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Speeches, 1958

F 1: "League of Young Democrats." April 1958. Delivered in Durant, Oklahoma.

F 2: "Armed Services Day." May 17, 1958.

F 3: "The Count-down on Destiny." June 6, 1958. Commencement Speech at Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma.

F 4: "Inflation: Threat to the American People." September 8, 1958.

F 5: "Address Given at Tulsa County Democratic Fund-Raising Banquet." October 29, 1958.

F 6: "Political Campaign: 1958." October 1958. Television Speech.

F 7: "American Views of International Problems Arising from the Middle East Crisis." November 17, 1958. Delivered in Wilburton, Oklahoma.

F 8: "Reorganization of the Reserves." 1958.

F9: "Our Middle East Policy." 1958.

F 10: "Water." 1958. Delivered before the Red River Valley Association.

F 11: "Democratic Party." 1958.

Press Releases, 1958

F 12: Armed Services. 1958.

a. "Defense Department Reorganization Act." September 20, 1958.
b. "Applications for Air Force Academy."

F 13: Itinerary. 1958.

F 14: Miscellaneous. 1958.

a. "Emergency Housing Bill." March 19, 1958.
b. "Address Before the Oklahoma City Junior Chamber of Commerce, Oklahoma City." October 6, 1958.
c. "New Post Office for Wister Oklahoma." November 17, 1958.

Speeches, 1959

F 15: Extension of Remarks. Eighty-Sixth Congress, First Session. Jan.-Aug. 1959.

F 16: "Agriculture." February 16, 1959. Delivered before Central Oklahoma Milk Producers Association.

Outline and speech draft "Why Progress on Farm Programs Is Slow," prepared by Walter W. Wilcox, Library of Congress.

F 17: "Speech at Grover Cleveland Democratic Club, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania." March 17, 1959.

F 18: "National Defense Education Act." September 1959.

F 19: "Methodist Laymen's Day." October 18, 1959. Delivered at Linwood Methodist Church, Oklahoma City.

F 20: "Surplus vs. Starvation: A Report on the United States Overseas Surplus Commodities Program." December 1959. Delivered in Wilburton, Oklahoma.

F 21: "4-H Club 50th Anniversary." December 1959. Delivered in Tishomingo, Oklahoma.

F 22: "Ardmore's Birthday Speech." 1959. Delivered in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

F 23: "The Reorganization Act and the Reserve." 1959.

F 24: "Water." 1959.

F 25: "Address at Future Farmers of America Banquet at Hartshorne, Oklahoma." 1959.

F 26: Typescript for New York Times Article. 1959.

F 27: Radio Tapes. 1959.

a. "Eighty-Sixth Congress and its Legislative Record." First in a series of reports "on the legislative accomplishments of the first session of the 86th Congress."
b. "Eighty-Sixth Congress and the Third District of Oklahoma." A report.
c. "Eighty-Sixth Congress and the Labor Reform Law." A report.
d. "Eighty-Sixth Congress and the Budgetary Matters." A report.
e. "Labor Legislation."
f. "Introduction" provided to celebrate the National TV Week."

F 28: "Fourth Annual National Television Week." August 31, 1959.

Press Releases, 1959

F 29: "Letter to the Oklahoma State Medical Association." May 7, 1959.

F 30: Legislation. "Conference Report on the Labor Bill." September 4, 1959.

F 31: Agricultural. 1959.

a. "Wheat Hearings." February 13, 1959.
b. "Agriculture." February 16, 1959.
c. F.A.O. Meeting in Rome. October 15, 1959.

F 32: Miscellaneous. 1959.

a. "Transfer of Ardmore Base to the City of Ardmore." July 28, 1959.
b. "Statement on the Death of George C. Marshall." October 7, 1959.
c. "Veto of Coal Research Bill." October 22, 1959.
d. "Durant Post Office Building." November 19, 1959.
e. "Western European Waterway." December 10, 1959.
f. "Atoka Post Office." December 14, 1959.

Speeches, 1960

F 33: Remarks. 1960. From Congressional Record: January 26 and February 10.

F 34: "Your Fight in Congress." February 22, 1960. Delivered at NRECA Annual Meeting, St Louis, Missouri.

F 35: "Christianity and Politics." March 6, 1960. Delivered to the Cleveland Park Congregational Church.

F 36: "Commencement Speech at Murray State College, Murray, Oklahoma." May 20, 1960.

F 37: "Guardians of Peace." May 21, 1960. Armed Forces Day Speech delivered in McAlester, Oklahoma.

F 38: "Frontiers of 1960." May 27, 1960. Commencement Speech at Healdton High School, Healdton, Oklahoma.

F 39: "1960 Campaign Speech." November 7, 1960. Delivered on KTEN-TV, Ada, Oklahoma.

