Box and Folder Inventory
Box 1

Box 1: Agriculture in Oklahoma (1947 ) - Oratorical Contest (1948)

F 1: Agriculture in Oklahoma (1947).

a. Correspondence. Re: soil conservation; Agricultural Conservation Program Handbook for Oklahoma, resolutions adopted at the 1946 National Association of Commissioners, Secretaries, and Directors of Agriculture. Includes resolutions.

b. Leaflet. Oklahoma Livestock Marketing Association. "Resolution of Stockholders of Oklahoma Livestock Marketing Association, Passed at the Annual Meeting Held in Oklahoma City on the 2nd Day of March, 1944."

F 2: Bank Charters (1947).

Correspondence. Re: application for a bank charter in Atoka.

F 3: Civic Organizations (1947).

Correspondence. Re: civic organizations and their officers. Towns include Idabel, Broken Bow, Hugo, Ardmore, Antlers, Heavener, Caddo, Durant, Marietta, Madill, McAlester, Poteau, Talihina, and Wilburton. Includes membership list of McAlester Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture.

F 4: Colleagues (1947).

Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Paul Stewart.

F 5: Communism (1947).

Postcard. Re: peace-time wage and price controls.

F 6: Congratulations: Elections (1946).

Correspondence. Re: Albert's election to Congress. Correspondents include T. P. Gore, Pete Jarman, Josh Lee, John W. McCormack, Wilbur D. Mills, Claude Pepper, Sam Rayburn, W. G. Stigler, and Elmer Thomas.

F 7: Crackpot (1947).

Correspondence. Re: legislation for senior citizens, national perils, intelligence operations, and song composers.

F 8: Democratic National Committee (1947).

a. Correspondence. Re: Jefferson Day Dinner Address. Includes a suggested address of 18 pages; Speaker's Bureau; Republican leadership.

b. Press Release. Democratic National Committee: Address by Gael Sullivan at the Jefferson Day Dinner.

F 9: Democratic National Congressional Committee (1947).

Correspondence. Re: contributions made to the Committee. Includes list of members of the Democratic National Congressional Committee, 80th Congress.

F 10: Democratic Party of Oklahoma (1946).

Correspondence. Re: radio speech; democratic rally; general election campaign; veterans pamphlet; speaking schedule; speaker's manual; outline of speeches made during campaign.

F 11: District of Columbia (1946).

Correspondence. Re: request for news from the United Press; offer of housing assistance; Office of the Clerk; the attending physician; Federal Register; Old House Office Building furnishings; photograph of the President; Congressional automobile tags; office assignment; Democratic National Committee luncheon; weekly radio report; Special Committee to Investigate Campaign Expenditures for the House; request for biography from The Evening Star. Correspondents include J. Percy Priest, A.S."Mike" Monroney, Wat Arnold, and Frank M. Karsten.

F 12: District Office: Correspondence and Memos (1947).

F 13: 80th Congress (1947).

Correspondence. Re: Albert's opinion of the Republican 80th Congress.

F 14: Foreign Affairs (1947).

a. Correspondence. Re: the Marshall Plan. Includes a newsletter from Whaley-Eaton Service; military defense; foreign loans. Includes a list of where and how much money was spent by the U.S.; Midwest Manufacturing Association: Includes a list of proposals; government policy of foreign and; more rigid controls exports; inflationary controls; wage and price controls.

b. Press Release. Harry F. Byrd. Re: foreign aid.

c. Senate Report. Joint Committee on Reduction of Nonessential Federal Expenditures. "United States Postwar Foreign Assistance." Issued as Senate Committee Print. (1947) (unnumbered)

F 15: Global Alphabet (1947).

a. Correspondence. Re: requests for material on the Global Alphabet; jobs for all mankind; universal English.

b. Resolution. Oklahoma Delegation, 80th Congress. Re: endorsement of the World Phonetic Alphabet. (undated)

c. Booklet. World Language Foundation. "Global Alphabet Guide Book." (January 1947).

d. Speech by Carl Albert. Congressional Record of the 80th Congress."World Phonetic Alphabet Key to all Languages."

F 16: Highways (1947).

a. Correspondence. Re: building of a road near Kemp, Oklahoma; Federal funds for Oklahoma; maintenance of Highway 7. Correspondents include W. G. Stigler and Roy J. Turner.

b. Magazine. American Highways. (October 1947).

F 17: Juvenile Delinquency (1947).

a. Speech by John Phillips. Congressional Record of the 80th Congress. "Spiritually Inspired Homes Prevent Delinquency-Program by League of American Homes."

b. Report. The League of American homes, Inc. Re: study of home conditions and needs. (undated)

F 18: Library of Congress (1947).

