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Box 4: Eaker Air Field: Durant (1951) - Sulphur, Oklahoma: Industrial Relocation (1951)

F 1: Eaker Air Field: Durant (1951).

Report. Re: Southeastern State University.

F 2: Eaker Air Field: Durant (1951).

Report. Re: Southeastern State University.

F 3: Education: Southern States (1951).

a. Correspondence.

b. Booklet. Board of Control for Southern Regional Education. "Defense Programs."

F 4: Engagements (1951).

a. Correspondence.

b. Pamphlet. Women's Patriotic Conference on Nation Defense (Resolutions).

F 5: Federal Employees in Oklahoma (1951).

Correspondence. Re: employees of the various federal agencies of the Third Congressional District.

F 6: Flood Control (1951).

F 7: 4-H Clubs: Oklahoma (1951).

Includes a pamphlet "Oklahoma 4-H Clubs Makes the Best Better in 1950."

F 8: Game and Fish Commission (1951).

Correspondence. Re: predatory animal extermination.

F 9: Gardner, Leonard (1951).

a. Correspondence. Re: postwar Japan and Korea.

b. Newsletter. Japan Travel Bureau, "Japan Travel News" (Jan. 15, April 15, Oct. 15, and Nov. 1, 1951).

F 10: Government (1951).

Correspondence. Re: displeasure with government and some of its officials.

F 11: Helena, Oklahoma (1951).

Correspondence. Re: attracting industry to Oklahoma. Includes a pamphlet "Oklahoma Affords Many Opportunities."

F 12: Highways, Bureau of (1951).

Correspondence. Re: road building materials and request for a road to be built.

F 13: Highways and Roads (1951).

Correspondence. Re: Indian Highway; need for better rural roads.

F 14: Hoover Report (1951).

Correspondents include Harry F. Byrd (Report).

F 15: Industry in Oklahoma (1951).

Correspondence. Re: loss of population and lack of industry in Oklahoma.

F 16: Industry in Oklahoma: Hugo (1951).

Correspondence. Re: Further industrialization in Southeastern Oklahoma, Defense Contracts, Kiamichi Dam Project, report on activities of a delegation from southeastern Oklahoma and northeastern Texas.

F 17: Jarman, John (1951).

Correspondence. Re: biographical sketch of Jarman (Newspaper clipping).

F 18: Korea (1951).

a. Correspondence.

b. News Release. Department of Defense. Re: Korean War dead.

c. News Release. Department of Defense. Re: grave markers.

d. Resolution. Adopted by Reynolds Harjo Post 123, Okemah.

e. Brochure. Re: various speeches on foreign policy.

F 19: Lake Murray State Park (1951).

Pamphlets. "Lake Murray Lodge Cabins." and "Lake Murray State Park."

F 20: Lewis Poll, Fulton (1951).

Correspondence. Re: poll conducted by Fulton Lewis which includes the results from Albert's constituents.

F 21: Limestone Plant (1951).

Correspondence. Re: application for a plant in Idabel.

F 22: Liquor Advertising (1951).

Correspondence. Re: banning of liquor advertising.

F 23: MacArthur, General Douglas: Controversy (1951).

a. Correspondence. Re: constituent support of displeasure of MacArthur.

b. Newspaper clippings.

F 24: MacArthur, General Douglas: Removal (1951).

Correspondence. Re: constituent views on the Removal of MacArthur.

F 25: Masonic Lodge (1951).

a. Correspondence. Re: appreciation and yearly dues.

b. List. Re: Masonic reunion with Albert as speaker.

F 26: Massey, Guy B. (1951).

Correspondence. Re: requests for burial sites of Civil War veterans.

F 27: McCurtain Limestone Company (1951).

Correspondence. Re: Tax Amortization Certificate for Proposed Idabel Cement Plant.

F 28: Military Rehabilitation Center, Ardmore (1951).

Correspondence. Re: establishing Korean Veterans Rehabilitation Center in Ardmore.

F 29: Miscellaneous (1951).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Cortez Ewing and Roy J. Turner.

b. Brochure. "Democracy Must By Learned...By Each Generation." re: Y. M. C. A.

F 30: Monroney, A.S."Mike" (1951).

Newspaper clipping. Re: possible postal regulation violation of Stillwater newspaper which supported Monroney senatorial nomination.

F 31: Mullen, J. S. (1951).

Correspondence. Re: Immunity for prosecution in Texas and Congressional redistricting in Oklahoma.

F 32: National Service Program (1951).

Publication. Re: Library of Congress. Re: Implications of the National Service Programs

F 33: Oklahoma Commission for Crippled Children (1951).

Correspondence. Re: appropriation cut form Congress and increase funding levels.

F 34: Oklahoma Delegation (1951).

Correspondence. Re: Toby Morris and John Jarman. Correspondents include Wilbur D. Mills, Herman P. Eberharter, Eugene J. Keogh, Aime S. Forand, and Johnston Murray.

