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Box 141

Box 142: State (1976) - White House (1976).

F 1: State, Department of (1976). France.

a. Statement:  Jean-Pierre Fourcade (May 6, 1976).

b. News Release:  Embassy of France:  "Foreign Minister De Guiringaud to Head French Delegation to UN General Assembly" (September 24, 1976).

c. Information Packet:  Embassy of France:  "State Visit to the United States of Valery Giscard d'Estaing, President of the French Republic" (May 1976).

F 2: State, Department of (1976). General.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Hugo Blanco's, Peruvian author, desire to conduct a lecture tour in America; rat problem in Senegal, Mail and Mauritania.; foreign gifts that Carl Albert received which was written at time of Albert's retirement.

b. Memo:  re:  mail serviced by State Department Diplomatic Pouch Service.

F 3: State, Department of (1976). Greece.

News Release:  Embassy of Greece:  "Greece Denounced Turkey in its Violations of Greek Aegean Continental Shelf Territory" (August 10, 1976).

F 4: State, Department of (1976). Israel.

a. News Release:  Embassy of Israel:  "The Hebron Incidents" (October 1976).

b. News Release:  Embassy of Israel:  "Prime Minister Rabin on the U.S. - Saudi Arms Deal."

F 5: State, Department of (1976). Israel:  Immigration.

Correspondence:  re:  Immigrations to Israel; Soviet Jews.

F 6: State, Department of (1976). Japan.

a. Correspondence:  re:  U.S. relations with Republic of China and People's Republic of China.

b. Statement:  Bin Akao (April 1976).

F 7: State, Department of (1976). Jehovah's Witnesses.

Correspondence:  re:  possible denial of religious freedoms to Jehovah's Witness residing in Malawi.

F 8: State, Department of (1976). Kissinger.

a. Correspondence:  re:  objections to Henry Kissinger.

b. Ten speeches by Henry Kissinger on various topics (February 3, - August 2, 1976).

F 9: State, Department of (1976).  Korea.

a. Correspondence:  re:  arrests of Christians in Korea.

b. Office note:  re:  U.S. forces increased state of alert in Korea (clipping included).

F 10: State, Department of (1976). Liberia.

Information Packet:  Edelman International Corporation:  "News - The Republic of Liberia."

F 11: State, Department of (1976). McIntire, Carl.

Correspondence:  re:  McIntire's deportation for Kenya.

F 12: State, Department of (1976). Pakistan.

Various information:  re:  Pakistan.

F 13: State, Department of (1976). Paraguay.

Correspondence:  re:  imprisonment of Paraguayan citizens.

F 14: State, Department of (1976). Passports.

Memo:  re:  Congressional and Public Assistance Staff of Passport Office.

F 15: State, Department of (1976). Personnel.

Memo:  re:  Ambassador - Designates Anthony D. Marshall's campaign funding.

F 16: State, Department of (1976). Portugal.

Correspondence:  re:  election of Vasco Da Gama Fernandes as President of the Assembly of the Republic of Portugal.

F 17: State, Department of (1976). Rhodesia.

Correspondence:  re:  State Department's handling of Rhodesian situation.

F 18: State, Department of (1976). Saudi Arabia.

a. News Release:  Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia:  "Saudi Arabia Categorically Denies Indication that It Would Stop Growing Oil Shipments to US" (September 27, 1976).

b. Newsletter:  Saudi Arabia:  "Saudi Arabia Policy Statement Before the United Nations" (September 30, 1976).

F 19: State, Department of (1976). Syria.

Correspondence:  re:  Sale of US automobiles to Syrian Government.

F 20: State, Department of (1976). U.S.S.R.

a. Correspondence:  re; Soviet religious prisoners; plight of Soviet Jews; need for asylum for Soviet Defector Viktor Belenko.

b. News Release:  Soviet Embassy:  "Leonid Brezhnev's speech at the Plenary Meeting of the CPSU Central Committee" (October 25, 1976).

c. News Release:  Soviet Embassy:  "Soviet Embassy States No Underground Nuclear Explosions Were Conducted in Soviet Union as Had Been Alleged" (August 10, 1976).

d. News Release:  re:  Viktor Belenko incident.

F 21: State, Department of (1976). Yugoslavia.

Correspondence:  re:  Laszlo Toth's arrest in Yugoslavia for alleged domestic espionage; Mihajlo Mihajlov's imprisonment in Yugoslavia. Correspondents include:  James P. Johnson (CO).

F 21B Supreme Court (1976).

Includes letter from Warren E. Burger to CA discussing the opening of the October 1976 term of the court.

F 22: Transportation, Department of (1976). Amtrak.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Amtrak rail passenger service for Tulsa; Amtrak rail service through Oklahoma. Correspondents include:  James R. Jones (OK).

b. Report:  National Railroad Passenger Corporation:  "Amtrak 1975 Annual Report" (February 14, 1976).  28 pages.