Correspondence. Re: library book rooms; overdue books.

F 19: Library of Congress (1947).

a. Correspondence. Re: vetoed bills; sale of munitions to foreign countries; extent to which an officer may bind the U.S. government by contract.

b. Abstracts. Re: Legislative Organization. (1946 and 1947) (no.5-1 to 5-7).

c. Abstracts. Re: foreign policy in the Far East, Pacific Islands, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Asia, Indo-China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Netherlands. (1946 and 1947) (no.20-1 and 20-11).

d. Report. Senate Education and Labor Subcommittee Hearing.(October 1945).

F 20: Miscellaneous (1947).

a. Correspondence. Re: national debt; immigration; tax structure, Wagner Act; Oklahoma Rehabilitation Service. Includes Annual Report 1945-1946; chain letters, rural electrification; agriculture; price regulation. Correspondents include Peyton Ford and Norman Futor.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Struggling for Survival." Tulsa Daily World. Re: Oklahoma Ordinance Works Steam Plant. (December 6, 1947).

c. "Washington Farm Reporter."

F 21: Miscellaneous: Oklahoma (1947).

a. Correspondence. Re: American Heritage Foundation program; ethical problems. Includes a memorandum "Good Government in Oklahoma"; delinquency. Includes pamphlet "The Cantabrigian Youth Foundation Presents the Youthtown Plan."; the Navy. Includes a speech; ownership of Kiamichi Valley News; animals used in medical laboratories; ownership of lands beneath navigable waters. Includes a booklet "State Ownership of Submerged Lands"; flood disaster in Broken Bow; convict labor; deferment of a prison sentence; federal unemployment compensation taxes collected for Oklahoma. Correspondents include Robert S. Kerr, Tom Clark, and Lloyd Noble.

b. Pamphlet. Robert S. Kerr. "Condition of the State." (January 7, 1947).

c. Report. Oklahoma Public Expenditures Council. Re: the administration of county government.

F 22A: Miscellaneous: Speaking Engagements (1947).

Correspondence. Re: Labor bill; reduced appropriations for the Internal Revenue Service; commencement address.

F 22B: Office: Daily Record (1947).

Schedules, memos, and telephone calls.

F 23: Oklahoma: Education (1947).

a. Correspondence. Re: commencement address for the Kingston Public Schools; commencement address for the Savanna Public Schools; Federal aid for schools.`

b. List. Federal aid to public schools of the Third Congressional District of Oklahoma.

F 24: Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (1947).

a. Correspondence.

b. Booklet. Oklahoma Employment Security Commission. "Review of Activities." (November 1947).

F 25: Oratorical Contests (1947).


F 26: Personal (1946).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Peyton Ford and Norman Futor.

b. Memorandum from Peyton Ford. Re: inflation.

F 27: Personal, A-D (1947).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Ernest Albert, Walter Arnote, Wilburn Cartwright, and Henry Bennett.

b. Newspaper clipping. Re: Albert's visit to LeFlore County.(n.s;n.d).

c. Newspaper clipping. "Public Forum." LeFlore County Sun. Re: appointment of Dr. F. W. Cates as a congressional district member to the State Game and Fish Commission. (n.d.)

d. Newspaper clipping. "Craig Undergoes Major Operation." Antlers American. Re: John M. Craig, vice-chairman of the Oklahoma Highway Commission. (July 10, 1947).

e. Speech by Lewis H. Brown. "Industry's Stake in Western Europe's Recovery." Re: the oil industry.

F 28: Personal, E-L (1947).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Robert S. Kerr, Karl M. LeCompte, and Leonard Gardner.

b. Article by George Peck. "Deadly Taxes." Re: burden of taxes.(November 2, 1947).(n.s.)

c. Newspaper clipping. "Anti-Peron Official Escapes Assassins." (n.s;n.d.)

F 29: Personal, M-R (1947).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Lloyd Noble, Melvin Price, J. G. Puterbaugh, Julian J. Rothbaum.

b. Photograph. Re: Albert at a Dinner for the National Association of Mail Carriers at the Hamilton Hotel.

F 30: Personal, S-Z (1947).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Paul Stewart, John M. Virden, and Earl Welch.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Albert Votes Little Dixie Sentiment." The Antlers American. Re: Anti-Poll Tax Bill. (July 2?, 1947).

c. Memorandum. Re: Albert's military record.

F 31: Personal: Condolences (1947).

Correspondence. Re: the death of Albert's father, Ernest Albert. Correspondents include W. J. Holloway, Toby Morris, Julian J. Rothbaum, and W.G. Stigler.