F 35: Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (1951).

a. Correspondence. Re: appreciation.

b. Pamphlet. "Facts about Unemployment Insurance in Oklahoma.

c. Pamphlet. "Oklahoma Labor Market" (1950, February 1951, and November 1951)).

F 36: Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (1951).

a. Correspondence. Re: appreciation.

b. Pamphlet. "Oklahoma Labor Market"(January 1951).

c. Pamphlet. "Employment Security Review" (January 1951).

F 37: Oklahoma Farmers Union (1951).

Correspondence. Re: Farmers Union activity.

F 38: Oklahoma Military Inductions (1951).

Lists. Re: numbers of enlistments by month.

F 39: Oklahoma Public Expenditures Council (1951).

a. Correspondence. Re: cheating by those receiving Aid to Dependent Children, county road funds accountability, Lien and Recovery Bill, and the proposed increase in state taxation.

b. Article. Readers Digest. Re: Aid to Dependent Children.

F 40: Oklahoma State Board of Public Affairs (1951).

Correspondence. Re: sale of Western Oklahoma Home for White Children at Helena.

F 41: Oklahoma: State Department of Health (1951).

a. Correspondence. Re: request for information on health care for the poor at McAlestor General Hospital.

b. Petition. Re: request for grant for Heavener, Oklahoma Sewage Plant.

F 42A: Oklahoma State Legislative Bulletins (1951).

Schedules of Oklahoma State House and Senate Activities.

F 42B: Oklahoma State Medical Society (1951).

Correspondence. Re: maintaining number of doctors in Oklahoma.

F 43: Oklahoma State Society of Washington, D.C. (1951).

F 44: Oklahoma Territory Census (1951).

a. Correspondence. Re: first census of Indian Territory.

b. List. Post offices in Marshall County when it was Indian Territory.

F 45: Oratorical Contest (1951).

Correspondence. Re: congressional forensic contest. Includes list of winners.

F 46: Palestine (1951).

Correspondence. Re: preservation of holy places.

F 47: Patronage (1951).

Correspondence. Re: job appointments.

F 48: Penitentiary: Oklahoma State (1951).

Correspondence. Re: power plant application.

F 49: Personal, A-G (1951).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Henry G. Bennett and Norman Futor.

b. Newspaper clippings and brochures. Re: H. I. Aston, candidate for district governor of Rotary; Albert and the National Oratorical Contest; Truman administration and cost of living; Albert's participation in National Bridge Contest; and Albert in National Oratorical Contest (1927).

F 50: Personal, H-Z (1951).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Robert S. Kerr, Johnston Murray, George Nigh, Julian Rothbaum, and John M. Virden.

b. Newspaper clippings. Re: Japanese island of Hokkaido; Ora O'Riley's book, Durant Oklahoma: The City of Christ Pictures and end price ceilings and parity.

F 51: Physically Handicapped (1951).

Correspondence. Re: increasing help for the handicapped.

F 52: Polycultural Institution of America (1951).

Correspondence. Re: election of Albert to Board of Regents.

F 53: Post Office (1951).

Correspondence. Re: constituent response to increased postal rates.

F 54: Postal Service (1951).

Correspondence. Re: constituent complaints with postal deficit.

F 55: Poteau Community College (1951).

Correspondence. Re: appreciation. Also includes pamphlet.

F 56: Poteau: Publicity (1951).

Correspondence. Re: request for fuel plant to locate in Poteau.

F 57: Price Control (1951).

F 58: Procurement (1951).

Correspondence. Re: military procurement of raw materials.

F 59: Projects (1951).

Announcements. Re: projects specially effecting Oklahoma.

F 60: Propaganda (1951).

F 61: Publications (1951).

Correspondence. Correspondents include William H. Murray. Also includes book flyers for Cain and Abel and Memoirs of Governor Murray and the True History of Oklahoma. Both were written by William H. Murray.

F 62: Puterbaugh, J. G. (1951).

Correspondence. Re: appreciation and proposed death benefits in the Workers Compensation Bill.

F 63: Rayburn, Sam (1951).

Correspondence. Re: Rayburn's visit to Oklahoma.

F 64: Recess Trip to Oklahoma, August 14-September 11 (1951).

Correspondence. Re: various thank you letters.

F 65: Regulation W (1951).

Correspondence. Re: amendment to Regulation W.

F 66: Rhodes Scholarships (1951).

List. Rhodes Scholars-Elect for 1951.

F 67: R.O.T.C. (1951).

Correspondence. Re: R.O.T.C. units at Southeastern State College.

F 68: Shipping (1951).

Correspondence. Re: world commerce.

F 69: Sinclair Plan (1951).

Correspondence. Re: Sinclair to open research labs (Pamphlet included).

F 70: Sulphur, Oklahoma: Industrial Relocation (1951).

Correspondence. Re: support for aluminum plant in Sulphur, Oklahoma.

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