Box and Folder Inventory

Box 65

Box 66: Eighty-eighth Congress: Foreign Affairs - House Administration

F 1: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1963). General.

A. Correspondence: re: Foreign policy; National budget; Communism; United Nations; Leaflet; Article entitled "Republicans vs. Communism"; Clippings; Opinion Ballot; Memorandum; Foreign aid programs; Cuban educational system; Surplus commodities program.

B. Newsletter (The Petroleum Situation - April, 1963).

C. Clipping: "Oppenheimer Admissions Label Scientist Shaky Security Risk."

D. Clipping: "United States Too Apologetic."

E. Opinion Ballot: re: "Should the United States accept disarmament and do away with our Army, Navy, and Air Force?"

F. Memorandum: re: Communism.

G. Clipping: "Senator Hits Anti-Missile System Gap."

H. Leaflet: "Disarmament."

I. Article: "Illegality Breeds Illegality."

J. Newsletter (Economic Council Letter): re: "Preparing United States For Surrender."

K. Clipping: "Rep. Albert Has Warning For GOP On Partisanship."

L. Clipping: "'Little Giant' in House."

M. Clipping: "Promises vs. Performance."

N. Clipping: "Newspaper Strike Hits Economy of New York."

F 2: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1964). General.

A. Correspondence: re: American foreign policy; Communism; Status of the President; Public welfare program; Clippings; World Peace; Panama Canal; Opinion Ballot.

B. Clipping: "Cuban Embargo Isn't Working."

C. Clipping: "Will the Real Uncle Sam Please Stand? By The Way, Where Is He?"

D. Opinion Ballot: "Should the United States cut back on imports?"

F 3: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1963). Guyana (British Guiana).

A. Correspondence: re: Articles; Communism.

B. Articles: "Will We Give British Guiana to Castro?" (By: John Chamberlain).

F 4: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1963). Hungary.

A. Correspondence: re: Red Hungary; Clippings.

B. Clippings: "Manifesto for Captive Nations Week 1963."

C. Clipping: "U. S. Switch On Hungary Scored By Msgr. Varga."

F 5: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1963-1964). India.

A. Correspondence: re: Proposal to establish a bi-national educational and cultural foundation in India; Outline; Proposal to aid the Indian government

B. Outline: re: "Proposal for Bi-national Educational and Cultural Foundation in India."

C. Remarks: "Report on Failure of Foreign Aid to India" (H. R. Gross - Iowa).

D. Fact Sheet: re: Facts on Foreign Aid: "Increased Military Security Through Foreign Aid?"

F 6: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1964). Indonesia. Correspondence: re: The Sukarno matter.

F 7: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1963). Japan. Address: "Japan's Position In Asia" (By: Ryuji Takeuchi, Ambassador of Japan).

F 8: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1963). Katanga (Congo).

A. Correspondence: re: Clippings; Business involvement of governmental officials working in the Katanga crisis.

B. Clipping: "Katanga's wealth: 'sinister' U. S. moves alleged."

C. Clipping: "Swiss report."

D. Clipping: "Swedish U.N. officials in Katanga."

E. Clipping: "State Department."

F. Summary: re: "U. S. Recommendations for a Program of International Assistance to the Congo."

F 9: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1963-1964). Latin America.

A. Correspondence: re: Foreign aid to South American countries; Monroe Doctrine; Clippings; Communism; Implementation of the coffee agreement in Brazil.

B. Clipping: re: Police force in Western Hemisphere.

C. Clipping: "'Fishing Boats' Transport Guerrillas."

D. Clipping: "Red Tide Rolls South."

F 10: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1963). Lithuania.

A. Correspondence: re: Lithuanian Independence Day; Communism; Resolution.

B. Resolution: re: Independence of Lithuania.

F 11: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1963). Middle East. Correspondence: re: Development of missiles and rockets which pose a threat to the safety of the State of Israel.

F 12: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1963). Monetary Policy.

A. Correspondence: re: Problems of diminishing gold reserves; Communism; Marshall Plan; Eisenhower Administration; Trade Expansion Act; Clippings.

B. Clipping: "Watching the Gold Go."

C. Clipping: "Loss of Gold Is Continuing For Uncle Sam."

D. Memorandum: re: "Protecting the Dollar."

F 13: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1963-1964). N. A. T. O.

A. Correspondence: re: Proposal to establish through NATO a multi-lateral nuclear force; McMahon Act of 1946; Atomic Energy Act of 1954; Legislation on NATO.

B. Leaflet: re: Questions and Answers on the Multi-Lateral Force and Proliferation of Nuclear Arms Through NATO.

C. Statement: "Why The Women Strike For Peace Is Asking For Public Hearings On The Proposed NATO Multilateral Nuclear Force."

D. Newsletter (Foreign Affairs Outlines): re: "The United States and Europe: Policy in Evolution" (March, 1963).

E. Clipping: "NATO's Nuclear Force."

F. Newsletter (Vital Issues): re: "NATO: Why And What Is It?"

G. Article: "NATO at a Nuclear Crossroads."

H. Booklet: Meet The Press press conference with General Lauris Norstad (Ret.) as guest (January 20, 1963).

I. Statement: re: Foreign Policy.

J. Letter and attachments from Jacob Javits to Carl Albert re: Latin America - Javits was chairman of the Economic Committee of the NATO Parliamentarians Conference.

F 14: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1964). Panama.

A. Correspondence: re: Resolution; Additional appeasements to the Republic of Panama; Panama Canal; Organization called the "Write Your Congressman Club"; Opinion Ballots; National budget; Prayer in the public schools; Foreign aid; Clippings; Situations in Cuba; Kennedy Administration; Civil Rights legislation; Communism; Proposal of statehood for Panama; Rural Electrification program.

B. Resolution: re: Panama Canal Zone.

C. Opinion Ballots: re: Panama Canal Problem.

D. Clipping: "What's He Talking About?"

E. Clipping: "The Patriotism Issue."

F. Clipping: "Cure for Panama."

F 15: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1964). Panama Canal (H. Con. Res. 105). Correspondence: re: H. Con. Res. 105: "Relating Panama Canal sovereignty treaty interpretations." (Clarence Cannon - Missouri).