F 23: Transportation, Department of (1976). Aviation.

Correspondence:  re:  Frontier Airlines' Proposed routes to Ponca City.

F 24: Transportation, Department of (1976). Concorde.

Report:  Department of Transportation:  "The Secretary's Decision on Concorde Supersonic Transport" (February 4, 1976).  94 pages.  Cover letter signed by William T. Coleman, Jr.

F 25: Transportation, Department of (1976). Departmental/General.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Proposal to roll back truck weights; implementation of mandatory seat belt use laws.

b. Memo:  re:  Congressional Relations Representatives.

F 26: Transportation, Department of (1976). Federal Aviation Administration.

a. Correspondence:  re:  need for instrument landing approach system at Robert S. Kerr Memorial Airport in Poteau; need for additional FAA examiner in Southeastern Oklahoma; Boeing designed Crash Fires Prevention System; funding McAlester's proposed I.L.S. landing system; federal assistance in rebuilding of Duncan Municipal Airport; new communication facility at Ada Municipal Airport; need for control tower at Durant airport. Correspondents include:  James E. Hamilton (OK).

b. Two grant announcements.

F 27: Transportation, Department of (1976). Federal Highway Administration.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Proposed rule making on standards of real estate appraisals and appraisers in Federal-aid highway projects; need for traffic signal at intersection of U.S. Highway 81 and Plato Road; U.S. 59 problems in Heavener; proposed bridge across Red River between Boswell and Honey Grove; Carter County Rural Highway Demonstration project.

b. Copy of clipping:  re:  Atwood Bridge funds.

F 28: Transportation, Department of (1976). Federal Railroad Administration.

a. Copy of clipping:  re:  Railroad line abandonment.

b. Information:  re:  rail service assistance.

F 29: Transportation, Department of (1976). Mass Transit.

Correspondence:  re:  Labor Department decisions relating to urban mass transit programs; Oklahoma City proposal to meet the transportation needs of the elderly and handicapped.

F 30: Transportation, Department of (1976). National Highway Transportation Safety Board.

a. Correspondence:  re:  air brake system standards.

b. Office note:  re:  Investigation of bridge collapse at Calvin.

F 31: Transportation, Department of (1976). Railroads.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Production and sale of timber railroad ties; future of rial transportation in Oklahoma. Correspondents include:  Hollis Roberts (OK).

b. News Release:  United States Railway Association:  "USRA Reports on Coordination Projects" (February 12, 1976).

F 32: Transportation, Department of (1976). Rock Island Railroad.

a. Correspondence:  re:  clarification of Rial Revitalization and Regulatory Reform Act of 1975. Correspondents include:  Fred B. Rooney (PA).

b. Report:  Congressional Research Service:  "Railroad Reorganization and Federal Aid:  The Conrail Proposals" (December 24, 1975).

c. Newsletter:  The Rock:  "Manager's Newsletter" (April 6, 1976).  8 pages.

d. Booklet:  The Rock:  "Sponsorship" 45 pages.

e. Report:  The Rock:  "Analysis of Alternative Plans for Continuation of Rail Service" (December 15, 1975).  175 pages.

f. News Release:  The Rock:  "Rock Island Reports 1975 Losses Pinched Off at End of Year" (January 1976).

F 33: Treasury, Department of the (1976). Banking Legislation.

a. Office notes:  re:  banking bills.

b. Senate Report 94-487 (S. 1267):  "To expand competition, provide improved consumer services, strengthen the ability of financial institutions to adjust to changing economic conditions, and to improve the flow of funds for mortgage credit."  94th Congress, 1st Session (1975).

c. S. 1267:  "To expand competition, provide improved consumer services, strengthen the ability of financial institutions to adjust to changing economic conditions, and improve the flow of funds for mortgage credit."  94th Congress, 1st Session (1975).  Committee on Banking, Currency and Housing.

d. H. R. 5291:  "To expand competition, provide improved consumer services, strengthen the ability of financial institutions to adjust to changing economic conditions, and improve the flow of funds for mortgage credit."  (William Frenzel - Minnesota).  94th Congress, 1st Session (1975).  Committee on Banking, Currency and Housing and Ways and Means.

F 34: Treasury, Department of the (1976). Comptroller of the Currency.

Correspondence:  re:  regulation of sale of credit life insurance.

F 35: Treasury, Department of the (1976). Customs.

Correspondence:  re:  Custom requirements on fireworks shipped from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Correspondents include Jimmy Carter.

