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Box 201: 94th Congress, Interior and Insular Affairs - International Relations

F 1-9: 94th Congress, Interior and Insular Affairs, New Rivers (Wild and Scenic Rivers Act), 1976 Mar. - 1976 Aug.

Topics include Ray J. Madden, Stephan Neal, rivers in West Virginia, New River (N.C.-W.Va), and the Blue Ridge Hydroelectric Project. Correspondents include Sam J. Ervin, Stephen Neal, Roy A. Taylor, the National Wildlife Federation, and the United States Dept. of the Interior.

F 10: 94th Congress, Interior and Insular Affairs, Oil and Gas, 1975 Mar. - 1975 Dec.

Topics include Ray J. Madden, continental shelf's economic aspects, environmental policy research, the offshore oil industry, and offshore structures. Correspondents include Dewey F. Bartlett, James A. Haley, Mike Mansfield, and John Melcher.

F 11: 94th Congress, Interior and Insular Affairs, Omnibus Wilderness Bill and Kaiser Provision, 1976 Sept. - 1976 Oct.

Correspondents include William D. Burlison.

F 12: 94th Congress, Interior and Insular Affairs, Puerto Rico, 1976 Mar. - 1976 Apr.

F 13: 94th Congress, Interior and Insular Affairs, Wildlife and Wilderness Preservation, 1975 Jan. - 1976 May.

Topics include Ray J. Madden, endangered species law and legislation, fish hatcheries, and national parks and reserves. Correspondents include Ronald Bo Ginn, Don Fuqua, James A. Haley, and Sidney R. Yates.

F 14: 94th Congress, Interior and Insular Affairs, Wildlife, 1975 Mar. - 1976 Apr.

Topics include protection of birds, game reserves, national parks and reserves, seals (animals), wild burros, wild horses, wildlife refuges, and the National Wildlife Refuge System Administration Act. Correspondents include James A. Haley.

F 15: 94th Congress, Internal Security, 1975 Jan. - 1975 Mar.

F 16-17: 94th Congress, International Relations, Angolan Civil War, 1975 Dec. - 1976 Mar.

Topics include Angola foreign relations, economic assistance to Angola, and military assistance to Angola. Correspondents include Don Bonker and John V. Tunney.

F 18-21: 94th Congress, International Relations, Atlantic Convention, 1975 Oct. - 1976 May.

Topics include Paul Findley, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and sovereignty.

F 22: 94th Congress, International Relations, China, 1975 Mar. - 1976 Aug.

Topics include Kai-shek Chiang, Chou En Lai, Richard M. Nixon, United States Congress travel regulations, missing in action, prisoners of war, Taiwan politics and government, and Vietnam. Correspondents include Thomas G. Corcoran.

F 23: 94th Congress, International Relations, Cuba, 1975 Mar. - 1976 Feb.

Topics include statehood (American politics.) and the Panama Canal (Panama).

F 24-26: 94th Congress, International Relations, Foreign Aid, Dignitaries and Policy, 1975 Jan. - 1976 May.

Topics include Michael J. Harrington, Roger S. Ingersoll, Georges Spenale, economic assistance, international economic relations, international relief, peaceful change (international relations), Bulgaria., Chile, Japan, Iran, Latin America, and the Union for Defense of Democracy. Correspondents include Vladimir Bonev, Donald M. Fraser, and Ardeshir Zahedi.

F 27: 94th Congress, International Relations, General, 1975 Jan. - 1976 Apr.

Topics include Henry Kissinger, peaceful change (international relations), and Dewey F. Bartlett.

F 28: 94th Congress, International Relations, Korea, 1975 Apr. - 1976 Oct.

Topics include Korean reunification question, (1945- ), Korea (North), Korea (South), Kim Dong Jo, Too Chin Paik, Chung Hee Park, and Young Hi Choi.

F 29: 94th Congress, International Relations, Latin America, 1975 Sept. - 1976 Sept.

Topics include economic assistance to Latin America, Argentina, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. Correspondents include Donald M. Fraser, John M. Murphy, and Robert L. F. Sikes.

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