Box and Folder Inventory

Box 132

Box 133: Justice (1975) - Transportation (1975).

F 1: Justice, Department of (1975). Marshal Services.

a. Report:  United States Marshal Service:  "Outline of the Office of United States Marshal" (October 20, 1970).  21 pages.

b. Various Marshal Service Information.

F 2: Justice, Department of (1975). National District Attorneys Association.

a. Brochure:  National District Attorneys Association:  "Standards and Goals for Prosecutors."

b. Flyer:  National District Attorneys Association:  "Third National Conference on Juvenile Justice."

c. Pamphlet:  National District Attorneys Association:  "Social Service Referral."

d. Pamphlet:  National District Attorneys Association:  "16 Ideas to Help District Attorneys Help the Victims and Witnesses of Crime."

e. Report:  National District Attorneys Association:  "Child Support Enforcement" (September 1975).  5 pages.

f. Report:  National District Attorneys Association:  "National Law Student Internship and Placement Program" (Summer 1974).  61 pages.

g. Report:  National District Attorneys Association:  "Annual Report 1974-1975" 39 pages.

h. Journal:  National District Attorneys Association:  "The Prosecutor."

F 3: Justice, Department of (1975). Seminoles.

Office Notes:  re:  Seminole dissidents.

F 4: Labor, Department of (1975). Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA).

a. Correspondence:  re:  Coal County's entitlement to Comprehensive Employment and Training Act funds; allocation of Comprehensive Employment and Training Act funds to non-metropolitan areas; Comprehensive Employment and Training Act regulations; Arkoma Indian Development Inc's desire to be prime sponsor; Comprehensive Employment and Training Act Summer Program. Correspondents include:  Dominick V. Daniels (NJ); Rucker Blankenship (OK).

b. Information packet:  re:  funding for Comprehensive Employment and Training Act Title I Prime Sponsors.

c. Information packet:  re:  Summer program for economically disadvantaged youth distribution of funds.

F 5: Labor, Department of (1975). Departmental/Personnel.

a. Correspondence:  re:  move of Labor Department headquarters.

b. Office note:  re:  change of Employment Service office in Tahlequah.

c. News Release:  Labor Department:  "James Hogue Named to Head Labor Department's Legislative Affairs" (May 7, 1975).

F 6: Labor, Department of (1975). General.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Overtime payment legislation; Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974; Fair Labor Standards Act; new pension plan; unemployment situation. Correspondent include:  James E. Hamilton (OK).

b. Statement:  Speaker Albert:  "Response to President's Statement on Funding of Public Service and Summer Youth Jobs."  (March 6, 1975).

F 7: Labor, Department of (1975). Green Thumb.

Correspondence:  re:  Support for Green Thumb program. Correspondents include:  Joe Johnson (OK).

F 8: Labor, Department of (1975). Job Corps.

Correspondence:  re:  Management of Guthrie Job Corps Center.

F 9: Labor, Department of (1975). Manpower Administration.

List of Manpower Final Title VI Allocations.

F 10: Labor, Department of (1975). Oklahoma:  Miscellaneous.

Correspondence:  re:  Halliburton strike; labor disputes at Pocahontas and McCurtain mines; information wanted on U.S. Employment Service; safety requirements imposed on Elsing Manufacturing Company.

F 11: Labor, Department of (1975). Publications.

a. Report:  Building - Construction Trades Department:  "National Jobs Conference" (April 21, 1975).  189 pages.  Cover letter included.

b. Booklet:  Labor Department:  "Region 6 Reference Guide" 24 pages.  Cover letter included.

F 12: Labor, Department of (1975). Veterans.

Correspondence:  re:  elevation of Director of Veterans Employment Service to Assistant Secretary of Labor for Veterans Employment; Ralph Hall's appointment as Director of Veterans Employment Service. Correspondents include:  Peter Brennan.

F 13: Library of Congress (1975). Doll Museum, Ardmore.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Copyrighting of pre-printed catalog of Ardmore Doll Museum.

b. Catalog:  Ardmore Public Library:  "The Eliza Cruce Hall Doll Museum" (1975).

F 14: Library of Congress (1975). General.

a. Correspondence:  re:  duplicate books; overdue books; Daniel Boorstin's recommendation as Librarian of Congress.

b. Office note:  re:  Preparation of dedicatory remarks by Library for SSA Office dedication in McAlester.

F 15: Library of Congress (1975). Reports.

a. Various copies of information:  re:  Declaration of Independence.

b. Report:  Jane Gravelle and Lawrence Kumins:  "Analysis of Senate Finance Committee Deregulation Windfall Profits Tax" (August 6, 1975).  18 pages.

c. Brochure:  Congressional Research Service:  "Major Issue System" (August 15, 1975).

d. Report:  Congressional Research Service:  "Some Issues Involved in Federal Financial Assistance to New York City" (November 3, 1975).

e. Pamphlet: General Services Administration: "Military Service Records in the national Archives of the United States."

f. Pamphlet: General Services Administration: "Genealogical Sources Outside the National Archives."

g. Pamphlet: General Services Administration: "Genealogical Records in the National Archives."

