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Box 213: 94th Congress, Ways and Means

F 1-4: 94th Congress, Ways and Means, Social Security, 1975 Mar. - 1976 Sept.

Topics include the National Federation of the Blind, pensions for the blind, and social security cost-of-living adjustments. Correspondents include James A. Burke, Thomas S. Foley, Elliott H. Levitas, John E. Moss, Herman T. Schneebeli, Al Ullman, Guy Vander Jagt, National Association of Manufacturers, and the United States Dept. of Health Education and Welfare.

F 5: 94th Congress, Ways and Means, Tax Rebate, 1975 Jan. - 1975 Mar.

Correspondents include the Chrysler Corporation.

F 6-14: 94th Congress, Ways and Means, Tax Reform and Limitation on Artificial Allowances, 1975 Jan. - 1976 Sept.

Topics include Joseph L. Fisher, H. Ross Perot, Internal Revenue Service, taxation of divorced people, distribution of decedents' estates, income tax deductions for charitable contributions, income tax on foreign income, employment of the poor, and Estate and Gift Tax Reform Act of 1976. Correspondents include Harry G. Barnes, Andrew J. Biemiller, Nelson H. Cruikshank, Norman E. D'Amours, John H. Dent, Tim L. Hall, Robert S. Kerr, George Meany, Ronald M. Mottl, John F. Sieberling, Al Ullman, Charles H. Wilson, American Bankers Association, American Farm Bureau Federation, Arthur Andersen and Company, Common Cause (U.S.), National Farmers' Union (U.S.), National Federation of Independent Business, New York Stock Exchange, and the United Auto Workers of America.

F 15-17: 94th Congress, Ways and Means, Unemployment Compensation, 1975 Jan. - 1976 Sept.

Correspondents include National Education Association of the United States.

F 18: 94th Congress, Ways and Means, Welfare Reform, 1975 Jan. - 1975 Nov.

Topics include aid to families with dependent children programs. Correspondents include Ronald Reagan.

F 19: 94th Congress, Ways and Means, Windfall Profits, 1975 Feb. - 1975 June.

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