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Box 5: Taxes (1951) - Future Farmers of America: Oklahoma (1953)

F 1: Taxes (1951).

Correspondence. Re: tax measures.

F 2: Telegrams: Miscellaneous (1951).

Telegrams. Re: various topics.

F 3: Texas: Post Office (1951).

Correspondence. Re: information on Woodboro, Texas, post office.

F 4: University of Oklahoma (1951).

Correspondence. Re: appreciation, book sent.

F 5: Vatican (1951).

Correspondence. Re: constituent displeasure with proposed ambassador to the Vatican.

F 6: Visitors (1951).

Correspondence. Re: visitors coming to Washington, D.C.

F 7: Vocational Rehabilitation: Oklahoma (1951).

Correspondence. Re: support for rehabilitation. Included are articles and statistics. Correspondents include the Oklahoma State Board of Vocational Education.

F 8: White House Souvenirs (1951).

Correspondence. Re: request for White House souvenirs.

F 9: Wildlife Research Unit (1951).

List of reprintable articles. Re: wildlife.

F 10: World Affairs (1951).

F 11: World Peace and Ethics (1951).

F 12: Young Democrats (1951).

F 13: Agriculture (1952).

Correspondence. Re: decreased shipments.

F 14: Alcohol Tax Unit (1952).

Correspondence. Re: locating Alcohol Tax Unit in Oklahoma.

F 15: American Civil Liberties Union (1952).

Questionnaire. Re: future of Civil Liberties.

F 16: Awards (1952).

Correspondence. Re: congratulations and Oratorical contest.

F 17: Bennett, H.G.(1952).

Correspondence. Re: appreciation for Bennett Memorial issue of A and M Magazine. Includes magazine.

F 18: Boy Scouts (1952).

Minutes. Re: meeting of McAlester Boy Scouts.

F 19: Braniff Airlines (1952).

Correspondence. Re: discontinued air service to McAlester.

F 20: Budget,1952 (1952).

Report."Budget Breakdown and Projections, 1952-1953." (page missing)

F 21: Carver-Washington Americanism Commission(1952).

Correspondence. Re: George Washington Carver-Booker T. Washington Commemorative 50 cent piece.

F 22: Chamber of Commerce: United States (1952).

Correspondence. Re: functions of the Chamber of Commerce.

F 23: Civil Defense: Oklahoma (1952).

Bulletins. Re: Civil Defense plans.

F 24: Colleagues (1952).

Correspondence Re: various topics including George Schwabe. Correspondents include Thurmond Chatham, Charles B. Deane, John W. McCormack, Toby Morris, Byron G. Rogers, and Thomas B. Stanley.

F 25: Communism (1952).

Correspondence. Re: Socialist-like activity in the federal government.

F 26: Crackpot file (1952).

Correspondence. Re: various topics.

F 27: Democratic Convention (1952).

a. Correspondence. Re: remarks about convention. Correspondents include Robert S. Kerr and Elmer Thomas.

b. Transcript. Re: Albert speech at the Democratic convention which nominates Robert S. Kerr for President.

F 28: Democratic Convention (1952).

Correspondence. Re: comments about Albert's speech. Correspondents include Ceph Shoemake, Julian J. Rothbaum, and Johnston Murray.

F 29: Democratic National Committee (1952).

a. Correspondence. Re: advance copy of campaign speeches. Correspondents include Gael Sullivan and Johnston Murray.

b. Data. Re: Republican record of broken promises.

F 30: Democratic National Committee (1952).

Correspondence. Re: Congressional redistricting and requests for tickets to the Democratic convention. Correspondents include Charles E. Bennett.

F 31: Democratic Party (1952).

Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Julian J. Rothbaum, William R. Hearst, Jr., Johnston Murray, and Adlai Stevenson.

F 32: Democratic State Central Committee of Oklahoma(1952).

Correspondence. Re: information of Central Committee Activity.

F 33: Federal Budget (1952).

Correspondence. Re: size of the Federal Budget.

F 34: Flood Control (1952).


F 35: Foreign and Military Aid (1952).


F 36: 4-H (1952).

Correspondence. Re: 4-H visit to Washington, D.C.

F 37: Fulbright Award (1952).

Correspondence. Re:"Agricultural Landholding in Burma, 1950-1951."

F 38: Future Farmers of America (1952).

a. Correspondence. Re: congratulations.

b. Memorandum.

c. Article. "Eastern Oklahoma Needs More Jere Mungles."Ranch and Farm World. (March 1952).

