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Box 7: Agriculture (1955) - Personal, H-P (1955)

F 1: Agriculture (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics including rice acreage bill. Correspondents include E. C. Gathings.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Say `Self-Help' Farm Aid Plan is `Gigantic Swindle'." The Capital Times. (February 8, 1955).

c. Newspaper clipping. "Death Blow to Wheat in Recent Dust." (n.s;n.d).

F 2: Aircraft Industries Association (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: thank you letters.

b. Report. Aircraft Industries Association. "Background Information on Subcontracting and Supplying the Aircraft Industry." (1955).

F 3: Alaska-Hawaii Statehood Bill (1955).

Correspondence. Correspondence include E. L. Bartlett.

F 4: Albert: Birthday (Colleagues) (1955).


F 5: American Farm Bureau Federation (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: Chemurgic Digest.

b. Magazine. The Council for Agricultural and Chemurgic Research. The Chemurgic Digest. (September 1955).

F 6: American Legion (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include August E. Johansen.

b. Resolution. The American Legion. Re: atomic exchange of information and atomic agreements with the Soviet Union. (August 30-September 2, 1954).

F 7A: American Red Cross (1955).

a. Correspondence.

b. Poster. Re: various aspects of the Red Cross.

c. Report by R. T. Schaeffer. Re: Oklahoma and Kansas tornadoes. (June 1, 1955).

F 7B: Appreciation (1955).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Caleb Boggs.

b. Clipping. "Honorable Compromise." New Age.

F 8: Ardmore Air Force Base (1955).

Correspondence. Re: housing needs of Ardmore Air Force Base and nomination for the Air Force Academy.

F 9: Arkansas River Development Program (1955).


F 10A: Arkansas-White-Red Basins Inter-Agency Committee (1955).

Summary. Re: projects proposed for Southeastern Oklahoma.

F 10B: Armed Forces (1955).

Correspondence. Re: Armed Forces legislation.

F 11: Brigham Young Statue (1955).

Program. The Brigham Young Statue Commission. (June 1, 1950).

F 12: Brotherhood Railway Carmen of America (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: Railway Carmen's Journal.

b. Magazine. Brotherhood Railway Carmen of America. Railway Carmen's Journal. (September 1955).

F 13: Budget (1955).


F 14: Cattle (1955).

Flyer. Re: cattlemen mass meetings.

F 15: Central Airlines (1955).

Correspondence. Re: airlines and Oklahoma City.

F 16: Chronological File (1955).

Folder includes outgoing letters to various people on miscellaneous topics.

F 17: C. I. O. (1955).

a. Correspondence.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Bolivia-The Tin Ambassador." Time. (June 20, 1955).

F 18: Coal (1955).

Correspondence. Re: strip coal mining.

F 19: Colleagues (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics, including the effects of an atomic bomb blast.. Correspondents include Wayne N. Aspinall, John J. Bell, W. Sterling Cole, Paul B. Dague, Sidney A. Fine, Jed Johnson, Wingate H. Lucas, Joe Kilgore, Fred Marshall, Toby Morris, Charles P. Nelson, Dewey Short, Clinton P. Anderson, Louis Rabaut, Preston E. Peden, and George Howard Wilson (Valentine).

b. Invitation. "Annual Congressional New York Tour of 1955."

c. Invitation. Re: trout fishing season at Bath Alum.

d. Memorandum, Walter F. Willcot. Re: Congressional apportionment.

F 20: Congratulations: Majority Whip, A-G (1955).


F 21: Congratulations: Majority Whip, H-P (1955).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include William Holloway, Robert S. Kerr, and D. R. (Billy) Matthews.

b. Magazine. "Representative Carl Albert of McAlester Appointed Assistant Majority Leader." Tulsa Labor News. (Jan., 1955).

F 22: Congratulations: Majority Whip, Q-Z (1955).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Charles Ward

b. Printed material. Re: Ardmore First Methodist Church.

F 23: Congressional Quarterly (1955).


