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Box 202: 94th Congress, International Relations

F 1: 94th Congress, International Relations, Mayaguez Incident, 1975 May - 1975 Jul.

Topics include Gerald R. Ford, Mayaguez crisis of May 1975, and Cambodia. Correspondents include John L. Burton and Michael H. Harrington.

F 2-5: 94th Congress, International Relations, Middle East, 1975 Jan. - 1976 Apr.

Topics include Gerald R. Ford, Henry Kissinger, Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the Sinai Peace Agreement. Correspondents include Morris K. Udall.

F 6: 94th Congress, International Relations, Panama Canal, 1975 Jan. - 1976 Jun.

Topics include Ellsworth Bunker, Henry Kissinger, Gene Snyder, and the Panama Canal (Panama). Correspondents include Phillip M. Crane, Michael Dukakis, and Michael J. Harrington.

F 7-8: 94th Congress, International Relations, Philippines and Eugenio Lopez Jr. and Sergio Osmena III, 1975 Jam. - 1975 Jul.

Topics include Donald M. Fraser, Ferdinand E. Marcos, Philippines foreign relations, and human rights in the Philippines. Correspondents include Edward J. Derwinski, Amelito R. Mutuc, and Leo J. Ryan.

F 9: 94th Congress, International Relations, Rhodesia, 1975 Jan. - 1975 Sep.

Topics include the chrome steel industry, chromium industry, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. Correspondents include Charles C. Diggs, Andrew Young, and the League of Women Voters (U.S.).

F 10: 94th Congress, International Relations, Trade, 1975 Dec. - 1976 Sep.

Topics include export trading companies law and legislation and exports.

F 11-13: 94th Congress, International Relations, Turkey and Cyprus, 1975 Jan. - 1976 Aug.

Topics include American military assistance in Turkey and Greece. Correspondents include William S. Broomfield, George Edward Brown, John L. Burton, Glaukos Klerides, Konstantinos Karamanlis, Thomas E. Morgan, Osman N. Orek, Tassos Papadopoulos, Paul Sarbanes, Lester L. Wolff, Mehmet Zheka, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

F 14-15: 94th Congress, International Relations, USSR and Baltic States, 1975 Apr. - 1976 May.

Topics include Henry M. Jackson, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Charles A. Vanik, Jews in the Soviet Union, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Correspondents include Millicent Fenwick and Jack Kemp.

F 16: 94th Congress, International Affairs, United Nations, 1975 Jan. - 1976 Jun.

Topics include Zionism. Correspondents include George Meany.

F 17-20: 94th Congress, International Relations, Vietnam, 1975 Apr. - 1975 Oct.

Topics include Gerald R. Ford, Henry Kissinger, humanitarianism, American military assistance in Vietnam, orphans of Vietnam, refugees from Vietnam, Southeastern Asia, Cambodia, and Indochina. Correspondents include Jonathan B. Bingham, George Meany, Thomas E. Morgan, Nguyen-Ba-Can, Leo J. Ryan, and Van Lam Tran.

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