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Box 153: 93rd Congress, Appropriations

F 1-5: 93rd Congress, Appropriations Committee, Budget, Impoundment, 1973 Jan. - 1973 Oct.

Topics include domestic economic assistance, executive impoundment of appropriated funds, inflation (finance), and the ceiling on federal spending. Correspondents include Richard H. Fulton and Dale Milford.

F 6: 93rd Congress, Appropriations Committee, Community Development and Urban Renewal, 1973 Jan. - 1973 June.

F 7: 93rd Congress, Appropriations Committee, Day Care Centers, 1973 Feb. - 1973 Dec.

Topics include federal aid to day care centers.

F 8: 93rd Congress, Appropriations Committee, Defense, 1973 Feb. - 1974 Sept.

Topics include the United States Dept. of Defense and the Vietnamese Conflict and Cambodia. Correspondents include Robert B. Kamm, George Herman Mahon, Richard Franklin Vander Veen, and the Common Cause (U.S.).

F 9: 93rd Congress, Appropriations Committee, Education, 1972 Dec. - 1974 Dec.

Topics include federal aid to education and the Labor-HEW Appropriation Bill. Correspondents include George Herman Mahon.

F 10: 93rd Congress, Appropriations Committee, Education, Handicapped, 1973 Mar. - 1974 Oct.

Topics include federal ad to handicapped Services, the Mathias Amendment, and Special Education and Manpower Development Programs.

F 11: 93rd Congress, Appropriation Committee, Education, Higher Education, 1973 Jan. - 1974 Oct.

Topics include student aid.

F 12: 93rd Congress, Appropriation Committee, Emergency Employment Act Funding, 1973 Jan. - 1973 Feb.

Topics include the executive impoundment of appropriated funds and occupational training.

F 13: 93rd Congress, Appropriations Committee, Family Planning, 1973 Feb. - 1973 Apr.

Topics include birth control.

F 14-15: 93rd Congress, Appropriations Committee, Foreign Assistance, 1973 Jan. - 1974 Dec.

Topics include economic assistance, military assistance, Vietnamese Conflict, Cyprus Crisis, Turkey, and Vietnam. Correspondents include Edward M. Kennedy.

F 16-17: 93rd Congress, Appropriation Committee, General, 1973 Jan - 1974 Dec.

Topics include the United States Congress House Committee on Appropriations and Energy Research Centers in Bartlesville (Okla.). Correspondents include Paul Findley, James E. Hamilton, Julia Butler Hansen, George Herman Mahon, Mike Mansfield, John McFall, and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.

F 18: 93rd Congress, Appropriations Committee, Head Start, 1973 Feb. - 1973 Mar.

Topics include the Head Start Program (U.S.).

F 19-24: 93rd Congress, Appropriations Committee, Health, 1973 Jan. - 1974 Dec.

Topics include the National Institutes of Health (U.S.), cancer research, federal aid to hospitals, federal aid to medical education, federal aid to medical research, federal aid to nursing eEducation, regional medical programs, and Health Manpower Training. Correspondents include David Hall and Ken Hechler.

F 25: 93rd Congress, Appropriations Committee, Housing, 1973 Jan. - 1973 July.

Topics include the United States Dept. of Housing and Urban Development and housing subsidies.

F 26: 93rd Congress, Appropriations Committee, Interior, 1973 Mar. - 1974 July.

Topics include the United States Dept. of the Interior, Cherokee Indians, and Indians of North America and government relations.

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