F 24: Congressional Secretaries Club (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: proposed trip to Europe.

b. Bulletin. "The Congressional Secretaries' Annual Variety Show!"

c. Bulletin. "Congressional Secretaries' Club Information Bulletin." (June 20, July 11, 25, 1955).

d. Schedule. "Congressional Secretaries Motorcoach Tour 1955."

F 25: Congressional Secretaries Club (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics.

b. Bulletin. "Roll Call." Re: subscription.

c. Invitation. "The House and Embassy Tour for the Benefit of The Washington Home for Incurables." (April 9, 1955).

d. Bulletins. Re: Congressional Secretaries' Club. (1955).

F 26: Co-operatives (Electric) (1955).

a. Correspondence.

b. Resolution. Cotton Electric Cooperative. (March 15, 1955).

F 27: Crackpot File (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics.

b. Newspaper. Silver City Daily Press. (Friday 29, 1955).

F 28: Dams: Foss-Cobb Creek (Washita River Project). (1955).

a. Correspondence.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Watershed Plan for Cobb Creek Gets Attention." (n.s;n.d)

c. Newspaper clipping. Anadarko Oklahoma Daily News Re: appreciation to members of Congress for the authorization of the Foss and Cobb Creek projects. (February 14, 1956).

F 29: Dams: Millwood (1955).

a. Correspondence Re: includes Little River Valley.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Upstream Dams Get Boost at Recent Washington Meeting." Broken Bow News. (June 2, 1955).

c. Memorandum. Re: Millwood Dam.

d. Newspaper clipping. "Sooners Make Small, Dam Plea." The Daily Oklahoman. (n.s;n.d)

F 30: Democratic National Committee (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics including speaking engagements and the Sam Rayburn Testimonial Dinner.

b. Report by Matthew H. McCloskey. Re: the Sam Rayburn Testimonial Dinner. (March 24, 1955).

c. Fact Sheets. Research Division of the Democratic National Committee. Re: upcoming Presidential election. (January, April, and May 1955).

F 31: Democratic National Party (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Zeake W. Johnson, Jr., Adlai Stevenson, Truman Ward, and William J. Holloway.

b. Flyer. Democratic of America, Inc.

c. Press Release from Adlai E. Stevenson. (November 15, 1955). Re: announcement of candidacy for President.

d. Invitation. Woman's National Democratic Club. Re: the "White Donkey" Slave and Auction.

e. Newspaper. St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Re: editorial page. (September 12, 1955).

F 32: Democratic Party of Oklahoma (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics including democratic dinners. Correspondents include Raymond Gary.

b. Program. Democratic State Central Committee. "Democratic Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, Honoring Carl Albert." (October 31, 1955).

c. Newspaper clipping. Madill Record. Re: photo of Albert, Raymond Gary, and Sam Rayburn in Whitesboro, Texas, on day proclaimed `Mr. Sam Day.' (November 3, 1955).

F 33: District of Columbia (1955).

Correspondence. Re: geographical boundaries of school attendance in the district of Columbia. Correspondents include Charles E. Bennett.

F 34: Drought (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: recommendations on drought areas. Correspondents include Raymond Gary.

b. Memorandum. Re: Drought Conference. (May 9, 1955).

c. Resolution. Oklahoma Legislature. Re: drought conditions. (April 7, 1955).

F 35: Economics (1955).

a. Correspondence.

b. Speech by J. H. Kelleghan. "The Break in Money's Golden Chain and its Consequences." (January 10, 1955).

F 36: Education (1955).

Correspondence. Re: education and government.

F 37: Good Friday (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: making Good Friday a holiday.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Proposed Holiday." (February 19, 1955). (n.s.)

c. Newspaper clipping. "SSC Students Lead In Campaign To Make Good Friday Holiday." (n.s;n.d)

d. Newspaper clipping. Durant Daily Democrat. Re: photo of Christ pictures in Durant, Oklahoma. (December 11, 1955).

e. Newspaper clipping. "Would Have National Observe Good Friday." Dallas Times Herald. (January 28, 1955).

f. Newspaper clipping. "Governor's Proclamation." Durant Daily Democrat. (March 2, 1955).

F 38: Governor of Oklahoma (1955).

