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Box 221: 94th Congress, Speaker's Legislative Office, Democratic Study Group - Speaker's Legislative Office, Departmental Cover Letters

F 1-7: 94th Congress, Speaker's Legislative Office, Democratic Study Group, 1975 Aug. - 1976 Dec.

Topics include the Democratic Study Group, Peace Corps (U.S.), United States Congress reform, United States Federal Election Commission, United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration, energy conservation, metric system law and legislation, national school lunch program, chrome steel, coastal management zone, grain, animal welfare law and legislation, good stamp program, coal, Indochinese, rice, railroads finance law and legislation, milk, wildlife refuges law and legislation, fishery law and legislation, consumer protection law and legislation, campaign funds law and legislation, economics, unemployment, energy, armed forces, procurement, natural gas, synthetic fuels, dust diseases of the lungs, postal service, strip mining, Indians of North America health and hygiene law and legislation, public lands, economic assistance, voter registration, environmental aspects of pollution, social security, Angola, Hells Canyon National Recreation Area (Or. and Idaho), New York, (N.Y.) economics, Panama Canal (Panama), Turkey foreign relations with the United States, Antitrust Parens Patriae Act, Clean Air Act, Federal Insecticide, Pesticide, and Rodenticide Act, Hatch Act, International Security Assistance Act of 1976, Public Works Employment Act, and Tax Reform Act of 1975.

F 8: 94th Congress, Speaker's Legislative Office, Democratic Task Force, 1975 Jan. - 1975 Apr.

Topics include economic policy and energy policy. Correspondents include Donald M. Fraser, Ray Thornton, and Jim Wright.

F 9-11: 94th Congress, Speaker's Legislative Office, Demonstrations, 1975 Mar. - 1976 June.

Topics include United States Capitol (Washington, D.C.). Correspondents include Mario Biaggi, Charles J. Carney, John B. Conlon, Philip M. Crane, Ron DeLugo, John D. Dingell, Walter E. Fauntroy, Norman Lent, Mike McCormack, John Myers, Richard L. Ottinger, Peter A. Peyser, and William C. Wampler.

F 12-15: 94th Congress, Speaker's Legislative Office, Departmental Cover Letters, 1975 Jan. - 1976 Sept.

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