F 16: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1964). Passamaquoddy Project (H. R. 10179/H. R. 10180).

A. Correspondence: re: H. R. 10179; H. R. 10180.

B. H. R. 10179: "To authorize the international Passamaquoddy tidal power project, including hydroelectric power development of the upper St. John River, and for other purposes." (Clifford G. McIntire - Maine).

C. H. R. 10180: Same title as H. R. 10179 (Stanley R. Tupper - Maine).

F 17: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1963). Peace Corps (H. R. 9009).

A. H. R. 9009: "To amend further the Peace Corps Act, as amended." (Thomas E. Morgan - Pennsylvania).

B. Report: "To Amend Further The Peace Corps Act" (H. R. 9009). 1 copy.

F 18: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1963). Philippines.

A. Memorandum: re: Philippine War Damage.

B. Summary: "War Damage Claims."

C. Clipping: "Solons Buck WD Law Amendment."

D. Clipping: "New War Claims Law Opposed."

F 19: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1963). Poland. Correspondence: re: Foreign aid to Poland.

F 20: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1963). Population Control.

A. Correspondence: re: AID funds for research and for assistance to support programs of population control; Foreign Aid Program.

B. Article: "Population Explosion Nullifies Foreign Aid."

F 21: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1963-1964). Portugal.

A. Correspondence: re: Statement; Portuguese-American relations.

B. Statement: re: The Overseas Companies of Portugal (By: Dr. Martin T. Camacho).

C. Resolutions: re: Portuguese-American relations.

F 22: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1963). Rhodesia. Correspondence: re: Situation in Southern Rhodesia with respect to American policy.

F 23: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1963). Russia.

A. Correspondence: re: Article; Communism; Hungarian Anti-Communist Leaders; Nuclear Test Ban Agreement; Civil Rights Legislation.

B. Article: "Soviet Imperialism or Communist Ideology - The Real Threat."

F 24: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1963-1964). Russia: Wheat Sale.

A. Correspondence: re: Proposed wheat for Russia without commodity credit; Export-Import Bank; Foreign aid policies; Opinion Ballots; Resolution; Ratification of treaties; Trade agreements; Kennedy Administration; Civil Rights Bill; National Budget; Article; Editorial.

B. Opinion Ballots: re: "Should the United States increase its trade with the Communist countries?"

C. Resolution: re: The sale of U. S. wheat to Russia.

D. Article: "Why Help the Reds Win the Cold War?"

E. Editorial: re: "Wheat Deal."

F 25: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1964). Ryukyu Islands (S. 270) Correspondence: re: S. 270: "To authorize a contribution to the government of the Ryukyu Islands for the purpose of providing compensation for use of private property and damage to persons and property arising from acts of the U. S. Forces before the entry into force of the Japanese Peace Treaty." (Daniel K. Inouye - Hawaii).

F 26: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1963). State Department.

A. Correspondence: re: Foreign policies; Elimination of subversive activity in the United States; Communism.

B. Broadcast (Meet The Press) Vol. 7, Number 30 (August 4, 1963) Guest: W. Averell Harriman.

F 27: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1964). State Department (H. J. Res. 812). Correspondence: re: H. J. Res. 812: "Directing an investigation of the Department of State." (John M. Ashbrook - Ohio).

F 28: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1963). Test Ban Treaty. Correspondence: re: Ratification of the Nuclear Test Ban Agreement; Communism; Information on nuclear testing.

F 29: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1963). Test Ban Treaty: Data.

A. Correspondence: re: President Kennedy's draft concerning banning further nuclear testing made at the test ban negotiations in Geneva; Booklet; Statement; Press Release.

B. Booklet: "A Step Toward Peace/Report to the People on the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty" (By: President John F. Kennedy).

C. Statement: re: The nuclear test ban treaty (By: Robert S. McNamara, Secretary of Defense).

D. Press Release: "Special Message On Nuclear Test Ban Treaty."

E. Booklet: "Test Ban Treaty/Questions and Answers."

F. Summary: "The Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (Department of State).

G. Editorial Excerpts: re: Test Ban Treaty.

H. Report: "Questions and Answers on Treaty Banning Nuclear Tests in Atmosphere, Outer Space and Under Water" (August 15, 1963).

F 30: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1963-1964). United Nations.

A. Correspondence: re: Report; Legislation to revoke United States membership in the United Nations; Leaflets; P. L. 87-297; U. N. forces in the Congo and the Middle East; Africa; Soviet Russian forces; National defense budget; Clippings; Foreign policies; Communism; Democratic and Republican Administrations.

B. Report: "United Nations In Crisis" (By: Edna F. Kelly - New York; William S. Mailliard - California) (H. Res. 55).

C. Leaflet: "UNESCO Is Deadly Menace To American Youth."

D. Clipping: "U. S. Agency Would Give All Arms To U. N."

E. Leaflet: "The Day of Salvation."

F. Leaflet: "Four Questions The American People Most Frequently Ask About The Disarmament Program."

G. Clipping: United States membership with United Nations.

H. Clipping: "Dishonor Roll."

I. Report: "Is The United Nations A Threat To Our Security?"

J. Committee Print/Report: "The Seventeenth General Assembly Of The United Nations" (By: Albert Gore - Tennessee; Gordon Allot - Colorado). 1 copy.

F 31: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1963). United Nations (H. R. 263/H. R. 427).

A. Correspondence: re: H. R. 263; H. R. 427.

B. H. R. 263: "To rescind and revoke membership of the United States in the United Nations and the specialized agencies thereof, and for other purposes." (Bruce Alger - Texas).

C. H. R. 427: Same title as H. R. 263 (James B. Utt -California).

F 32: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1963). United Nations (H. R. 5666/H. R. 7050).

A. Correspondence: re: H. R. 5666; H. R. 7050.

B. H. R. 5666: "To amend section 301 of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 to limit contributions and other payments by the United States to programs and activities of the United Nations to 33.33 percent of the cost thereof." (Durward G. Hall - Missouri).

