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Box 8:Personal, Q-Z (1955) - Dams:  Millwood (1956)

F 1: Personal, Q-Z (1955).

a. Correspondence. Includes article by John Virden about Albert. Correspondents include John Virden, Frank A. Rogers, Earl Welch, and Cowboy Pink Williams.

b. Printed materials. Re: Commissioned Officers open mess at Bolling Air Force Base, Washington, D.C.

c. Clipping. "Behind the Swinging Doors -- The Corner Saloon," Army Times. Re: prohibition. (Nov. 12, 1956).

d. Clipping. "Stephenson Leads Among the Democrats," Look, (January 10, 1956).

e. Brochure.

f. Printed materials. Medical Service to the District of Columbia. Re: group insurance and physician in D.C.

F 2: Personal: Albert, David Ernest (1954-1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: birth of David Ernest Albert. Correspondents include Julian J. Rothbaum and Toby Morris.

b. Clipping. "He`s a Father." Re: Birth of Albert's son. Includes photo.

c. Clippings. Re: birth announcements.

F 3: Phi Eta Sigma (1955).

a. Correspondence.

b. Bulletin. "Phi Eta Sigma News." (March 30, 1955).

F 4: Politics (1955).

Correspondence. Re: congratulations to Albert for being selecting Majority Whip.

F 5: Primary Election (1955).

Correspondence. Correspondents include Raymond Gary.

F 6: Publicity (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: includes Albert as Majority Whip. Correspondents include A. S. Mike Monroney and Earl Welch.

b. Flyer. Auspices Southwest Area Council of YMCA's. Re: youth and government programs.

c. Newspaper clipping. Heavener Ledger. (October 13, 1955).

d. Newspaper clipping. "Sun Owners Buy Poteau News Take Over Mar. 1." Leflore County Sun. (February 24, 1955).

e. Newspaper clipping. "Fully Deserved." The Oklahoman. (n.d.)

f. Statement. Re: press clipping service.

g. Newspaper clipping. "Albert Blasts State Census." Daily Ardmoreite. (October 26, 1955).

h. Newspaper clipping. "Druggists Meet is Held Here." Daily Ardmoreite. (October 26, 1955).

i. Clipping. Hugo Daily News Re: photo. (October 14, 1955).

j. Mailing List. Re: press releases.

k. Newspaper. Denison Herald. (October 23, 1955).

F 7: Publicity (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: requests for photos.

b. Magazine. International Demolay Cordon. (April-May, 1953).

c. Newspaper. Oklahoma Statehouse Reporter. (January 1955).

F 8: Publicity (1955).

a. Correspondence.

b. Magazine. "This Week Magazine." New York Herald Tribune. (July 3, 1955).

c. Newspaper clippings. Re: various topics. Clippings from Washington Post, Daily Oklahoman, and New York Times).

d. Bulletin. The National Cotton Council of America. "Progress Bulletin." (May 15,1955).

e. Newspaper. "The Carl Alberts--Washington." McAlester Democrat. Re: the Carl Albert Family. (March 24, 1955).

f. Newspaper. Southwestern Peanut Growers. (June 1955).

F 9: Puerto Rican Shootings 1955.

Correspondents include Bob Wilson.

F 10: Reclamation (1955).

Correspondence. Re: booklet entitled "How Can America Best Provide Food and Fiber for its Future Population." Correspondents include John P. Saylor.

F 11: R.O.T.C. (1955).

a. Correspondence.

b. Newspaper clipping. "R.O.T.C. in High School." Stillwater Daily News-Press. (n.d.)

F 12: Rothbaum, Julian J. (1955).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Julian J. Rothbaum, Jim Corbett.

b. Clipping. "Demos Honor Farm Group." Tulsa World. Re: Ezra Taft Benson and Oklahoma agriculture. (n.d.).

c. Clipping. "Young Demos to Hear Butler and Mitchell," Tulsa World. Re: National Convention of Young Democrats of America, Paul Butler, and Steve Mitchell.(July, 1955).

d. Clipping. "Cong. Albert Sets Week's Schedule,"Tulsa World. (Sept. 5?, 1955).

e. Clipping. "Congressman `Saves' Day for Ardmore." Re: conflict between Ardmore football players and a Naval ROTC entrance exam. (n.s.;n.d.).

