects.

Correspondence re: Environmental impact statement filed by Corps of Engineers for Candy Lake project in Candy Creek, OK; Oklahoma's role in the sale of raw water; notification on sewer grants to towns in CA'S district.

F 3: Environmental Protection Agency (1975). Pesticides.

Correspondence re: pesticide use and EPA's ban on certain pesticides.

F 4: Environmental Protection Agency (1975). Petrochemical Oxidants.

Correspondence re: plan to control oxidant levels.

F 5: Environmental Protection Agency (1975). Pittsburg County.

Correspondence re: Application by Canadian County for assistance in construction of sewer system.

F 6: Environmental Protection Agency (1975). Pollution Solution Group.

Report: Pollution Solution Group: "Statement to Public Hearing of Federal Energy Administration on Project Independence: Recommended Steps Toward Energy Independence" (September 17, 1974).

F 7: Environmental Protection Agency (1975). Pushmataha County.

Correspondence re: Possible reimbursement to the city of Wilson for improvements in the sewer system.

F 8: Environmental Protection Agency (1975). Seminole.

Correspondence re: grant to assist sewer development in Maud; roads and funding for sewer systems in Wewoka.

F 9: Environmental Protection Agency (1975). Waste Water Treatment.

Report: EPA: "The Federal Waste Water Treatment Facilities Construction Grant Process From A (bilene) to Z (anesville)."

F 10: Environmental Protection Agency (1975). Water Pollution.

a. Correspondence re: water pollution control.

b. Brochure: EPA: "Loans to Small Businesses Under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act." (1975)

F 11: Environmental Protection Agency (1975). Weyerhauser.

a. Correspondence re: Weyerhauser Corporation and their activities in southeaster Oklahoma.

b. Magazine: The Mother Earth News. (1975)

F 12: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (1975).

a. Brochure: EEOC: "The First Decade."

b. Brochure: EEOC: "EEOC at a Glance."

F 13: Export-Import Bank of the United States (1975).

Correspondence re: Rockwell International-problems with the Import-Export Bank; partial financing for the sale of 3 Lockheed commercial aircraft.

F 14: Federal Communications Commission (1975). Cable Television.

a. Journal: Community Antenna Television Journal (Mar. and Apr., 1975).

b. Correspondence re: CATV policy and "thanks" for above mentioned journal.

F 15: Federal Communications Commission (1975). Citizen's Band Radio Complaints.

Correspondence re: impaired television reception caused by Citizen's Band Radio.

F 16: Federal Communications Commission (1975). General.

Correspondence re: telephone system installed by a construction company.

F 17: Federal Communications Commission (1975). "Guns of Autumn."

Correspondence re: "Guns of Autumn" and its portrayal of hunters in America.

F 18: Federal Communications Commission (1975). Religious Broadcasting.

Correspondence re: Restricting religious programming on television.

F 19: Federal Communications Commission (1975). Television.

Correspondence re: Talkback Television System, closed circuit educational television microwave facilities.

F 20: Federal Energy Administration (1975). Departmental.

Correspondence re: appointment of a new assistant administrator.

F 21: Federal Energy Administration (1975). Energy Conservation and Conversion Act of 1975.

Report: House Ways and Means Committee: "Energy Conservation and Conversion Act of 1975."

F 21b: Federal Energy Administration (1975). General.

Constituent correspondence re: energy crisis.

F 22: Federal Energy Administration (1975). Energy Information.

Report: FEA: "Energy Information Reported to Congress as Required by Public Law 93-319."

F 23: Federal Energy Administration (1975). Energy Management Program.

Report: FEA: "Federal Energy Management Program." (December 1974).

F 24: Federal Energy Administration (1975). Gasoline Allocations.

Correspondence re: allocation and price regulations of energy policy.

F 25: Federal Energy Administration (1975). General.

a. Correspondence re: saving energy through installation of traffic activated signals.

b. Speech: John E. Kircher: "Energy-An Essential Element of Economic Growth." (1975)

c. Report: President's Council Symposium: "Can We Meet Our Energy Needs?"

d. Pamphlet: Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives, Inc.: "What's Happening?"

F 26: Federal Energy Administration (1975). Legislation. (General).

Speech (press release): Carl Albert: "Energy Conservation and Oil Policy Act H. R. 7014"

F 27: Federal Energy Administration (1975). Mines, Bureau of.

Report: Bureau of Mines: "Minerals and Materials/A Monthly Survey." (July 1975).