C. H. R. 7050: Same title as H. R. 5666 (Robert F. Ellsworth - Kansas).

F 33: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1963-1964). United Nations (H. R. 6283).

A. Correspondence: re: H. R. 6283.

B. H. R. 6283: "To amend the United Nations Participation Act, as amended (63 Stat. 734-736)." (Dante B. Fascell - Florida).

C. Broadcast (The Rostow Report): re: Foreign policy; Communism (By: Paul Harvey).

D. Leaflet: "Why Congress Must Thoroughly Investigate The State Department."

E. Leaflet: "Kennedy's Death Trap For U. S.!!!"

F 34: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1963). Venezuela. Correspondence: re: Communism; Political situation in South America; Proposed visit of Mr. Betancourt; United States foreign policy.

F 35: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1963-1964). Viet Nam.

A. Correspondence: re: War in South Vietnam; President's action in Southeast Asia; Opinion Ballots; Expansion of U. S. military operations in Vietnam.

B. Opinion Ballots: re: "Should the United States expand its military operations in Vietnam? Should we turn the matter over to the United Nations, or should we pull out of that area?"

F 36: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1963). White House.

A. Note: re: Address.

B. Address: "Why Foreign Aid?" (By: Chester Bowles).

C. Address: "The Domestic Prerequisites for an Effective Foreign Policy."

F 37: Foreign Affairs, Committee on (1963). World Court. Correspondence: re: United States membership in the World Court; Connally Reservation; United Nations.

F 38: General (1962-1963). Albert Resolutions.

A. H. Con. Res. 518: "Expressing sympathy for the victims of the recent earthquake in Iran." (Carl Albert - Oklahoma).

B. H. Res. 3: "Relating to the appointment of a committee to notify the President that a quorum of each House has assembled." (Carl Albert - Oklahoma).

C. H. Res. 5: "Relating to the rules of the House of Representatives." (Carl Albert - Oklahoma).

D. H. Res. 10: "Relating to subpoenas to subpoenas." (Carl Albert - Oklahoma).

E. H. Res. 274: "Extending the thanks and appreciation of the House to Lewis Deschler, whose 35th anniversary as its Parliamentarian occurred on January 1, 1963." (Carl Albert - Oklahoma).

F. H. Res. 324: "Relating to the death of His Excellency Yitzchak Ben-Zvi."

G. H. Res. 436: "Relating to a summons served on Representative Ed Edmondson." (Carl Albert - Oklahoma).

H. H. Con. Res. 1: "Establishing that the two Houses of Congress assemble in the Hall of the House of Representatives on January 14, 1963, at 12:30 o'clock in the afternoon." (Carl Albert - Oklahoma).

F 39: General (1963-1964). Colleagues.

A. Correspondence: re: President Johnson's State of the Union message; Improvements in Congress; Reorganization Act of 1946; Summary.

B. Summary: re: Questionnaire Survey Results.

F 40: General (1963). Democratic Caucus. Correspondence: re: The Caucus of the Democratic Representatives-Elect of the Eighty-Eighth Congress.

F 41: General (1963). January.

A. Correspondence: re: Disarmament legislation; Clippings; Proposed investigation of the CIA; Kennedy Administration; United Nations; Peace Corps; Social Security and medical care programs; Communism; Federal aid to education; Tax reform; Natural resources; Atomic Energy; Health programs; Latin America; Fair Labor Standards Act; Agricultural programs; Home rule for the District of Columbia; Labor Laws; Child Labor; Housing legislation; Unemployment Benefits; Foreign Policy; Wire Tapping; Public Works Program; Opinion Ballots; Bulletin; National debt.

B. Clipping: re: Congress curbing the filibuster.

C. Clipping: "Blackmailers Don't Stop."

D. Clipping: "Ransom to Russia?"

E. Clipping: "Five Soviet Generals Continue Cuba Buildup."

F. Clipping: "Cheap Repayment for Blunder?"

G. Opinion Ballots: re: "What are the most important issues in 1963?"

H. Bulletin (National Legislative Bulletin) No. 18 (November 30, 1962).

I. Clipping: "What's in a Name?"

J. Clipping: re: Union power; Foreign relations.

K. Clipping: Robert Kennedy; Cuba; Castro; Bay of Pigs."

F 42: General (1963). February.

A. Correspondence: re: Tax reductions; National economy; Federal aid to education; Social Security health care; Foreign aid; Clippings; Press Releases; Industry-government relations; Federal assistance for urban transportation and urban renewal; Poem; Liberty Amendment; Traffic safety; Chart; Articles; Castro; Russians in Cuba and South America; Socialistic movement in government; The Youth Conservation Corps; Agricultural program; Kennedy Administration; Petition; Questionnaire.

B. Clipping: re: A freedom academy to help fight the cold war.

C. Press Release: re: National Aviation Trades Association's formation, a Government Relations Committee.

D. Press Release: re: S. 88; H. R. 2098; H. R. 709.

E. Poem: re: National problems; Communism.

F. Chart: re: Proposed National Speed Control Plan.

G. Article: "The Blight In The Nation's Capital."

H. Article: "Cuba: How Dangerous Now."

I. Clipping: "House Leader Raps GOP Criticism Of Foreign Policy."

J. Clipping: "Aid for the Kremlin."

K. Clipping: "Inside Labor."

L. Clipping: "Funds for Rep. Powell's Panel May Be Cut To Discipline Him for Roaming, Other Acts."

M. Clipping: "Is Cuba Still A Threat?"

N. Petition: re: The Monroe Doctrine.

O. Questionnaire: re: The position of women through support of legislation; Equal Rights Payment; Support of equitable tax adjustments; Opposition of legislation directed toward compulsory government controlled health insurance and medical care.

F 43: General (1963). March 1 - 14.

A. Correspondence: re: Legislation providing for Social Security health care public welfare assistance, Federal aid to education, and the Peace Corps; Communism; United Nations; National budget; Clippings; Tax reductions; ROTC programs; Foreign aid; Unemployment; Kerr-Mills Act; Veterans' legislation; Newsletters; Urban renewal; Military defense programs; Democratic Party; Labor unions; Civilian Conservation Corps.