F 32: Public Utilities (1947).

a. Correspondence. Re: electric service to Camp Gruber.

b. Pamphlet. Public Service Company of Oklahoma. "A Comedy of Errors." Re: correction of erroneous remarks made at a Rural Electric Cooperatives' meeting. (August 1947).

F 33: Puterbaugh, J. G. (1946-1947).

a. Correspondence. Re: state employees. Includes "An Analysis of the Menace of Government Seizure of the Coal Industry"; activation of the McAlester Naval Reserves division; income tax reductions; amount of coking coal available in Eastern Oklahoma; cost of care and maintenance of the Oklahoma Powder Plant facilities; possible acquisition of Choctaw and Chickasaw coal lands by the federal government; federal expenditures; coal mining operation. Correspondents include Roy J. Turner, Robert S. Kerr, and Elmer Thomas.

b. Article. "Protect the American Way of Life." Washington News Digest. (July 1946).

c. Newspaper clipping. "Public Payrolls Total 17 P.C." The New York Sun. (July 18, 1946).

F 34: Puterbaugh, J. G. (1946-1947).

a. Correspondence. Re: future import policy, Anglo- American Petroleum Agreement. Includes a newspaper article from The News, "The Public Has Power, Too."

and includes an import report; possible acquisition of land in McAlester for a gasoline and oil production plant; the Wagner Act; labor unions; Minimum Wage law.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Lag in Soviet Economy is Blamed by Experts for Diplomatic Moves." The New York Times. (November 4, 1946).

c. Report. National Oil Committee. (October 29, 1946).

F 35: Railroads (1947).

Correspondence. Re: box car shortage. Includes a press release "Western Transportation Crisis."

F 36: Schools: Oklahoma (1947).

Correspondence. Re: Federal aid for school buildings in Bokchito and Arkoma; possible locating of the Air National Guard unit in Norman; request for continuation of school buses in Idabel; school lunch program. Correspondents include Roy J. Turner.

F 37A: Turner, Governor Roy J. (1946-1947).

Correspondence. Re: congratulatory notes on his election.

F 37B: Visitors (1947).

Correspondence. Re: topic. Correspondents include Lloyd Noble.

F 38: Washita Basin (1947).

Correspondence. Re: possibility of a dam for the lower part of Washita; Washita Basin. Includes a report, "Development of the Washita Basin."(undated); included is a map of the reservoir projects in Oklahoma.

F 39: Agriculture in Oklahoma (1948).

Correspondence. Re: state pride. Includes a bulletin, "Oklahoma Home of Champions" by State Board of Agriculture; 4-H Clubs. Includes a pamphlet, "4-H Club Winners of 1948."

F 40: Americans for Democratic Action (1948).

Press Release. American for Democratic Action. Re: delegates to the Democratic National Convention. (May 20, 1948).

F 41: Automobile Dealers Association (1948).

a. Correspondence. Re: list of officers and directors. Includes a list of members.

b. Bulletin. "Oklahoma Automobile Dealers Association." (February 26,1948).

c. Speech. Re: automobile industry.

F 42: Colleagues (1948).

Correspondence. Re: various topics including Committee on Appropriations and Elmer Thomas. Correspondents include Harry F. Byrd, Wyman C. Lowe, Joseph W. Martin, Wright Patman, and Elmer Thomas.

F 43: Communism (1948).

a. Reprint of newspaper article. "Soviet Data Cast Light on Troubles." New York Times. (February 5, 1948).

b. Pamphlet. Kiwanis International. Re: resolutions adopted by Thirty-Third Annual Convention. (June 6-10, 1948).

c. Booklet by Kernan Robson. "The Communist Party: A Study in Identification and Disclosure." (1948).

d. Booklet by Giovanni Gronchi. "Communism Versus Freedom, Which Way Italy?" (Rome, 1948).

F 44: Congratulations: Election and Committee Appointments (1948).

F 45: Coordinator of Information (1948).

Charts. Office of Coordinator of Information. "The U.S.--Through Boom, Bust, War, and Peace."

F 46: Crackpot File (1948).

Correspondence. Re: social equality for blacks; separation of church and state; free child care for working mothers; communism; rent control; and others.

F 47: Democratic National Committee (1948).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Julian J. Rothbaum and Robert S. Kerr.

b. Report. Democratic National Committee. Re: President Truman's ideal with regard to world peace.

c. Report. Democratic National Committee. "12 Points." Re: President Truman's stance on foreign policy.

d. Press Release. Democratic National Committee. "Jefferson-Jackson Day, 1948." (February 7, 1948).

e. Program. Re: Jefferson-Jackson Day in Washington, D.C." (February 19, 1948).

f. Remarks by Gael Sullivan. Re: the strengthening of Democratic leadership. (February 21, 1948).

g. Press Release. Democratic National Committee. "Peace-Not Appeasement." (April 7, 1948).