F 16: Management and Budget, Office of (1975).

a. Schedule of OMB Congressional briefings.

b. Information:  re:  trend of government spending.

F 17: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (1975).

Correspondence:  re:  attendance at Mission Control for launch of Apollo Soyuz Mission; astronaut appearances at Bicentennial - related events.

F 18: National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities (1975).

a. Correspondence:  re:  Congressional Schools Program; Photographer's Fellowship Program.

b. News Release:  National Endowment for the Humanities:  "NEH Funds New National Project to Document America's Artistic Heritage" (January 22, 1975).

c. Three grant announcements.

F 19: National Historical Publications and Records Commission (1975).

a. Correspondence:  re:  Presentation of Second Volume of the First Federal Congress Papers.

b. Statement:  Speaker Albert:  "Second Volume of Documentary History of the First Federal Congress Accepted" (March 5, 1975).

F 20: National Labor Relations Board (1975).

Office notes:  re:  Salad Master Corporation's case pending before NLRB.

F 21: National Mediation Board (1975).

Correspondence:  re:  Appointment with members of National Mediation Board.

F 22: National Science Foundation (1975).  General.

Correspondence:  re:  Feasibility of establishing an engineering and management extension service; NSF Fellowships; environmental technology transfer program; science education implementation funds.

F 23: National Science Foundation (1975).  Grants list

Eleven grant notifications list.

F 24: National Science Foundation (1975).  Report.

Information Packet:  NSF:  "Project Summary" (1975).

F 25: Nuclear Regulatory Commission (1975).

Correspondence:  re:  regulations proposed to revise schedule of fees for facilities and materials licenses.

F 26: Office of Economic Opportunity (1975). Community Services Act of 1974.

a. Correspondence:  re:  H. R. 8578.

b. Report:  Stuart Schmitz:  "Summary of Head Start, Economic Opportunity and Community Partnership Act of 1974." (February 4, 1975).  7 pages.

c. Report:  Congressional Research Service:  "Current Status on the Operation of Community Action Agencies" (1975).  9 pages.

d. Statement:  Director of Community Services Administration.

e. Statement:  Cleveland Gilcrease.

f. H. R. 8578:  "To amend the Community Services Act of 1974 to increase the Federal share of financial assistance to community action agencies." (Augustus Hawkins - California).  94th Congress, 1st Session (1975).  Committee on Education and Labor.

F 27: Office of Economic Opportunity (1975). Federal Outlays Report.

Federal Information Exchange System:  "Federal Outlays Report" (1975).  82 pages.

F 28: Office of Economic Opportunity (1975). General.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Support for community action programs; Oklahoma Housing Development Corporations grant proposal; new Community Services Administration; federally funded programs in Coal County.

b. Newsletter:  Oklahoma Development of Economic and Community Affairs:  "Second Edition" (December 1975).  8 pages.

F 29: Office of Economic Opportunity (1975). Grant Notices.

Twenty-two grant notices.

F 30: Office of Economic Opportunity (1975). Head Start.

Correspondence:  re:  Problems in Atoka Head Start program.

F 31: Office of Economic Opportunity (1975). Indian National Community Action.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Oklahoma House Bill 1581.

b. Agenda for Indian Nation Community Action Annual Meeting.

F 32: Office of Economic Opportunity (1975). Redland Community Action Foundation.

a. Copy of clipping:  re:  Redland service grant.

b. Newsletters:  Redland Community Action Foundation:  "CAPsule" (July - August 1975); (November 1975).

F 33: Railroad Retirement Board (1975).

Correspondence:  re:  Railroad retirement benefits.

F 34: Selective Service System (1975).

Two News Releases:  re:  Selective Service registration procedures.

F 35: Small Business Administration (1975). Forms.

a. Booklet:  Small Business Administration:  "Checklist for Going into Business" (August 1970).  11 pages.

b. Pamphlet:  Small Business Administration:  "Key Features of Small Business Administration's Principal Leading Programs" (October 1974).  4 pages.

c. Pamphlet:  Small Business Administration:  "Publications" (May 1974).  2 copies.

d. Booklet:  Small Business Administration:  "Loans to Local Development Companies" (February 1975).  11 pages.

e. Pamphlet:  Small Business Administration:  "Starting a Small Business Investment Company" (January 1974).

f. Pamphlet:  Small Business Administration:  "SBA Business Loans" (February 1975).

g. Leaflet:  Small Business Administration:  "Economic Opportunity Loan Program" (September 1974).

h. Pamphlet:  Small Business Administration:  "Lease Guarantee" (September 1972).

i. Pamphlet:  Small Business Administration:  "SBIC Financing for Small Business" (March 1973).

j. Pamphlet:  Small Business Administration:  "SBA - What It Is, What It Does" (August 1974).

k. Pamphlet:  Small Business Administration:  "Management Assistance" (April 1974).

l. Pamphlet:  Small Business Administration:  "Selling to the U.S. Government" (June 1973).

