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Box 176: 93rd Congress, Ways and Means - Multiple Issue and General

F 1-8: 93rd Congress, Ways and Means Committee, Tax Reform, Charitable Contributions, 1973 Apr. - 1974 Dec.

Topics include income tax deductions for charitable contributions and medical missionaries. Correspondents include John N. Happy Camp.

F 9: 93rd Congress, Ways and Means Committee, Taxes, 1973 Jan. - 1974 Dec.

Correspondents include John A. Blatnik, Gerald R. Ford, Jerry Jon Litton, John Michael Murphy, Charles A. Vanik, National Coal Association, and the United States Congress House Committee on Ways and Means.

F 10-12: 93rd Congress, Ways and Means Committee, Trade, 1973 Jan. - 1974 Nov.

Topics include balance of trade, favored nation clause, United States, Soviet Union, lumber trade, Soviet Union, emigration and immigration, tariff, Burke-Hartke Bill, and the Trade Reform Act of 1973. Correspondents include Richard H. Ichord, Henry Kissinger, J. J. Pickle, Al Ullman, Charles A. Vanik, AFL-CIO, American Farm Bureau Federation, Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America, Patrons of Husbandry (National Grange), Pepsico, Inc., and the United Auto Workers of America.

F 13: 93rd Congress, Ways and Means Committee, Welfare, 1973 Jan. - 1974 Sept.

Topics include public welfare, welfare fraud, welfare recipients, and Ronald. Reagan.

F 14-21: 93rd Congress, Multiple Issue and General, 1973 Jan. - July.

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