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Box 160: 93rd Congress, House Administration - Inflation

F 1-5: 93rd Congress, House Administration Committee, Campaign Reform, 1973 May - 1974 Dec.

Topics include campaign funds, Campaign Finance Reform Act, and Federal Election Campaign Act Amendments. Correspondents include John B. Anderson, William E. Brock, Barber B. Conable, Don H. Clausen, Thomas S. Foley, Richard M. Nixon, Thomas P. Tip O'Neill, J. Edward Roush, John F. Seiberling, James V. Stanton, Morris K. Udall, Common Cause, and the Democratic National Committee (U.S.).

F 6: 93rd Congress, House Administration Committee, Congressional Pay Raise, 1973 Apr. - 1974 Dec.

Topics include the United States Congress salaries, etc.

F 7: 93rd Congress, House Administration Committee, Electronic Voting System for House, 1973 Jan. - 1974 Feb.

Topics include the United States Congress voting. Correspondents include William V. Chappell and Wayne L. Hays.

F 8: 93rd Congress, House Administration Committee, General, 1972 Sept. - 1974 Dec.

Topics include John P. Murtha, Jr., United States Congress elections, the United States Congress House Information Services, United States Congress officials and employees, and the congressional car pool. Correspondents include Bob Casey, Kenneth J. Gray, Wayne L. Hays, Lawrence J. Hogan, David R. Obey, J. J. Pickle, Pat Schroeder, Neal E. Smith, and Robert O. Tiernan.

F 9: 93rd Congress, House Administration Committee, Voter Registration, 1973 May - 1974 Aug.

Topics include the Post Card Registration Bill. Correspondents include the Oklahoma State Election Board.

F 10: 93rd Congress, House Restaurant Committee, 1973 Jan. - 1974 Dec.

Topics include the United States Congress Food Service. Correspondents include Frank Annunzio, Wayne L. Hays, and John C. Kluczynski.

F 11-13: 93rd Congress, Impoundment, 1962, 1971 - 1973 Dec.

Topics include executive impoundment of appropriated funds. Correspondents include Roy L. Ash, John E. Barriere, John Brademas, John C. Culver, George E. Danielson, Sam J. Ervin, Walter E. Fauntroy, Donald M. Fraser, James R. James, Ray J. Madden, George H. Mahon, Douglas W. Owens, Ogden R. Reid, Frederick B. Rooney, Paul Sarbanes, Louis Stokes, Jim Wright, and the United States Dept. of Justice.

F 14-18: 93rd Congress, Inflation, 1973 Apr. - Sept.

Topics include the budget, energy industries prices, inflation, and surtax.

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