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Speeches, 1976 (continued)

F 1: "Wright Patman." March 7, 1976. Eulogy given in the House.

F 2: "Acceptance of Plaque Memorializing the Signers of the Declaration of Independence." March 20, 1976. Delivered before the Descendants of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence. East Portico, U.S. Capitol.

Folder also includes correspondence from the Architect of the Capitol. May 24, 1974.

F 3: "The Role of the Speaker in the United States House of Representatives." March 22, 1976. Delivered at Quinnipiac College, New Haven, Connecticut.

F 4: "Reception for Rep. Norman Y. Mineta." March 25, 1976.

F 5-7: "The Economic Outlook for the Nation." March 29, 1976. Delivered before the Paperboard Packaging Council annual meeting, Chicago, Illinois.

Folders also include background material from the House Budget Committee and Steve Bourke.

F 7b. "Unveiling of Harley Staggers Portrait." April6, 1976. Washington D.C.

F 8-9: "Pottawatomie County Democratic Club." April 10, 1976. Delivered in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Folders also include introduction given by Mr. Steed.

F 10: ""Non-Partisan Tribute to Carl Albert Given by Tom Steed." Delivered at Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee, Oklahoma.

F 11: "William A. Barrett." April 13, 1976. Eulogy given in the House.

F 12: "The International Association of French Speaking Parliamentarians." April 19, 1976.

F 13: "The Women's National Democratic Club." April 27, 1976. Introductory Remarks, Washington, D.C.

F 14: "Agricultural Leadership Program." April 28, 1976.

Folder also includes correspondence with B. F. Sisk; program.

F 15: "Honorary Doctor of Laws Ceremony for Rep. Thomas E. Morgan." May 5, 1976.

F 16-17: "Student Conference on American Government." May 7, 1976. Given at Jacksonville, State University, Jacksonville, Alabama.

F 18: "John W. McCormack Annual Award of Excellence to Tom Iorio." May 11, 1976.

F 19: "Congressional Dinner." May 11, 1976. Introductions for John W. McCormack and for Mike Mansfield. Delivered at Washington Hilton, Washington, D.C.

F 20: "Cuban Independence Day." May 20, 1976.

F 21: "Edward P. Beard, M.C." May 20, 1976.

F 22-27: "Magna Carta-Our Common Heritage." May 26, 1976. Given at the Magna Carta Ceremony, Westminister Hall, London, England.

Folders also include statement of Senator Mike Mansfield; speech by the Prime Minister James Callaghan; speech by Thomas; extract from the speech by Margaret Thatcher; address by the Lord Privy Seal.

F 28-33: "Acceptance of Magna Carta." June 3, 1976. Given in the Rotunda, United States Capitol.

Folders also include draft speech prepared by Thomas Neale of the Library of Congress; Good-bye Salute to British Parliamentarians; background on the loan of the Magna Carta.

F 34: "Torbert H. MacDonald." June 9, 1976. Eulogy given in the House.

F 35: "Acceptance of the Manx Sword of State." June 22, 1976. Given in the Rayburn Reception Room, U.S. Capitol.

F 36: "Opening of the Centennial Safe." July 1, 1976. Given in Statuary Hall, U.S. Capitol.

F 37: "Bicentennial Celebration, National Archives." July 2, 1976.

F 38: "National Tribute to the Charters of Freedom." July 2, 1976.

F 39: "Hugo Dam Dedication." July 4, 1976.

F 40-43: "Welcome to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II." July 8, 1976. Given in Statuary Hall, U.S. Capitol.

Folders also include speech of Queen Elizabeth II given in Statuary Hall; toast of the vice president to the Queen; other related material.

F 44: "Dedication of Robert L.F. Sikes Library." September 4, 1976. Given in Crestview, Florida.

F 45-47: "Salute to Carl Albert Dinner." September 14, 1976. Given in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

F 48: "Jim Haley Reception." September 15, 1976. Delivered before Florida Sate Society.

F 49: "The Federal Bar Association Award." September 17, 1976. Given at Mayflower Hotel.

F 50: "Owen Park Dedication." September 20, 1976. Included in the 94th Congress, 1st Session, Congressional Record.

F 51: "Portrait Unveiling of Robert E. Jones." September 21, 1976. Given in Rayburn Office Building, Washington, D.C.