F 39: Government (1952).

a. Correspondence. topic, constituent opinions, and speech by Harry S. Truman.

b. Resolution. New Mexico Cattle Growers' Association. "Holding to Freedom." Re: socialism.

c. Article. "Mr. Shareowner, You Are Licked-If You Don't Fight Back Now!"by Sumner Gerard. Spotlight for the Nation.

d. Circular letter from William G. Davison. Re: socialism. (May 1, 1962). (2 copies)

e. Resolutions. McAlester Chamber of Commerce. Re: steel strike and seizure of the steel industry. (May 6, 1952).

f. Excerpt."Macaulay's Opinion of the United States Government."Southern Literary Messenger.(March 1860).

g. Newspaper clipping."From the Editor's Mail Bag."Re: various farmers' opinions on government. (n.s;n.d)

h. Code of Ethics.

i. Newspaper clipping. "Casablanca Airport Scandals Revealed by Fired Workers" by Victor Riesel. (n.s;n.d)

j. Newspaper clipping. "Cream of the Crop" by George E. Sokolsky and Westbrook Pegler. Re: topic. (n.s;n.d)

k. Cartoon. The Daily Ardmoreite. Re: topic. (n.s)

l. Newspaper clipping. "Washington Column" by Peter Edson. Re: U.S. citizens detained in communist countries.(January 14, 1952).

m. Newspaper clipping."Truman Suspends Economic Aid Ban." The Dallas Morning News. (n.d)

n. Newspaper clipping. "Truman Foreign Policy One of Bribing Russia" by Fulton Lewis Jr. and "GOP Assails Suspension of Aid Curb." (n.s;n.d)

F 40: Greater National Capital Committee (1952).

Correspondence. Re: Cherry Blossom Festival. Information bulletin enclosed.

F 41: Immigration (1952).

Correspondence. Re: deportation.

F 42: Inflation (1952).

F 43: Katyn Forest Massacre (1952).

F 44: Korea (1952).

a. Correspondence. Re: the tactical situations and problem in Korea.

b. Report. "Capitol Gists."

c. Plan."Air Force Rotation Plan in Far East."

d. Speech by John W. McCormack."What Our Action in Korea Means." (February 26, 1952).

F 45: Lake Texoma (1952).

a. Correspondence. Re: problems of flood control, siltation, power shortages, etc..., connected with Lake Texoma. Correspondents include Johnston Murray.

b. Bulletin. University of Oklahoma. Issue for Biological Station, Lake Texoma. (January 1, 1952).

F 46: McCurtain County Hospital (1952).

F 47: McCurtain Limestone Company (1952).

Correspondence. Re: proposed cement company.

F 48: Miners Welfare Fund (1952).

F 49: Mining and Metallurgical Society of America (1952)

Correspondence. Re: resolution.

F 50: Miscellaneous (1952).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics.

b. List. Re: Officers and Directors of the Durant Chamber of Commerce. (January 10, 1952).

c. Summary .Re: Albert's position on immediate issues.

d. Flyer."We've Got the Spark! How `Bout Some Kindlin'?" Re: Choctaw Area Council Boy Scouts of America.

e. Reprinted Article."Your Eyes Must See You Through" by Liam O'Connor. The American Magazine. Re: eyestrain and treatment. (January 1952).

f. Newspaper clipping. "City Girl Writes Political Idea in New York Area."Re: Betsy Klein.

F 51: National Council of the Churches of Christ(1952)

a. Correspondence. Re: personnel of the Washington Office of the Church of Christ.

b. Flyer. National Council of the Churches of Christ. "A Brief Statement Concerning the Purpose and Personnel of the Washington Office."

F 52: National Emergency (1952).

Correspondence. Re: the exact date of the end of National Emergency in compliance of Public Law 815.

F 53: News Coverage (1952).

a. Correspondence.

b. Article. "Excerpt from Editor's Report by William Randolph Hearst, Jr." (November 9, 1952).

F 54: Office: Miscellaneous (1952).

F 55: Oklahoma Corporation Commission (1952).

Correspondence. Re: telephone service in rural areas.

F 56: Oklahoma Delegation (1952).

Topics include Lyle Boren.

F 57: Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (1952)

a. Correspondence. Re: unemployment insurance and employment applications.

b. Form. Re: unemployment or disability insurance.

c. Notice. State of California. Re: Unemployment insurance eligibility determination. (June 2, 1952).

d. Booklet. Oklahoma Employment Security Commission. "Occupational Wage Survey-McAlester." (June 1952).

e. Booklet. Oklahoma Employment Security Commission. "County Employment Date-Oklahoma 1949-1951."

F 58: Oklahoma: General (1952).

Booklet."Oklahoma Travel Stamp Album and Guide Book."

F 59: Oklahoma Historical Society (1952).

Correspondence. Re: increase in mailing rates.

F 60: Oklahoma Public Expenditure Council (1952).

F 61: Oklahoma State Flag (1952).

a. Correspondence. Re: change of design of the Oklahoma flag.

b. Article. "How Do You Like Oklahoma's Flag Design? Can It Be Improved?" The Daily Oklahoman Sunday Magazine. (November 16, 1952).

c. Newspaper clipping. "The Smoking Room." Re: Oklahoma history.