F 28: Federal Energy Administration (1975). Mining.

Memorandum re: veto of strip mine bill.

F 29: Federal Energy Administration (1975). Natural Gas.

a. Correspondence re: Oklahoma set-aside program and various proposals for the deregulation of natural gas.

b. Report: Office of Technology Assessment: "An Analysis of the Impacts of the Projected Natural Gas Curtailments for the Winter 1975-1976." (Nov. 1975).

F 30: Federal Energy Administration (1975). Nuclear Energy.

Correspondence re: public attitudes toward nuclear energy.

F 31: Federal Energy Administration (1975). Oil.

a. Correspondence re: Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act of 1973 and possible hardships faced by small refiners required to purchase under the old oil allocation program.

b. Report: Farmland Industries, Inc., Kansas City, Missouri: "Problems of Crude Oil-Deficient Refiners" (March 1975).

c. Pamphlet: Independent Petroleum Association of America: "Closing Our Oil Supply Gap...Some Plain Facts on the Possibilities and Costs." (1975).

F 32: Federal Energy Administration (1975). Oil Imports.

Correspondence re: evaluation of the Mandatory Oil Import Program.

F 33: Federal Energy Administration (1975). Oil Pollution Act.

Press Release: Office of the White House Press Secretary: proposed legislation entitled "The Comprehensive Oil Pollution Liability and Compensation Act of 1975."

F 34: Federal Energy Administration (1975). Oil shale.

Correspondence re: production of shale oil.

F 35: Federal Energy Administration (1975). Wright, Douglas G.

Correspondence re: using hydrogen as fuel.

F 36: Federal Paperwork, Commission on (1975).

Correspondence re: newly formed Commission on Federal Paperwork and needed support.

F 37: Federal Power Commission (1975). General.

Correspondence re: Natural Gas Act; a proposed pipeline which would service a peanut plant; payments made by Marathon Oil Company to certain interest owners; use of natural gas for irrigation purposes.

F 38: Federal Power Commission (1975). Stuart, Oklahoma.

Correspondence re: natural gas service problem for Stuart, Oklahoma.

F 39: Federal Trade Commission (1975). Agricultural Cooperatives.

Report: Bureau of Competition: "A Report on Agricultural Cooperatives." (1975).

F 40: Federal Trade Commission (1975). Departmental.

Correspondence re: shortage of canning lids for home canning.

F 41: Federal Trade Commission (1975). Departmental.

List: FTC: listing of all members of the FTC.

F 42: Federal Trade Commission (1975). Food Advertising.

Correspondence re: regulations concerning the use of the terms "organic" and "natural foods" and proposed changes in food advertising.

F 43: Federal Trade Commission (1975). Funeral Industry.

a. Correspondence re: regulation of funeral industry.

b. News Release: House Small Business Committee: "Small Business Committee to Review Proposed FTC Funeral Regulations."

F 44: Federal Trade Commission (1975). Funeral Industry. Publications.

Report: Bureau of Consumer Protection: "Federal Industry Practices--Proposed Trade Regulation Rule and Staff Memorandum."

F 45: Federal Trade Commission (1975). General.

Correspondence re: law book guides; investigation of the production and distribution of crash parts; mark- up on cigarettes.

F 46: Federal Trade Commission (1975). Mechanical Fasteners.

a. Brochure: Industrial Fasteners Institute: "The Heritage of Mechanical Fasteners."

b. Correspondence re: meeting concerning complaint of dumping by Japanese of fasteners.

F 47: General Accounting Office (1975).

Correspondence re: possible travel abuse by a member of Community Services Administration.

F 48: General Services Administration (1975). General.

Correspondence re: Contracting for sauna equipment.

F 49: General Services Administration (1975). National Archives. City of Caddo.

Correspondence re: location of Caddo, Oklahoma Articles of Incorporation.

F 50: General Services Administration (1975). Oklahoma Matters.

Correspondence re: bid on a building to be erected in McAlester to house the Bureau of Hearings and Appeals of the Social Security Administration.

F 51: General Services Administration (1975). Presidential Papers.

Memorandum: Presidential Recordings and Materials Preservation Act re preservation of and public access to the presidential materials of Richard M. Nixon.

F 52: General Services Administration (1975). Publications.

a. Pamphlet: GSA: "Government Business Opportunities." (1975)

b. Newsletter: GSA: "GSA News" (Aug. 1975).

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