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Reference, 1976

F 1: Legislation. 1976.

a. "Meeting with Chairmen of House Committees." January 27, 1976.
b. "Speakership." March 1976.
c. "Task Force on Accounts." June 4, 1976.
d. "House Administrative Services." July 21, 1976.

F 2: Miscellaneous. 1976.

a. "Michael L. Reed." February 26, 1976.
b. "Esther Mae Henke." May 19, 1976.

F 3: "Magna Carta." May 23-June 2, 1976.

F 4: Miscellaneous. 1976.

a. "Manx Sword of State Presentation." June 21, 1976.
b. "Boat Replica Presentation." June 29, 1976.
c. "With Gov. Carter." July 9, 1976.

F 5: Notes, Memoranda, etc. January-March 1976.

F 6: Notes, Memoranda, etc. April-May 1976.

F 7: Notes, Memoranda, etc. June-November 1976.

F 8: Miscellaneous. 1976.

a. "1976 Legislative Program: Statement of John J. McFall." January 16, 1976.
b. "Summary of Economic News." February 2, 1976.
c. "Democratic Policy" by Robert S. Kerr, Jr.
d. "Proposed Resolution by the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee." February 10, 1976.
e. "Beef Industry."

F 9: Miscellaneous. 1976.

a. "Visit by Queen Margrethe II to the Capitol." May 10, 1976.
b. "Declined invitation for "Voice of the Chickasaws." May 27, 1976.
c. "Magna Carta Delegation." May 23, 1976.
d. "Biography of Elizabeth II and Others."

F 10: Miscellaneous. 1976.

a. Correspondence from the Appropriations Committee re House Accounts System. June 7,1976.
b. News release from John J. Rhodes re Creation of Select Committee to Investigate House Corruption. June 10, 1976.
c. "McGee Creek Project." June 15, 1976. Paper by Terry Thurman.
d. Correspondence from Oklahoma City Mayor Patience Latting re Water Supply in Oklahoma City.
e. Speech by Secretary of State Henry Kissinger before Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development re Cohesion of Global Democracies. June 21, 1976.
f. Canceled presentation of "Between Friends" by Canadian Parliamentary Group. June 23, 1976.

F 11: Miscellaneous. 1976.

a. Statement by Arthur F. Burns re National Economy. June 30, 1976.
b. Final Treasury Statement of Receipts and Outlays of the United States Government.
c. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger's Press Conference, Including Topics of Terrorism, Lebanon, southern Africa, Moscow Radiation of U.S. Embassy, SALT, Italy, and Continuity of Foreign Policy. July 10, 1976.
d. Speech by Secretary of State Henry Kissinger re America and Asia. July 22, 1976.

F 12: Miscellaneous. 1976.

a. Joint Statement of William E. Simon and Paul H. O'Neill re Budget Results for Fiscal Year 1976. July 26, 1976.
b. Statement by Majority Leader Thomas P. O'Neill re Gerald Ford as "Apostle of Opposition." August 7, 1976.
c. Statement by Arthur F. Burns re National Economy. August 23, 1976.

F 13: Robert L. F. Sikes Library Dedication in Crestview. September 4, 1976.

Folder includes clippings; correspondence with Sikes; speech prepared by the Library of Congress.

F 14: Miscellaneous. 1927, 1976.

a. Statement by Brock Adams re Budget. September 8, 1976.
b. Statement by Majority Leader Thomas P. O'Neill Jr. re Second Budget Resolution. September 8, 1976.
c. Interview with Secretary of State Henry Kissinger at the National Conference of Editorial Writers. October 2, 1976.
d. "Pan-Americanism and Latin Americanism" oration by Arturo Garcia-Fermeti. 1927. Includes clipping from Washington newspaper as well as Spanish translation by the Library of Congress.

F 15: Miscellaneous. 1976.

a."The House Record in the 94th Congress." Election '76 speech cards.
b. Statement by Arthur F. Burns re National Economy and Monetary Policy. November 11, 1976.
c. Major Legislation for 1976-Summary.
d. The FY 1977 Budget Process.

F 16: Congressional Record, January 8, 1976.

F 17: Congressional Record, September 27, 1976.

Speeches, No Date

F 18: "Economy." n.d.

F 19: "Legislative Session." n.d.

F 20: "Legislative Accomplishments." n.d.

F 21: "Vocational Education." n.d.

F 22: "Eugene T. Kinnaly." Eulogy. n.d.

F 23: "Vietnam." n.d.

F 24: "Federal Anti-Riot Legislation." n.d.

F 25: "Economy." n.d.

F 26: "Presidential Campaign of 1972." n.d.

F 27: "Patriotism." n.d.

F 28: "Presidential Campaign of 1972. n.d.

F 29: "Interest Rates." n.d.

F 30: "Mortgage Credit." n.d.

F 31: "Republican Economic Policy." n.d.

F 32: "Tax Reform Bill." n.d.

F 33: "Presidential Campaign of 1972." n.d.

F 34: "Ambassador Stevenson." n.d.

F 35: "Air Piracy." n.d.

F 36: "Emergency Community Facilities Act." n.d.

F 37: "Homebuilding Industry." n.d.

F 38: "Congo." n.d.

F 39: "Water Pollution Abatement Grant Program." n.d.

F 40: "Inflation." n.d.

F 41: "Tax Increase." n.d.

F 42: "Veterans." n.d.

F 43: "Education Appropriation." n.d.

F 44: "Pornography." n.d.

F 45: "Housing." n.d.