B. Clipping: "The Conservative Corner."

C. Clipping: "Agency Pushes Disarmament Scheme."

D. Clipping: "Better for What?"

E. Clipping: "What Medicare Could Mean To U. S."

F. Clipping: "You and Medicare."

G. Clipping: "The Fickle Public."

H. Clipping: "Three Rs for Washington."

I. Clipping: "Medicare Battle Not Over."

J. Clipping: "Taxes in His Hair."

K. Clipping: "Disarmament Concessions."

L. Clipping: "Extremism on the Left."

M. Clipping: "Salary Comparison Survey Stacks Apples vs. Oranges."

N. Clipping: "Letter to the Union."

O. Clipping: "Oil Depletion."

P. Clipping: "The Fallacy of Too Much Planning."

Q. Clipping: 'Something for Everyone."

R. Clipping: "Man Bites Dog."

S. Clipping: "Sobering Note."

T. Clipping: "Kennedy Skips Parts of Story."

U. Cartoon/Clipping: re: 1962-1963 Congress.

V. Clipping: "Importance of Profits."

W. Clipping: "Bill Offered On Country's Parking Plan."

X. Cartoon/Clipping: re: Federal taxes and National economy.

Y. Clipping: "Let's Put Government on Sound Basis."

Z. Newsletter (Human Events): re: "How a Union Boss Terrorized an Industry."

AA. Newsletter (Human Events): re: "Disproving the 'Free Rider' Argument."

BB. Newsletter (Human Events): re: "Fearing Bertram Powers, NY Times Kills Reston Column Suggesting Non-Union Operation."

CC. Clipping: re: Tax Reductions.

DD. Clipping: "Future Depends Upon You."

EE. Clipping: "Cost cutters to combat the cost-price squeeze."

F. 44: General (1963). March 19 - 29.

A. Correspondence: re: Government expansion; National economy; Clippings; Communism; Kennedy Administration; Cuba; Federal aid to education; United Nations; Foreign aid; Public welfare; On-site nuclear inspection teams; Labor unions; Summary; Questionnaire; Social Security health care; Federal budget; Book; Newsletter; Rural housing credit; Urban transit; Youth employment programs.

B. Clipping: "McKinley Mob vs. Kennedy Gang."

C. Clipping: "U. S. Funds Aid Castro's Pilots."

D. Clipping: "Crime Rampant In Washington."

E. Clipping: "It's Time to Take Big New Look at Phenomenal Spacecraft Lore."

F. Clipping: "Secret Reports Reveal Sloppy Latin American Security Acts."

G. Clipping: "Kennedy Helps The Home Folks."

H. Summary: re: "Independent Unions Legislative Committee's 1963 Legislative Program."

I. Questionnaire: re: Various National problems.

J. Book: re: Legislative Policies (The American Short Line Railroad Association).

K. Newsletter (Human Events): re: "Liberal Group Has Interesting Finances."

F 45: General (1963). April.

A. Correspondence: re: Federal budget; H. R. 739; Income taxes; Clippings; Leaflet; United Nations; Kennedy Administration; Legislation on disarmament; Opinion Ballot; Social Security; Tax reductions; Foreign aid; Space program; Agriculture program; Labor unions; Communism; Mass transit bill (H. R. 3881); Youth Employment bill (H. R. 5131).

B. Clipping: "Prominence Gives Albert New Image."

C. Clipping: "Blow to Philanthropy."

D. Clipping: "An Exemption On Rascals."

E. Clipping: "Medicare Back With New Title."

F. Clipping: "The Filibuster."

G. Clipping: "Kind of Tax Bill Remains Uncertain."

H. Clipping: "Welfare Gone Wild."

I. Clipping: "Bases Removed As We Retreat."

J. Clipping: "Disappointing Report."

K. Clipping: "Wrong Kind of Aid."

L. Clipping: "Kennedy Don't Need Congress."

M. Clipping: "Fancy Package Proposed for Aged."

N. Clipping: "Into the Wastebasket."

O. Clipping: "Which Kennedy?"

P. Clipping: "Prophet of Doom."

Q. Clipping: "The Constitution."

R. Clipping: "Remodeled CCC."

S. Clipping: "Yankee Doodle Talk."

T. Clipping: "What About Profits."

U. Clipping: "Opinions Differ on Medicare Plan."

V. Leaflet: "Will Congress Stop REA's 2% Money?"

W. Clipping: re: Cuban Situation.

X. Clipping: "East German People Laugh at Regime."

Y. Opinion Ballot: re: "Should records of Congressmen's travel expenses and office expenses be kept secret? Should we vote an increase in Congressmen's salaries?"

Z. Clipping: "Do It My Way or Else…."

F 46: General (1963). May.

A. Correspondence: re: Opinion card; Governmental policies; Speech; Social Security health care; Booklet; Cuba; Communism; Firearms registration legislation; Federal aid for mass transportation and for the establishment of a Youth Conservation Corps; S. 1; S. 6; National economy; Reduction-reform legislation; Summary; Foreign aid; Legislation allowing the purchase of additional life insurance and of tax exemption for Civil Service retirement benefits; Clippings; Kennedy Administration; Agricultural Program; United Nations; Resolutions.

B. Opinion Card: re: Foreign Aid Payments; Welfare payments; Compulsory Medical Care; Aid to Education; Domestic Peace Corps; Farm price support payments: Federal debt; Communist dominated United Nations; Burleson-Curtis Proposal; Cuba.

