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F 1: "Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Wheat of the Committee on Agriculture." 1963.

F 2: Miscellaneous. 1963-1964.

a. "White House Message." April 29, 1963.
b. "Information on Charles Evans." July 31, 1963.
c. "Committee on House Administration." August 21, 1963.
d. "Hearing before the Subcommittee on Wheat-Part II." January 1964.
e. "Press release from the National Council for Industrial Peace re right to work legislation."
f. "News release from the Department of State, April 2, 1964 re speech of Adlai E. Stevenson, 'The Anatomy of World Leadership.'"
g. "News release from the Department of State, April 7, 1964, re speech of Dean Rusk, 'The Atlantic Alliance.'"

F 3: Miscellaneous. 1965, 1966.

a. "A Response to the Chamber of Commerce's Commentary on Elementary and Secondary Education Legislation." August 24, 1965.
b. "The Guilty in California." Speech by Joseph Waggonner re civil rights and riots in Watts. Congressional Record.
c. "Robert S. Kerr Water Research Center, Ada, Oklahoma. September 30, 1965.
d. "Joint Statement of Rep. James H. Scheuer and Jonathan B. Bingham re Reform Movement in Democratic Party." February 13, 1967.
e. "News Release: Phillips Petroleum Company re Gasoline Prices.." February 24, 1967.
f. Chickasaw Historical Society Newsletter. February 1967.

F 4: Miscellaneous. 1967.

a. "Rep. John O. Marsh, Jr.'s Press Release re Adam Clayton Powell." March 2, 1967.
b. "G.T.A. Daily Radio Roundup." April 24, 1967.
c. "Republican Policy Committee Statement on Railroad Labor Dispute Legislation." June 14, 1967.
d. "Press Release from HUD re low rent housing in Hartshorne." July 30, 1967.
e. "Sen. Mike Monroney's Press Release re Air Mail." August 2, 1967.
f. "The Measure of Command." Remarks by Daniel Flood re Navy's Acceptance of Responsibility for Actions. September 14, 1967. Congressional Record.
g. National Coal Policy Conference Newsletter. December 21, 1967.

F 5: Miscellaneous.

a. U.S. News and World Report, Vol. XLII, No. 15. April 10,1967.
b. National Employment Association Newsletter. May 1967.

F 6: Newsweek. August 14, 1967.

F 7: Miscellaneous. 1968.

a. "U.S. Dept. of Labor News Release re Approval of Manpower Training Project at Oklahoma Aerotronics." January 31, 1968.
b. Correspondence from L. H. Fountain re Honoring Horace Kornegay. July 15, 1968.
c. "Biographical sketch of the Carl Albert." [1968].

F 8: "Woman Power." September 6, 1969. Speech delivered by Mrs. Carl Albert to the Democratic Women's Council of the South Carolina.

Folder also includes draft prepared by Lisa M. Nickerson of the Library of Congress.

F 9: "Drugs and Narcotics: and Illusions and Realities," Scholastic Teacher, March 1969.

Folder also includes some pamphlets.

F 10: Miscellaneous. 1969.

a. Pamphlets and leaflets of the Buildings and Construction Trades Department: AFL-CIO.1969.
b. Speech by Blake T. Newton, president of the Institute of Life Insurance, entitled. "The Private Interests and the Public Purpose." 1969.

F 11: Miscellaneous. 1969.

a. Deputy Secretary of Defense David Packard statement on ballistic missiles. 1969.
b. John Moss. "House Interns." Congressional Record. 1969.
c. "ABC's of Draft by Lottery," U.S. News & World Report. December 15, 1969.
d. "Draft Reform." Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents. December 1, 1969.

F 12: Miscellaneous. 1970.

a. "PL 91-190." 1970.
b. American Observer and Weekly News Review. 1970.
c. "Official List of Members of the House." 1970.
d. "The Golden Eagle and Inflation." 1970. Ed Edmondson's speech in the House. Congressional Record.
e. "Correspondence on Water Pollution by June D. King." 1970.
f. "Albert Weighing Keys to Speakership." 1970. New York Times Article.
g. "The American Nursing Home." 1970. Speech by David Pryor. Congressional Record.

F 13: Miscellaneous. 1970.

a. Democratic Caucus Resolution. 1970.
b. "Address by Don McBride at the Arkansas Waterways Commission Port Seminar." 1970.
c. "Keynote Address by John Brademas at the Indiana Democratic State Convention." 1970. Congressional Record.
d. "The Curbing and Control of Crime." 1970. Statement of Rep. Emanuel Celler.
e. "Typescript of Article for Business Week on Republicans and Economy." 1970.

F 14: "The 91st Congress." Statement by John W. McCormack.. 1970.

F 15: Miscellaneous. 1971-1972.

a. "News Release from Lloyd Bentsen re Texas Bankers Association." May 3, 1971.
b. "Correspondence from Wilbur Mills re Medicare Coverage for Visits of Nutritionists to Homes of the Elderly." June 14, 1971.
c. Insurance Facts. 1972.

F 16: "Network Responses to Formal Congressional Requests, 1969-1976."

F 17. Miscellaneous. No Date.

a. "Statement by John P. Shelley re Commodity Credit Corporation Sale of Austrian Winter Peas." n.d.
b. "Speech by Jim Hardesti entitled 'Me Means We.'" n.d.
c. "Press Release from the Committee on Education and Labor re Landrum-Griffin Bill." n.d.
d. "General Political Speech Prepared by Democratic National Congressional Committee. n.d.

F 18: Miscellaneous. No Date.

a. "Minority Views on H.R. 2362 re Educational Opportunities for Deprived Children." n.d.
b. "Constitution of the Proud Young Americans for Truth." n.d.
c. "Frank Eleazer. 'Washington Window.'" Re congressional reform. n.d.
d. "Biographical Sketch for David Moffatt McConnell."

F 19: "Statement to the Southwest Environment Information Symposium." No date.

F20. Miscellaneous Releases, Statements, and Memoranda. No Date, 1962, 1966, 1969-1970, 1974.

This folder contains material not only from Carl Albert's office but from other members of Congress and from organizations.


F 22: Speaker's Press Conferences, 1972.

F 23: Speaker's Press Conferences, January - June 1973.

F 24: Speaker's Press Conferences, July - December 1973.

F 25: Speaker's Press Conferences, January - June 1974.

F 26: Speaker's Press Conferences, July - December 1974.

F 27: Speaker's Press Conferences, January - April 1975.

F 28: Speaker's Press Conferences, May - July 1975.

F 29: Speaker's Press Conferences, August - December 1975.

F 30: Speaker's Press Conferences, January - May 1976.

F 31: Speaker's Press Conferences, June - October 1976.

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