Correspondence. Re: congratulations. Correspondents include Raymond Gary.

F 39: Home Economics Education in Oklahoma (1955).

Includes maps.

F 40: Independent Petroleum Association of America (1955).

a. Correspondence.

b. Report. Independent Petroleum Association of America. "Report to the Membership." (October 31, 1955).

F 41: Installment Buying (1955).

Correspondence. Correspondents include Wright Patman.

F 42: Kappa Alpha (1955).

a. Magazine. "Carl Albert Appointed Whip, No. 3 Spot in the Demo House." Kappa Alpha Journal. (March 1955).

b. Magazine. Re: photo of Albert, Benton Ferguson, and J. Edgar Hoover and article on O.U.'s KA chapter, Beta Eta, Kappa Alpha Journal.

F 43: Labor (1955).

a. Correspondence.

b. Report by Thomas Kennedy. Re: Plans for Offsetting Dislocations caused by Increases in Importations. (November 14, 1955).

c. Report. by William L. McGrath. "The Communist Issue in the 38th International Labor Conference of the International Labor Organization." (June 1955).

d. Newspaper clipping. "Farce in the I. L. O." Chicago Daily Tribune. (August 2, 1955).

e. Newsletter. Chamber of Commerce of the United States. "Labor Relations." (August 1955).

F 44: Latin American Trips (1955).


F 45: Maritime Industries (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: losses in maritime industries.

b. Map. Re: sources of material used in shipbuilding.

c. Report. "Maritime Engineering." (March 1955).

F 46: Masons (1955).

Correspondence. Re: candidacy for a Shrine ring.

F 47: McAlester N. A. D. (1955).

Correspondence. Re: Sulphur situation.

F 48: Miscellaneous (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics.

b. Newspaper clipping. "OMA Library Receives History Book Collection. Hartshorne Sun. (July 28, 1955).

c. Reprint. "Racket--in the Juke Box." Reader's Digest. (1955).

d. Sheet Music. "Love Song of the Kiamichi Hill' by Harry L. Parker.

e. Newspaper clipping. "Knowland Defends Forces Cut as Long-Term Plan for Cold War." Stars and Stripes. (April 10, 1955).

f. Certificate. "Oklahoma Black Gold Certificate."

g. Newspaper. The Red Oak American. (October 12, 1955).

h. Pamphlet. Public Service Company of Oklahoma. Re: industrial development.

i. Statement from the First State Bank of Idabel, Oklahoma.

j. Flyer. "Star of Peace on Trail of Cibola. Re: the purchase of a book.

k. Program. Re: National League of Postmasters. (May 20-21, 1955).

F 49: Murray, Johnston (1955).

a. Memorandum. Re: the actions of Ex-Governor Johnston Murray.

b. Article. "Oklahoma is in a Mess!" Saturday Evening Post. (April 30, 1955).

F 50: National Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re; pay television.

b. Pamphlet. National Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters. "On Record Against Pay-TV."

F 51: National Farmers Union (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: questions and information on topic.

b. Statistics. Legislative Service Division, National Farmer Union. Re: price supports and farm prices. (April 15, 1955).

c. Excerpt. "Marx was a City Boy or Why Communism May Fail." Harper's Magazine. (February 1955).

d. Memorandum. "Legislative Analysis Memorandum." Re: Family Farm Income Program. (October 15, 1955).

e. Newsletter. National Farmers Union. "Washington Newsletter." (March 25, 1955).

F 52: National Milk Producers Federation (1955).


F 53: National Rivers and Harbors Congress (1955).

a. Correspondence.

b. Memorandum. National Rivers and Harbors Congress. Re: meeting of Congress.

F 54: NATO (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: Resolution for an Atlantic Exploratory Convention. Correspondents include Hale Boggs.

b. Concurrent Resolution. 84th Congress, 1st Session. Re: Senate Congressional Resolution 12. (February 9, 1955).