F 13: Schedules (1955).

a. Correspondence.

b. Albert's daily schedules.

c. Obituary.

d. Press releases. Re: Albert's schedule. (Nov. 1955).

F 14: Stigler, William G. (1955).

Newspaper clipping. "Congressman Carl Albert Offers Stigler Resolution." Democrat. (January 8, 1953).

F 15: Taxes (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: subsidizing public schools.

b. Calendar. Associated Industries of Oklahoma. "1955 Tax Calendar for Oklahoma Corporations and Individuals."

F 16: Television Stations (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include George Andrews and Raymond Gary.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Report From Washington." (July 10, 1955). (n.s.).

c. Newspaper clipping. "Congress Flocks to TV Bandwagon." (n.s;n.d).

d. Excerpt from Congressional Record-Senate. "The Appearance of Members of Congress on Television." (June 27, 1955).

e. Press Release. Constellation Productions. Re: non-political program with Congress. (June 2, 1955).

F 17: Turner Falls (1955).

a. Newspaper clipping. "Hearing on Turner Falls Bill Slater." Daily Ardmoreite. (January 24, 1955).

b. Memorandum. Re: address.

F 18: University of Oklahoma (1955).

Report. The University of Oklahoma Libraries. Re: annual report, 1954-1955.

F 19: Veterans of Foreign Wars (1955).

a. Correspondence.

b. Report. Jones-Hughes Chapter #26 (Disabled American Veterans). Re: annual report. (June 10, 1955).

c. Newspaper clipping. "DAV-VFW Issue Quarterly Report on Vet Services." Durant Daily Democrat. (n.d.)

F 20: Visitors (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re: visitors to Washington, D. C.

b. List. Naval officers visiting Washington, D. C.

c. Business cards. Re: Czar D. Langston, Jr. and White House Sightseeing Corporation.

F 21: Vocational Education (1955).

Correspondents include John Fogarty.

F 22: Vocational Rehabilitation (State of Oklahoma) (1955).

Correspondence. Re: rehabilitation assistance.

F 23: Washington, D. C. Sights (1955).

a. Correspondence. Re; Hotel Continental (flyer included) and Folger Shakespeare Library.

b. Booklet. The Folger Shakepeare Library. Re: brief description of library. (1949).

c. Flyer. "Blue Star Sightseeing."

d. Flyer. "Cochran's Tourist Home."

e. Flyer. National Park Service. Re: tourist attractions of Washington, D. C.

f. Flyer. "White House Sightseeing Corporation."

g. Book. Hospitality Sub-Committee of the Inaugural Committee 1953. "Inaugural 1953-Complimentary Guide Book."

F 24: Washita Basin Improvement Association (1955).

Correspondence. Re: ruling on the Washita project.

F 25: Whip History (1955).

a. Memorandum.

b. List. Re: Majority Leader Whips from the 74th Congress to the 83rd.

c. Transcript.

F 26: White House (1955).

Correspondence. Re: White House Tours. Correspondents include L. C. Arends.

F 27: World Peace (1955).

Correspondence. Re: problem of world peace. Correspondents include Victor L. Anfuso.

F 28: Yalta Conference Papers (1955).

a. Correspondence.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Political Buncombe." X-Rays and Highlights of Current News. Re: the Yalta Conference.

c. Newsletter. "Japan Travel News." (March 1, 1955).

F 29: Young Democrats (1955).

Correspondence. Re: National Convention of the League of Young Democrats.

F 30: Agriculture (1956).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include William Jennings Bryan Dorn.

b. Proposal. "Proposals for a Revised Farm Program." (November 14, 1955).

c. Booklet. The Cooperative League of the U. S. A. "Let's Learn to Live with Plenty." (February 9, 1956).

d. Handbook. U. S. Department of Agriculture. "Oklahoma." Re: Agriculture Conservation Program.