F 36: Small Business Administration (1975). General.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Government Assistance to Small Business Conference; Small Business Administration purpose; SBIC; loan assistance for construction of Hugo health clinic.

b. Loan approval.

c. Report:  Marian Hall:  "Small Business Administration:  Its Assistance Program."  (May 20, 1975).  4 pages.

d. Directory:  Small Business Administration:  "SBA Region VI" (1975).

F 37: Small Business Administration (1975). Oklahoma Aerotronics.

Correspondence:  re:  funding for Oklahoma Aerotronics; 8(a) procurement program.

F 38: Small Business Administration (1975). Small Business Act.

a. Whip Advisories:  John J. McFall:  "Small Business Act and Small Business Investment Act Amendments" (October 3, 1975).

b. House Report:  94-519 (H. R. 9056):  "To amend the Small Business Act and Small Business Investment Act of 1958 to provide additional assistance under such Acts, to create a pollution control financing program form small businesses, and for other purposes."  94th Congress, 1st Session (1975).

F 39: Smithsonian Institution (1975).

Correspondence:  re:  exhibition of Halliburton models in Museum of History and Technology.

F 40: State, Department of (1975). Angola.

Office note:  re:  U.S. participation in airlift of Portuguese from Angola.

F 41: State, Department of (1975). Bangladesh.

Correspondence:  re:  economic situation in Bangladesh.

F 42: State, Department of (1975). Cambodia.

Correspondence:  re:  negotiating efforts in Cambodia; Prince Sihanouk of Cambodia's open letter to Congress. Correspondents include:  Henry Kissinger.

F 43: State, Department of (1975). Central America.

Report:  Agency for International Development:  "War on Hunger" (March 1975).  21 pages. 

F 44: State, Department of (1975). Chile.

Newsletter:  "Chilegram":  "President Pinochet Makes Affirmation to Chilean Freemasonry."

F 45: State, Department of (1975). China/Taiwan.

a. Correspondence:  re:  CA's trip to China; US - China policy; needed support for Republic of China.

b. House Report 94-255:  "China:  One Step Further Toward Normalization" (Carl Albert and John Rhodes).  94th Congress, 1st Session (July 1975).  10 pages.

F 46: State, Department of (1975). Cuba.

Correspondence:  re:  Cuban claims problem; need for visa to travel to Cuba.

F 47: State, Department of (1975). Customs.

Correspondence:  re:  difficulties with U.S. Customs Service.

F 48: State, Department of (1975). Departmental.

a. Correspondence:  re:  visit of M. J. Seroney of Kenya; Henry Kissinger.

b. Flyer:  State Department:  "Congressional Relations Office."

F 49: State, Department of (1975). Ethiopia.

Correspondence:  re:  situation in Ethiopia.

F 50: State, Department of (1975). Foreign Service.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Recruitment announcements of Foreign Service; Howard Davis' appointment as Foreign Service Officer.

b. Booklet:  Foreign Service of the USA:  "1975 Examination for Foreign Service Officer Careers" (1975).  42 pages.  Cover letter included.

F 51: State, Department of (1975). General.

a. Correspondence:  re:  CIA and FBI investigations; registration by Home-Stake investors in Venezuela; US - China trade.

b. Newsletter:  The Early Warning Intelligence System:  "Special Office Brief" (April 3, 1975).  9 pages.

c. News Release:  Bureau of Security and Consular Affairs:  "Availability of Immigrant Visa Numbers for August 1975."  (July 10, 1975).

F 52: State, Department of (1975). Germany.

a. Correspondence:  re:  visit of German President Walter Scheel.

b. Speech:  Walter Scheel (June 17, 1975).

F 53: State, Department of (1975). Greece.

News Release:  Embassy of Greece:  "Excerpts Concerning the Cyprus Question" (September 27, 1975).

F 54: State, Department of (1975). Iran.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Negotiations between Pan American and Iran to fund Pan American in exchange for equity in hotel business and needed technical assistance.

b. Booklet:  Embassy of Iran:  "The Official Visit of Their Imperial Majesties Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Aryamehr, Shah of Iran, and Farah Pahlavi, Shahbanov of Iran, to the United States of America" (May 1975).

