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Box 133

Box 134: Transportation (1975) - White House (1975).

F 1: Transportation, Department of (1975). Federal Highway Administration.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Need for highway facility between Port of Catoosa and Ponca City.

b. Booklet:  Federal Highway Administration:  "Your Rights and Benefits as a Highway Relocatee" (December 1974).  54 pages.

c. Copy of Clipping:  re:  U.S. 69 and 270.

d. News Release:  Federal Highway Administration:  "Highway Funds Released by President Ford" (May 15, 1975).

e. Information:  re:  Uniform tire quality grading standards.

F 2: Transportation, Department of (1975). Federal Highway Administration:  Kansas to South Dakota Study.

Report:  FHA:  "Salina, Kansas to Watertown, South Dakota Highway Corridor Study" (September 25, 1974).

F 3: Transportation, Department of (1975). Federal Highway Trust Fund.

Resolution:  re:  Federal Highway Trust Fund.

F 4: Transportation, Department of (1975). Federal Railroad Administration:  Amtrak.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Amtrak service for Sandstone, Minnesota.

b. News Release:  Amtrak:  "Bruce Pike Named Vice President of Government Affairs" (September 25, 1975).

F 5: Transportation, Department of (1975). Federal Railroad Administration:  U.S. Railway Association Plan.

a. Memo:  re:  Restructuring of rail system in Northeast/Midwest. 

b. Report:  Penn Central Transportation Company:  "Statement of the Penn Central Trustees on the United States Railway Association's Final System Plan."  (September 16, 1975).

c. Report:  Richardson Associates:  "Operating and Financial Implications of Government Takeover of the U.S. Railroad Industry's Fixed Plant" (May 1975) 44 pages.  2 copies.

F 6: Transportation, Department of (1975). General.

Correspondence:  re:  railroad safety; freeze of federal funds to states; busses; classification and transportation of flammable and combustible liquids.

F 7: Transportation, Department of (1975). PRT Systems Corporation.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Proposed urban mass transportation system for Southeastern State College.

b. Information Packet:  PRT Systems Corporation:  "Southeastern State College Project."

F 8: Transportation, Department of (1975). Public Transit, Rural.

News Release:  Office of the Secretary:  "Transportation Secretary Coleman Announces Preliminary Selection of 45 projects in 31 States to be Funded Under Rural Highway Public Transportation Demonstration Program" (September 23, 1975).

F 9: Transportation, Department of (1975). Railroads.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Transportation needs of agricultural areas.

b. Report:  Union Pacific Railroad Company:  "A Brief Survey of Railroads of Selected Industrial Countries" (June 1975).  102 pages.

F 10: Transportation, Department of (1975). Railroads:  Conrail.

Correspondence:  re:  Railroad situation in northeast and Conrail.

F 11: Transportation, Department of (1975). Railroads:  Missouri - Kansas - Texas.

a. Correspondence:  re:  MKT loan application.

b. News Release:  United States Railway Association:  "USRA Completes Loan Agreement" (June 27, 1975).

F 12: Transportation, Department of (1975). Railroads:  Rock Island.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Denver-Rio Grande Proposal; financial trouble of Rock Island; Rock Island's application for guarantee of Trustee's certificates.

b. Office note:  re:  Rock Island line.

c. News Release:  Federal Railroad Administration:  "Transportation Department in General Agreement with Railroad Proposals for Dividing the Routes of Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Among Several Railroads" (May 14, 1975).

d. House Report 94-485 (H. R. 8672):  "To improve the reliability, safety, and energy efficiency of railroad transportation, and to reduce unemployment by providing funds for work in repairing, restoring, rehabilitating, and improving essential railroad roadbeds and facilities."  94th Congress, 1st Session (1975).

e. Office note:  re:  Emergency Rail Transportation Improvement and Employment.

f. Memo:  re:  Impact of total shutdown of northeast/midwest bankrupt carriers.

g. Congressional Record (Thursday, October 23, 1975).

F 13: Transportation, Department of (1975). Railroads:  Rock Island.

Correspondence:  re:  Rock Island Railroad.

F 14: Transportation, Department of (1975). Railroads:  Rock Island:  Golden State Route.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Golden State Route.

b. Leaflet:  Southern Pacific Transportation Company:  "The Golden State Route Must Be Preserved for Rail Freight Service.

F 15: Transportation, Department of (1975). Railroads:  Rock Island:  Bound Set of Materials.

Various information:  re:  Rock Island Railroad.

