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Box 2: Personal, A-F (1948) - Global Alphabet (1950)

F 1: Personal, A-F (1948).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Henry G. Bennett, Wilburn Cartwright, Louis Dakil, James Domengeaux, and Norman Futor.

b. Biographical sketch. Re: Albert: youth to 1948.

c. Photograph. Re: wedding photo of Connie Dumaine who worked with Albert in the Judge Advocate's Office.

d. Bulletin. Education Department of the Elks. Re: improvement of education for blacks.

F 2: Personal, G-L (1948).

Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Jed Johnson.

F 3: Personal, R-S (1948).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Julian J. Rothbaum.

b. Newspaper clippings. Re: birth of Albert's daughter, Mary Frances. (n.s;n.d)

c. Newspaper clipping. "Congressman Albert Continues State Visits." Tulsa Tribune. (n.d.)

F 4A: Personal, T-Z (1948).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Victor Wickersham.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Judge Williams is Critically Ill." Daily Ardmoreite. (March 1, 1948).

F 4B: Politics: General (1948).

Correspondence. Re: topic. Correspondents include Elmer Thomas.

F 5: Preparatory School (1948).

a. Booklet. The Bullis School; boarding school in Washington, D.C.

b. List. Re: private preparatory schools for preparation of candidates for the U.S. Military Academy.

c. Brochure. Re: Camp Arrowhead.

F 6A: Press Releases (1948).

Press Releases. Re: Carl Albert.

F 6B: Publicity (1948).

News clippings re bills passed and appearances of Albert scheduled in the District.

F 6C: Publicity (1948).

News clippings re bills passed and appearances of Albert scheduled in the District.

F 7: Puterbaugh, J. G. (1948).

a. Correspondence. Re: sale of Choctaw and Chickasaw coal lands; Federal income tax. Includes two magazine articles; wage and hour law. Includes a pamphlet; foreign affairs. Includes two issues of Human Events. (August 18, 1948).

b. Speech. Russell B. Brown, General Counsel, Independent Petroleum Association of America. Re: price controls. (January 28, 1948).

c. Bulletin. National Coal Association. Re: United Mine Workers' strike. (April 19, 1948).

d. Comic book. National Research Bureau. "Is This Tomorrow, America Under Communism!"

F 8: Republican National Committee (1948).

Resolution. Adopted by the Republican State Executive Committee of Texas. Re: Fair Employment Practices Act, Anti-Lynching bill, poll tax, Jim Crow laws. (February 16, 1948).

F 9: Rivers and Harbors (1948).

a. Correspondence. Re: Millwood Dam. Includes a program of the 38th convention of the National Rivers and Harbors Congress (March 19-20, 1948; Texarkana. Includes two newspaper clippings; South Canadian River. Includes a resolution for more reservoirs on the South Canadian River.

b. Resolution proposed by Carl Albert. Re: flood protection along major streams.

F 10: Selective Service (1948).

Correspondence. Re: protest drafting of former merchant seamen.

F 11: South Canadian Development Association (1948).

Correspondence. Re: roster of members.

F 12: States' Rights (1948).

Supreme Court Opinion. Re: United States v. State of Louisiana. (October 1948).

F 13: Taxes (1948).

Correspondence. Re: dissatisfaction with two internal revenue collectors in McAlester.

F 14: Veterans Agricultural Training Program (1948).

List of staff and teachers.

F 15: Visitors (1948).

Correspondence. Re: visitors to Washington, D.C.

F 16: White House (1948).

Correspondence. Re: garden party given by Bess Truman.

F 17: Young Democrats (1948).

a. Correspondence. Re: various functions of the Young Democrats.

b. Pamphlet. Young Democratic Clubs of American. "Congratulations! First Voter."

F 18: Airlines (1949).

Brochures. Re: travel in foreign countries. (18 brochures).

F 19: Airlines: Tulsa via Ardmore (1949).

a. Correspondence. Re: possibility of air travel between some southwestern cities. Includes application to the Civil Aeronautics Board from Continental Air Lines.

b. Press Release. Continental Air Lines. Re: request for flight route to Dallas-Fort Worth from Tulsa.

F 20: American Red Cross (1949).

Correspondence. Re: heavy financial burden shouldered by the Red Cross for veterans and their families; American Red Cross Drive.

F 21: C.A.R.E. (1949).

a. Correspondence. Re: how to send food and clothing packages.

b. Pamphlet. "C.A.R.E."

F 22: Christian Rural Overseas Program (1949).

a. Correspondence. Re: explanation of C.R.O.P. Includes a resume of C.R.O.P.

b. Pamphlet. "C.R.O.P."

