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Box 3B: Eightieth Congress: Un-American Activities to Veterans' Affairs.

F 1: Un-American Activities, Committee on (1947).  Communism:  Releases, etc.

a. Report:  Office of the Coordinator of Information:  "A Brief History of the Chinese Communist Movement."

b. Data:  Office of the Coordinator of Information, re comparison of prices in Soviet Russia and the United States.

c. Speech:  Walter Lippman:  "Waging World Peace -- America's New Role in the World" (April 28 - May 1, 1947).

d. Speech:  Frank B. Keefe (U. S. Representative, Wisconsin):  "Communism's Challenge to American Education."  Congressional Record extract.

e. Statement:  Farm Commission of Communist Party, re Farm Cuts votes by House.

F 2: Un-American Activities, Committee on (1947).  "Communism in America."

Correspondence re requests for booklet "Communism in America."  Correspondents include Walt Horan (U. S.  Representative - Washington).

F 3: Un-American Activities, Committee on (1948).  Condon, Edward U.

a. Correspondence and clippings.  Correspondents include J. Parnell Thomas (U. S. Representative - New Jersey).

b. Speech:  Richard B. Vail ... (April 1, 1948).

F 4: Un-American Activities, Committee on (1947).  Hearings on proposed abolition of the committee.


F 5: Un-American Activities, Committee on (1948).  Legislation.

Correspondence re H. R. 4482 ["To bar Un-American Parties from the election ballot" (William Cole - Missouri)] and H. Res. 83 ["To provide for the printing of a documented study and analyses of 'Fascism in Action' as a House Document" (Wright Patman - Texas)].

F 6: Un-American Activities, Committee on (n.d.).  Maltz, Albert.

Report:  Committee on Un-American Activities; "Proceedings against Albert Maltz."

F 7: Un-American Activities, Committee on (1948).  Mundt-Nixon Bill.

a. Correspondence re H. R. 5852 ["To combat Un-American activities by requiring the registration of Communist-front organizations, and for other purposes" (Karl E. Mundt - South Dakota).

b. General Memorandum re H. R. 5852.

F 8: Un-American Activities, Committee on (n.d.).  Trumbo, Dalton.

Report:  Committee on Un-American Activities:  "Proceedings against Dalton Trumbo."

F 9: Veteran's Affairs, Committee on (1946).  Albert Statement.

Speech:  CA, re veterans legislation (June 26, 1947).  Congressional Record extract.

F 10: Veterans' Affairs, Committee on (1948).  Disabled American Veterans.


F 11: Veterans' Affairs, Committee on (1948).  Disability.


F 12: Veterans' Affairs, Committee on (1947).  Disability:  World War I.

Correspondence.  Mentioned is H. R. 2859 ["To regulate the sale of essays of proofs of postage stamps" (Ralph W. Gwinn - New York).  This bills was considered by the Committee on Post Office and Civil Service.

F 13: Veterans' Affairs, Committee on (1947).  Disability:  H. R. 1280/H. R. 1335.

a. H. R. 1280:  "To increase the rates of compensation payable for disability incurred during peacetime service in the armed forces of the United States so that such rates shall be equal to ninety percent of the rates payable to similar disabilities incurred during wartime service in such forces" (Bernard W. "Pat" Kearney - New York).

b. H. R. 1335:  "To provide that the rates of compensation for disabilities incurred in active military or naval service other than in a period of war service shall be equal to ninety percent of the rates payable for similar disabilities incurred during active service in time of war" (Harold C. Hagen - Minnesota).

F 14: Veterans' Affairs, Committee on (1947-1948).  Disability:  H. R. 4007.

Correspondence re H. R. 4007 ["To authorize payments by the Administrator of Veterans' Affairs on the purchase of automobile or other conveyances by certain disabled veterans and for other purposes" (Frank A. Mathews, Jr. - New Jersey).

F 15: Veterans' Affairs, Committee on (1948).  Disability:  H. R. 5402.

Correspondence re H. R. 5402 ["To equalize the rates of compensation payable for wartime and peacetime service connected disabilities" (J. Harry McGregor - Ohio).

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