F 46: "Agriculture." n.d.

F 47: "Achievements of the 91st Congress." n.d.

F 47b: "Remarks to El Paso Association of Homebuilders." n.d.

F 48: "Visit with Susan Bullard, Winner of the South Central Oklahoma Spelling Bee." (apparently a radio or television show.) n.d.

F 49: Incomplete Drafts of Speeches. n.d.

Statements for Television, No Date

F 50: "Vocational Education." n.d.

F 51: "Statement Before Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce." n.d.

F 52: "Committee on National Priorities of the Democratic Policy Council." n.d.

F 53: "Khrushchev Visit." n.d.

F 54: "Representative Long's Dinner." n.d.

F 55: "H.J. Res. 1117." n.d.

F 56: "Higher Education." n.d.

F 57: "Housing Starts." n.d.

F 58: "Vocation Education. n.d.

F 59: "May Unemployment Figures." Proposed Joint Leadership Statement. n.d.

F 60: "The President's Proposed Loan Pooling Plan." n.d.

F 61: "Drug Education Fight." n.d.

F 62a: "Unemployment Figures." n.d.

F 62b:"Responses to President's Veto." n.d.

F 63: Radio Spots for Bob Nix, Lester Wolf, John Monagan, Gunn McKay, Ed Edmondson, Walter Fauntroy, George Gilliam, Bob Krueger, Alexander A. Farrelly, Jeff Lacaze, McAlester Regional Health Center, and meat gift certificates. n.d.

F 64: Radio Spots for James Symington and Lonnie Abbot. n.d.

Press Releases, No Date

F 65: Legislation. n.d.

a. "Gun Control."
b. "Coal Research and Development Commission."
c. "86th Congress."
d. "Legislative Accomplishments."
e. "Minimum Wage."
f. "President's Address."
g. "Resolution in the House."
h. "Pornography."

F 66: Armed Services. n.d.

a. "Ardmore Air Force Base."
b. "Veterans Reunion."
c. "Comprehensive Manpower Act."
d. "U.S. Merchant Marine Academy."

F 67: Rural and Agricultural. n.d.

a. "Market Development Conference, Bogota, Columbia."
b. "Acreage Allotments."
c. "Peanut Growers."
d. "Fees at Oklahoma Lakes."
e. "Loan for Atoka County."
f. "Peanut Buffet Luncheon."

F 68: Indian Affairs. n.d.

a. "Loans for Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations."
b. "Low-Rent Homes for Seminole Nation."
c. "Appearances with Cherry Blossom Princess."

F 69: Miscellaneous. n.d.

a. "Hartshorne Rotary Club."
b. "With John McCormack."
c. "The First Woman Page."
d. "Task Force of the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee."
e. "Housebuilding Industry."
f. "McAlester Office."
g. "Post Office Building in Atoka."

F 70: Miscellaneous. n.d.

a. "Post Office Building at Wister, Oklahoma."
b. "Truman Diamond Jubilee Commission."
c. "With Letter Carriers."
d. "Nixon's Administration."
e. "Oklahoma is OK."
f. "Visit to Wister, Oklahoma."
g. "Tour of the District."

F 71: Miscellaneous. n.d.

a. "Cigarette Advertising on TV."
b. "District Tour."
c. "Democratic Nomination."
d. "National Health Strategy."
e. "Aid."
f. "North Korean Attack on Airplane"
g. "Antiwar Amendment."

F 72: Memoranda, Inquires, etc. n.d.

Folder includes miscellaneous material, including Albert's comments on the tenth anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

F 73: Miscellaneous. n.d.

Folder includes miscellaneous memoranda.

F 74: Miscellaneous. n.d.

Folder includes miscellaneous memoranda; also includes typescript on proposed select committee on national energy strategy.

F 75: Miscellaneous. n.d.

Folder includes miscellaneous memoranda; also includes typescript of press coverage regarding Albert being in line for presidency.

F 76: Speech Index. 1947-1976.

F 77: Speaker of the House. 1931, 1937, 1940-1941, 1945, 1949, 1951, 1959, 1961.

Folder includes speech made by certain Speakers of the House on their election as speaker. (Congressional Record).

F 78: "Arkansas River and Tributaries." 1947. 79th Congress, 2nd Session, House Document 758.

F 79: Miscellaneous. 1948-1949; 1951-1952; 1954-1955.

a. "U.S. Military and Navy Academies: 1948 Examination."
b. "Adlai Stevenson's Acceptance Speech of Democratic Nomination for President.." July 19, 1952.
c. "Information." July 7, 1954. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
d. Roy F. Hendrickson. "What Is Ahead for the Wheat Farmer." Delivered at the annual meeting of the Farmers Union Terminal Grain Association. December 16, 1954.
e. "Civil Defense Act of 1955."

F 80: Adlai Stevenson Speeches. 1956.

F 81: Miscellaneous. 1959, 1961-1964.

a. Kenneth B. Keating. "The Democratic Party." January 7, 1959. Delivered before the Women's National Press Club.
b. "Main Differences Between the Landrum-Griffin Substitute (H.R. 8400) and the House Labor Committee Bill (H.R. 8342)."
c. "Statement of Congressmen John Brademas and Others on the Landrum-Griffin Bill and the President's Analysis." August 11, 1959.
d. John F. Shelley. Address. August 11, 1959. Delivered over CBS re Teamsters.
e. Prayer Delivered by Rev. Bernard Braskamp on death of John F. Kennedy.

F 84: "CBS: Fifty Faces of '62." May 30, 1962.

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