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Box 205: 94th Congress, Interstate and Foreign Commerce - Judiciary

F 1: 94th Congress, Interstate and Foreign Commerce, Toxic Substance Control, 1975 Apr. - 1975 Aug.

Topics include United States Environmental Protection Agency.

F 2: 94th Congress, Interstate and Foreign Commerce, Transportation, 1975 Jan. - 1976 June.

Topics include William T. Coleman, United States Interstate Commerce Commission, methanol, and traffic safety. Correspondents include William H. Harsha.

F 3: 94th Congress, Interstate and Foreign Commerce, Travel and Tourism, 1975 Apr. - 1976 Mar.

Correspondents include Daniel K. Inouye, Warren Grant Magnuson, George Nigh, and Harley O. Staggers.

F 4: 94th Congress, Interstate and Foreign Commerce, Trucking Industry, 1975 Jan. - 1976 Apr.

Topics include truck drivers, trucking law and legislation, and the United States Interstate Commerce Commission.

F 5: 94th Congress, Interstate and Foreign Commerce, Vitamins, Minerals and Food Supplements, 1975 Jan. - 1975 Nov.

Topics include United States Food and Drug Administration and drugs law and legislation.

F 6: 94th Congress, Interstate and Foreign Commerce, Winter Olympic Games, 1980, 1976 Apr. - 1975 Oct.

Topics include Olympic Games (13th: 1980: Lake Placid, New York).Correspondents include Harley O. Staggers.

F 7-8: 94th Congress, Judiciary Committee, Abortion, 1975 Jan. - 1976 Dec.

Topics include birth control, motherhood, and women's rights.

F 9: 94th Congress, Judiciary Committee, Amnesty for Draft Dodgers, 1975 Feb. - 1976 Aug.

Topics include the Vietnamese Conflict.

F 10: 94th Congress, Judiciary Committee, Anti-Trust Law, 1975 Jan. - 1976 Mar.

F 11-18: 94th Congress, Judiciary Committee, Busing, 1975 Jan. - 1976 Sept.

Topics include busing for school integration law and legislation, race relations, transportation law and legislation, school integration in the United States, and segregation in education. Correspondents include the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

F 19: 94th Congress, Judiciary Committee, Capital Punishment, 1975 Jan. - 1976 Apr.

Topics include religious aspects of capital punishment, firearms law and legislation, gun control, and death penalty.

F 20: 94th Congress, Judiciary Committee, Congressional Review of Agency Rules, 1976 Apr. - 1976 Sept.

Topics include United States Congress reform.

F 21-22: 94th Congress, Judiciary Committee, Copyright Act, 1975 Jan. - 1976 Sept.

Topics include Robert W. Kastenmeier, Peter W. Rodino, copyright and broadcasting rights, copyright and motion pictures, copyright and neighboring rights, copyright and royalty, performance awards law and legislation, Alan I. Wally, and the National Association of Broadcasters.

F 23: 94th Congress, Judiciary Committee, Crime, 1975 Mar. - 1976 Sept.

Topics include United States law Enforcement Assistance Administration, criminal procedure, jurisprudence, parole, and penal laws. Correspondents include the National Governors' Conference and the Oklahoma Dept. of Corrections.

F 24: 94th Congress, Judiciary Committee, Discrimination Based on Sexual Preference, 1975 Feb. - 1976 Jan.

Topics include Bella S. Abzug, gay liberation movement, and lesbians.

F 25: 94th Congress, Judiciary Committee, Electoral College, 1975 Jan. - 1975 Jul.

F 26: 94th Congress, Judiciary Committee, Equal Rights Amendment, 1975 Jan. - 1976 Apr.

Topics include equal rights amendment in Oklahoma, equality before the law, sex discrimination against women law and legislation, and ERA.

F 27: 94th Congress, Judiciary Committee, Federal Charter, 1976 Mar. - 1976 Aug.

Topics include Jack Brinkley.

F 28: 94th Congress, Judiciary Committee, Food Industry Antitrust Reports, 1976 Feb. - 1976 May.

Topics include food industry and trade, food law and legislation, and monopolies.

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