F 23: Colleagues (1949).

Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Dixie Gilmer, Leroy Johnson, Robert S. Kerr, John A. McGuire, A.S. Mike Monroney, and Sam Rayburn.

F 24: Communism (1949).

Correspondence. Re: issuance of communistic literature to teachers.

F 25: Constitution: State of Oklahoma (1949).

Report. Sub-Committee of the Citizens Advisory Committee. Re: recommendations for the long ballot.

F 26: Coordinator of Information (1949).

Correspondence. Re: use of the Office of Coordinator of Information.

F 27: Crackpot File (1949).

Correspondence. Re: improvement of dry laws in Oklahoma; more rigid security for the nation; Old Age pension. Includes Senate Resolution No.14; Taft-Hartley Act; Marshall Plan; Includes newspaper clipping; and others.

F 28: Democratic National Committee (1949).

Correspondence. Re: fund-raising. Includes a pamphlet on local government in the District of Columbia.

F 29: Democratic Party (1949).

a. Correspondence. Re: Democratic platform. Correspondents include Anthony Cavalcante.

b. List. Re: Third Congressional District of Oklahoma county campaign leaders.

F 30: District Office: Correspondence and Memos (1949).

F 31: Election Board (1949).

a. Correspondence. Re: absentee voting.

b. List. Re: county registers and addresses of the Third Congressional District of Oklahoma.

F 32: Farm-To-Market Roads (1949).

Correspondence. Re: changing of roads. Includes two newspaper clippings.

F 33: 4-H (1949).

a. Correspondence. Re: poultry judging contest; congressional contest.

b. Brochure. "Building a Better Oklahoma Through 4-H Club."

F 34: Hecklers File (1949).

Correspondence. Re: voting record of Albert. Includes two newspaper clippings.

F 35: Highways (1949).

a. Correspondence. Re: new national road policy; toll roads; requests for improvements in state highways.

b. Bulletin. Oklahoma Public Expenditures Council. "Your Report on Government." (January 1949).

F 36: Inauguration (1948-1949).

Correspondence. Re: acknowledgments of visits, contributions, tickets, press passes, etc; verification of a Presidential elector.

F 37: Inauguration (1948-1949).

a. Correspondence. Re: invitations to Inaugural ball, luncheons, etc...; invitation to the Inauguration. Correspondents include Roy Turner.

b. Schedule. Re: Inauguration events. (January 6-21, 1949).

F 38: Labor (1949).

Correspondence. Re: Hawaiian Stevedore strike.

F 39: Minimum Wage (1949).

Correspondence. Re: establishment of a minimum wage.

F 40: Miscellaneous (1949).

a. Correspondence. Re: need to preserve our history. Includes a facsimile of an Henderson Times article. Correspondents include Lloyd Noble.

b. Cartoon. Daily Oklahoman. Re: Taft-Hartley Act. (n.d.)

F 41: Miscellaneous (1949).

a. Correspondence. Re: bootlegging in Oklahoma; possible demise of American. Includes a newspaper clipping; formation of the Oklahoma Committee for Modernization of our Federal Government. Includes the purposes of the Committee; centralization of the government. Includes a newspaper clipping; mental hygiene; proposed personnel law; teacher salaries.

b. Newsletter. American Farm Bureau Federation.(December 22, 1948).

c. Pamphlet. The Christophers (?). "You Can Be A Christopher!"

d. Pamphlet. Oklahoma Economic Institute. "Don't Hide From the Facts." Re: bootlegging.

e. Pamphlet. County National Bank and Trust of Santa Barbara."Liberalism Then and Now."

f. Minutes. Re: LeFlore County Singing Convention. (July 1948).

g. Resolution. Oklahoma State Legislature. Re: cigarette tax.

F 42: Monopolies (1949).

Correspondence. Re: anti-monopoly laws. Includes a copy of Barron's. (July 25, 1949).

F 43: Natural Gas Industry (1949).

Correspondence. Re: increase reserves of oil and natural gas.

F 44: Office: Miscellaneous (1949).

Correspondence. Re: opening a McAlester office; sending papers to University of Oklahoma.

F 45: Oklahoma Agricultural Conservation Program (1949).

Correspondence. Re: amount of assistance received by farmers for conservation practices.

F 46: Oklahoma Corporation Commission (1949).

Correspondence. Re: possible closing of train depot at Tuskahoma.