F 62: Oklahoma State Medical Association (1952).

a. Correspondence. Re: the closing of medical offices on election day.

b. Resolutions. Oklahoma State Medical Association. (September 23, 1952).

F 63: Oklahoma Statewide Electric Cooperative (1952)

Correspondence. Re: address change.

F 64A: Oklahoma Youth Legislature (1952).

a. Newsletter. Re: propaganda for YMCA Youth and Government Program.

b. Minutes. Re: meeting of state-wide Hi-Y Legislature.

c. Report. "Oklahoma Hi-Y Legislature." (May 14, 1952).

F 64B: Oratorical Contest(1952).

Speech. Re: American morality.

F 65: Personal (1952).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Leonard Gardner, E. L."Mike' Massad, C.B."Bud" Wilkinson, Julian J. Rothbaum, Elmer Thomas, and Earl Welch.

b. Newspaper clipping."The Midwest's Champion Orator." The Daily Oklahoman. Re: Albert's participation in the First National Oratorical Contest. (May 15, 1927).

c. Clippings. Re: Carl Albert.

F 66: Public Housing (1952).

F 67: Public Welfare: General (1952).

Correspondence. Re: welfare system.

F 68: Publicity (1952).

F 69: Rural Electric Cooperatives (1952).

Newspaper clipping. Re: location of Rural Electric Association. (June 5, 1952).

F 70: Schedules (1952).

Weekly schedules and appointments.

F 71: Schwabe, George (1952).

Correspondence. Re: condolences. (April 7, 1952).

F 72: Southwestern Bell Tel-Co (1952).

a. Correspondence. Re: telephone company's growth.

b. Bulletin. Southwestern Bell-Oklahoma. Re: telephone company's growth. (October 3, 1952).

F 73: Steel Industry (1952).

Correspondence. Re: seizure of the steel mills by Harry S. Truman. Correspondents include A.S."Mike" Monroney.

F 74: Stigler, W.G. (1952).

Correspondence. Re: death of W. G. Stigler.

F 75: The Vatican (1952).

Correspondence. Re: appointment of an ambassador to the Vatican.

F 76: Vocational Agricultural Training Program (1952)

a. Correspondence. Re: information request.

b. Folder. "Vocational Agricultural Education in Oklahoma." Map and data included.

F 77: Vocational Rehabilitation Division (1952).

F 78: Western Union Telegraph Company (1952).

Correspondence. Re: Commercial Telegraphers Union Strike.

F 79: Young Democrats (1952).

Correspondence. Re: invitation to state banquet. Biographical sketch of Albert attached.

F 80: Airlines (1953).

a. Correspondence. Re: congratulations.

b. Newspaper clipping. "T. E. Braniff Named Salesman of 1952." Dallas Morning News. (December 30, 1952).

c. Pamphlets. Re: commercial airlines advertisements.

d. Newspaper. The Central Skywriter. (December 1952).

F 81: American Federation of Government Employees (1953)

Correspondence. Re: Congressmen's salaries.

F 82: American Legion (1953).

a. Correspondence. Re: Poppy Day which honors servicemen.

b. Resolution. James F. Smith Memorial Post No.15 of the American Legion. Re: support in the care of veterans. (November 5, 1953).

F 83: Cattle and Beef (1953).

a. Correspondence. Re: problems of the cattle/beef market.

b. Journal. The American Hereford Journal. (August 15, 1953).

c. Newspaper clipping. "Mr. Benson Passes the Buck." The Record-Advertiser. Re: decline of the parity index.

d. Report. Safeway Stores, Inc. "The Retailer's Report on America's Problem." (December 1953).

e. Newspaper clipping. "Washington Dilemma." Food Field Reporter. Re: farm and cattle market.

f. Newspaper clipping. "Problem of Cattleman is Analyzed with Argument Against Price Support." Tulsa Daily World. (December 6, 1953).

g. Postcards. Re: humorous saying about Dwight D. Eisenhower.

F 84: Chamber of Commerce (1953).

a. Brochure. Tulsa Chamber of Commerce."Tulsa, the Oil Capital of the World."

b. List. "McAlester Chamber of Commerce Classified Membership List."(April 1953).

F 85: Civil Defense (1953).

Newspaper clipping.

F 86: Colleagues (1953).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Joe L. Evins, E. C. Gathings, William Jennings Bryan Dorn, Glen D. Johnson, Joseph W. Martin, A.S."Mike" Monroney, Wayne Morse, Brady Gentry, and Walter Mumma.

b. Newspaper clipping. "What Are We Waiting For?" The Washington Star. Re: photo of Mary Frances Albert. (August 2, 1953).

c. Program. "Order of Memorial Exercises in the House of Representatives." (May 6, 1953).