F 40: "Licensed Practical Nurses Association Convention." November 9, 1960. Delivered to the Convention at Lake Murray Lodge, Ardmore, Oklahoma.

F 41: "Choctaw Area Boy Scout Council." November 15, 1960. Delivered before the Council in Wilburton, Oklahoma.

F 42: "Oklahoma Hall of Fame." November 16, 1960. Delivered to the "Hall of Fame" in Oklahoma City.

F 43: "Young People and Public Service." December 2, 1960. Delivered to the Bryan County OEA Meeting in Durant, Oklahoma.

F 44: "National Security." 1960. Campaign Speech.

F 45: "Getting the Country Moving Again." 1960.

F 46: "Always Be Ready." 1960. Laymen's Day Speech in Hugo, Oklahoma.

F 47: "Politics and Religion." 1960. Methodist Laymen's Day Speech.

F 48: "Perrill Munch Brown Testimonial." 1960. Delivered at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma.

F 49: "The Role of Leadership in the House of Representatives." 1960.

F 50: "Lake Texoma." 1960. Delivered before the Lake Texoma Association in Lake Texoma, Oklahoma.

F 51: "Red River Valley." 1960. Delivered before the Red River Valley Association in Shreveport, Louisiana.

F 52: "John F. Kennedy." 1960. Campaign Speech for Television.

Press Releases, 1960

F 53: Information Related to Newspapers and Press Releases. 1959.

a. "Letter to the News Editor, New York Herald Tribune." March 24, 1960. Includes copy of the letter from the News Editor, requesting press releases.
b. "Letters to Publishers and Local Newspapers."
c. "Addresses of Local Newspapers, etc." July 15, 1960.

F 54: Agricultural. 1960.

a. "Kennedy-Johnson Natural Resources Advisory Committee Report." February 2, 1960.
b. "Beef Imports." February 18, 1960. Import restrictions advocated.
c. "National Rural Electrification Cooperative Association." February 18, 1960.
d. "Agriculture Department's School and Lunch Program." March 31, 1960. Cuts in lunch program opposed.
e. "Department of Agriculture Publications." April 14, 1960.
f. "Watershed Projects." October 13, 1960.
g. "Land Acreage Allotments."
h. "The Grange Letter." December 1, 1960.

F 55: Political Campaigns. 1960.

a. "Third District Democratic Rally." September 29, 1960.
b. "Third District Democratic Party Rally." September 29, 1960.
c. "Democratic Rally in Idabel." September 29, 1960.
d. "Democratic Rally." September 29, 1960. U.S. Senator Robert S. Kerr, the Speaker.
e. "Democratic Rally." September 29, 1960. U.S. Senator Mike Monroney, the Speaker.
f. "Democratic Party Area Rallies Schedule." October 2, 1960.

F 56: Political Campaigns. 1960.

a. "Campaign 1960." October 17, 1960.
b. "Democratic Rallies in Third District." October 20, 1960.
c. "Pose with Democratic Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates." October 20, 1960.
d. "Rally at Lake Texoma." October 21, 1960.
e. "Sam Rayburn to Address Democratic Rally at Lake Texoma."
f. "Democratic Rallies on October 27, October 30, and November 3, 1960. October 27, 1960.
g. "TV Address." November 7, 1960.

F 57: Miscellaneous. 1960.

a. Plaque Presentation to the Washington D.C., Post Office." January 31, 1960.
b. "Smiling Democrats." February 11, 1960.
c. "Nomination to the U.S. Air Force Academy." February, 11, 1960.
d. "Plaque Presentation." February 18, 1960.
e. "National Library Week." March 24, 1960.

F 58: Miscellaneous. 1960.

a. "Pioneer Day at Iowa Park, Texas." April 7, 1960.
b. "Facts on Communism." April 27, 1960.
c. "Road Construction." May 5, 1960. Bill introduced.
d. "Appointed to Senator John F. Kennedy's Natural Resources Advisory Committee." October 6, 1960.
e. "Post Office in Atoka." October 20, 1960.

F 59: Itinerary. 1960.

Speeches, 1961

F 60: "Dedication of the James T. Coker U.S. Army Reserve Center, Durant, Oklahoma." January 27, 1961.

F 61: "Distress Areas-H.R. 4569." March 9, 1961. Statement before the Banking and Currency Committee on the Bill.

F 62: "Introduction of Floyd E. Blaske." March 10, 1961. Delivered at Arkansas Basin Development Association Meeting, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

F 63: "Armed Forces Day. NAd-McAlester, Oklahoma. March 27, 1961.

F 64: "Congress and the New Frontier." April 20, 1961. Transcript of the Debate on "Face the Nation" broadcast over the CBS Television Network.