F 47: Oklahoma Delegation (1949).

a. Correspondence. Re; jobs, funeral flowers, "The Lawton Story" (Wichita Mountains), possible location of a U.S. Air Academy at Enid. Correspondents include George H. Wilson and Elmer Thomas.

b. Newspaper clipping. Re: Elmer Thomas and trip to Europe.

F 48: Oklahoma Education Association (1949).

Correspondence. Re: constituent's appointment to the Oklahoma Education Association.

F 49: Oklahoma Farm Bureau (1949).

Magazine. The Oklahoma Farm Bureau Farmer. (June 1949).

F 50: Oklahoma: Flood Control (1949).

Correspondence. Re: civil works activities of the Corps of Engineers in Districts 1, 2, 3, and 4.

F 51: Oklahoma: Indian Reservations (1949).

Correspondence. Re: forest reserves of Indian reservations in Districts 1, 2, 3, and 4.

F 52: Oklahoma: Minerals (1949).

Correspondence. Re: quantity and value of Oklahoma's mineral output in 1947.

F 53: Oklahoma Public Expenditures Council (1949).

a. Correspondence. Re: reduction in military spending; Workmen's Compensation bills; Oklahoma community property law; Uniform Salary Act.

b. Bulletin. Oklahoma Public Expenditures Council. "Your Report on Government." Re: Oklahoma State Legislature, roads. (July 1949).

F 54: Oklahoma. State Game and Fish Department (1949).

Correspondence. Re: abundance of coyotes, wolves, and foxes.

F 55: Oratorical Contest (1949).

F 56: Personal (1949).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include H.E. Bailey, Henry G. Bennett, Wilburn Cartwright, Julian J. Rothbaum, and Earl Welch.

b. Newspaper clipping. "D.D. Kirkland Is Reelected." McAlester News-Capital. Re: superintendent of McAlester Schools. (February 10, 1949).

F 57: Picture: "In God We Trust" (1949).

a. Correspondence. Re: paintings of Christ. (Correspondents include Bill Gold).

b. Newspaper clipping. Re: paintings of Christ. Clippings from Durant Daily Democrat.

F 58A: Preparatory School (1949).

Booklet. "The Northwestern Preparatory School."

F 58B: Publicity (1949).

a. Correspondence. Re: Albert's accomplishments during the legislative session, advertising.

b. News clippings re Albert's speaking engagements in the District, news in Washington D. C., miscellaneous.

F 59: Puterbaugh, J.G. (1949).

Correspondence. Re: oil imports; budget cuts; coal mining conditions; American policy in Palestine; group insurance. Includes a pamphlet "What Henry Ford Taught America." Correspondents include Roy Turner.

F 60: Railroad Retirement (1949).

Correspondence. Re: appointment of a member to the Railroad Retirement Board; retirement policy.

F 61: Railway Business Association (1949).

Correspondence. Re: railway income. Includes a pamphlet: Railway Business Association: "Railway Solvency Vital to National Safety."

F 62: Red River Valley Growers Association (1949).

Correspondence. Re: development and promotion of the Red River Valley. Includes a copy of the minutes of the meeting of the bankers and businessmen of the valley.

F 63: Reserve Officers Association (1949).

Correspondence. Re: request for and from the Army Department; resolution passed at the National Convention. Includes the 55 resolutions.

F 64: Rhodes Scholarship (1947-1949).

a. Correspondence. Re: requests for consideration to be named a Rhodes candidate.

b. Booklet. The Warden of Rhodes House. "Christmas Greetings." (2 copies, 1947 and 1949)

c. List. American Rhodes Scholars-Elect 1947.

d. List. American Rhodes Scholars-Elect 1949.

e. List. American Rhodes Scholars-Elect 1950.

f. Booklet. "Statement for the Academic Year, 1945-1946."

g. Booklet. "Statement for the Academic Year, 1946-1947."

h. Booklet. "Statement for the Academic Year, 1948-1949."

F 65: Schedules (1949).

Calendar; daily schedules.

F 66: Social Security (1949).

Correspondence. Re: Old Age pension.

F 67: Southwestern Power Administration (1949).

Correspondence. Re: appropriation of funds for transmission lines.

F 68: Speech Materials (1949).

a. Correspondence. Re: Rural Electrification. borrowers in first four districts; soil conservation service programs and expenditures; Atlantic Union Resolution. Includes a booklet "A New Adventure Toward World Peace, Freedom and Prosperity."

b. Pamphlet. "Address of Albert Goss, Master before the 83rd Annual Session of the National Grange.

c. Magazine. Soil Conservation: Biennial Report, 1948-1948.

d. Newspaper article. "Jobs for Half a Million." Saturday Evening Post. Re: soil conservation. (November 27, 1943).