F 31: Alaskan Statehood (1956).

a. Correspondence.

b. Plan. Re: the "Tennessee Plan."

F 32: American Mining Congress (1956).

a. Correspondence. Re: Declaration of Policy.

b. Pamphlet. American Mining Congress. "A Declaration of Policy." (October 1-4, 1956).

F 33: American Petroleum Institute (1956).

a. Correspondence. Re: speech. (see below)

b. Speech by Frank M. Porter, President of American Petroleum Institute. "Education and Free Enterprise. The Challenges of Our Times." (November 16, 1955).

F 34: Appreciation, A-E (1956).


F 35: Appreciation, F-M (1956).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Jed Johnson, Jr.

b. "Sooners Warned Ike Won't Help," Denison Herald, October 25, 1956.

F 36: Appreciation, N-S (1956).

F 37: Appreciation, T-Z (1956).

F 38: Architect of the Capitol (1956).

Correspondence. Re: proposed extension and completion of the East Front of the Capitol.

F 39: Ardmore Air Force Base (1956).

Correspondence. Re: access road at Ardmore Air Force Base. Correspondents include Robert S. Kerr.

F 40: Chronological File (1956).

Folder includes outgoing letters to various people on miscellaneous topics.

F 41: Colleagues (1956).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include John Foster Dulles, John Jarman, Robert S. Kerr, Victor Wickersham, Bruce Alber, Victor Anfuso, Page Belcher, Charles B. Deane, William Jennings Bryan Dorn, Ralph A. Gamble, Porter Hardy, Jr., Oren Harris, Craig Hosmer, Lester Johnson, Joe M. Kilgore, John McCormack, Mike Monroney, W. F. Norrell, Barratt O'Hara, Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., B. F. Sisk, and Clement J. Zablocki.

b. Newspaper clipping. "City Boy and 36 Farmers." Re: Victor L. Anfuso. (n.s;n.d)

F 42: Congressional Committee Assignments (1956).

Correspondence. Re: Ways and Means Committee, Armed Forces Committee, and Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee. Correspondents include Oren Harris, John Jarman, Thaddeus M. Machrowicz, Toby Morris, and John W. McCormack.

F 43: Congressional Fellowships (1956).

a. Correspondence.

b. Reprint. Congressional Record. Re: the American Political Science Association. (January 12, 1956).

F 44: Congressional Record (1956).

a. Correspondence. Re: requests and revision of the Congressional Record. Correspondents include Lester Johnson, Carl Hayden, John Lesinski, and John W. McCormack.

b. Excerpt. "Laws and Rules for Publication of the Congressional Record." (March 2, 1956).

c. Notice. Re: postponement of final Congressional Record.

F 45 Crackpot File (1956).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics

b. Newspaper clipping. "Civil Rights Danger." (April 17, 1956). (n.s).

F 46 Dams: Arkansas Basin Development (1956).

a. Correspondence. Re: appropriations toward the Arkansas Basin Development Program. Correspondents include Ed Edmondson.

b. Newsletters. The Arkansas Basin Development Association, Inc.

c. Pamphlet. The Arkansas Basin Development Association, Inc. "There is a River in Your Future-1956-7."

d. Memorandum. Re: Comprehensive Arkansas River Navigation Project.

e. Newspaper clipping. "Hitch a Ride on a Star." Tulsa Tribune. (October 31, 1956).

f. Newspaper clipping. "The Sky is the Limit!" Tulsa Daily World. (October 31, 1956).

F 47: Dams: Boswell (1956).

a. Correspondence. Re: appropriations toward Boswell Dam. Correspondents include A. S. Mike Monroney.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Boggy Creek Session Set in Colgate." (March 20, 1956). (n.s.)