F 55: Newspaper Lists (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: mailing list change and thank you letters.

b. List. Re: newspapers in the Third District of Oklahoma.

c. List. Re: Oklahoma newspaper correspondents in Washington, D. C.

d. Flyer. Davis News. Re: printing business.

e. Directory. Oklahoma Press Association. "Official Oklahoma Newspaper' Telephone Directory." (March 1954).

f. Newspaper clipping. "News is Sold to Montana Couple." Sulphur Times-Democrat. (May 19, 1955).

F 56: Office Memos and Business (1955).

a. Correspondence.

b. Memo.

c. Voucher. Re: Reimbursement.

F 57: Oil Imports (1955).

Correspondence. Re: opinions of independent oil producers.

F 58: Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: John S. Graham service as Washington director.

b. Article. "John S. Graham-Chamber's Washington Director." (May 19, 1955). (n.s)

F 59: Oklahoma Civil Defense Agency (1955).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Chet Holifield.

b. Report. Oklahoma Civil Defense. "Civil Defense Responsibility."

c. Report. Operation Section. Oklahoma Civil Defense. "Oklahoma Versus Civil Defense." (January 1, 1955).

F 60: Oklahoma Commission for Crippled Children (1955).

a. Correspondence.

b. Report. Oklahoma Commission for Crippled Children. "Report on Activities of the Oklahoma Commission for Crippled Children."

F 61: Oklahoma Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit (1955).

a. Correspondence.

b. Report by Carl H. Thomas. "Relationships of Wild Turkey Social and Spatial Behavior to Management." (May 1955)

F 62: Oklahoma Cotton Ginners' Association Inc. (1955).

Correspondence. Re: increased funds for agricultural research.

F 63: Oklahoma Delegation (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: committee assignments and Oklahoma Farmers Union. Correspondents include George L. Cross.

b. Press release. Jere Cooper. Re: Committee's selection of Democrats for 18 Standing Committees of the House. (January 13, 1955).

c. Magazine. "Oklahoma Calls on Congress." The Oklahoma Pharmacist. Includes two photos of Oklahoma Delegation. (February, 1955).

d. Clipping. "All Aboard for Out Yonder."

e. Memos.

f. Clippings. Re: Oklahoma Boys State Delegates.

g. Clippings. Re: Oklahoma Delegation.

F 64: Oklahoma. Dept. of Highways (1955).

Correspondence. Re: road conditions and improvements. Correspondents include Raymond Gary.

F 65: Oklahoma. Dept. of Public Welfare (1955).

Report. Oklahoma Dept. of Public Welfare. Re: annual report.

F 66: Oklahoma. Dept of Veterans Affairs (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: federal assistance received by Oklahoma State War Veterans Home Facility, Sulphur, Oklahoma, and West Virginia.

b. Resolution. American Legion-Second District. (November 6, 1955).

F 67: Oklahoma Economic Development Commission (1955).

Correspondence. Re: congratulations on Elmer Carr's appointment to the Oklahoma Economic Development Commission.

F 68: Oklahoma Emergency Relief Board (1955).

Correspondence. Re: assistance.

F 69: Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (1955).

a. Correspondence.

b. Report. Oklahoma Employment Security Commission. "Labor Market Report ES-219-A." (February 1955).

c. Booklets. Oklahoma Employment Security Commission. "Oklahoma Labor Market." (January, February, and November, 1955).

d. Booklet. Oklahoma Employment Security Commission. "Handbook of Employment Statistics-Oklahoma 1939-1954." Re: data on employment, unemployment hours, and earnings. (March 1955).

e. Booklet. Oklahoma Employment Security Commission. "County Employment Data-Oklahoma 1952-1953." Re: employment and wages covered by the Oklahoma Employment Security Act of all 77 counties. (November 1954).

F 70: Oklahoma Employment Security Commission: Constituent Cases (1955).

Correspondence. Re: unemployment compensation.

F 71: Oklahoma Farmers Union (1955).

a. Correspondence.

b. Bulletin. Oklahoma Farmers Union. Re: speech contest or membership contest.

c. Newspaper. Oklahoma Union Farmer. (November 1955).

d. Survey. Farmers Union Grain Terminal Association. "GTA Gets the Facts and Figures and Most of All...the Truth!" (March 1955).

e. Newspaper clipping. "Unfurling a Well Tanned Hide." The Daily Oklahoman. (April 16, 1955).