F 69: Speeches by Others (1949).

Speech by Walter Cronkite on radio.

F 70: Synthetic Fuels (1949).

Correspondence. Re: possible establishment of hydrogeneration plant in Colorado.

F 71: United Mine Workers of America (1949).

Correspondence. Re: rules and regulation regarding eligibility for pension.

F 72: United World Federalists of Oklahoma (1949).

F 73: Veterans Agricultural Training (1949).

F 74: Agriculture (1950).

Correspondence. Re: farm loans for large farms.

F 75: Albert's Visits (1950).

Newspaper clipping.

F 76: American Farm Bureau Federation (1950).

a. Correspondence. Re: topic. Includes pamphlet "Farmers and World Affairs."

b. Pamphlet. American Farm Bureau Federation. Re: resolutions adopted at the 31st Annual Convention on December 15, 1949.

c. Newspaper. "American Farm Bureau Federation Official Letter."

F 77: Boy Scouts (1950).

Correspondence. Re: jamboree at Valley Forge.

F 78: Child Abandonment (1950).

F 79: China (1950).

Correspondence. Re: Chines conception of America.

F 80: Colleagues (1950).

Correspondence. Re: colleagues' home state products. Correspondents include Clifford R. Hope, Andrew J. Biemiller, Michael A. Feighan, Tom B. Fugate, John A. McGuire, A.S. Mike Monroney, and Elmer Thomas.

F 81: Communism (1950).

Correspondence. Re: topic; mobilization of troops.

F 82: Cotton (1950).

Correspondence. Re: embargo on cotton exports.

F 83: County Extension Agents (1950).

List. Re: agents in Oklahoma.

F 84: Crackpot (1950).

Correspondence. Re: various topics.

F 85: Credit Controls: General (1950).

Correspondence. Re: regulation of passenger cars.

F 86: Daily Record (1950).

Correspondence. Re: appointments.

F 87: Democratic National Committee (1950).

a Correspondence. Re: Equal Rights Amendment; topic. Correspondents include Percy Priest.

b. Newsletters. Democratic National Committee. "Capital Comment." (September 17, 1949, January 28 and March 11, 1950).

c. Magazine. Democratic Digest. (May, 1950).

d. Report. Democratic National Committee. "How Oklahoma Has Prospered Under 17 Years of National Democratic Administration."

e. Report. Democratic National Committee. "Korea."

f. Report. Democratic National Committee. "What's the Truman Administration Has Done for Working People."

g. Report. Democratic National Committee. "Higher Minimum Wage Benefits Whole Nation."

h. Report. Democratic National Committee. "Who Voted to Strengthen the Free World." Re: the record of the Senate on foreign policy.

i. Report. Democratic National Committee. "Questions and Answers on Foreign Policy."

j. Speech by Harry S Truman. Re: the truth about Korea.

k. Booklet. Department of State. "Our Foreign Policy."

F 88: Democratic National Congressional Committee (1950).

Correspondence. Re: topic. Correspondents include Michael J. Kirwan.

F 89: Democratic Party (1950).

a. Correspondence. Re: topic. Correspondents include J. Percy Priest.

b. Picture. Re: Franklin D. Roosevelt.

c. Newspaper clipping. "Now It's Molybdenum." Re: Truman's policy towards the U.S.S.R.

F 90: Democratic Party of Oklahoma (1950).

Correspondence. Re: upcoming elections. Correspondents include Johnston Murray.

F 91: Displaced Persons: State (1950).

a. Correspondence. Re: topic.

b. Abstract. Library of Congress. "The Refugee Problem." November 1950?

c. Pamphlet. Public Law 774-80th Congress. Re: authorization of a limited allowance for the admission of certain Europeans.

d. Form. Assurances for Named Persons.

F 92: District Office (1950).

Correspondence. Re: topic, cases, miscellaneous.

F 93: Forest Reservation Commission, National (1950).

Correspondence. Re: resolutions adopted at Boston meeting of the New England section of the Society of American Foresters.

F 94: Gardner, Leonard (1950).

a. Correspondence. Re: Post-War Japan and the Korean War.

b. Newsletter. Japan Travel Bureau. "Japan Travel News." (June 1, 1950).

c. Brochure. Japan Travel Bureau. "Tours in Japan."

F 95: Global Alphabet (1950).

Resolution. Oklahoma delegation, 80th Congress. Re: endorsement of world phonetic.

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