F 16: Transportation, Department of (1975). Railroads:  Rock Island:  Oklahoma Packet.

Report:  Office of Industrial Development:  "Rock Island Railroad Information - Oklahoma" (1975).  Cover letter included, signed by David Boren (OK).

F 17: Transportation, Department of (1975). Safe-T-Onics.

Correspondence:  re:  Feasibility study proposal of in-vehicle warning systems produced by Safe-T-Onics.

F 18: Transportation, Department of (1975).  Speed Limit.

News Release:  Office of the Secretary:  "Transportation Department Issues Regulation that Requires States to Certify Adoption of 55 mph Maximum Speed Limit on Public Highways" (June 4, 1975).

F 19: Transportation, Department of (1975). Tractor Trailers.

Correspondence:  re:  air brake systems for tractors and trailers.

F 20: Treasury, Department of the (1975). Alcohol-Tobacco- Firearms.

Correspondence:  re:  possible closing of all Alcohol-Tobacco-Firearms Offices in Eastern Oklahoma.

F 21: Treasury, Department of the (1975). Coins/Currency.

a. Correspondence:  re:  proposal for two dollar coin.

b. News Release:  Bureau of the Mint:  "Mint Announces New Marketing Program for Bicentennial Coins" (September 11, 1975).

F 22: Treasury, Department of the (1975). Customs.

Correspondence:  re:  Customs collected on manufactured products imported from Japan.

F 23: Treasury, Department of the (1975). General.

Correspondence:  re:  Secretary of the Treasury William Simon; use of housing bonds for arbitrage purposes; U.S. sales of gold to foreign governments; national debt.

F 24: Treasury, Department of the (1975). Internal Revenue Service.

a. Office notes:  re:  IRS ruling on status of First Bank Holding Company, Marietta; Oklahoma Public Employees Deferred Compensation Plan.

b. News Release:  IRS:  "Questions and Answers on Tax Credit for Purchase of New Principal Residence Issued" (May 15, 1975).

F 25: Treasury, Department of the (1975). Internal Revenue Service:  Oil Jobbers.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Payroll tax controversy involving service station industry.

b. Affidavits:  re:  payroll taxes.

F 26: Treasury, Department of the (1975). Revenue Sharing.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Revenue sharing payments for Third District, Oklahoma. Correspondents include:  William Simon.

b. News Release:  Office of Revenue Sharing:  "New Book Issued Listing Each State and Local Government's Share of $20 Billion Distributed Since 1972."  (August 1, 1975).

c. Newsletter:  Office of Revenue Sharing:  "ReveNews" (September 1975).

d. News Release:  Office of Revenue Sharing:  "Supplemental Payment of General Revenue Sharing Funds For First Quarter of Sixth Entitlement Period to be Made on October 31, 1975" (October 15, 1975).

e. Booklet:  Office of Revenue Sharing:  "Special Payment - First Quarter/Entitlement Period Six" (November 3, 1975).  20 pages.

F 27: Treasury, Department of the (1975). Revenue Sharing:  Denison, Texas.

Correspondence:  re:  Formula for entitlement for Denison.

F 28: Treasury, Department of the (1975). Revenue Sharing:  Oklahoma.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Support for revenue sharing program; amount of revenue sharing funds received by Garvin County.

b. Office Notes:  re:  correction of census figure.

c. Report:  Eastern Oklahoma Development District:  "Revenue Staring Report" (November 1975).

F 29: Treasury, Department of the (1975). Revenue Sharing:  Publications.

a. Booklet:  Office of Revenue Sharing:  "Regulations Governing the Payment of Entitlements Under Title I of the State and Local Fiscal Assistance Act of 1972" (August 1973).  42 pages.

b. Booklet:  Office of Revenue Sharing:  "Your Guide to General Revenue Sharing" (March 1974).  23 pages.

c. Booklet:  Office of Revenue Sharing:  "Fiscal Interstate Data and Allocations - Entitlement Period Five" (April 1975).

d. Information Packet:  Office of Revenue Sharing:  "General Revenue Sharing."

e. Report:  Office of Revenue Sharing:  13th Payment - First Quarter/Entitlement Period Six" (October 6, 1975).  274 pages.

F 30: Treasury, Department of the (1975). Savings Bonds.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Series "E" savings bonds; savings bond program.

b. Leaflet:  Departmental of the Treasury:  "Information About Series H Savings Bonds" (August 1974).

c. Leaflet:  Departmental of the Treasury:  "Information About Series E Savings Bonds" (August 1974).

d. Information Packet:  Office of Public Affairs:  "In Which We Serve" (1974).

e. Thirteen News Releases:  re:  Savings bonds.