F 72: Oklahoma Highways (1955).

Correspondence. Re: location of various highways. (map included)

F 73: Oklahoma Jaycees (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: the Chamber of Commerce Distinguished Service Award.

b. Rating sheets. Re: the tally points of nominees for the Chamber of Commerce Distinguished Service Award.

c. Application. Re: the accomplishments and facts of the nominees for the Chamber of Commerce Distinguished Service Award.

F 74: Oklahoma. Legislature: Oklahoma State Legislative Bulletin (1955).

Bulletin. Associated Industries of Oklahoma. "Oklahoma State Legislative Bulletin." Re: Senate and House Activities. (January-April 1955).

F 75: Oklahoma Planning and Resources Board (1955).

Report. Division of Water Resources, Oklahoma Planning and Resources Board. "A Report on Irrigation in Oklahoma Covering Calendar Years 1953-1955."

F 76: Oklahoma Politics (1955).

a. Newspaper clipping. "Criticism Made Against McAlester Senator for his Speeches of DeWolf Case." The Daily Oklahoma. (n.d.)

b. Newspaper clipping. "10 Postmaster for State Ok'd." (n.s;n.d)

c. Newspaper clipping. "Young Democrats Back Gary Dinners." (n.s;n.d).

d. Newspaper clipping. "The Political Slant." Daily Oklahoman. (n.d).

F 77: Oklahoma Public Expenditures Council (1955).

Correspondence. Re: the Oklahoma Public Expenditures Council's Petition for a Solvent America. (petition included)

F 78: Oklahoma. State Game and Fish Dept. (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: proposed lake site at Talihina and fishing licenses.

b. Resolutions. Western Association of State Game and Fish Commissioners. (June 18, 1955).

F 79: Oklahoma Tax Commission (1955).

Correspondence. Re: Motor Fuel Tax Law.

F 80: Oratorical Contest (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: Third District Oratorical Contest.

b. Speech by Allen Caraway. "Our Heritage."

c. Newspaper clipping. "Allen Caraway Wins Carl Albert Award." Hartshorne Sun. (March 17, 1955).

d. Newspaper clipping. "Carl Albert Oratorical Contest to be March 9." McAlester News-Capital. (March 2, 1955).

F 81: Pacific Coast Association of Port Authorities (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: problems of moving shipments of government cargo over commercial facilities rather than military terminals.

b. Resolution. Association of Port Authorities. (September 21, 1955).

F 82: Patronage (1955).

Correspondence. Re: candy sales and applications for jobs. Correspondents include Wright Patman and Francis E. Walter.

F 83: Peanuts (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: bill fixing prices on peanuts.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Carl Albert Wins Big House Battle." The Daily Oklahoman. Re: bill fixing prices on peanuts. (n.d.)

F 84: Personal, A-G (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Cortez A. M. Ewing, Leonard Gardner, Norman Futor and Auturo G. Formenti.

b. Clippings. "Rotary-Kiwanis to hear Albert" and "Albert to Speak at Annual FFA Banquet Here." Re: Albert's speaking engagement in Sulphur. (n.s.; n.d.).

c. Newsletter. "Bunn's Weekly Tackhammer." Bunn Collection Service. (Oct. 12, 1955).

d. Clipping. "Tuesday, Sept. 6, Is REA Day Here For 5,500 Families. Hugo Southeast Oklahoman. Re: Albert Speaking at Choctaw Electric Cooperative Inc., (Sept. 1, 1955).

e. Excerpt by Cortez A. M. Ewing, "The 1954 Election and the Eisenhower Administration."

f. Clippings. Re: Spanish article by Auturo Garcia Formenti on Eisenhower and Carl Albert.

F 85: Personal, H-P (1955).

a. Correspondence.

b. Clipping. "The Carl Alberts -- Washington," The McAlester Democrat. Re: photo of Carl Albert family.

c. Clipping. "Carl Albert Wins Big House Battle," by Allan Cromley. Re: Peanut legislation. (May, 1955).

d. Brochure. Re: The National Bank of McAlester.

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