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Box 211: 94th Congress, Select Committee on Outer Continental Shelf - Ways and Means

F 1: 94th Congress, Select Committee on Outer Continental Shelf, 1975 June - 1976 Sept.

Topics include environmental aspects of ocean mining, offshore oil industry, oil well drilling, petroleum law and legislation, and National Ocean Industries Association.

F 2: 94th Congress, Select Committee on Small Business, 1975 Feb. - 1976 Sept.

Topics include industrial development bonds and disaster relief law and legislation. Correspondents include Dewey F. Bartlett, Joe L. Evins, and Tom Steed.

F 3-6: 94th Congress, Standards of Official Conduct, 1976 Feb. - 1976 Oct.

Topics include Michael J. Harrington, Wayne L. Hays, Otis Pike, Daniel Schorr, United States Congress House Select Committee on Intelligence, legislators attitudes, and security classification (hovernment documents). Correspondents include Charles E. Bennett, Richard W. Bolling, John J. Flynt, Floyd Spence, and Common Cause (U.S.)

F 7-8: 94th Congress, Veterans Affairs, Cost of Living Increase, 1976 Apr. - 1976 June.

Topics include Ray Roberts, military pensions, and disabled veterans.

F 9-22: 94th Congress, Veteran's Affairs, 1975 Jan. - 1976 Sept.

Topics include Gerald R. Ford, American Revolution Bicentennial, military pensions, soldiers' homes, survivors' benefits, veterans benefits, Veterans Day, disabled veterans, veterans education, World War I veterans, and World War II veterans. Correspondents include Glenn M. Anderson, Robert J. Cornell, Gillespie V. Montgomery, Ray Roberts, Olin E. Teague, American Legion, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.

F 23: 94th Congress, Ways and Means, Child Day Care Centers, 1975 Oct. - 1976 May.

Correspondents include Andrew J. Biemiller.

F 24: 94th Congress, Ways and Means, Brewery Taxation, 1976 Aug.

Topics include Al Ullman and brewing industry law and legislation.

F 25: 94th Congress, Ways and Means, Debt Limit Bill (Deficit), 1975 Jan. - 1975 Aug.

Topics include public debts. Correspondents include Al Ullman.

F 26-27: 94th Congress, Ways and Means, Energy, 1975 Jan. - 1976 Jan.

Topics include energy development, energy policy, Oil industries, Trans-Alaska Pipeline (Alaska), and the Tax Reduction Act of 1975.

F 28-30: 94th Congress, Ways and Means, Energy Conservation, 1975 Feb. - 1975 Oct.

Topics include automobiles and the environment, automobiles fuel consumption standards, automobile taxes, depletion allowances, recycling (waste, etc.), strategic materials law and legislation, American Automobile Association, and the Energy Conservation and Conversion Act of 1975. Correspondents include Andrew J. Biemiller, Joseph L. Fisher, Tennyson Guyer, Dale Milford, Paul Simon, Al Ullman, and the United Auto Workers of America.

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