F 36: Treasury, Department of the (1976). General.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Treasury Department Kansas City Regional Office. Correspondents include:  William E. Simon.

b. Copy of clipping:  re:  banks' involvements in executive clubs.

c. News Release:  Department of the Treasury:  "Treasury Clarifies Position on Bank Sponsored Membership in Business Clubs with Membership Not Open to Women or Minorities" (May 7, 1976).

d. Memo:  re:  Counter-cyclical funds in Title II of Public Works Employment Act of 1976.

F 37: Treasury, Department of the (1976). Internal Revenue Service.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Implementation of IRS Procedure 75-49, transgressing intent of Pension Reform Act of 1974; need for IRS audit of Unification Church; proposed IRS regulations relating to obligations issued on behalf of State or political subdivision which qualify for tax-exempt status; extension of comment period on proposed regulations; tax status of National Livestock Commission Association.

b. Report:  IRS:  "Earned Income Credit" 18 pages.

F 38: Treasury, Department of the (1976). Internal Revenue Service:  Industrial Bonds.

a. Correspondence:  re:  tax exempt status of bonds issued by municipal and state authorities; issuance of tax exempt revenue bonds for financing of power generating plant. Correspondents include:  George P. Schultz.

b. Report:  Marvin Emerson:  "Effect of Proposed IRS Regulations 1.103-1 Upon Revenue Bond Financing in Oklahoma" (April 26, 1976).

c. Report:  The Oklahoma Governor's Industrial Development Team:  "The Importance of Industrial Revenue Bond Financing in Oklahoma."

F 39: Treasury, Department of the (1976). Internal Revenue Service:  Oil Depletion.

Correspondence:  re:  IRS proposed regulations relating to revocable trusts and retention of oil depletion allowance.

F 40: Treasury, Department of the (1976). Revenue Sharing:  General.

a. Correspondence:  re:  amount of revenue sharing funds for Garvin County.

b. Newsletter:  National League of Cities:  "NLC Washington Report."  (January 16, 1976).

F 41: Treasury, Department of the (1976). Revenue Sharing:  Oklahoma Report.

Report:  Oklahoma Department of Economic and Community Affairs:  "Revenue Sharing Technical Report:  July 1, 1974 - June 30, 1975."  (August 1976).  26 pages.

F 42: Treasury, Department of the (1976). Revenue Sharing.

Report:  Office of Revenue Sharing:  "General Revenue Sharing Payment Summary - Entitlement Periods 1 thru 6 with entitlement Period 7 Estimate" (1976).  470 pages.

F 43: Tennessee Valley Authority (1976).

Correspondence:  re:  nomination of Thomas L. Longshore, Jr. to TVA Board of Directors.

F 44: United Mine Workers (1976).

Correspondence:  re:  Black lung program.

F 45: Veterans Administration (1976). Farm Co-Op School.

F 46: Veterans Administration (1976). General.

a. Correspondence:  re:  veterans benefits; Disabled American Veterans membership; proposed Vietnam War memorial for Duncan; W.H. Landram's promotion to District Counsel for VA; VA Pension program ; treatment at OKC VA Hospital; bidding on sugar from VA Marketing Center; dual payment of compensation from VA and retired military pay; GI education benefits; VA hospitals.

b. Newsletter:  VA:  "Vanguard" (June 1, 1976).

c. Office notes:  re:  funding of Oklahoma City VA Hospital.

F 47: White House (1976). Cancer.

a. Correspondence:  re:  EPA's effort in the field of cancer research; environmental effects on cancer development.

b. Report:  Comptroller General of the United States:  "Federal Efforts to Protect the Public from Cancer Causing Chemicals are not very Effective" (June 16, 1976).

F 48: White House (1976). Community Cation.

Booklet:  The National Center for Community Action:  "A Catalog of Community Action Programs - Human Work For Human Needs."  (December 1975).  225 pages.

F 49: White House (1976). Fellowships.

Booklet:  President's Commission on White House Fellowships:  "The White House Fellowships" (August 1976).  32 pages.

F 50: White House (1976). General.

a. Correspondence:  re:  invitation for President to attend Kaw Dam dedication; specialty steel imports; proposed performance of Kwahodi Indian dancers in White House; invitation for President to attend anniversary meeting of American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists; birthday message request from President; Election Campaign Act Amendments of 1976; anniversary message from President.

b. Memo:  re:  White House conference on Handicapped Individuals.

F 51: White House (1976). Photographs.

Correspondence:  re:  requests for autographed photographs of President.

F 52: White House (1976). Speeches and Press Releases.

a. State of the Union Address of President Gerald Ford (January 19, 1976).

b. Three fact sheets: re:  Presidential addresses.

c. Five Presidential addresses to Senate and House (January 23 - June 16, 1976).

F 53: White House (1976). Tours.

Correspondence and office notes:  re:  White House passes for tours.

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