F 48: Dams: Eufaula Reservoir (1956).

a. Correspondence. Re: appropriations toward Eufaula Reservoir. Correspondents include W. F. Norrels.

b. Newsletter. The Arkansas Basin Development Association, Inc. (May 17, 1956).

c. List. Re: McAlester Chapter membership of the Eufaula Dam Association.

d. Maps. Re: Eufaula Reservoir Area.

e. Memorandum. Re: Eufaula Dam approval.

F 49: Dams: Foss-Cobb Creek (1956).

a. Correspondence. Re: appropriations toward Foss-Cobb Creek. Correspondents include Victor Wickersham.

b. Newspaper clipping. "The Smoking Room." (November 23, 1956). (n.s.)

c. Speech. Re: flood control.

d. Speech by Carl Albert. Re: Washita River Basin Project.

e. Speech by Ed Edmondson. Re: Washita River Basin Project.

f. Memorandum. Re: Washita River Basin Project.

g. Newspaper. Anadarko Oklahoma Daily News.

F 50: Dams: Gates Creek (1956).

Correspondence. Re: Gates Creek Lake Dam Project.

F 51: Dams: General (1956).

a. Correspondence. Re: various dam projects.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Four Sooner Dams Sought." Oklahoman Times. (March 20, 1956).

c. Newspaper clipping. "Water Rights War Looming." Daily Oklahoman. (March 20, 1956).

d. Newspaper clipping. "Two Sooners Lash Red Tape on Watersheds." Oklahoma Times. (n.d.)

e. Newspaper clipping. "Cold Turkey." Antlers Democrat. (December 15, 1955).

f. Report. Red River Valley Association. (February 1956).

F 52: Dams: Glover River (1956).

Correspondence. Re: petition for the Glover River Dam. (petition included).

F 53: Dams: Kiamichi River (1956).

a. Correspondence. Re: appropriations toward the Kiamichi River Project. Correspondents include Clarence Cannon, Joel L. Evins, Don Magnuson, Fred Marshall, James C. Murray, and John J. Riley.

b. Statement by Citizens of Kiamichi River Basin Choctaw County, Oklahoma. (September 4, 1956).

c. Statement by Carl Albert. Re: request of 15,000 for a resurvey of the Hugo Reservoir on the Kiamichi River.

F 54: Dams: Lake of the Arbuckles (Rock Creek) (1956).

a. Correspondence. Re: proposed dam site on Rock Creek.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Last Hurdle Cleared for Building $5 Million Dollar Arbuckles Dam." Daily Ardmoreite. (June 17, 1956).

c. Memorandum. (December 26, 1956).

d. Report. Sulphur Chamber of Commerce. Re: Rock Creek Reservoir. (Map included)

e. Map. Re: Arbuckle area.

F 55: Dams: McCurtain County (1956).

a. Correspondents include Raymond Gary and LeRoy McClendon.

b. Bill. Re: the construction of the Millwood Reservoir.

c. Petition. Residents of Broken Bow, Eagletown, Glover, and Idabel.

d. Petition. Residents of Valiant, Wright City, and Ringold.

e. Press Release.

f. Statement by Carl Albert.

g. Petition. Residents of Mineral Springs, Arkansas. Re: construction of Millwood Dam. (April 19, 1956).

h. Map.

F 56: Dams: Millwood (1956).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Oren Harris.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Chamber of Commerce Officially Favors Wet Millwod Dam." Texarkana Gazette. (March 1, 1956).

c. Resolution. City of DeQueen. (March 20, 1956).

d. Petition. Polk and Sevier County. Re: opposition to Millwood Dam. (March 15-16, 1956).

F 57: Dams: Millwood (1956).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Oren Harris and Brooks Hays.

b. Act. Public No. 761. Re: construction of Denison Dam on the Red River. (June 28, 1938).

c. Transcript. Re: telephone conversation to Phinas Powell regarding topic. (June 28, 1956).

d. Excerpts. Congressional Record-Appendix. (April 12, 1956).

e. Petitions. Litten River and Sevier County. Re: opposition to Millwood Dam. (March 15-16, 1956).

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