F 65: "Congress" September 11, 1961. Radio Script of a Broadcast from House Radio Recording Studios, Washington, D.C.

F 66: "Accomplishments of the First Session, 87th Congress: An Informal Discussion by Congressmen Carl Albert and Chet Holifield." September 18, 1961. Radio Script Prepared by Democratic Study Group, Washington, D.C.

F 67: "This Nation Under God." 1961. Delivered before the Ardmore District Methodist Men's Meeting, Ardmore, Oklahoma.

Press Releases, 1961

F 68: Armed Services. 1961.

a. "Revocation of an Executive Order Cutting the Number of Military Dependents Recommended." January 19, 1961.
b. "Nomination for Appointment to the U.S. Air Force Academy Announced." February 23, 1961.
c. "Paul L. Groover's Nomination for Admission to the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis Announced." February 23, 1961.
d. "Rates of Service-Connected Disability Compensation to Veterans." June 8, 1961. Bill which would increase the rates, passed.
e. "President Kennedy's Action Revoking an Executive Order Cutting the Number of Military Dependents Abroad Hailed."
f. "Abandoned Coal Mines as Shelters in National Civil Defense Program."

F 69: Rural, Agricultural, Forestry. 1961

a. "Oklahoma's Gain in Agricultural Services from President Kennedy's Additional Budget Request." March 28, 1961.
b. "Oklahoma Pecans." February 23, 1961. Federally financed research called on diseases attacking pecans.
c. "Peanut Industry." July 6, 1961. "Fair and equal" treatment of the industry called for.
d. "Peanut Promoters."
e. "Proposal that the Reservoir to be Formed by Eufaula Dam be Named 'The Lake of the Five Civilized Tribes.'" September 14, 1961.
f. "Plans for Two New Parks and Lodges on the Eufaula Reservoir Approved." December 8, 1961.
g. "Bill to Provide a System of Forest Development Roads Introduced."
h. "Secretary of Agriculture Criticized."

F 70: Miscellaneous. 1961.

a. "Letter of Thanks From the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee." January. 26, 1961.
b. "National Boy Scout Week." February 4, 1961.
c. "Federal Assistance to School Districts." March 2, 1961. Bill introduced.
d. "Portrait Presentation." July 27, 1961.
e. "Facts of Communism." August 10, 1961. Book presented to Third District Public Libraries.
f. "Dr. Patrick Conklin Joins the Majority Whips Office."
g. "Itinerary from September 21, to September 23, 1961."
h. "Miss Oklahoma's Visit."

Speeches, 1962

F 71: "Acceptance Speech Upon Being Elected Majority Leader." January 9, 1962.

F 72: "Issues and Answers." January 14, 1962. ABC Radio and Television Show with Charles A. Halleck, House Minority Leader.

F 73: "Allan H. Perley." January 22, 1962. Tribute paid in the House.

F 74: "Legislation in 87th Congress, 2nd Session." Delivered before the Association Public Affairs Conference held by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. January 24, 1962.

F 74b: Statement in Support of the Passage of H.R. 8900, the College Academic Facilities Act. January 30, 1962.

F 75: "Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner." Richmond, Virginia. February 17, 1962.

F 76: "Department of Urban Affairs and Housing." February 21, 1962. Delivered in the House, 87th Congress, 2nd Session, Congressional Record.

F 77: "Washington Conversation." March 4, 1962. Broadcast over CBS Television Network.

F 78: "Duties of the Speaker." March 7, 1962. Reprinted from Congressional Record.

F 79: "Sisk Recognition Dinner." March 9, 1962. Delivered in Fresno, California.

F 80: "Democratic Breakfast Speech." March 10, 1962.

F 80b: Statement Regarding an Increase in Appropriations for the Soil Conservation Service Before Subcommittee on Agriculture, Committee on Appropriations, House of Representatives." March 22, 1962.

F 81: "National Dairymen's Association, Washington, D.C." April 10,1962.

F 82: "National Democratic Club, Washington, D.C." April 16, 1962.

F 83: "87th Congress-Legislative Record of House." April 19, 1962. Delivered in the House, 87th Congress, 2nd Session, Congressional Record.

F 84: "Positive Aspects of the New Age in Science." May 1962. Commencement Speech given at John Brown University, Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

This speech was revised from a similar speech given at Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma, on June 6, 1958. Folder also includes numerous letters from those who heard or read about the speech.

F 85: "New Frontier Club, Washington, D.C." June 18, 1962.

Folder also includes bills before Congress; press clipping from New York Times, "Major Bills in Congress." June 4, 1962; memorandum for re: predicted committee action from June 5 to June 22, 1962, from Tom Kenan.

F 86: "Orbiting of the Telstar Communications Satellite." July 11, 1962.

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