F 55: State, Department of (1975). Israel/Middle East.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Congressional delegates to Geneva Conference on Middle East; aid to Israel; urging expulsion of Israel from United Nations; Egypt-Israel Agreement; Israeli embassy in Bucharest; besieged Christians in Egypt. Correspondents include:  Stephen J. Solarz (NY).

b. Report:  Embassy of Israel:  "The Israel - Egypt Agreement - Prospects and Risks" (September 2, 1975).

F 56: State, Department of (1975). Japan.

Correspondence:  re:  Ken Ito's promotion.

F 57: State, Department of (1975). Libya.

Correspondence:  re:  Libyan restrictions on departure of U.S. employees.

F 58: State, Department of (1975). McIntire, Carl.

Correspondence:  re:  Dr. Carl McIntire's treatment in and expulsion from Kenya.

F 59: State, Department of (1975). Nigeria.

Correspondence:  re:  insurance company and Credit/Merchants Bank in Nigeria.

F 60: State, Department of (1975). Olympics.

Correspondence:  re:  ticket purchasing for Montreal Olympic games.

F 61: State, Department of (1975). Panama Canal.

Correspondence:  re:  Panama Canal treaty negotiations.

F 62: State, Department of (1975). Passport Office.

a. Correspondence:  re:  1976 Bicentennial Passport.

b. Memo:  re:  emergency and regular passport service available to Congressional offices.

c. Pamphlet:  Passport Office:  "You and Your Passport" (September 1974).

d. Leaflet:  Passport Office:  "Now That You Have A Passport..." (October 1972).

e. Booklet:  Passport Office:  "Customs Hints for Returning U.S. Residents" (1974).

f. Passport and Visa application forms.

F 63: State, Department of (1975). Philippines.

Correspondence:  re:  money owed on loans and credits.

F 64: State, Department of (1975). Romania.

Correspondence:  re:  most favored nation status for Romania.

F 65: State, Department of (1975). South Africa.

Correspondence:  re:  film "Last Grave at Dimbaza" shown by Public Broadcasting system.

F 66: State, Department of (1975). U.S.S.R.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Ospovat case for Soviet Embassy; Soviet defections; Soviet agriculture situation.

b. Speech:  Alexander Solzhenitsyn:  "Words of Warning to America" (June 30, 1975).

c. Open letter to Congress from Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

F 67: State, Department of (1975). Vietnam.

a. News Release:  State Department:  "Diplomatic Note on the Viet Nam Situation" (January 13, 1975).

b. Speech:  Tran Van Lam (February 21, 1975).

c. Correspondence: re: repatriation of American citizens in Vietnam.

F 68: State, Department of (1975). Vietnam:  Refugees.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Adoption of Vietnamese orphans; missionaries held in South Vietnam; Vietnam refugees.

b. Brochure:  Edwin O. Klemm:  "You, Vietnam and Your First Vote for President" (January 1976).

c. Office notes:  re:  Departures from Vietnam.

F 69: State, Department of (1975). Yugoslavia.

Information packet:  re:  visit of Dzemal Bijedic, President of Federal Executive Council of Yugoslavia.

F 70: Supreme Court of the United States (1975).

Correspondence:  re:  Applications for admission to Supreme Court.

F 71: Tennessee Valley Authority (1975).

Correspondence:  re:  Arkansas River project; Don McBride's retirement as Director of TVA; Jack Elkin's desire for appointment to TVA's Board of Directors.

F 72: Transportation, Department of (1975). Automobiles.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Research proposal for "An Automotive Collision and Hazard Warning System."

b. Report:  Dr. C. R. Haden:  "Research Proposal for an Automotive Collision and Hazard Warning System" (September 1974).

F 73: Transportation, Department of (1975). Aviation.

Statement:  Shelby Southard:  "Air Transportation Charter Policy" (February 13, 1975).

F 74: Transportation, Department of (1975). Departmental.

Memo:  re:  Congressional Relations Officers.

F 75: Transportation, Department of (1975). Eshelman, Inc.

Correspondence:  re:  "Crash Absorbers."

F 76: Transportation, Department of (1975). Federal Aviation Administration:  General.

Correspondence:  re:  registration marking rules for civil aircraft; need for adequate facilities at Jones Field in Bonham, Texas; Visual Flight Rules; parking problem at FAA center in OKC; elimination of visual flight role flight plan service; United Airlines' service; air safety.

F 77: Transportation, Department of (1975). Federal Aviation Administration:  Grants and Projects.

a. Correspondence:  re:  grant for Talihina Municipal Airport; Sequoyah Park Airport expansion project.

b. Grant announcement for McAlester Municipal Airport and for Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission.

F 78: Transportation, Department of (1975). Federal Aviation Administration:  Personnel.

Correspondence:  re:  Louis Zambon's desire for appointment as FAA Administrator.

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