F 31: Treasury, Department of the (1975). Secret Service.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Secret Service.

b. Memo:  re:  Secret Service Presidential Candidate Protection.

F 32: Veterans Administration (1975). Benefits.

Correspondence:  re:  income limitation provisions of VA pensions program; need for increased benefits for veterans.

F 33: Veterans Administration (1975). Departmental.

Correspondence:  re:  Congressional Seminar; VA service in Oklahoma.

F 34: Veterans Administration (1975). Education.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Eagletown Public Schools' Farm Cooperative Course; eligibility for VA education training benefits; regulations governing independent study programs; regulations for veterans in colleges or universities. Correspondents include:  Ray Roberts (TX).

b. Booklet:  Jobs for Veterans:  "A Digest for Use by Counselors - Veteran Training, Education and Job Opportunities."  41 pages.

F 35: Veterans Administration (1975). General.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Veterans' benefits calculator.

b. Editorial:  Minter Wilson, Jr.:  "Lift the Turkish Arms Embargo Now!"  (October 1975).

F 36: Veterans Administration (1975). Hospitals.

Correspondence:  re:  Proposed expansion of Muskogee VA hospital; Renal Transplantation Program of Oklahoma City VA hospital; funding for Muskogee hospital expansion; praise for service at Little Rock VA hospital. Photographs of Muskogee VA Hospital included.

F 37: Veterans Administration (1975). Hospitals:  OU Health Sciences Center.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Federal - State Sharing Program

b. Grant announcement to OU Health Science Center.

c. Office notes:  re:  cooperation project between VA Hospitals and Health Sciences Center.

d. Report:  Robert Douglass Associates:  "Federal - State Sharing in the Oklahoma Health Center" (February 1975).

F 38: Veterans Administration (1975). Legislation.

Report:  Committee on Veterans' Affairs:  "Summary of Veterans' Legislation Reported" (February 1975).  33 pages.

F 39: Veterans Administration (1975). Oklahoma (Miscellaneous).

Correspondence:  re:  VA's Mobile Office Van.

F 40: Veterans Administration (1975). Personnel.

a. Correspondence:  re:  H. Dale Grubb's Appointment as Assistant Deputy Administrator.

b. Office note:  re:  Jon Ashmore's appointment as deputy director of Headstone Service of National Cemetery Program.

F 41: White House (1975). State Homes.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Aid to states for care of war veterans in State homes.

b. Memo:  re:  State Veterans' Home bill.

c. Office note:  re:  U.S. War Veterans Colony near Wilburton.

F 42: White House (1975). Drug Abuse Prevention.

Activity Book:  Special Action Office for Drug Abuse Prevention:  Super Me.  53 pages. 

F 43: White House (1975). General.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Paul Borum's retirement from Police Chief of Denison, Texas after 45 years; White House Office of Legislative Affairs; letter to Susan Ford; autographing of two graduation programs for Air Force Academy graduates.

b. Magazine:  Time Publishing Company:  Time.  (January 20, 1975).  Missing Some Pages.

F 44: White House (1975). Invitations.

Correspondence:  re:  President's attendance at Stars and Stripes show and at OSU's symposium-conference.

F 45: White House (1975). Nominations.

Correspondence:  re:  nomination of High Witt for Administrator for Federal Procurement policy; possible nomination of Dr. William Cherry for Administrator of Health Service Administration; possible appointment of Dr. Donald Murray to Federal Power Commission; possible appointment of Charles Bangert to Federal Trade Commission; appointment of Bettye Kehrer to Board of Directors of the Legal Services Corporation. Correspondents include:  David Matthews.

F 46: White House (1975). Photograph Requests.

Correspondence:  re:  Requests for Presidential photographs.

F 47: White House (1975). Speeches and Press Releases.

a. Four speeches of President Ford (June 19 - November 13, 1975).

b. Five Press Releases:  re:  Proposed legislation and bill vetoes (May 20 - October 20, 1975).

c. Four fact sheets:  re:  Various topics and legislation (June 19 - November 13, 1975).

F 48: White House (1975). Tours.

Correspondence:  re:  Requests for White House tour tickets.

F 49: White House (1975). White House Fellowships/Intern.

Correspondence:  re:  White House Fellowships and Intern applications.

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