Folder also includes program; correspondence from Jones.

F 52: "Conversation with Larry Kitchens, President, Lockheed, on Closing Plant in McAlester." September 30, 1976.

F 53-55: "Final Speech." October 1, 1976. Delivered in the House.

F 56-60: "Forum on Government and Politics at Texas A. & M. University." October 19, 1976.

Folders also include "The Contemporary House: Reforms and Consequences," draft speech prepared by Charles H. Whittier of the Library of Congress.

F 60b: "Acceptance Address for Award from the Congressional Medal of Honor Society." October 20, 1976. Given at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma.

F 61-66: "St. John Fisher College." November 11, 1976. Given at Rochester, New York.

F 67: "Northwestern University Executive Management Seminar." November 18, 1976. Remarks given in Evanston, Illinois.

F 68: "Dedication of Portrait of Leslie C. Arends." December 8, 1976. Delivered at Capitol Hill Club, Washington, D.C.

F 69: "Welcome to the House of Representatives." 1976.

F 70: "The House of Representatives: Mirror of American Society." 1976.

F 71: "Campaign Speech: Republican Failure in our National Parks and Recreation Areas." 1976.

F 72: "Campaign Speech: Veterans' Issues." 1976.

F 73: "Campaign Speech: Our Criminal Justice System, A Republican vs. A Democratic System." 1976.

F 74: "McGee Creek Project." 1976.

F 75: "Veterans Convention." 1976.

F 76: "Legislation for the Seventies." 1976.

F 77: "Legislative Accomplishments." 1976.

F 78: "Lester Wolff." 1976.

F 79-80: "Labor and Related Legislation." Delivered Before the Annual National Legislative Conference of Building and Construction Trades and International Union. 1976.

F 81-82: Standard Speech for Presentation of Flag. 1976.

F 83: "United Nations." 1976.

F 84: "Proposed Remarks of Foreign Aid." 1976.

F 85: [Empty].

F 86: "Appropriations." 1976.

F 87: "Vietnam." 1976.

F 88: "Veterans Legislation." 1976.

F 89: "G.I. Bill of Rights." 1976.

F 90: "Southwest Peanut Shellers." 1976.

F 91: "Education." 1976.

F 92: "On Being a Representative." 1976.

Radio and TV Broadcasts, 1976

F 93: "Latimer County Democratic Convention." February 26, 1976.

F 94: "Edward Beard, M.C." May 17, 1976.

F 95: "Mental Health Month." May 1976.

F 96: "Statement on Retirement." June 5, 1976.

F 97: "Voice of America Broadcast Introduction." August 9, 1976.

Statements, 1976

F 98-101: "Report on the Network Coverage of Presidential Television Addresses." January 18, 1976.

F 102: "Response to the President's State of the Union Address." January 19, 1976.

F 103: "Override of Labor-HEW Appropriations Bill." January 27, 1976.

F 104: "Local Public Works Capitol Development and Investment Act of H.R. 5247." January 29, 1976.

F 105: "House Report." February 11, 1976.

F 106: "Local Public Works Capitol Investment Act." February 13, 1976.

F 107: "The Full Employment and Balanced Economic Growth Act." March 12, 1976.

F 108: "Thirteenth Anniversary of the Employment Act of 1946." March 19, 1976.

F 109: "Congresswoman Gladys Noon Spellman." April 14, 1976.

F 110: "First Concurrent Budget Resolution." April 30, 1976.

F 111: "Statement Before the Subcommittee in Water and Power Resources." June 17, 1976.

F 112: "Report of the Task Force on Accounts." June 22, 1976.

F 113: "Captive Nations Week." July 1, 1976. Draft statement prepared by the Library of Congress.

F 114: "Helsinki Agreement." July 27, 1976.

F 115: "Receipt of Bicentennial Proclamation from Israel." July 28, 1976.

F 116: "Statement Before the House Merchant Marine and Fisheries." August 31, 1976.

F 117: "The Second Budget Resolution." September 8, 1976.

F 118: "Unguarded Moment During Liberian President's Visit." September 24, 1976.

Newspaper clippings, letters, etc., 1976

F 119: "Labor-HEW Veto." September 29, 1976.

F 120: "The Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act." [1976].

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