C. Speech: "The Communist Takeover of America" (By: Howard E. Kershner).

D. Booklet: re: Resolutions (Seventy-Second Continental Congress National Society of the American Revolution).

E. Summary: re: Federal aid for mass transportation (H. R. 3881); Youth Conservation Corps (H. R. 5131).

F. Clipping: "How About Love Life of Locust?"

G. Clipping: "Rayburn Legacy Called a 'Mess'."

H. Resolution: re: Status of Women Resolution Passed in 1963."

I. Resolution: re: "Migrant Labor Resolution Passed in 1962 Reaffirming Stand Taken in 1961."

J. Newsletter (Economic Council Letter) Letter 549 (April 15, 1963).

K. Reprint/Article: "Government Has Always Been Noted For Secrecy."

L. Clipping: "Senators Split on Secret Session."

F 47: General (1963). June.

A. Correspondence: re: Democratic Party; H. R. 6283; National economy; Foreign aid; Kennedy Administration; Tax reductions; Social Security; H. R. 1922; H. R. 153; Veterans' legislation (H. R. 3889; H. R. 243; S. 381); Military defense; Excerpt; Questionnaire; Clippings; Cuban situation; Amendment of Railroad Retirement Unemployment Insurance Acts; Civil rights.

B. Excerpt: "Liberty - On Security."

C. Questionnaire: re: Various national problems.

D. Clipping: "Cuban Threat Is Being Belittled."

E. Clipping: "The New Frontier: The Beatnik Era."

F 48: General (1963). July.

A. Correspondence: re: Communism; H. R. 156; H. R. 6283; S. 1171; Clipping; Veterans Administration; P. L. 86-211; Farm legislation; Foreign aid; Mass transit; Area redevelopment; Youth Conservation Corps; Labor unions; Federal aid to education; Cuban situation; Resolution; Medical care proposals; Opinion Ballot.

B. Clipping: "Power and More Power."

C. Remarks: re: President Kennedy and Congress (John Brademas - Indiana).

D. Remarks: re: "Establishing National Advisory Council On Education." (John V. Lindsay - New York).

E. Clipping: "Now, for JFK - 10 Copters, 4 Jets, 2 Yachts, Big Cars."

F. Clipping: "Baboonville."

G. Resolution: re: Federal government.

H. Opinion Ballot: re: "Should present Income Tax deductions be changed?"

F 49: General (1963). August.

A. Correspondence: re: Appropriations legislation; Report; Tax reform; Civil rights; Railway labor dispute; Clippings; Area redevelopment program; Ratification of the nuclear test ban agreement; Immigration quotas; Foreign aid; Foreign trade; Public works program; urban renewal; Disarmament; Medical care for the aged; Cuban exiles; TFX program; Farm legislation; Prayer in public schools; Labor unions; Kennedy Administration; National economy and budget; Communism; South Vietnam; Social Security; Flood control projects; Navigation projects.

B. Report: re: Legislation of 88th Congress.

C. Clipping: re: Civil Rights.

D. Clipping: re: Florida Democrats.

E. Clipping: "'Father of the H-bomb' Sees Grave Dangers In Nuclear Test Ban Pact."

F. Excerpts: re: Military actions; Civil rights; Federal government.

G. Clipping: "Whose Money Is it?"

H. Clipping: "IRS Collects $100 Billion."

I. Clipping: "Debt Limit Means Little."

J. Cartoon/Clipping: re: National Budget.

K. Clipping: "The Twilight Of The Gods."

L. Clipping: re: Civil rights.

M. Clipping: 'Return of a Favor."

N. Clipping: "The Sicilian Way."

O. Clipping: "Much Big Talk, No Do."

P. Clipping: "Unabashed Power Grab."

Q. Clipping: "Our Interstate Garbage."

R. Clipping: "House Unit Would Extend Bracero Act."

S. Clipping: "Protecting the Migrant."

T. Photo/Clipping: re: Yugoslavia's President Tito and Soviet Premier Khrushchev.

U. Clipping: "Symbols of Self-Defeat."

F 50: General (1963). September.

A. Correspondence: re: Tax reform; National debt limit; Nuclear test ban treaty; Federal budget; Reconstruction of Interstate-35 in Oklahoma; Civil rights; Foreign aid; Health care programs; Peace Crops; Appropriations for the Justice Department; Unemployment; Federal aid for education; United Nations; Democratic Party; Kennedy Administration; Communism; Editorials; Civil Service Retirement Act, Quality Stabilization Act (H. R. 3669; Cuban situation; Welfare programs; Prayer in public schools; Kerr-Mills bill; Opinion ballots; Area redevelopment program; Clippings.

B. Editorial: "Civil Rights and Legal Wrongs."

C. Editorial: "Public Rights and Private Rights."

D. Editorial: "11 Benefits of the Liberty Amendment."

E. Editorial: "Who Dares to Criticize Caesar?"

F. Opinion Ballot: re: "The Proposed Tax Cut."

G. Opinion Ballots: re: "Should Foreign Aid be continued as is, increased, cut back, or done away with?"

H. Clipping: "Taking Care of Us."

I. Clipping: "When Will Uncle Sam Stop Wasting Money?"

J. Editorial: re: Communism.

K. Article: "Crucial farm bills bottled up in Congress."

L. Clipping: re: "The New Frontier's Reputation."

M. Clipping: re: Cotton prices.

N. Clipping: re: "Cotton Legislation."

O. Clipping: re: "The Cooley Bill."

P. Opinion Ballot: re: "Should present Income Tax deductions be changed?"

Q. Booklet: "A Message To The House."

F 51: General (1963). October

A. Correspondence: re: Clippings; Civil Rights; Disarmament proposals; Foreign aid appropriations; National debt limit; Resolutions; Accelerated Public Works program; Flood damage; Inadequate water supply; Unemployment; Government funding of 'pork barrels'; Report; Space program (See below).

B. Clipping: "Pork and the President."

C. Clipping: "Abandon Moon Effort."

D. Resolution: re: "Major Legislative Proposals."

E. Resolution: re: "Accelerated Public Works."

F. Report: re: Communications Workers of America's (CWA) opinion research project #17-63.

F 52: General (1963). November

A. Correspondence: re: Resolutions; Communism; Tax reform-reduction; Postal pay bill; Foreign aid; National debt limit; Kennedy Administration; Clippings; Taft-Hartley Law; H. R. 8246; Military actions; H. R. 8460; Cuba; Editorial; Legislation providing pay increases for government employees; Quality Stabilization bill; H. R. 6201 which amends the Old Age and Survivors' Insurance provisions of the Social Security Act; Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act Amendments (H. R. 6788); H. R. 355 to reduce the maximum work week; Civil rights; Immigration; Public welfare.