F 87: Communism (1953).

a. Correspondence. Re: topic including the Yugoslav Communist Persecutions and the admission of China into the United Nations.

b. Newspaper clipping. "An Open Letter to Senator Mike Monroney on the Communist Issue." The McIntosh County Democrat. (July 23, 1953).

c. Folder. "The Silent Billion Write a Letter." Re: the threat of communism in Asia.

d. Program. "All-American Conference to Combat Communism." (May 23, 1953).

e. Newspaper clipping. "Reds Have Master Plan for Middle America." The Washington Daily News. Re: topic. (May 25, 1953).

F 88: Congressional Secretaries Club (1953).

a. Correspondence. Re: activities of the Congressional Secretaries Club.

b. Bulletins. Congressional Secretaries Club. (May 18, 25 and June 1, 12-14, 1953).

F 89: Cooperatives: General (1953).

Correspondence. Re: taxing cooperatives.

F 90: Coronation (1953).

a. Correspondence. Re: replica of the Coronation Calvacade.

b. Booklet. London Records, Inc. The Story of the Coronation.

F 91: Cotton (1953).

F 92: Democratic National Committee (1953).

a. Correspondence. Re: general business of the Democratic National Committee. Correspondents include John A. Blatnik.

b. List. Research Division of the Democratic National Committee. Re: campaign pledges of Eisenhower prior to his election.

c. Magazine. "The First Sixty Days." The Democratic Digest. (April 1953).

d. Reprint. "Capitol Stuff." Daily News. (March 24, 1953). Re: topic.

e. Press Release. Publicity Division of the Democratic National Committee. Re: campaign pledges of Eisenhower prior to his election.

f. Flyer. Democrat Digest.

g. List. Research Division of the Democratic National Committee. "The First Hundred Days: Franklin D. Roosevelt vs. Dwight D. Eisenhower."

h. Agenda. (September 14-15, 1953).

i. List. Research Division of the Democratic National Committee. "The Democratic Record Against Communism in America." (December 9, 1953).

F 93: Democratic Party of Oklahoma (1953).

a. Correspondence include Fred Chapman, Henry Cooper, Ed Edmondson, Leroy McClanahan, Raymond Gary, and Clem Hamilton).

b. Analysis. "Analysis of the 1952 General Election in Oklahoma."

c. List. Re: tentative list of meeting places of the Democratic District Workshops.

d. Biographical Sketch Re: Sam Rayburn.(October 13, 1953).

e. Program. "Third District Democratic Jefferson-Jackson Day Banquet." (October 21, 1953).

F 94: Democratic State Central Committee of Oklahoma (1953).

a. Correspondence include Sam Rayburn.

b. Newspaper Clipping "Mrs. Whetsel, Hawks Snicker at GOP Squabble." McAlester News-Capital. (n.d.)

c. Resolution. Democratic Central Committee. Re: erosion of the principle of true Americans.

F 95: District Office: Correspondence, Appointments and Memos (1953).

F 96: Drought Relief (1953).

F 97: Electric Cooperatives (1953).

Correspondence. Re: employment applications and appropriations request by Southwestern Power.

F 98: Farmers Union (1953).

a. Correspondence include Dwight D. Eisenhower.

b. Report. Farmers Union in Washington." (January, March 1953 and November 1952).

c. Resolutions: National farmers resolution board of Directors. Re: public farm policies (March 15, 1953).

d. Newspaper clipping. "Cattle Barons Trying to get Back."Oklahoma City Times. Re: cattle over grazing. (May 21, 1953).

F 99: Federal Budget (1953).

Correspondence. Re: national debt.

F 100:Foreign Affairs (1953).

F 101: Forty-Fifth Division (1953).

a. Correspondence. Re: topic and Korean War. Correspondents include Ed Edmondson.

b. Newspaper clipping. "State Soldiers In 45th Praised by General Styron. (January 29, 1953).

c. Newspaper clipping. "State Men Cleared in Rap at 45th." Hartshorne Sun. (February 12, 1953).

d. Newspaper clipping. "Slap at 45th is Protested by legion office." Oklahoma Legionnaire. (March 1953).

e. Newspaper clipping. "Oklahomans Not Involved, Styrons Says."

f. Resolution. Oklahoma State Senate. Re: request to army to apologize to the 45th Division. (February 2, 1953).

F 102: 4-H Clubs in Oklahoma (1953).

a. Correspondence. Re: appreciation.

b. Booklet. "It's 4-H in Oklahoma."

F 103: Future Farmers of America: Oklahoma (1953).

a. Correspondents include Re: Albert awarded the Honorary Junior Master Farmer degree.

b. Report. "Silver Anniversary Report-Oklahoma Future Farmers of America. "Re: aim, goals, and history of the organization.

c. List. "Oklahoma Future Farmers of America National Accomplishments, 1952- 1953."

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