F 48: Democratic National Congressional Committee (1948).

Correspondence. Correspondents include Albert Gore.

F 49: Democratic Party (1948).

a. Correspondence. Re: various aspects of the Democratic party.

b. Resolution. State Democratic Executive Committee Democratic Part of South Carolina. (March 1, 1948).

c. Reprinted article. "Geographic and other Scientific Techniques for Political Science." American Political Science Review. (April 1, 1948).

d. Report. "A Program of Progressive Liberalism." Re: Democratic Platform of 1948.

e. Speech by Adolph J. Sabath. "The Deplorable-Yes, Miserable Republican Record." Congressional Record. (June 17, 1948).

f. Speech by Harry S. Truman. Re: acceptance of nomination for Presidency. (July 15, 1948).

g. Magazine. "Your Voting Guide for the Fall." Forbes. (October 1, 1948).

F 50: Democratic State Central Committee of Oklahoma (1948).

F 51A: District Office: Correspondence and Memos (1948).

F 51B: Federal Employees Union (1948).

F 52: Gardner, Leonard (1948).

Correspondence. Re: Post-War Korea and Japan.

F 53: Indian Affairs (1948).

Correspondence. Re: request for return of Fort Reno to the Cheyenne-Arapaho Indians. Includes a memorandums, and a report of recommendations; proposal to close Eufaula Indian Boarding School.

F 54: McAlester Naval Ammunition Depot (1948).

Correspondence. Re: veteran's preference.

F 55: Miscellaneous (1948).

Correspondence. Re: inflation; box car shortage; school lunch program. Includes "School Lunch News," May 1948; Resolutions adopted at the Fiftieth Annual Meeting of the Oklahoma State Federation of Women's Clubs.

F 56: Miscellaneous (1948).

a. Correspondence. Re: purchase of land by the city of Lawton. Includes a resolution (House Resolution #3021) directing the sale; food conservation. Includes a recommendation from the Oklahoma State Nutrition Committee; foreign and domestic policies. Includes some resolutions by the American Association of School Administrators.

b. Booklet. Motor Vehicle License Division of the Oklahoma Tax Commission. (1946).

F 57: Miscellaneous (1948).

a. Correspondence. Re: Federal old age and survivors insurance for cotton gin employees; steel shortage in Oklahoma; white supremacy; resolution passed at annual convention of the Association of Western States. Includes list of resolutions; surface, ground and quality water program.

b. Report. "Sales Tax Collections from Cities Over 5,000 Population and County Seats."

F 58: Miscellaneous (1948).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics.

b. Speech by Captain Eddie Rickenbacker. "Let Us Face the Facts." Re: Air Power. (September 13, 1948).

c. Speech by Emanuel Cellar. "Bon Voyage, Then, Red Frigate of Fortune." Re: fiftieth anniversary volume of Who's Who. (February 16, 1948).

F 59A: Office Business and Memoranda (1948).

a. Correspondence. Re: Capitol Page School.

b. Memoranda. Re: various topics.

c. Daily record of office business.

F 59B: Oil and Petroleum (1948)

a. Correspondence.

b. "Report on Requirements for Oil Country Goods . . ." by Independent Petroleum Association, 1947.

c. "Problem of Oil."

d. Statistical Bulletin of the Interstate Oil Compact Commission, 1948.

F 60: Oklahoma Delegation (1948).

a. Correspondence. Re: appeal for votes.

b. Booklet. Democratic National Committee. "You Can Vote." (November 2, 1948).

F 61: Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (1948).

Correspondence. Re: unemployment compensation.

F 62: Oklahoma: Foreign Affairs (1948).

Correspondence. Re: communism.

F 63: Oklahoma: General (1948).

a. Correspondence. Re: Oklahoma State Legislative Council.

b. Pamphlet. Journal of the State Legislative Council. (March 15, 1948). (22 pp.)

F 64: Oklahoma: Labor (1948).

Correspondence. Re: veteran unemployment. Includes a report on total placement of veterans (1947); state versus federal operation of unemployment services; wage scales. Includes a report on the prevailing wage scales.

F 65: Oklahoma Public Expenditures Council (1948).

Correspondence. Re: federal government expenditures. Includes a pamphlet from the Oklahoma Public Expenditures Council.

F 66: Oratorical Contest (1948).

a. Correspondence. Re: topic.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Albert Forensic Contest to be Held." Latimer News-Democrat. (February 19, 1948).

c. Newspaper clipping. "Carl Albert Forensic Contest to be Held." Spiro Times. (February 19, 1948).

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