B. Resolution: re: Proposed pay increases in the Judicial and Legislative branches.

C. Resolution: re: Farmers Home Administration Loans.

D. Resolution: re: Dual grading; Importation of beef.

E. Resolution: re: Right-to-work movement.

F. Clipping: "Khrushchev Says U. S. Must Change Policy Toward Cuba."

G. Clipping: "Cuban Pilots Not in Error, Says Skipper."

H. Editorial: "Soft on Communism?/Well, Now What Do You Think?"

I. Clipping: "The $10,000 Raise."

J. Clipping: "Investigating The Investigators."

K. Resolution: re: "Civil Rights."

L. Resolution: re: "Public Welfare."

M. Resolution: re: "Jews Of The Soviet Union."

F 53: General (1963). December.

A. Correspondence: re: Legislation on tax reform/reduction, and civil rights; Kennedy Administration; Memorial to JFK; Prayer in public schools; Security measures involving the Armed Services; Editorial; Resolutions; Peace Corps; National debt limit; Welfare program; Federal aid to education; Communism; Clippings; Social Security; Health care programs; List.

B. Editorial: re: Communism; Kennedy Administration.

C. Resolution: re: "Elimination of Discrimination."

D. Resolution: re: "President's Program For Peace."

E. Resolution: re: "Full Employment."

F. Clipping: "How One Thing Leads to Another."

G. Clipping: "Pseudo-Guilt Substitution."

H. Clipping: "Planned Deficits."

I. List: re: Various legislative topics.

F 54: General (1964). January.

A. Correspondence: re: H. R. 6457; Prayer in public schools; Interstate System; Comments on the Sate of the Union Message; Tax reform/reductions; Civil rights; Military defense; Federal aid to education; Agricultural legislation; Electoral college revision; Legislation on housing programs; Veterans' legislation; Health programs; Social Security; Equal Rights Amendment; Booklet; National debt limit; Political Parties; Opinion Ballots; Disarmament; Peace Corps; Advertisement; Newsletter.

B. Booklet: "Farm Bureau Policies For 1964."

C. Opinion Ballots: re: "What are the most important issues in 1964 and what should be done about them?"

D. Advertisement: "The Southern States Industrial Council's Program For The Nation" (Terrell's Laboratories).

E. Newsletter (National "Write Your Congressman" Club, Inc.): re: Various legislative measures.

F. News Release: re: President Johnson's State of the Union Message; Unemployment; National budget; Civil rights; Labor unions.

F 55: General (1964). February.

A. Correspondence: re: Clipping; Proposal of a "Management Day"; The Administration's foreign policy in Panama; U. S. membership in the United Nations; World Health Organization; Military actions; Communism; Fairness Doctrine of the Federal Communications Commission; National economy; Truth in Packaging bill (H. R. 2383); Civil rights; Electoral college revision; Unemployment; Social Security; Foreign aid program; Increased presidential security; National Right to Work Law; Federal aid to education; Panama; Youth Conservation Corps; Tax reform/reductions; Area Redevelopment program; Urban Renewal; Mass Transit; National budget; Space program; Disarmament; Firearms registration bill; Quality Stabilization bill; Wheat sales to Russia; H. R. 7152; King-Anderson bill on Medicare; Reduction of beef imports; Cuba.

B. Clipping: "The Empty Pew."

C. Voting Record: re: Various legislative measures voted on by U. S. House of Representatives from Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska.

F 56: General (1964). March.

A. Correspondence: re: Social Security program; Civil rights; Tax reform/reduction; Health care programs; National economy and budget; Kerr-Mills Act; Foreign aid; Vietnam; Cuba; James Hoffa trial; Death of President Kennedy; African nations; Arkansas River; Kennedy Administration; Clippings; Wheat sales to Russia; Military actions; Communism; Resolutions; Socialized medicine; Federal pay increase; Farm subsidy programs; Editorial; Legislative Ballot; Urban renewal; A decelerated river basin development program; Natural resources; Newspaper; Unemployment; Social Welfare; Health Professions Assistance Act of 1963.

B. Clipping: "Rights Measure Is Power Grab."

C. Clipping: "Deluding the People."

D. Clipping: " Where Now?"

E. Resolutions: re: Local, national and international problems.

F. Clipping: "Albert Pushing Federal Pay Increase Bill."

G. Editorial: re: Taxes; National Economy.

H. Legislative Ballot: re: Doubletime For Overtime (H. R. 9802; S. 2486); Department of Housing and Community Development (S. 2475); Ornamental Design (S. 776; H. R. 323); Urban Renewal (S. 2468; H. R. 9751); Price Discriminating (H. R. 9746; S. 1935).

I. Newspaper (Advance): re: "The Case For Reform of the United States Congress."

J. Newsletter (Washington Farmletter) Letter No. 1070 (March 20, 1964).

F 57: General (1964). April - May.

A. Correspondence: re: Health care program; Social Security; Civil rights legislation; Welfare program; Federal employees pay increase; Foreign aid; Clippings; James Hoffa Case; Railroad-labor dispute; Cuban legislation; Cotton-wheat bill; Labor unions; King-Anderson bill; Kerr-Mills bill; Booklet; Prayer in public schools; Immigration; Disarmament; Newsletter; Tax reform/reductions; Urban renewal; Free enterprise; College education.

B. Clipping: "Bolling Says He's Confident."

C. Clipping: "Most Factions Drop Bolling."

D. Booklet: re: "Resolutions" (Seventy-Third Continental Congress National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution).

E. Clipping: "Soviet Envoys Here as Agents."

F. Clipping: "Hair of the Dog."

G. Newsletter (The Dan Smoot Report) Vol. 10, No. 10 (March 9, 1964).

F 58: General (1964). June.

A. Correspondence: re: Poverty program; Appalachia program; Mass Transit Act; Federal pay raise; Food Marketing Commission; College Academic Facilities Act of 1963; Vocational Education Act of 1963; Medical Professions Assistance Act; Mental Health programs; Housing for elderly programs; Extension and expansion of the Manpower Development and Training Act; Tax reform/reductions; Library Services Act; Communism; National economy & budget; McCarran-Walter Immigration Act; Civil rights legislation; Prayer in public schools; Becker Amendment; United Nations; Agricultural programs; Proposal to impeach the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; Federal aid to education; Government control of overtime in industry; Red China; Wheat sales to Russia; Space program.

B. Cartoon/Clipping: re: Communism; Poverty; Farm problem.

F 59: General (1964). July.

A. Correspondence: re: Wheat program; National debt limit; Clippings; Civil rights legislation; Prayer in public schools; Coin minting; Resolutions; Foreign Policy in South Africa and Southeast Asia; Defense spending; Unemployment; Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 (H. R. 11377); Immigration bill (H. R. 7700); Social Security Act; Mass Transit bill; Arkansas Basin Association; Public Law 88-352; Public Law 86-778; Kerr-Mills medical program; H. R. 3920.

B. Clipping: re: Social Security; Tax reform; Welfare.

C. Clipping: "Millions Are Wasted."

D. Clipping: "New Wheat Law Unpopular."

E. Advertisement: re: "Carl Albert Says 'No' To Question 409."

F. Clipping: "Right-to-Work Question Is Defeated."

G. Clipping: "Nation's Debt Limit Shoots For Moon."

H. Clipping: "House Hikes Debt Limit."

I. Clipping: "Judiciary Appointment Questioned."

J. Clipping: "U. S. Liberalism Pushes One-Cent Sale."

K. Clipping: "….Where She'll Stop Nobody Knows."

L. Clipping: "Good News For U. S. Commie Party."

M. Clipping: "Price Support For Export of 1964 Wheat."

N. Clipping: "Federal Judge Will Dismiss Hoffa Charges."

O. Clipping: "Farm Prices Show Decline During Month."

P. Clipping: "A Green Light For Crime?"

Q. Clipping: "Call Girl List Is Confiscated."

R. Clipping: "Dead Movie Star Idol of Teen Cult."

S. Clipping: "Carl Albert Is Keynoter."

T. Clipping: "Albert Assails Ruling On Voting."

U. Clipping: re: Labor unions.

V. Clipping: "Rights and Power."

W. Resolutions: re: South Africa.

X. Resolutions: re: Southeast Asia.

Y. Resolutions: re: Full Employment.

Z. H. R. 7700: "To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act, and for other purposes." (Emmanuel Celler - New York).

F 60: General (1964). August - September.

A. Correspondence: re: Quotas on beef imports; Hospital care for the aged under Social Security; H. R. 7075; Right-to-Work; Labor unions; Increase of Social Security benefits; National economy; Opinion ballots; Articles; National debt limit; Situation in Vietnam Foreign aid; Clippings; Civil rights legislation; Anti-poverty legislation (H. R. 11377); Independent oil producers in Oklahoma; Farm program; Welfare programs; Voyageur's National Park project; Communism; National defense; Democratic Administrations; United Nations; Pay increase for government employees; Kennedy Administration.

B. Opinion Ballot: "Should Social Security benefits be increased?"

C. Article: "Why Congress Should Scuttle ARA & APW Bills."

D. Article: "Public Works and Public Deceit."

E. Clipping: re: Soviet Union; United Nations.

F. Clipping: "Reds Won't Pay Debt."

G. Clipping: "Mau Maus Turn Respectable, Blast U. S. and Ask Millions."

H. Clipping: "Haircut Prices To Go Up To $1.50 All Over Country."

I. Clipping: "Small Oilmen Hit Majors."

J. Clipping: "Poverty Bill On Its Way?"

K. Clipping: "A Look At Relief Rolls In Nation's Capital."

L. Clipping: "Poverty 'War' Big Boondoggle."

M. Opinion Ballot: re: "Should a member of the Communist Party be required by law to register with our Government?"

N. Opinion Ballot: re: "How should we proceed with the 'War on Poverty'?"

O. Opinion Ballot: re: "Should the United States expand its military operations in Vietnam? Should we turn the matter over to the United Nations or should we pull out of that area?"

F 61: General (1964). November - December. Correspondence: re: Beef importation; Boswell Reservoir; Reapportionment; Flood control; H. R. 8251; H. R. 7952; H. R. 411; Pay increases military personnel; Medical care; Kerr-Mills bill; Tax reform/reductions; Connally Amendment; United Nations.

F 62: General (1963). Data.

A. Newsletter (State Government News) Volume 6, No.2 (February, 1963).

B. Newsletter (T. A. Inerny's Authoritative Newsletter - Independent Editorial Services, LTD.) Vol. X, No. (March 11, 1963).

C. Bulletin (Legislative Bulletin - National Society of Professional Engineers) Vol. XVIII, No. 10 (October, 1963).

F 63: Government Operations, Committee on (1963). Budget Committee (S. 537).

A. S. 537: "To amend the Legislative Reorganization Act of 1946 to provide for more effective evaluation of the fiscal requirements of the executive agencies of the Government of the United States." (John L. McClellan - Arkansas; Gordon Allot - Colorado; Clinton P. Anderson - New Mexico; E. L. Bartlett - Alaska; Birch Bayh - Indiana; J. Glenn Beall - Maryland; Wallace F. Bennett - Utah; Alan Bible - Nevada; J. Caleb Boggs - Delaware; Daniel B. Brewster - Maryland; Quentin N. Burdick - North Dakota; Harry Flood Byrd - Virginia; Howard W. Cannon - Nevada; Frank Carlson - Kansas; Clifford P. Case - New Jersey; John Sherman Cooper - Kentucky; Norris Cotton - New Hampshire; Carl T. Curtis - Nebraska; Everett McKinley Dirksen - Illinois; Thomas J. Dodd - Connecticut; Peter H. Dominick - Colorado; James O. Eastland - Mississippi; Clair Engle - California; Sam J. Ervin, Jr. - North Carolina; Hiram L. Fong - Hawaii; J. W. Fulbright - Arkansas; Barry Goldwater - Arizona; Ernest Gruening - Alaska; Vance Hartke - Indiana; Bourke B. Hickenlooper - Iowa; Spessard L. Holland - Florida; Roman L. Hruska - Nebraska; Hubert H. Humphrey - Minnesota; Daniel K. Inouye - Hawaii; Henry M. Jackson - Washington; Jacob K. Javits - New York; Olin D. Jackson - South Carolina; Len B. Jordan - Idaho; Kenneth B. Keating - New York; Estes Kefauver - Tennessee; Thomas H. Kuchel - California; Frank J. Lausche - Ohio; Warren G. Magnuson - Washington; Gale W. McGee - Wyoming; George McGovern - South Dakota; Thomas J. McIntyre - New Hampshire; Edwin L. Mechem - New Mexico; Lee Metcalf - Montana; Jack Miller - Iowa; A. S. Mike Monroney - Oklahoma; Wayne Morse - Oregon; Thurston B. Morton - Kentucky; Karl E. Mundt - South Dakota; Edmund S. Muskie - Maine; Gaylord Nelson - Wisconsin; Mrs. Maurine B. Neuberger - Oregon; John O. Pastore - Rhode Island; James B. Pearson - Kansas; Claiborne Pell - Rhode Island; Winston L. Prouty - Vermont; William Proxmire - Wisconsin; Jennings Randolph - West Virginia; Abraham A. Ribicoff - Connecticut; A. Willis Robertson - Virginia; Hugh Scott - Pennsylvania; George A. Smathers - Florida; John J. Sparkman - Alabama; John Stennis - Mississippi; Stuart Symington - Missouri; Herman E. Talmadge - Georgia; Strom Thurmond - South Carolina; John G. Tower - Texas; John J. Williams - Delaware; Ralph W. Yarborough - Texas; Milton R. Young - North Dakota; Stephen M. Young - Ohio). 4 copies.

B. Speech: re: S. 537 (By: John L. McClellan - Arkansas).

F 64: Government Operations, Committee on (1963). Committee. Correspondence: re: Donable Property.

F 65: Government Operations, Committee on (1963). Computers, etc. (H. R. 5171).

A. Correspondence: re: H. R. 5171; The utilization of electronic data processing equipment by the Federal government agencies; Remarks.

B. H. R. 5171: "To authorize the Administration of the General Services Administration to coordinate and otherwise provide for the economic and efficient purchase, lease, maintenance, operation, and utilization of electric data processing equipment by Federal departments and agencies. (Jack Brooks - Texas).

C. Remarks: re: "Efficient Utilization of Electronic Data Processing Equipment by U. S. Agencies" (By: Jack Brooks - Texas).

F 66: Government Operations, Committee on (1963-1964). General.

A. Correspondence: re: Payroll payment privileges to Federal employees; TFX project; Proposal of a Federal Trade Conference for the phonograph record industry; Editorial; Proposal to create a permanent Congressional committee; Clippings; Federal government employment; Labor unions; Tax reform; Civil rights; Kennedy Administration; correspondence from Dante Fascell re investigation of Kennedy assassination.

B. Editorial: "Blue-Ribbon Panel Needed To Oversee Bureaucracy."

C. Clipping: "Federal Payroll Rising Steadily."

D. Clipping/Remarks: re: Public works projects; Unemployment; National economy; Tax reform.

E. Clipping: "Number of Federal Jobs Under Attack."

F. Booklet/Report: re: "Survey of Selected Activities (Part 4 - Efficiency and Economy in the Civil Service Commission) 1 copy.

F 67: Government Operations, Committee on (1963). Government Business (H. R. 4926). Correspondence: re: H. R. 4926: "To establish a Federal policy concerning the termination, limitation, or establishment of business-type operations of the Government which may be conducted in competition with private enterprise, and for other purposes." (Bruce Alger - Texas).

F 68: Government Operations, Committee on (1964). Grants (S. 855). Correspondence: re: S. 855: "To provide for more effective utilization of certain Federal grants by encouraging better coordinated local review of State and local applications for such grants." (Edmund S. Muskie - Maine; Hubert H. Humphrey - Minnesota; Karl E. Mundt - South Dakota; Harrison A. Williams, Jr. - New Jersey).

F 69: Government Operations, Committee on (1963). Historical Documents (H. R. 6237). Correspondence: re: H. R. 6237). Correspondence: re: H. R. 6237: "To amend section 503 of the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949, as amended, to authorize grants for the collection, reproduction, and publication of documentary source material significant to the history of the United States, and for other purposes." (Jack Brooks - Texas).

F 70: Government Operations, Committee on (1963). H. U. D.

A. Correspondence: re: Clipping.

B. Clipping: re: Need for a Department of Urban Affairs.

F 71: Government Operations, Committee on (1963). F.D.R. Library (H. Res. 372).

A. H. Res. 372: "Disapproving the Reorganization Plan No. 1 of 1963." (Robert McClory - Illinois).

B. Report No. 422 (To accompany H. Res. 372): re: "Approving Reorganization Plan No. 1 of 1963 (Franklin D. Roosevelt)" (William L. Dawson - Illinois).

F 72: Government Operations, Committee on (1963). Science/Technology.

A. Correspondence: re: Fish and Wildlife Service; National Science Foundation; National Bureau of Standards; Research in science and technology.

B. Outline: re: Reorganization Plan No. 2 of 1962.

F 73: Government Operations, Committee on (1963). Stockpiling.

A. Correspondence: re: Article; Booklets; National defense; Report.

B. Article: "An Open Letter on Stockpiling."

C. Booklets: "The Stockpile Story."

D. Report: "Disposing Of Excess Stockpile Materials."

F 74: Government Research, Select Committee on (1963). General. Correspondence: re: Recommendation of Professor Perry for a staff appointment with Congressman Elliott's select committee; National Science Foundation.

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